Synonym of caring

Alternative for caring

cares, cared, caring

Synonym: attention, charge, concern, custody, keeping, protection, supervision, thought, worry,

Antonym: ease, easiness,


(of a person) Having a kind or empathetic nature
kind empathetic compassionate considerate kindly benevolent gentle sensitive sympathetic thoughtful affectionate altruistic beneficent charitable comforting giving gracious hospitable loving selfless soft sweet tender understanding warm attentive benign concerned doting feeling generous helpful humane humanitarian indulgent merciful mild philanthropic philanthropical responsive benignant empathic fatherlike fatherly maternal motherly patient receptive solicitous big-hearted fond goodhearted good-hearted good-natured great-hearted kindhearted kind-hearted large-hearted open-hearted softhearted soft-hearted tenderhearted tender-hearted warmhearted warm-hearted bleeding-heart touchy-feely friendly supportive unselfish magnanimous devoted obliging amiable tolerant lenient good chivalrous liberal decent affable amicable accommodating cordial protective pleasant genial nurturing all heart commiserative paternal pitying adoring neighbourly neighborly bountiful forbearing munificent bounteous encouraging sentimental mellow congenial nice bighearted well-disposed big careful consoling approachable cheerful forgiving gallant soothing agreeable unstinting well meaning good-humored good-humoured open-handed mindful respectful commiserating condoling likeable reassuring public-spirited likable lovey-dovey clement polite sociable easygoing noble ungrudging tactful eleemosynary amorous demonstrative gratifying regardful complaisant unassuming lovable mushy sympathizing maternalistic watchful uplifting mild-mannered angelic sympathising harmless inspiriting cheering emotional dear courteous cooperative passionate lovesome fulfilling perceptive brotherly modest free reverent openhanded greathearted delightful engaging good-tempered do-good pleasing well intentioned moved human sweet-tempered unoffensive inspiring vigilant mother placid interested consolatory sheltering hearty sorry civil well-meaning patriarchal piteous intuitive welcoming stimulating boosting personable heedful meek open lovely peaceful heartening free-handed overindulgent conscious cognizant pacific calming amatory reactive impressionable diplomatic easy peaceable self-sacrificing perceiving conscientious heartwarming enthusiastic gladdening deferential sisterly reverential romantic chummy freehanded calm dutiful parental favourable unpresumptuous matey earnest lamblike demure even-tempered civilized prepossessing winsome self-effacing lavish benefic retiring sweet-natured companionable well-mannered righteous comprehending appreciative broad-minded buddy-buddy favorable generous to a fault non-confrontational humble moral well disposed having heart in right place princely loving and giving open-minded bleeding heart civilised parent full of pity matriarchal worried anxious avuncular soft-centred affirmative wonderful disinterested unsparing almsgiving very kind protecting supporting caretaking paternalistic guiding self-denying observant quiet conciliatory positive approving nonmalignant accepting lovesick charming self-forgetting freehearted fulsome responsible mannerly social thoughty ruthful accessible socially concerned patriotic contributing donating prosocial nonthreatening wholesome swell ingratiating jovial sparing appealing permissive laid back besotted infatuated well-bred ardent touched easy-going denying incorruptible extroverted idealistic taking captivating winning enchanting comradely aware old softie broody appreciating vicarious welcome heartfelt soft touch propitious as nice as pie simpatico reasonable discerning foolish compliant wholehearted genuine cheery sincere happy shy moderate temperate dove-like public- spirited non-malignant overfond well-intentioned well mannered sensitized inviting eager pampering accommodative mollycoddling cosseting openhearted heart in right place soft-spoken bland dovelike cool loyal fervent close faithful stirred predisposed enamoured addicted enamored convivial deep bonhomous palsy feminine fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple possessive wary defensive impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable honest moralistic virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding upright palsy-walsy fiery irritable sensorial sensory vulnerable high-strung nervous sensible fragile soft-shelled overpermissive nonjudgmental impressed finely tuned supersensitive barley-sugar clinging overprotective jealous honourable high-minded just heroic honorable fair bound up close-knit turned on to touchy feely tuned in silly over able to live with going easy on going along with stimulated affected influenced melted expressing adoration elevated high lordly valiant goodish lofty great eager to help eager to please deeply moved relieving assuaging serene easing satisfying rewarding docile heart-warming tame subdued attached analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing cuddly pally partial huggy all over crazy over nutty about soft on prodigal amenable urbane gregarious outgoing gentlemanly clubby handsome ladylike soft-touch decorous loose genteel conversable clubbable complimentary polished profuse willing intimate easy to get along with excellent long-suffering pardoning hail-fellow-well-met unreserved fraternal harmonious courtly collegial cultivated suave abundant laudatory condoning hail-fellow flattering commendatory acceptable ready natural equitable chirpy plenteous extrovert unstinted refined perky willingly given discreet company-loving well-behaved uninhibited politic couthy regular cosy cozy lax light well bred ample spoiling allowing stoical excusing permitting yielding plentiful resigned communal extravagant full stoic uncomplaining like-minded commending worthy soft-shell glowing tranquil unflappable admiring rave breezy unrestrained restrained longanimous useful unctuous submissive being big cultured extraverted self-controlled self-restrained applauding approbatory debonair good-mannered smooth clubable formal poised easy to get on with well behaved acclamatory well spoken approbative well brought up praiseful well-spoken self-forgetful unprejudiced bubbly suitable becoming confident immaculate personal guestfriendly amusing confiding hilarious jocose entertaining kindred funny amical comical vibrant happy-go-lucky compatible jocular on good terms understandable rich beneficial goody-goody angelical spotless social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive unerring pitiful advantageous couth emollient letting assuasive favoring humoring acquiescent forthcoming stately informal marshmallow softie brother's sibling familial genealogical adaptable pliable profitable unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste graceful pietistic favouring humouring communicative relaxed placable beneficient valuable live with backslapping Robin Hood good scout unmean Christian condescending obsequious punctilious copacetic familiar tight handy wellmannered sublime lively non-hostile virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful unkind unrelenting cruel excessive procrustean inexorable overgenerous favorably inclined favourably inclined well brought-up praising unconstrained knightly composed salutary willing to forgive favourably disposed overabundant immoderate intemperate profligate wasteful thriftless improvident conflict-free attention-seeking jolly bluff trustworthy buddy buddy easy-oasy equable chilled willing to please wild concordant agreeing square shooting accordant right nice user friendly on tap on deck dependable incorrupt in favor of okay recommendatory inclined assenting Santa Claus proper merry casual free-and-easy unstinging exuberant reserved unobtrusive down-to-earth unpretentious downright neighborly jejune vapid dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant flat kin elegant willing to help enduring imperturbable unexcitable upbeat joyous jocund glad chipper enlivening upper up sunny blithe undemanding straight right true persistent philosophical persevering over the top living with has heart in right place equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable passive sunny side up going easy with stand-up subtle judicious delicate impassive philosophic fortitudinous weak spineless boneless unimposing clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded prudent seemly with the patience of Job dexterous wise skilled adroit skillful cautious tactical deft skilful savvy dextrous treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves congratulatory panegyrical honeyed adulatory eulogizing sugary encomiastic saccharine eulogistic laudative encomiastical with highest recommendation fair-spoken eulogising sycophantic plauditory celebrating honouring highly favourable fawning highly favorable honoring well-wishing with high praise


(caring for) Managing or being in charge of


(formal, caring for) Wanting or considering


The act or nature of showing care or kind regard for others
love care compassion charity goodwill philanthropy altruism benevolence friendliness kindliness kindness mercy sympathy unselfishness brotherliness concern fellow feeling humanity lenity mercifulness openheartedness sisterliness solicitude virtue warm-heartedness clemency faith heart pity warmth consideration tenderness softheartedness warmheartedness kindheartedness kind-heartedness tender-heartedness good-heartedness gentleness humaneness affection softness compassionateness commiseration tenderheartedness soft-heartedness empathy understanding feeling sensitivity condolence ruth solicitousness thoughtfulness largeheartedness bigheartedness aroha liking attachment consolation comfort solace fatherliness beneficence sentimentality benignancy motherliness fondness benignity devotion support encouragement generosity amorousness condolences friendship courtesy lovingness rue reassurance regard quarter sorrow neighborliness mindfulness comity considerateness neighbourliness fellowship compunction tolerance brotherly love good-fellowship indulgence cordiality goodness grace amiability favour favor leniency amity graciousness forbearance attentiveness geniality decency helpfulness magnanimity rapport charitableness affability good will awareness affinity lenience tact liberality respect mildness humanitarianism sensibility consciousness appreciation forgiveness thought responsiveness attention courteousness reverence patience politeness hospitality receptiveness condolement aid pleasantness selflessness brotherhood cordialness delicacy conviviality deference sweetness nobility affectionateness identification caritas cooperation familiarity help communion civility emotion bounteousness gentility good-naturedness feelings relief caringness refinement cheer munificence discretion urbanity gallantry courtliness elegance polish recognition cultivation culture sensitiveness succour heed magnanimousness cognizance genteelness succor chivalry assuagement suavity subtlety easement ceremony sincerity carefulness receptivity complaisance mannerliness address gallantness amenities good breeding harmony awareness of the feelings of others intensity good behavior peacefulness peaceableness serenity tranquillity agape heat ardor fervor fervour ardour mutuality heartiness agreeableness good nature bounty tranquility largesse amicability heedfulness comradeship assistance soul big-heartedness congeniality esteem public-spiritedness hospitableness regret sociability mind concord notice wholeheartedness estimation lifesaver amenity agreeability apperception assimilation interest amenability gift niceness ease soothing perceptiveness good deed earnestness perceptivity diplomacy approval perception approbation philanthropism charitability note moral support politesse optimism accuracy thoroughness meticulousness precision principle respects sadness distress attention to detail Agape charm bountifulness collaboration obligingness apology oblation office benefaction character dejection melancholy service constitution finesse togetherness vibes closeness connection relating good-temperedness personableness amiableness lavishness free-handedness open-handedness boon respectfulness benefit judgment equitableness justness sufferance moderation toleration endurance fairness unity almsgiving social conscience good manners mutual support tender feelings concernment tending decorousness likableness discrimination action reaction discernment capacity palpability response comforting good feeling sympathetic response loving concern Christian love tender loving care peace gladdening inspiration couth good neighbourliness rallying round benediction reassuring nervousness sense susceptibility reactiveness impressionability affectibility sensation reactivity concern for others heart of hearts manners finer feelings soft skills consoling jovialness gratefulness enjoyableness reciprocity looking after judgement enthusiasm passion vehemence good turn helping hand relieving solacing act of assistance shyness quietness nobleness orderliness order solid expression of regret generousness liberalness brownie points joviality companionability companionableness demonstrativeness modesty repose placidness demureness stillness humility zeal eagerness welcomingness sight good intention self-sacrifice fellow-feeling lawfulness cheering up touchingness sweetness and light observance view accessibility communicativeness mateyness gregariousness clubbability decorum stability mansuetude docility meekness passionateness ardency cheerfulness violence fire fervency fervidness intenseness alleviation interestedness approachability good humour chumminess openness bonhomie fortification happiness effusiveness spiritedness emotions zest excitement calmness pliancy placidity pliability fragility kinship palliness easy-going manner outgoingness camaraderie comradery clubbiness an eye once-over white heat spirit glow empressement open arms admiration acclaim veneration account conception apprehension insight lack of reservation lack of inhibition repute comprehension cognition popularity honor reputation intuition enlightenment acquaintance knowingness knowing laudation praise homage adulation honour opinion cherishing extolment value cottoning to good opinion high regard high opinion being on same wavelength community of interests


A feeling of great love for someone or something
devotion love affection fondness attachment care adoration devotedness ardour closeness admiration attentiveness warmness ardor deference devotement reverence liking warmth feeling tenderness passion sentiment friendliness endearment friendship amity desire goodwill familiarity intimacy kindness regard affinity favour aroha respect favor solicitude concern crush shine emotion amore warm feelings good will strong fondness soft spot puppy love partiality taste appreciation like relish fancy preference attraction appetite weakness use inclination adulation predilection enjoyment lust hankering love affair penchant bias enchantment infatuation propensity bent proclivity proneness tendency leaning keenness predisposition thirst thing palate stomach worship enthusiasm commendation blessing esteem approval grace estimation flame rapture lovingness fervor amour imprimatur benevolence approbation account zeal fervour romance amorousness obsession captivation fixation longing disposition kind regard mind itch urge favoritism yen favouritism good opinion mania excitement eye heat chord wish bag sentimentality intensity prepossession appetency susceptibility cup of tea attention besottedness moe enamoredness mash inseparability doting fetish fascination yearning aching craze hots courtesy thoughtfulness responsiveness solicitousness bond chumminess idolatry involvement case allegiance piety delight cherishing fidelity dearness belonging ardency understanding familiarness intimateness relationship tightness nearness wuv velleity pleasure tooth sympathy will affection for liking for affinity for regard for love for reverence for respect for admiration for high regard sentiment for intimacy with fondness for relationship with feeling for tenderness for friendship with luv


Close familiarity or friendship
intimacy closeness familiarity confidentiality affinity affection attachment chumminess rapport togetherness understanding amity belonging close relationship companionship comradeship friendliness inseparability nearness warmth close association confidence fraternisation fraternization mateyness palliness acquaintance close attachment close friendship communion experience friendship inwardness mutual affection tenderness warm feelings fellow feeling fellowship camaraderie brotherhood sociability community company sisterhood comradery fraternity cordiality intercourse conviviality association social intercourse social contact companionability neighborliness solidarity clubbiness neighbourliness society mutual support cordialness love dearness good-fellowship social interaction kindliness amiability goodwill kinship harmony devotedness geniality benevolence socializing empathy mingling relations collaborating partnership cooperativeness involvement mutuality esprit de corps mixing connection socialising contact brotherliness devotion lovingness union alliance affiliation accompaniment congress familiarness intimateness amicability fondness gregariousness comradeliness jollity cheer league regard charity comity aroha tightness sociableness folksiness matiness good fellowship sodality consideration partiality socialization fraternality team spirit good will close feeling inseparableness warm fellowship interaction agreement unity accord integration conjoining confluence fraternizing sympathy dealings consorting concord meeting affability communication rapprochement sharing communing social life fraternising powwow socialisation correspondence banding together social relations convergence coming together partying converse familyhood mutual liking mutual respect participation spiritual union relationship intercommunication cooperative kindness congeniality agreeableness peace cooperation agreeability pleasantness amiableness amenity peacefulness congenialness peaceableness generosity genialness compassion kind-heartedness altruism amicableness open arms affectionateness care goodness tranquillity good-naturedness decency favour tolerance tranquility favor helpfulness responsiveness gentleness humanity philanthropy benignity civility lawfulness order harmoniousness courtesy graciousness concurrence niceness stability decorum orderliness unanimity serenity big-heartedness bonhomie clubbability good relations enjoyableness thoughtfulness mercy accessibility communicativeness hospitableness humaneness amenability openness approachability warm-heartedness good nature accordance pity magnanimity good-heartedness beneficence concern loyalty softheartedness compatibility warmheartedness kindheartedness feeling like-mindedness politeness bromance presence vocation support corps law and order personableness sweetness good-temperedness circle fraternalism kotahitanga liveliness warmness chime consistency male bonding hospitality forthcomingness extroversion gemütlichkeit calm decorousness heartiness brethren nei simpatico likability appeal cheeriness likableness pleasurableness loveliness affableness douceur satisfaction joviality companionableness demonstrativeness hospitability jovialness sincerity wholeheartedness approval approbation earnestness gratefulness reciprocity rule of law law mateship consensus allyship commiseration leniency mercifulness largeheartedness bigheartedness heart ruth good humour good deed close relation shared feeling mutual fondness brownie points brotherly love good vibrations same wavelength concert unison single-mindedness social intelligence easy-going manner outgoingness seemliness meeting of minds lull ceasefire non-aggression non-violence properness respite public security collaboration hitting it off sweetness and light liking softness compassionateness lack of reservation lack of inhibition good humor reconciliation softening tenderheartedness soft-heartedness indulgence oneness consonance grace détente motherliness fatherliness sentimentality tender-heartedness benignancy munificence public-spiritedness humanitarianism charitableness philanthropism good understanding placidity concordance calmness tune amorousness magnanimousness lavishness largesse clemency free-handedness unselfishness liberality open-handedness harmonization reconcilement reunion almsgiving bounty social conscience bounteousness gift compromise conciliation settlement entente restoration of harmony detente harmonisation increased understanding

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