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bolsters, bolstered, bolstering

Synonym: bolster up, long pillow, pad,


Present participle for to corroborate or substantiate a claim or an idea
substantiating corroborating sustaining backing supporting upholding validating justifying reenforcing reinforcing buttressing strengthening backing up shoring up attesting to vouching for fortifying boosting encouraging confirming steeling intensifying endorsing consolidating augmenting enhancing inspiriting emboldening heightening invigorating bearing out restoring building up establishing envigorating bracing amplifying magnifying increasing revitalizing rallying renewing revitalising authenticating verifying bucking up buoying up helping empowering proving heartening rejuvenating uplifting lending weight to stimulating refreshing inspiring beefing up making stronger animating fueling fuelling energizing cementing giving a boost to fostering energising enlarging maintaining accentuating extending psyching up hardening multiplying regenerating galvanizing enlivening deepening motivating defending spurring amping up nerving reviving rousing vitalizing buoying vindicating cheering girding galvanising securing pepping up stepping up adding to emphasizing assuring raising swelling highlighting developing promoting burgeoning reinvigorating toughening aiding assisting underpinning revivifying improving resuscitating reanimating rekindling emphasising certifying making firm reawakening stirring stressing ratifying championing preparing redoubling propping up giving new strength to driving giving weight to propping lending more weight to readying inuring bolstering up pushing stiffening seasoning indurating resurrecting kick-starting attesting arguing arousing getting going again putting some spark into cheering up breathing new life into enheartening bearing up chirking up lifting adding fuel to exhilarating geeing up spurring on pumping up boosting up testifying to rubber-stamping giving credence to bearing witness to giving a shot in the arm to thickening underwriting subsidizing financing funding potentiating supplementing stroking feeding prospering building raising your spirits livening up bolding inciting piquing kindling filliping giving courage subsidising documenting inflaming reassuring firing instigating ministering to making ready getting ready gearing up underlining making brave agreeing standing by approving okaying activating making more forceful making braver incentifying rewarding incentivizing protecting giving nod declaring true checking on checking out checking up giving support to giving pep talk swaying lifting the morale of giving confidence goading stiffening the resolve of stirring up firing up cheering on whipping up garrisoning forearming poising broadening enriching recharging expanding embattling reconditioning affirming freshening reactivating enkindling bulwarking entrenching safeguarding walling escalating demonstrating rewaking refreshening vivifying rewakening updating inflating holding up awakening recovering recreating elevating charging up souping up hiking regaining replenishing quickening modernising relieving prodding brightening modernizing renovating prompting repairing advertising aggrandizing accelerating upping advertizing supersizing stoking compounding saving contending advocating hyping making whole bouncing back touching up waking up putting new life into bringing back to life giving a new lease on life giving proof of giving substance to showing to be true jumping reasoning pleading pressing cranking up harshening nourishing mounting professing sinewing jacking up waxing bracing up toning bumping up hiking up pushing up asserting giving strength to toning up setting up making healthy making better putting up pushing for pressing for insisting on sticking up for putting forward standing up for insisting upon adding fuel to fire giving new energy to reaffirming reiterating reasserting restating fixing nurturing cultivating flourishing advancing settling firming up scaling up


Present participle for to make progress or increase the skill of
improving advancing honing lifting raising cultivating perfecting boosting developing furthering progressing elevating training ameliorating bettering enhancing hastening launching polishing promoting propelling pushing ahead pushing on refining bringing forward building continuing ahead forging ahead with getting with it growing making headway with moving forward multiplying pressing forward pressing on prospering thriving coming on gaining ground getting ahead of making strides polishing up on taking it to the next level taking the next step working on working up building on getting better at working hard at brushing up on devoting oneself to devoting yourself to enriching forming expanding making progress making headway flourishing maturing building up strengthening upgrading increasing blossoming coming along burgeoning evolving succeeding coming of age forging ahead augmenting moving ahead booming scaling up being successful getting on well bearing fruit taking steps forward covering ground going forward getting ahead supplementing smartening updating touching up fortifying fine-tuning shaping up intensifying modernising modernizing transforming revolutionizing going great guns stepping up blooming extending shining rising revolutionising bourgeoning getting better emerging arriving getting on flowering ripening working out becoming better going well making inroads doing well pushing forward moving onward developing well faring well making it spreading one's wings moving forward in leaps and bounds flying high shooting up going to town getting places turning out well going places complementing optimizing meliorating adding value to taking to the next level embellishing sprucing up optimising revamping souping up starring standing out figuring triumphing practising practicing unfolding prevailing leading performing rocketing featuring skyrocketing moving on glowing excelling enlarging getting somewhere running riot standing out in a crowd stealing the show wearing the crown having a gift for making the big time having a gift hitting it big reigning supreme growing up rolling up moving pushing changing elaborating unrolling spreading altering metamorphosing driving going proceeding transmogrifying differentiating heading adapting straightening up shooting speeding trucking continuing educing deriving stepping it up taking it up a notch taking it to the limit levelling up picking up the pace increasing one's intensity turning it up elevating one's game kicking it up a notch boosting one's game raising one's game rising to the next level leveling up driving forward cranking it up pulling ahead propelling forward stepping up one's game turning over new leaf making first rate fostering improving on marching on opening out going forth adapting yourself working one's way profiting aggrandizing uplifting magnifying smartening up reinforcing straightening out beefing up heightening fast-tracking reenforcing brushing up amplifying compounding scoring battening waxing producing yielding mushrooming picking up cracking on doing wonders catching on making good going ahead becoming rich growing rich growing well making good speed having legs making a go growing vigorously getting there


Present participle for to receive and reduce the force of an impact
absorbing cushioning softening deadening pillowing reducing stifling suppressing buttressing dampening decreasing lessening muffling soaking up mitigating diminishing tempering buffering dulling gentling allaying alleviating blunting guarding secluding moderating insulating padding reducing the effect of taking the edge off easing relieving abating toning down assuaging lightening palliating soothing mollifying subduing quelling checking weakening calming smothering damping curbing lulling quieting mellowing lenifying tranquilizing restraining cooling damping down helping placating modifying lowering attenuating stilling sweetening pacifying depressing diluting repressing muting soft-pedalling soft-pedaling taking the bite out taking the sting out numbing relaxing appeasing paralysing quietening composing benumbing curtailing depreciating cutting anaesthetizing qualifying impairing minimizing destroying paralyzing anesthetizing ebbing de-escalating minimising getting rid of cooling out easing off winding down putting an end to blanketing silencing masking remitting extenuating killing commuting containing bridling excusing protecting against breaking degrading reducing the force of obtunding gruntling defending against shielding against tapering modulating safeguarding against subsiding decrementing eroding waning contracting shrinking smoothing lessening the impact of reducing the impact of dispelling admixing dwindling downsizing putting a lid on keeping in check holding back comforting dulcifying ameliorating satisfying banishing dissipating dismissing embroidering embellishing eliminating revamping switching adjusting transmogrifying softening the impact of cutting down wearing down cutting back petering out wearing away tailing off rolling back driving off squaring driving away putting to rest chasing away fine tuning making reasonable chilling out taking the bite out of monkeying around with taking the sting out of making agreeable fixing up making nice reducing something taking sting out patching things up dressing up pouring oil on playing up to making less painful cauterizing drowning stunning retarding etherizing slowing gassing stupefying incapacitating doping injuring unnerving frustrating depriving cauterising consuming exhausting dimming tiring KO'ing freezing chloroforming knocking out laying out putting to sleep putting out of order putting damper on making less intense putting the lid on putting a damper on


The act of corroborating, strengthening, or confirming
corroboration confirmation documentation substantiation validation attestation authentication certification endorsement evidence proof ratification support establishment accreditation affirmation testament testimonial testimony verification voucher witness backing circumstantiation demonstration reinforcement sustainment weight indication affidavit manifestation information warrant justification sanctioning declaration avowal grounds data facts approval sanction statement agreement recognition consent assent passing averment nod okay passage accord exemplification admission proving vindication validating show affirming accepting verifying corroborating visa authorizing supporting authenticating authorising profession clincher monument green light deposition documents go ahead stamp of approval smoking gun acknowledgment sureness reflection embodiment acknowledgement illustration info cincher tribute credential sign certificate citations credentials records papers submission flaunting display exhibition assertion protestation say-so allegation asseveration claim determination explanation spectacle induction trial test description sworn statement authorization acceptance case ammunition record exhibit trace reason argument goods reasons paper trail legalization authorisation legalisation straight stuff approbation permission adoption blessing licence OK go-ahead seal of approval imprimatur enactment favour thumbs up acquiescence favor allowance clearance leave concurrence O.K. rubber stamp authority recommendation license mandate countenance permit legislation ratifying yes advocacy espousal compliance promotion implementation dispensation the nod fiat sufferance concession charter granting encouragement endorsation seal carte blanche formal acceptance benediction double-checking assurance expression accession validity formalization legitimization signing signal guarantee warranty stamp word suggestion formalisation notification official approval crosscheck proclamation approving decreeing ordaining consent to agreement to championing legislating appliance application assumption championship upholding probate patronage signature subscription making law access right checking confirming substantiating superscription comment countersignature qualification appropriation privilege freedom power entitlement exemption liberty prerogative condonance tolerance discretion empowerment hubba-hubba commendation commercial stroke selection acquisition affectation embracing assuming taking on acquiring choice affecting impunity sanctification pass latitude run order toleration decree condonation admittance command blank cheque green-light free hand all clear say so free rein arrogation following rubber-stamping maintenance subscription to pat on back embracement taking up taking over assenting acceding good wishes

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