Synonym of caretaking


The office or position of one acting as a guardian or conservator, especially in a legal capacity
guardianship care custodianship custody keeping safekeeping trust ward charge guard protection responsibility supervision tutelage tutelarity tutorship wardenship watch aegis guidance auspices patronage support control safe keeping management superintendence wardship surveillance backing trusteeship preservation protectorship stewardship sponsorship regulation superintendency keep oversight conservation championship administration direction government governance intendance headship maintenance safeguarding advocacy handling umbrella safeguard operation aid auspice assistance presidency help defence salvation shelter defense ministration cover running observation looking after safety security egis financing protecting promotion guarding inspection upkeep preserving conserving sustentation preserval possession parenting agency refuge authority hands funding insurance conduct reassurance assurance leadership guaranty sustainment command encouragement upholding saving perpetuation shield benefaction check managing subsidy recommendation grant storage keeping going care and feeding keeping alive keeping up influence escrow countenance lap moment store liability account taking care of caring providence benefactor angel sponsor patron finance overseeing patronization babysitting minding fostering nursing certainty evaporation tanning refrigeration wing favour favor safe haven mothering fathering provision of care continuance continuation prolongation continuity manipulation good hands mastery retainment sustaining sway containment caregiving reins philanthropy comanagement generalship codirection coadministration sustention screen invulnerability furtherance espousal carrying-on carrying on sanctuary strength armor shielding fortification investment conservancy husbandry immunity indemnity barrier buffer surety supervising cherishing governing armament safeness armour stability ammunition wall self-defense careful management

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