Synonym of brother s


A network of individuals whom one is acquainted with
friends companions intimates confidantes confidants familiars shadows playmates playfellows classmates schoolmates workmates allies comrades associates sisters pals buddies chums spars sidekicks cullies cronies bezzies mates oppos muckers butties bruvvers bruvs marrows marrers marras amigos acquaintances compadres paisans homies bros homeboys cobbers homegirls partners cohorts colleagues compatriots roommates offsiders compeers contacts network support alter egos best friends boon companions bosom buddies bosom friends main men soul mates company one keeps musketeers blood brothers acquaintance supporters relations kins relatives fellow gang members sises gabba contact buds amigas china cuzzes fast friends BFFs besties blood sisters best friends forever sounding boards consiglieri counselors mentors counsellors advisers adherents brothers german gang mates gang members neighbours neighbors twins kinspersons fellows members co-workers siblings sibs family members kinfolk assistants helpers aides adjutants deputies aid coadjutors apprentices helpmates lieutenants henchmen adjuncts helpmeets attendants accomplices right-hand men subordinates lackeys accessories men Friday right-hand women girls Friday underlings seconds collaborators minion abettors backers followers flunkies abetters auxiliaries secretaries confederates servants wingmen juniors acolytes gofers flunkeys number twos coadjutants hangers-on personal assistants stooges retainers aides-de-camp satellites coworkers appointees disciples backups peons representatives fellow travelers vassals help temps myrmidons cooperators sympathisers bedfellows inferiors gossip subalterns sympathizers consort camp followers consociates hobnobbers peers slaves second fiddles patrons serfs dependants scrubs dogsbodies skivvies subs third strings vices partners in crime proxies understudies escorts proselytes stand-ins henchwomen protectors pursuivants confreres delegates subsidiaries protagonists minders pards deputes surrogates partisans fill-ins seconds-in-command running dogs running mates apostles parasites pupils squires understrappers liegemen sycophants toadies teammates second strings substitutes proteges aiders relief poodles PA paraprofessionals altar boys hands stalls family cater-cousins lovers workers flatmates conspirators accessaries coconspirators subjects hirelings factotums scullions menials servitors right hands co-conspirators kissing cousins colluders connivers connection offshoots affiliates business partners roomies cousins doubles nuncios assignees supply ministers ambassadors legates procurators commissioners locum tenentes representants commissaries locums vicegerents envoys reps spokespersons agents attorneys councilors councillors dogcatchers replacement regents factors beginners hired hands novices trainees gophers dependents valets guards guides equerries convoys nurses duennas chaperones carers chaperons protectresses safeguards puppets victims pushovers chumps suckers patsies pawns fall guys easy marks instruments fools tools dupes creatures pigeons accompaniment sap bodyguards heavies hatchet men believers votaries worshippers promoters participants bootlickers devotees epigones votarists admirers worshipers clients advocates converts pages sectaries partizans groupies fans


Hoss or bol


Plural for a thing of the same kind as or otherwise associated with another

Antonym of brother s

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