Synonym of bracing

Alternative for bracing

Synonym: brace, brisk, energising, energizing, fresh, refreshful, refreshing, tonic,

braces, braced, bracing

Synonym: prop, strengthen, support, tie, tighten,

Antonym: loosen, relax,


Invigorating or stimulating
envigorating invigorating refreshing restorative reviving stimulating tonic rejuvenating brisk cool crisp energising energizing exhilarating fortifying fresh healthful rousing uplifting enlivening rejuvenative strengthening vitalizing beneficial chilly cordial health-giving healthy lively revitalising revitalizing salubrious salutary stimulative vigorous vital animating cold exhilarative inspiriting keen pick-me-up quickening thrilling stirring inspiring electrifying interesting breathtaking hair-raising arousing moving gripping titillating challenging appealing provocative adrenalizing hectic spine-tingling thought-provoking vivifying exhilarant renewing reinvigorating intoxicating roborant exciting galvanizing innerving thirst-quenching galvanising inspirational revivifying restoring charged advantageous electric sanative medicinal salutiferous exhilaratory sharp analeptic trophic motivating activating enabling biting nippy activation invigoration freshening cooling reanimating encouraging heartening rallying refreshful parky zesty fascinating high hyper esthetic aesthetic envigoration heady invigorative generative mind-blowing exalting hygienic wholesome galvanic mind-boggling gladdening mind-bending heart-stopping rip-roaring cheering kicky clean sanitary nourishing nutritious life-giving giddy elevating eye-popping animative good holistic good for you good for one good for health good for your health dramatic riveting animated brilliant spirited emotional overwhelming amazing striking astonishing wonderful enthralling dazzling energetic impressive sensational stunning magnificent spectacular awesome bright intriguing captivating fabulous sparkling wondrous dynamic sexy vibrant incredible provoking entertaining stem-winding anthemic staggering astounding stupendous enchanting shocking soul-stirring vivacious awe-inspiring eye-opening startling powerful wild compelling absorbing emotive impassioned witty affecting passionate clever suspenseful arresting fantastic strong compulsive action-packed emotion-charged awakening piquant memorable magnetic remarkable marvelous jaw-dropping marvellous ebullient out of this world effervescent coruscating scintillating motivational explosive intense influential enthusiastic hearty persuasive engrossing cliffhanging knife-edge impelling complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling sprightly mind-altering instigative instigating affective touching meaningful triggering engaging hypnotic spellbinding inciting radiant poignant beautiful vivid outstanding piquing splendid mesmerizing immersing involving consuming amusing amazeballs glorious miraculous enticing bewitching unputdownable alluring entrancing mesmeric seductive fab portentous delightful mesmerising racy unique galvanical spiriting inflammatory agitational heart-pumping spine-chilling bloodcurdling terrifying frightening hair-curling alarming chilling horrifying fashionable trendy potent elating hallucinogenic heartbreaking heartrending tense stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated picturesque boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious exalté nerve-racking unforgettable jolting grand shaking trembling heart-pounding adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat buzzy volatile adrenalized shivering quaking vibrating shuddering never to be forgotten eye-catching gee-whizz bold power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable adrenaline-fueled frantic blood-tingling exquisite large mad swinging boss heart-stirring giving one food for thought curious graphic colourful warm blinding attention-grabbing battery operated zero cool notable hot noticeable glaring gleaming pronounced definite exceptional noteworthy surprising colorful extraordinary prodigious sublime phenomenal meaty inviting charismatic eventful hypnotizing tantalising worthy of note preoccupying charming trenchant topical fine unboring buzzworthy hypnotising newsy beguiling splashy relatable prepossessing attractive out of the ordinary pleasurable tantalizing newsworthy showy pleasing emphatic diverting magical excellent imposing superb tremendous unbelievable marked theatrical fantastical superior great royal super impactful glittering first-class awe-striking first-rate mettlesome snappy active airy pizazzy bouncing springy perky kinetic zippy animate peppy frisky jazzy pert gay jaunty spanking sparky pizzazzy glinting glimmering smart transfixing very interesting irresistible seducing buoyant zestful very exciting fiery distinctive rich forceful tart peppery sportive tasty tangy pungent playful gingery forcible


Windy or breezy
blowy blustery breezy windy drafty draughty fresh gusty squally stormy exposed turbulent wild windswept airy blowing blustering boisterous tempestuous well-ventilated wuthering inclement blusterous raw brisk rough raging howling foul nasty violent bleak rainy tumultuous roaring dirty thundery choppy furious stormful gusting wet murky cold bitter rugged storming unpleasant overcast intense filthy agitated fierce angry ferocious cyclonic bad drizzly chill intemperate menacing savage frenzied heavy explosive volcanic chilly harsh wintry miserable cloudy severe gloomy freezing misty disagreeable icy louring vehement damp threatening gray dark grey extreme frigid storm-wracked boiling hot torrid storm-tossed rabid convulsive bumpy unsettled hard knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal bang-bang hammer and tongs wintery thunderous disturbed destructive swirling restless squallish robust hearty foggy hazardous risky wind-swept vile foaming rough-and-tumble sharp nipping snowy penetrating keen piercing nippy powerful roily cataclysmal seething unstable cataclysmic disordered strong rigorous stinging biting frosty chilling icy-cold weltering adverse ruffled moiling noisy stirred up riotous confused coarse tremulous unmanageable rebellious parky unrestrained forceful acute brutal uncontrollable blistering hellacious volatile typhonic dreadful intensive devastating almighty fiery lively heated passionate chaotic terrible vicious exquisite fearsome ghastly fearful frightful frenetic frantic mad feverish delirious impetuous ungovernable heavy-duty rampageous excessive intensified concentrated flaming riproaring coming down raining cats and dogs


Present participle for to suffuse with vigor, life, energy, or spirit
stimulating animating enlivening envigorating invigorating energising energizing vitalizing quickening firing vivifying filliping spiking jump-starting livening up pepping up gingering up amping up zipping up jazzing up juicing up motivating inspiriting rousing strengthening heartening encouraging galvanizing inspiring reviving galvanising refreshing stirring exciting fortifying bucking up emboldening exhilarating activating cheering revitalizing electrifying nerving perking up revitalising steeling buoying up rallying rejuvenating arousing triggering preparing uplifting zapping spurring boosting impelling cheering up picking up livening getting ready gearing up winding up firing up stirring up geeing up working up restoring inciting sustaining sparking reinforcing reassuring enheartening dynamizing renewing kindling waking up promoting bolstering moving vivificating innervating turning on psyching up supporting buoying building up spurring on lighting a fire under poising readying inflaming gladdening awakening driving thrilling empowering instigating enthusing fanning urging innerving reinvigorating priming enabling activizing arming putting new life in intensifying exalting revivifying goading increasing giving life to informing bearing up giving confidence pumping up breathing life into giving a new lease of life to putting zip into giving a shot in the arm to giving a lift forearming giving courage evoking impassioning engendering irritating moving to action making brave prodding kick-starting provoking heightening intoxicating freshening hardening lighting up confirming whetting wakening resuscitating drawing forth bringing out calling forth making braver enhancing giving new life to breathing new life into stiffening reactivating reanimating snapping up brightening pushing swaying chirking up making confident giving courage to putting new heart in making alive giving a buzz bringing to life brightening up titillating tempting putting life into lifting the morale of stiffening the resolve of wakening up making lively putting new strength in putting new heart into dispatching piquing precipitating actuating springing growing comforting giving pep talk spicing entertaining recreating diverting shaking up soothing pouring it on accelerating consoling snapping out of it letting sunshine in putting pep into making more exciting making more lively bracing up giving a boost to fueling fuelling girding fostering speeding solacing calming assuring relieving commoving stinging keying up steaming up acting as a fillip to getting one going acting as a impetus to revving up acting as a incentive to acting as a stimulus to whipping up setting up acting as a spur to speeding up getting one started building a fire under restoring confidence to setting your mind at rest putting at ease putting one's mind to rest snapping one out of it gearing oneself up jacking up switching on starting up influencing incentivizing elating incentifying impressing boosting up causing cheering on raising your spirits persuading helping inclining building nudging giving shot in arm pricking lifting elevating inducing corroborating upholding instilling compelling substantiating coercing leading propelling pressing occasioning backing forcing making striking getting prompting backing up applauding enforcing disinhibiting boosting moral egging jumpstarting raising someone's spirits igniting reenforcing raising praising consolidating bielding propping up boosting someone's morale giving confidence to spiriting someone up raising the morale of giving hope to stimulating spiritually lifting the spirits of mobilizing obliging making up one's mind gritting teeth augmenting authenticating predisposing conditioning orienting mobilising imposing on directing determining burgeoning coaxing disposing imbuing touching infusing prospering cajoling eliciting pressuring convincing exhorting bringing lending more weight to making more forceful giving weight to bearing out sparking off enduing infecting affecting beghasting impacting advising converting inveigling emphasizing carrying necessitating pressurising pressurizing being responsible for giving one an idea firing with enthusiasm firing the imagination of starting off giving impetus stressing cementing underlining prevailing on talking into winning over suggesting to hinting to egging on warming upraising deepening championing buttressing aiding improving rewarding underpinning maintaining assisting giving a lift to emphasising highlighting defending broadening enriching putting on cloud nine putting on top of the world letting the sun shine in bolstering up shoring up


Present participle for to give new life, energy or strength to someone or something
reinvigorating revitalising revitalizing restoring reviving renewing rejuvenating resuscitating revivifying stimulating reanimating enlivening recreating freshening renovating repairing inspiriting exhilarating vivifying cheering quickening modernising modernizing updating replenishing regaining prodding prompting cooling jogging breathing new life into bringing around brushing up refreshing regenerating recharging refreshening fortifying strengthening energizing energising rekindling invigorating kick-starting resurrecting reawakening envigorating rousing giving new strength to pepping up bucking up reconditioning waking up building up giving a boost to rallying rewakening rewaking enkindling animating awakening arousing encouraging relieving brightening making whole bouncing back touching up bolstering helping uplifting propping up getting going again putting some spark into reactivating improving reinforcing recovering bringing back to life blowing away the cobwebs giving a shot in the arm to giving new life to putting new life into curing healing rescuing giving a new lease on life titivating making healthy bringing back saving boosting activating neatening sweetening dusting cleaning tidying freshening up livening up perking up cleaning up airing out sprucing up topping up comforting cooling down bringing round solacing restarting overcoming gladdening pleasing recuperating consoling rediscovering springing up bringing to overhauling refurbishing breathing life into refitting snapping out of it rehabilitating revamping rebuilding redeveloping remodeling transforming remodelling redecorating reconstructing mending refurnishing rehabbing making over going over fixing up reintroducing recalling reestablishing gentrifying giving something a facelift bringing something up to code making good vamping up bringing up to date doing up reinstating retreading tarting up sprucing re-establishing redoing remaking fixing resuming reopening restating reworking reaffirming reproducing upgrading reconstituting furbishing doctoring patching smartening up retouching recycling brightening up stirring up giving a new lease of life to stirring amending replacing reinventing reorganizing doing shaking reorganising changing restituting relaunching reinstituting face-lifting redeeming re-creating tuning giving the kiss of life to servicing bringing up to code getting into shape gussying up setting to rights giving a new look to coming to life relighting finishing correcting reconnecting vitalizing upcycling repeating unwinding reenergizing triggering developing painting galvanizing copying redesigning redevising refashioning reforming rectifying exciting galvanising recasting modifying revising remastering reequipping cleansing retrieving straightening out setting right salvaging salvageing repapering repainting refinishing rearranging giving a face-lift changing radically producing reminding giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation performing CPR raising from the dead giving a shot in the arm bringing into the twenty-first century pimping out pimping up re-forming reclaiming variegating reskinning nudging becoming livelier adding some zest to making younger restoring vitality to putting new heart into reexperiencing giving face lift to making young again reliving getting better feeling happier becoming more cheerful recapturing recollecting revisiting making someone feel young again remembering replaying refinding looking up gaining cheering up spicing up getting into the mood taking a turn for the better picking up convalescing taking heart ameliorating returning to living through again finding again bringing to mind summoning up going back to discovering again going through again summoning back digging up experiencing again


Present participle for to fix or hold securely in place
fastening securing setting anchoring clamping sticking embedding implanting hitching planting mooring lodging bolting catching nailing settling establishing imbedding bonding cementing wedging battening infixing holding jamming make fasting freezing to making firm tacking on fixing clipping screwing clinching closing compressing pinning riveting rivetting pegging pinioning clapping installing rooting placing instilling ingraining enrooting entrenching engraining bedding positioning impressing inculcating intrenching putting imprinting affixing depositing stationing etching branding consolidating inserting engraving grounding impacting laying linking connecting coupling situating glueing gluing binding tying emplacing locating stabilizing deposing disposing solidifying stiffening rigidifying congealing becoming fixed grafting steadying stabilising setting up inseminating sowing stamping breeding introducing ensconcing staying put nailing down seating setting down founding becoming settled fixing in place drumming into driving home mounting insetting engrafting debossing basing thickening hardening sinking burying thrusting registering recording printing instituting delving taking zeroing in sowing the seeds of striking digging inscribing dinning in offsetting designating drumming in burrowing erecting centering grubbing joining centralizing landing growing roots becoming established taking root putting down roots centralising domiciliating centring centreing becoming stuck embedding itself getting stuck becoming implanted coming to rest becoming embedded becoming anchored anchoring itself becoming caught fortifying strengthening constructing defences holing up digging in fencing confirming protecting digging trenches defining leaving lashing bending parking tacking leaning imbuing dumping resting propping tying down stowing bunging plonking hammering home breeding in the bone drilling into sowing the seeds teaching hammering in drilling in radicating indoctrinating dinning into driving into posing plunking making permanent plopping draping positing putting down planking bringing laying down plunking down reposing consigning to planking down concentrating popping leaving out


Present participle for to make or become physically hard or harder
hardening solidifying setting congealing freezing stiffening indurating annealing crystallising crystallizing tempering densifying ossifying thickening toughening clotting coagulating concreting fortifying harshening petrifying buttressing caking firming gelatinizing girding inspissating strengthening vitrifying amalgamating calcifying cementing compacting consolidating curdling fixing fossilising fossilizing jelling precipitating pressing settling vulcanizing firming up becoming hard becoming solid steeling seasoning inuring nerving acclimatizing baking closing acclimatising acclimating callousing casehardening starching reinforcing drying contracting gelling jellying condensing gelating clabbering jellifying rigidifying turning into stone coalescing getting hard concentrating loppering compressing glopping up going hard chillin chilling coarsening tightening cohering expanding swelling widening adding enlarging growing thick making stronger toughening up going rigid setting hard fossilifying fossilating encrusting tamping becoming firm rigidizing refrigerating gelatinating case-hardening ruggedising galvanizing forging moulding brazing molding globbing up lumping deepening steadying inflating stabilising propping stabilizing starkening becoming stiff candying benumbing pressing down forming clots galvanising becoming thick becoming more concentrated becoming firmer becoming thicker forming lapidifying clarifying mineralizing becoming fixed becoming rigid roughening shaping up becoming inflexible climatizing developing becoming unyielding becoming obdurate sticking finalising materializing taking shape becoming clear materialising finalizing coming together turning to stone forming crystals making stricter building up shoring up abrading beefing up making more severe roughing up roughing scratching


Present participle for appeal to, implore
conjuring begging beseeching praying entreating imploring importuning supplicating craving adjuring besieging impetrating petitioning soliciting appealing to asking urging pleading to invoking pleading requesting suing crying obsecrating asking earnestly invocating requesting earnestly reciting saying calling on calling upon appealing crying for pleading with enjoining demanding pressing obtesting praying to exhorting bidding applying to seeking requiring ordering desiring calling requisitioning insisting inviting putting in for calling for directing commanding lobbying telling pestering proposing applying asking urgently going on bended knee to charging instructing prigging necessitating taking asking for imprecating appealing for pushing making a plea to encouraging bossing around craving of coaxing plaguing wheedling blandishing obligating clamouring nagging worrying wooing abjuring canvassing advocating referring persuading going on bended knee referencing raising sending for calling forth stipulating calling to making up for copping a plea crawling squaring things clamoring challenging submitting propositioning expecting praying for pleading for contesting advancing addressing working on insisting on calling down requesting urgently wishing bespeaking making an urgent request resorting making an earnest request making a plea hitting on filing for counting on looking for speaking questing sponging hustling inquiring enquiring holding out putting in a plea placing an order putting in putting in an order hitting up putting in an application

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