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breeds, bred, breeding

Synonym: bring up, cultivate, develop, produce, race, raise, train,


(of a person or animal) Reared or brought up in a specified environment or way




To have caused or brought about through action
created caused triggered effected initiated instigated produced incited induced provoked affected gave rise to generated introduced led to precipitated promoted prompted set off brought about brought to pass elicited engendered evoked inspired kindled sowed the seeds of triggered off contributed to enkindled fostered hatched made for occasioned stirred up whipped up spawned effectuated catalyzed yielded brought brought on made catalysed translated into invoked wrought begat begot begotten brought forth worked set in motion put in motion yolden yold given rise to beared sparked off originated achieved developed accomplished started established did done realized developt drew on drawn on instituted procreated realised reproduced set up fulfilled bore borne conceived advanced brought into being delivered launched sired had worked up brought into the world enacted fathered performed rendered contrived brought off put in place parented aroused called forth instilled made possible touched off ended in birthed carried out made to happen made happen mothered attained contributed spurred carried through stimulated compelled sparked inaugurated propagated pulled off gave birth to given birth to activated secured influenced mustered caused to happen caused to occur cooked up progenerated actualized began begun found founded furthered perpetrated executed gave life to given life to completed carried off engineered organized opened managed discharged played a part in fomented brainstormed cultivated culminated in spelled played a role in wreaked encouraged actuated procured meaned entailed meant dropped forced sown the seeds of organised thought up started the ball rolling fired up dreamt up motivated expedited brought out added up to conduced turned out got up multiplied put together put across conduced to given gave drave driven druv drove gave birth given birth conducted implemented enforced devised administered invented planned designed fixed fixt consummated returned formulated provided earned administrated finalized innovated concocted brewed netted afforded supplied necessitated succeeded in got fetched paid payed plotted schemed manufactured projected finished accrued formed concluded tendered furnished bestowed inflicted had a hand in impelled proffered roused presented constituted run swayed compassed conjured come out with pushed forward opened the door for amounted to accelerated got things rolling gotten things rolling succeeded payed out led pulled in gathered in spitballed brought in oiled the wheels of offered implied brought to life beamed raked in had a part in moved finalised equaled helped had as a consequence admitted sold for made up blossomed disposed trumped up equalled leaded reared had the effect of started off forwarded turned the trick finished in gotten up emerged paid out prepared hauled in come up with posed come out laid eggs brought up had as a result arranged for gotten gat ran drawn drew was a factor in added to been a factor in were a factor in gave off given off came out with been responsible for were responsible for been partly responsible for drawn out was responsible for was partly responsible for holp holpen were partly responsible for drew out broken open given forth came out came up with thrown together threw together broke open gave forth put through excited stirred quickened waxed turned issued committed prosecuted run into negotiated transacted determined operated made ready undertaken undertook grew into grown into ran into engagde in engaged in


Past tense for to sow or place in one's consciousness
implanted inculcated planted sowed sown instilled enrooted inseminated infixed introduced impressed infused imprinted imbued suffused seeded put impregnated inoculated drilled injected fixed fixt rooted inserted imparted insinuated lodged programmed engendered installed impressed upon drummed in reseeded steeped ingrained brainwashed endued invested indoctrinated diffused engrained inspired placed instituted established fertilized fertilised promulgated pollinated indued transfused intermixed engrafted disseminated interjected infiltrated found embedded imbedded founded promoted fostered produced induced dinned driven into drove into drummed into dinned into forced in drilled into hammered into sown the seeds of broke down hammered in shaped up worked over sowed the seeds of putten broken down taught trained propagandized saturated pervaded propagandised permeated filled bathed charged conditioned proselytized instructed schooled persuaded proselytised influenced convinced catechized coached hypnotized breathed manipulated compelled loaded informed grounded ground initiated endowed leavened ordered put in head hammered educated hypnotised overspread spread over drummed moulded molded dinned in repeated spread throughout spread set spread through spread out taught over and over again grafted incorporated added tinctured covered generated loaden pressurized entrenched flooded mantled pervaded with filled with permeated with suffused with imbued with perfused drave driven druv drove disciplined lessoned tutored inundated washed drubbed altered converted radicalized coloured engraved etched bedded branded impacted intrenched interspersed animated fanaticized extremized radicalised colored tinged fortified impregnated with stewed in soaked in infused with perfused with pressurised radicated driven home drove home sowed the seeds sown the seeds hammered home brought in drilled in bred in the bone talked into breathed into


Past tense for to keep an egg warm, allowing it to hatch

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