Synonym of bringing up the rear


Present participle for fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development
lagging delaying lingering dawdling loitering dallying trailing idling sauntering straggling tarrying hanging back shilly-shallying crawling creeping decreasing diddling dillydallying dilly-dallying diminishing dithering dragging dropping failing falling back falling behind flagging lallygagging lollygagging moping poking dragging behind ebbing slackening trailing behind waning faltering hobbling inching jellying limping lounging moving slowly plodding procrastinating retarding shuffling slouching slowing staggering staying tailing tooling trudging dropping behind falling off inching along putting off slowing up dragging one's feet losing strength getting no place fast dragging your feet lagging behind losing ground meandering drifting wandering ambling straying traipsing rambling following roaming roving dragging oneself tagging along dragging yourself walking slowly tagging along behind dragging along strolling moseying loafing lolling sloughing skulking hanging about tottering mooching lumbering shambling going slowly pottering about pottering around frittering away hanging out pottering round taking a stroll strolling along taking it easy wasting time pottering stalling killing time trifling diddle-daddling toddling marking time waiting hanging fire frittering time away taking your time fooling around scrounging around shlepping along bumming around hanging around sitting around stumbling warming a chair halting hovering lurking pausing dabbling sitting on one's butt doddering waddling tramping passing time slogging stamping galumphing tromping floundering lumping clumping barging scuffing stomping scuffling stumping changing flogging shifting lurching pounding walking

Antonym of bringing up the rear

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