Synonym of brought up


Past tense for to stop or interrupt a flow or steady motion
stopped arrested halted checked stayed stilled stalled caught drew up drawn up pulled up held up fetched up put a brake on shut down blocked impeded hampered obstructed interrupted curbed paused held back come to a standstill hindered ended inhibited restricted limited retarded restrained thwarted slowed frustrated baulked quit braked dropped interfered with come to a stop put off slowed down suspended brought to an end put an end to stemmed knocked off come to a halt cut out put a cork in cut off shut off cut short let up nipped in the bud balked put a stop to put the kibosh on brought to a standstill brake frozen came to a standstill froze delayed held parked prevented trammeled trammelled stymied fettered forestalled suppressed encumbered shackled ceased discontinued quitted hamstrung hamstringed finished terminated derailed concluded desisted from winked out lapsed immobilised stood not moved petered out hauled up hung back brought to a stop staunched came to a stop come to an end pulled in teetered called it a day pulled the plug on determined limped sidetracked braced balanced arrived sabotaged packed in barred wabbled bridled come to a close brought to standstill laid off stonewalled dead-ended closed dithered closed down belayed got there fenced left off held at bay vacillated hesitated hobbled scrubbed wound up staggered stemmed the flow wiggle-waggled fixed whiffled stood in the way of come to rest wavered immobilized canned stood off shilly-shallied died fixt elapsed reached a standstill expired passed packed up faltered came to a halt borked stumbled belaid wobbled scrupled shelved holden came to an end broke off broke went drawn to a close came to a close broken off broke up broken broken up blown the whistle on given over lay off blew the whistle on gone gave over drew to a stand came to rest drew to a close drawn to a stand drawn to a halt drew to a halt foiled repressed shut out stifled constrained set back controlled quashed averted beat curtailed withheld intercepted deterred subdued cramped circumvented squelched put down quelled prohibited counteracted crimped squashed clogged headed off staved off stove off contained baffled regulated crippled handicapped cracked down on detained kept warded off put out of action defeated crushed choked countered kept back opposed obviated precluded overcome reined in slowed up held down fended off hung up nullified avoided withholden reduced governed desisted smothered handcuffed neutralized cumbered canceled cancelled conquered moderated put back stamped out confined forfended debarred neutralised set held in silenced interdicted resisted held off hog-tied forbid turned aside kept in check choked off clamped down on put out snuffed out slapped down put the lid on discouraged manacled embarrassed mastered brought to a halt extinguished reined tamed lessened spoiled spoilt dammed scotched pre-empted licked short-circuited closed off killed warded tied up defended against kept a lid on blocked out scuppered ruined cooled bogged down kept the lid on overcame decelerated axed beaten postponed bottlenecked clobbered deferred repulsed circumscribed mired pegged capped saved interfered vanquished checkmated evaded bottled up dashed deflected muzzled stemmed the flow of let stanched constricted damped diverted put on hold put on back burner put on ice put on the shelf decreased put a spoke in someone's wheel disrupted kept under control called a halt to overturned closed up held off on deactivated contravened snookered put on brakes put an stop to forbidden forbade backed off diminished kept in bottled chilled ruled out corked anticipated dominated negated brought to screeching halt picked off triumphed over made late stumped held in check thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of put lid on put the brakes on kept off strangled at birth poured cold water on kept at bay steered clear of put out of commission put the brakes on put kibosh on kept a tight rein on gained mastery over upset the applecart annulled put a damper on offset kept down thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of called off repealed scrapped recalled called brought rescinded revoked abandoned swallowed muffled waived retained denied fought back slackened choked back rebuffed plugged nipped something in the bud abstained demarcated scratched cried off aborted delimited barricaded sealed caulked disabled dissuaded overpowered downed loitered loafed poked flagged bogged dawdled bound bounded slackened pace renounced eschewed burdened finished off filled jammed blockaded clogged up closed out filled up retardated circumnavigated kept hold of refused repelled crabbed disappointed enjoined outlawed tabooed bit fazed bitted sandbagged preempted bested packed jammed up blocked up stopped up choked up bunged up skirted sidestepped defended dodged bulwarked guarded brought to a close stopped midstream protracted helped tied obscured surmounted embogged bitten back bit back deadened refused to pay stunted occluded bunged blocked off kept from happening played for time escaped screened parried straitened demarked prorogued specified commandeered remitted prescribed turned back adjourned shunned abjured disadvised dampened scared disenabled kept waiting incapacitated dumbed settled censored softened knock it off called it quits called a halt quenched cowed abated clammed dulled dispatched intermitted delimitated girdled defined prolonged mellowed taken down took down gagged congested stoppered plugged up stopped oneself composed dispensed with fended kicked ducked collected covered rejected confronted throttled loused up boxed in ruled measured dissuaded from caused to stay paralyzed caused to wait paralysed discomfited left alone clamped destroyed overwhelmed trampled shushed buried abolished spiked annihilated turned off fouled up banjaxed hemmed in tied down placed a limit on toned down bucked won against kept lid on kept within bounds protected against provided against rendered inoperative second-guessed fought off prevailed over acted in advance of resisted the temptation to kept control of stood up for brought to a grinding halt shielded against fought shy of mothballed screwed up kept within limits threw cold water on kept on a string withstood defended oneself against beat someone to the draw outwitted safeguarded against prepared for offsetted sat on gained control over jacked in said nothing trampled on dashed one's hope bilked beat somebody to it beat someone to the punch brought to naught quietened down had nothing to do with got in before setted limits on thrown cold water on not touched simmered down cramped one's style skirted round beat someone to it kept at arm's length got in the way of not done gotten in the way of got a grip on marked off gained control of rendered null and void headed off at pass imposed limits on reined back sat out refrained staved guarded against held over kept inside stove passed up beat down talked out of stuffed overthrown overthrew holp holpen letten leet knocking it off gotten in the way got in the way forbore forborne drawn the line on drew the line on given the run around gave the run around done for did for got the better of gotten the better of got under control gotten under control drove underground beaten down driven underground taken out of play took out of play forwent forgone acted like a wet blanket threw a spoke in the wheel of threw a spanner in the works thrown a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spanner in the works beaten someone to the draw beaten someone to it got ahead of stole a march on beaten somebody to it stolen a march on beaten someone to the punch gotten ahead of forswore forsworn did without done without gave up forsook forsaken given up swore off taken the cure taken the pledge avoided doing gave a wide berth to went on the wagon took the cure gone on the wagon took the pledge given a wide berth to sworn off


Past tense for to put forward for discussion or consideration
broached introduced mooted raised placed advanced adverted discussed initiated mentioned moved offered proposed referred submitted suggested tendered ventilated alluded to pointed out put forward talked about touched on raised a subject referred to presented cited called attention to specified aired adduced noted adverted to propounded quoted instanced revealed indicated made reference to stated hinted at invoked named imparted declared identified intimated made mention of touched upon commented on expressed reported tabled divulged noticed made known spoken of spoke of talked of related put up set before showed disclosed sayed said communicated dropped recounted highlighted pointed at let someone know of spotlighted spotlit remarked on let on about emphasised emphasized let anyone know of pointed to spoke about spoken about posed expounded argued proffered alluded laid out referenced pointed told of denoted spelt out designated spelled out treated detailed drawn attention to drew attention to dealt with reminded of propositioned delivered lodged given gave pitched cast opened announced floated launched put on staged conveyed put on display put before the public manifested laid brought forward shown acknowledged opined fingered inferred voiced evidenced addrest addressed remarked let on put into effect put into words let out directed attention to put forth alleged picked up on exemplified come out with list set forth uttered vented enumerated put into use flagged put across made allusions to lay out illustrated promoted given as an example told to us shown to us gave as an example told us displayed demonstrated unveiled issued demoed established entered produced approached exhibited postulated previewed provided exposed filed entered on interjected embarked on interposed implied contributed prescribed brought about handed out rolled out used tried out raised subject essayed conjectured speculated exhorted commented hinted insinuated namechecked recommended extracted explored raised the subject of opened up had recourse to allowed brought out brought together exchanged views about reflected relayed observed weighed in passed on numbered gone into spoke briefly of brought to somebody's attention canvased relaid executed reminisced brought in heralded made a passing reference mounted breathed a word of opened up on mentioned in passing harbingered sprung with signified run repeated sounded proclaimed evoked exclaimed pronounced informed of articulated conversed about made reference publicised applied ventured recalled itemised enunciated conferred about made somebody aware of publicized verbalized volunteered told made allusion remembered itemized spoken briefly of turned somebody on to recited exchanged views on talked trotted out acquainted mentioned en passant talked through verbalised made an allusion to inserted called in recollected canvassed came out with talked over interpolated underlined excerpted illustrated with deliberated about outlined went into implemented treated of got across editorialised rehearsed covered mouthed turned to referred in passing enforced made a pitch editorialized dared to say listed called into use showed off posited thrown up threw up attested to spoke spake spoken extraught shown off threw out thrown out ran resorted to gotten across given utterance to gave utterance to gave voice to given voice to written about wrote about got down to brass tacks given as example appealed to gave as example gotten down to brass tacks sprang with given somebody a taste for gotten together gave somebody a taste for got together


(of a person or animal) Reared or brought up in a specified environment or way

Antonym of brought up

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