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boosts, boosted, boosting

Synonym: help, hoist, lift, push, shove, thrust,


The act of furthering or helping forward
furtherance advancement backing promotion forwarding furthering abetting aiding assisting championship facilitating helping stimulation acceleration advocacy betterment cultivation encouragement hastening improvement nurturing pushing succoring succouring championing elevation endorsement expediting fostering patronage augmentation development enhancement pursuit prosecution speeding up carrying-out assistance support boost espousal sponsoring favoring help sponsorship nurture boosterism aid favouring advance supporting advancing endorsing promoting sanctioning campaigning espousing promulgation favour favor activism propagation recommending strengthening fuelling reinforcement upholding fueling quickening calling for expedition arguing for pushing for pressing for advising in favor spur stepping up hurrying recommendation preferment progress exaltation urging preference ennoblement precipitation facilitation easing spurring simplification prelation dispatch rushing spurt go-ahead contribution to increase of velocity burst of speed increase of rate aegis auspices approval financing protection benefaction acceptance contribution funding cooperation finance investment auspice defence grant subsidy hand abetment defense assist egis leg up compensation guardianship benefit lift care succour collaboration push service embracing succor backup adoption helping hand ratification funds sanction maintenance taking up relief authorization validation confirmation ward money philanthropy donation approbation abettance sustenance trusteeship commendation authorisation comfort attention a helping hand a leg up proposal way forward argument for approving justification campaigning for support for devotion to spokesmanship pleading for welcome taking to siding with wholehearted reception preferring enthusiastic reception protectorship tutelage patron benefactor angel sponsor patronization guide influence advising in favour vouching for fast track head start palliation counsel charity attendance assumption aiding and abetting services mentoring nurturance guaranty ministrations intervention appropriation offices easement a kindness a hand selection acquisition affectation assuming taking on acquiring choice affecting hand-holding blessing seconding a lift a favour a good turn a break arrogation following rubber-stamping accompaniment guidance secondment adherence giving deliverance salvation alleviation advice rescue enactment embracement implementation moral support spurring on shot in the arm taking over largesse endowment grants welfare alms warrant agreement affirmation offering subvention allowance bursary gift fiat signature subscription licence authentication scholarship handout reward superscription nod comment O.K. countersignature qualification OK hubba-hubba testimonial commercial permission stroke okay certification hand-out rubber stamp seal of approval thumbs up subscription to green light the nod pat on back


Increase in size or effect


Advancement to a higher or more developed state
progress development advancement growth headway improvement progression augmentation breakthrough inroads refinement advance amelioration betterment enhancement evolution expansion maturation augmenting elevation enrichment ground gained innovation step forward steps forward upgrading blossoming buildup coming-of-age elaboration emergence escalation evolvement furtherance gain metamorphosis modernization momentum promotion transformation rise passage boost movement procession march upgrade upswing increase onrush process maturing preferment melioration forward movement ripening course spread going growing step up flow extension upturn fruition flowering flourishing burgeoning stream aggrandizement onward movement leap aggrandisement change rally change for the better unfolding motion anabasis embellishment evolving stride cultivation expedition blooming encroachment ascent movement forward advancing continuance upsurge scientific advancement sequence current success revolution tide journey drift surge regeneration heightening succession forwarding path enlargement spate mushrooming rush technological advancement civilisation flux civilization push run wind forward motion onward motion strides correction boom maturity jump way buildout amendment reformation thriving chain career discovery find proceeding passing unraveling continuation arrival coming prosperity spurt continuity series string finding invention mellowing break unravelling quantum leap advent rectification nearing proliferation leap forward revision ballooning snowballing meliorism inflation raising flood benefit emanation train turnaround accession step in the right direction kick upstairs move up step up the ladder turn-up ground climb existence recovery advantage life revival recuperation transspecific evolution increment steps adaptation supplementation endowment inroad step natural process education preference creation reworking modification training mobilisation mobilization velocity transmogrification developing order intensification unrolling recasting reconstruction rectifying face-lift perfecting way forward furthering incubate nurse nourish upbeat transition voyage working out mastery edification reform germination renovation achievement shooting up stepping forward streak spreading operation kaizen reclamation springing up upgrowth increasing making progress sprouting exaltation macroevolution exponential growth direction imperialism bout capability ability draft scheme consecution moving forward hike resilience strength trend upward mobility geometric growth growth spurt line array tendency adulthood ontogenesis ontogeny explosive growth rampant growth rapid growth vegetation vigor vigour draught leap forwards new idea traction pullulation persistence ebb and flow field expanse turn of events pregnancy multiplication accrual accretion magnification swell fast track outpouring incubation amplification diversification spike uptick uptrend swelling diffusion economic expansion gush tenor forward march giant strides getting ahead going forward upping unfurling elasticity buoyancy outflow gravidity approaching reaching leaning roll sweep issue swirl circulation increase in size spreading out opening out build-up blow up scaling up blowing up economic growth career development expansionism deluge jet percolation trickle squirt welling moving up a kick upstairs a step up a move up a step up the ladder high level of activity being upgraded drip river discharge ooze leak effusion parturiency onset approach presence appearing tideway oozing undertow seepage spout dribble gestation reproduction family way fecundation leakage drawing near imminence coming nearer showing up coming near appearance turning up entrance


Providing encouragement or emotional help
supportive caring encouraging helpful reassuring sympathetic understanding uplifting beneficent benevolent concerned empathetic giving inspiring inspiriting kind nurturing protective sensitive thoughtful attentive comforting considerate empathic generous gracious gratifying indulgent kindly maternal paternal philanthropic philanthropical stimulating affectionate altruistic charitable cheering compassionate fulfilling responsive soothing affirmative cheerful feeling enthusiastic warm approving calming appreciative positive gladdening heartening heartwarming pleasing welcome tender friendly loving solicitous unselfish tenderhearted warm-hearted good-natured fatherly gentle benign forbearing warmhearted obliging kind-hearted condoling cordial pleasant commiserative good accommodating applauding admiring well-disposed sympathizing complimentary amiable affable patient humane favorable soft tender-hearted agreeable genial pitying respectful neighbourly softhearted sympathising magnanimous consoling neighborly kindhearted patriarchal favourable cooperative fatherlike selfless commiserating soft-hearted tolerant motherly nice commendatory laudatory fond mindful all heart praiseful benignant receptive aware decent adoring lenient good-hearted perceptive big-hearted complaisant tactful devoted approbatory hospitable humanitarian doting parental consolatory amicable mellow sweet great-hearted bighearted merciful well disposed recommendatory clement good-tempered conscious satisfied accepting chivalrous cognizant polite dear acclamatory public-spirited regardful bountiful compliant eager to please eager to help approbative sociable companionable acquiescent open-hearted open-handed bounteous munificent brotherly welcoming easy comprehending unstinting noble easygoing mild human goodhearted having heart in right place bleeding-heart well meaning large-hearted good-humoured well-intentioned good-humored parent lovesome condolatory congratulatory watchful sheltering matriarchal plauditory praising civil woke socially concerned socially aware forgiving laudative avuncular social culturally sensitive vigilant soft-centred flattering adulatory convivial harmonious piteous ruthful careful intuitive free-handed sparing diplomatic discerning open-minded bleeding heart do-good loving and giving old softie paternalistic maternalistic sisterly ungrudging inclined commending assenting predisposed in favor of okay panegyrical worshiping worshipful encomiastic worshipping eulogistic idolizing sensitized reactive impressionable approachable perceiving impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable wholesome eleemosynary angelic lovable soft touch benefic calm liberal congenial greathearted propitious likeable unoffensive likable dutiful lavish princely delightful big well intentioned sweet-tempered gallant heart in right place openhanded openhearted courteous engaging freehanded well-mannered deferential condign finely tuned supersensitive easy to get along with easy to get on with socially conscious tuned in touchy feely pleased very kind generous to a fault interested turned on to idolising relieving assuaging knowledgeable moderate happy breezy easing rewarding satisfying ardent appreciating vicarious marshmallow softie heart-warming enlightened alive keen willing easy-going willing to please even-tempered favourably disposed passionate amatory mitigating analeptic revitalizing curing warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying succoring upholding solacing abating envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing refreshing loyal sentimental fervent close reverent earnest faithful reverential demonstrative biddable pliable amenable tractable persuadable pliant adaptable onside persuasible suasible game in the know close-knit bound up accessible useful forthcoming expressing adoration glad to be of assistance

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