Synonym of bulgy

Alternative for bulgy

bulgier, bulgiest

Synonym: bellied, bellying, bulbous, bulging, protuberant,


Rounded, curving outward
convex bulging gibbous outcurved protuberant rounded cambered swelling arched bent biconvex bowed bulged curved curvilinear curving raised U-shaped curved outwards hunched bloated swollen humped distended crooked hooked falcate crescent arced concave convexoconvex humpbacked lowered angled inclined stooped hunchbacked crookbacked deformed procumbent sickle-shaped extended protruding projecting expanded ovoid semicircular bow-shaped pear-shaped tumid bulbous curving outward balloon-shaped bulb-shaped hemispherical crescentiform crescentic hornlike crescent-shaped twisted sinuous serpentine twisty vaulted wavy sweeping curvy undulating meandering curling arcuate devious aquiline crazy curled twisting bending winding tortuous windy domed falciform declinate S-shaped flexural curviform swirly arciform circular embowed turned wreathed coiled curly incurved loopy skewed curvaceous compass arrondi warped enbowed elliptical incurvate looped biflected snaky round circumflex sigmoid misshapen distorted contorted irregular flexuous malformed snaking turning out of shape beaked arching disfigured crippled hook-shaped circuitous hook-like zigzag indirect anfractuous angular meandrous recurved convoluted kinked roundabout arcuated gnarled deviating wry coiling misproportioned mangled buckled marred sinuate bandy shapeless abnormal zigzagging thrawn serpentiform mazy awry askew disjointed twisting and turning curvilineal bendy pointed sharp prominent beaklike Roman-nosed eaglelike wiggly high bow-legged cavernous camelback hemispheric recurvate snakelike bandy-legged kyphotic slinky wavering spiralling bowing spiraling twining veering warping rambling folded outward-curving grotesque ugly furled spiraled wound wandering hamate uncinate beaky monstrous ill-proportioned ogee unshapely ungainly ill-shaped unsightly asymmetrical ill-made excursive squiggly lithe unciform hooklike involute voluted blemished damaged disproportionate deviative vagrant flowing rippled ambiguous remote detouring digressory erratic misleading obscure errant confusing removed confounding straying out-of-the-way digressing diverting twined kinky pretzeled stooping crinkly slouchy droopy slumped wilted drooping limp spiralled rolled doubled over rolling undulated undulate plangent unstable vermiculate bumpy undulatory waving undulant mutilated misbegotten knotted

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