Synonym of cast down

Alternative for cast down


lower someone's spirits; make downhearted


To make (a person) discouraged or dejected
deject discourage demoralise demoralize depress dishearten make unhappy dispirit dismay daunt dampen crush sadden unnerve unman sap shake cow dash subdue chill frustrate disappoint deter undermine throw weaken enervate make downhearted damp disparage upset weigh down knock sideways knock for six put a damper on knock the stuffing out of bum out disincline make dejected humble trouble devitalize oppress distress bother get down disconcert abash debilitate chagrin bring low vex throw cold water on give someone the blues psych out pour cold water on beat down burden lower ail break suppress overwhelm subjugate stifle enfeeble disillusion rattle squelch smother diminish disempower disenchant intimidate jumble deflate muddle unzip disturb disorder disarrange nonplus disorganize discountenance snarl unglue embarrass cripple unsettle curb abase overcome defeat weary deaden quell overpower extinguish perturb get to blow up send up take apart blow out take steam out burst one's bubble dampen the spirits of let down dash hopes embitter dash the hopes of disgruntle shatter the illusions of disoblige cast a pall over bear down on damp down dull overawe put off make despondent appall afflict deprecate confuse bully irk prostrate appal scare try weigh repress alarm frighten awe droop cause to lose heart dampen someone's hopes break one's heart desolate humiliate indispose make dispirited make crestfallen weigh heavily on put down bring down make someone fed up throw a pall over faze discompose disquiet discomfit confound discombobulate panic take aback shake up throw off balance put into a flap put someone off their stroke throw into a tizz cause someone to lose their composure dispraise cloud consternate thwart baffle psych cast a shadow lobotomize desiccate petrify dehydrate castrate geld devastate mortify flatten hurt squash shatter shame dump fluster agitate disarm startle jolt ruffle stun stupefy unhinge spook uncalm worry surprise distract ride floor buffalo bewilder needle set back throw off bowl over give a turn put the wind up


To cause to feel sorrow
sadden deject depress dash desolate dispirit grieve upset burden discourage dishearten distress get down oppress aggrieve deplore dismay down pain press bring down bum out make sad weigh down dampen spirits drag down make blue break one's heart bring one down cast a gloom on turn one off bring tears to your eyes cast a gloom upon make your heart bleed put a damper on put into a funk throw cold water on pour cold water on afflict daunt trouble crush bother perturb make gloomy make despondent torment demoralize demoralise make unhappy hang over disturb harrow ail shake bug haunt weigh heavily on give someone the blues worry mortify vex harass try dampen make miserable faze abase plague gnaw at reduce to tears make desolate prey on lie heavy on beat down knock the stuffing out of knock for six cause suffering to get someone down knock sideways make someone fed up dash someone's hopes break someone's spirit break someone's heart knock the wind out of harsh one's mellow shatter floor bring tears to one's eyes dampen someone's spirit make one's heart bleed torture concern disconcert irk wound agitate agonize sting hurt stress pester discompose discommode annoy get to exasperate nark cause anguish to fret agonise strain break the heart of rile burn up make wretched irritate rack gall chill displease hack off chasten cut to the quick drain weary drag cow beat darken debilitate damp enervate dull run down lie keep under harsh someone's mellow bear down bring tears to someone's eyes dampen someone's spirits make someone's heart bleed beset nag take the heart out of obsess press down on take over be a burden on prey on someone's mind take control of weigh be a burden to offend persecute bedevil pique crucify peeve excruciate anguish curse affront hassle outrage perplex injure harry needle chafe provoke ruffle disquiet nettle aggravate anger miff devastate fuss give someone grief besiege tick off hound tease put out give a hard time get eat alarm badger drive up the wall molest discomfort shock disgust ride insult rend cause agony to affect grate slight mither spite itch inflame sear martyr get on your nerves unsettle wring dog unhinge frazzle distemper flurry exercise pursue pierce freak out stab weird out rasp frost rub up the wrong way move traumatize infuriate disgruntle smite distract gripe incense madden alarum derail enrage cut hagride undo fluster suffer rankle discomfit devil frustrate abuse rattle cause pain to traumatise eat at give offence to inflict anguish on tax puzzle wrong grate on hurt someone's feelings put down shake up lacerate gnaw hack you off make uneasy rankle with give a bad time damage strike ache touch sicken inconvenience scar discombobulate excite tantalize confound unnerve rark gravel tantalise cut up disrespect diss chivvy visit prick dis horrify browbeat assail tire jar disoblige pick on rouse burn interrupt mourn embarrass chagrin bleed dissatisfy scare bite cause anguish turn off cause offense attack feel pain wind up dump on do in tear to pieces beleaguer get across breathe down someone's neck be in pain hurt one's feelings stir up make someone see red give someone the hump make anxious be a pain in the neck drive round the bend be a thorn in someone's side be on your back drive bananas bruise tear apart mistreat maltreat squeeze pinch compress cramp tear at muse labor labour test squirm hit hard tear gut convulse preoccupy stir confuse rock repulse repel nauseate overwhelm exhaust stretch sap thrill pick at occupy hurt deeply ridicule lampoon ill-treat be cause suffering be hurtful to lambaste nag at cause sorrow bait fester startle frighten keep after be unwell be prey to be disagreeable to push the buttons of pother infest hector cause someone distress cause pain discountenance sweat fear stew niggle inflict trauma deeply upset be indisposed be crook be the victim of daze derange bewilder occupy someone's thoughts do someone's head in make someone scratch their head get on someone's wick make someone's hackles rise make someone's blood boil get someone's hackles up get in someone's hair ruffle someone's feathers get under someone's skin try someone's patience get someone's dander up be a thorn in someone's flesh get up someone's nose get someone's back up get on someone's nerves get in your hair be a nuisance to throw spook tear to shreds thumb nose at astound complicate amaze arouse intrude get in the way interfere strap break nit-pick indispose push roil ire enflame mad embitter be sick be ill be weak grind psych harm tire out wear out antagonize cause annoyance to cause resentment to stress out be wrong with feel unwell redden blight get at snub cause concern to cause discomfort to make waves grip zing slur antagonise humiliate eat away at eat up get one's goat steam up get your goat slap make severe demands on put a strain on make demands on push buttons bully rattle one's cage noodge jerk around drive round the twist heckle intimidate macerate keep on at despoil foray bullyrag work on make uncomfortable flip out take be the matter with buffet lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind arouse anxiety in weigh on cause trouble to give offence put someone's back up be disagreeable hurt somebody's feelings get someone's goat tread on someone's toes be an affront to be offensive put someone's nose out of joint do a number on make it tough for abrade throw off balance be on one's case sensitize swell be at get in one's hair mix up put your back up get your back up get under one's skin inflict hurt the feelings of wreck wreak befall impose sensitise descend on avenge descend upon punish force upon bring down on sorrow goad have a bad time be miserable be affected be upset experience hardship go through a lot endure agony be wounded go through the mill feel wretched be racked be wretched be in distress be racked with pain be distressed taunt heavy chivy nudge bore impede cross hinder intrude upon impose on get on your wick bend someone's ear carp at make one's hackles rise get on someone's case


To decrease in amount or degree
reduce lessen lower decrease diminish minimise minimize taper deplete ease curtail cut limit moderate lighten mitigate scale down cut back cut down quell abate alleviate curb dial down downscale temper ax axe drop pare roll back slash tone down wind down attenuate bring down clip couch decline decrement de-escalate dent relax restrain taper off wane degrade depress devaluate downgrade drop off dry up dwindle ease off ebb erode extenuate make cutbacks in mark down minify peter out sink slacken slow down tail off take down trim trim back trim down amortise amortize dilute impair make less make smaller qualify step down take the edge off tighten weaken run down shrink soften downsize fall contract depreciate subside recede slump assuage fall off plummet devalue prune allay fall away pare down slim down remit shorten die down relent plunge palliate relieve dull let up knock down blunt phase down soothe discount ratchet down check mollify fade die out retrench calm die away drain go down restrict pall cheapen dip drain away play down narrow modify undermine deaden dampen subdue nosedive crash sap slow deflate deteriorate control trivialize undervalue cut back on quiet abridge grow less flag constrict trivialise thin underrate hold back dive belittle break salami-slice modulate shrivel contain slake adulterate soft-pedal grow smaller become smaller truncate shave tumble misprize descend cushion decay settle make light of slacken off underestimate waste gloss over wither brush aside appease droop whittle down go downhill consume understate de-emphasize rationalize collapse slide take a nosedive cool write off write down regress water down dock sell short empty scale back dim fail downplay stop quieten rationalise degenerate abbreviate damp release ease up on nose-dive ease up exhaust condense underemphasize rachet down wear down wear away pacify crumble use up rein in inhibit detract slack defuse become less whittle away narrow down close slack off lull loosen detract from shrug off halt debase rate too low get smaller get lower compress disempower make reductions in do an injustice to bleed hit the floor not do justice to hold cheap numb go into a tailspin lace loose deprecate retard evaporate placate adjust still regulate remove eat into extend discredit help slip constringe sophisticate stay cripple hinder get less suck dry calm down run low take away from sweeten thin out sag skid rein back crater blur put down milk eat up retrogress turn down disparage phase out wear off alter corrode lenify become lower set little store by economize on thin down damp down take a dive go through the floor let up on deprive deduct underplay quench squeeze elide syncopate devalorize minimalize smooth lop mute cramp muffle dam derogate stem sate dissipate ameliorate worsen block defame cut down on eliminate compact enfeeble lose edge confine staunch revise enervate straiten stanch disappear draw in take in disable debilitate make weaker impoverish scrimp withdraw tighten up comfort vilipend commute choke vitiate chill out take the sting out take the bite out retire economize decimate lapse economise keep down die off fall steeply downturn trail off vary talk down shift change trail disesteem fall sharply put the brakes on prevent be reduced pooh-pooh be wrong about disintegrate relapse make narrower take off retrograde return revamp transmogrify switch make little of backslide come to an end drop rapidly retrench on become narrower get narrower think too little of waste away fizzle out take a load off go away cut off cave in set no store by lay off take a header fade away rebate humble gather eat away at tail away fleece grow weaker scale something down take the edge off sth simplify subtract tame slenderize diffuse whittle peter restraint demote untighten make fewer demean disengage make less active ration minish denature wilt reduce greatly halve grow misjudge vanish take it easy rescind shape trail away elongate bate shade cloud sober darken deepen nose dive slim wrinkle satiate satisfy languish rarefy offset tranquilize disregard lower in price miniaturise miniaturize drop away tranquillize excuse cause to fall despise make inroads into gobble up guzzle mark off telescope disperse round down stifle underprice underprize become weaker go downwards invalidate gutter gratify benumb cauterize withstand arrest resist oppose look down on reduce punishment muddy up reduce the force of become less intense give way drop down make less formal make less strict objectify dissolve lower in value go easy alloy come down do away with get rid of fall short keep at a minimum keep to a minimum fail to appreciate set too little store by anaesthetize anesthetize cauterise hebetate desensitise desensitize obtund miscalculate wear out become quieter become softer take the heat off retreat give out decry totter lose bring to a standstill admix address improve stabilize balance attune slope drag buckle miscarry slight denigrate take pressure off become weak get quieter get softer cut short chop lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of flop compose refresh extinguish relaxed grow dim make lighter soften up make economies in make cuts in reduce wastage in bow out put a damper on not do justice harmonize crop fold up tip over break down be precipitated decrease in value decline in price hit the dirt lose value resolve pad save neutralise stabilise neutralize demilitarize demilitarise rescue recover retrocede omit delete rot capsule capsulize fine tune monkey around with cool out take the bite out of take the sting out of make reasonable knock fall back pull out tone back away set drop back tune break off strangle disencumber levitate upraise facilitate jettison eradicate unload unburden disburden take uplight free move away go back delay boil down focus circumscribe pinch tauten strangulate inflect clench tense move further off retract flow back back back off draw away draw back depart move back expend detain devolve tuck astringe clear the air smooth out take the heat blister pour oil on get to meat put in nutshell put a restriction on put a limit on backbite amend fine-tune adapt tweak harmonise atrophy spend handicap cool off settle down reduce weight throw out put off pour out brighten grow worse get worse evacuate stunt decelerate impede fade out lose ground dispel counteract salve cure go down the toilet revert go to the pack disimprove go to the dogs go down the tubes come apart at seams take a turn for the worse hit the skids deprave die on vine go to rack and ruin go to pot corrupt go to pieces obstruct hold up stall set back solace punctuate succor succour console trim away budget cut tune down roll down decrease in importance pale lose significance lose lustre pale into insignificance grow dull liss interrupt laugh at keep back hamper lag retardate mire subtract from cut rate draw together get thinner aid break up assist burn absorb devour loiter procrastinate reef postpone embog bring respite to bring aid to make bearable bring an end to make something bearable bring aid take load off bankrupt interfere with back-water hit the brakes lose speed keep waiting lose steam let down flaps get in the way of bog down anchor it finish play out draw down draw squander dismiss bounce cashier discharge fire pink-slip sack terminate can wash up dig into hatchet cleaver tomahawk give the sack muster out turn off put an end to let go poll whitewash deemphasize make light brush off


To lower in rank
reduce demote downgrade lower lower in rank lower in status abase degrade humble relegate demean belittle declass devalue dismiss undervalue bump debase denigrate depreciate humiliate revert set back bring down bring low bust cut down to size disgrace kick downstairs mark down reduce to the ranks shame snub take down take down a peg tear down crush break disrate lower the status of cheapen discredit chasten smirch dishonor foul dishonour sink bemean mortify demoralize demoralise put down corrupt pervert vitiate subvert deprave deteriorate warp debauch poison bastardize lessen prostitute profane disparage canker embarrass abash bastardise pan shoot down harm subdue damage diminish undermine stoop condescend chagrin discomfit deign decry detract derogate own deflate squash slam descend make a fool of cause to lose face run down put to shame make someone eat humble pie make someone eat crow settle someone's hash take down a peg or two tarnish blemish cripple blacken debilitate injure devaluate scorn insult despise contemn quash drag through the mud reduce the status of drag down rip smear discountenance blister wither put out of countenance take the wind out of someone's sails confound confuse make ashamed play down show up cause to feel small vanquish downplay mar succumb dehumanize brutalize desensitize spoil weaken knock down bad-mouth dis poor-mouth destroy dehumanise brutalise desensitise mudsling debase oneself lower oneself demean yourself be reduced be reduced to demean oneself debase yourself lower yourself bring shame to cut down silence upset squelch overcome pull down put away strike dumb pop one's balloon make one feel small make eat dirt force to eat humble pie put one away put someone in their place cut to the quick bring down a peg depress crawl subjugate defile sully taint stain defame besmirch blot slur slander malign pollute stigmatize vilify soil bring into disrepute befoul stigmatise libel calumniate bestialize deride asperse abuse contaminate knock rubbish besmear drag through the mire bring shame on censure minimize slag off traduce ruin reproach bring discredit to spot give a bad name do a hatchet job on give a black eye reflect badly on minimise scandalize blotch disrespect speak ill of attack scandalise bring shame upon trash infect desecrate breathe on discount ridicule impair tar and feather deprecate assail rip up and down do a number on sling mud at muckrake animalize mock revile cast a slur on spread scandal about fling mud at run smear campaign lead astray cast aspersions on trivialize distort detract from dump on violate deface show in a bad light minify diss vilipend adulterate trivialise put in a bad light blight trash-talk roast betray dirty cry down write off give a bad name to hurt blacken the name of dilute make degenerate embitter prejudice underrate waste discolor despoil criticize discolour marginalize outrage blaspheme slate flatten scorch pooh-pooh tar criticise marginalise impugn bring dishonour to pour scorn on sneer at pull apart influence mess up take to pieces kiss off talk down have a go at treat with disrespect cow misuse disfigure decrease sell out underestimate be untrue to oneself expose compromise condemn disfavor attenuate understate manipulate disfavour tame treat lightly annoy dispraise bash affront ravage laugh off laugh at attaint slight misprize vandalize scoff at do down maculate disoblige hold cheap hit out at pick holes in treat sacrilegiously flame vandalise commit sacrilege muck up make light of disconcert reflect negatively curse vituperate speak badly of pull to pieces have the last laugh on cast in a bad light make lose face damage the reputation of harm the reputation of get the better of muddy the reputation of blacken the reputation of seduce twist flaw unsettle mongrelize misemploy bend skew misapply colour brand bias alloy wreck endamage squander sell sacrifice turn badmouth subordinate jaundice worsen reduce in value bloody crab speckle disconsider devalorize sour rot demolish cast a slur disdain color lower someone's status lower someone's dignity reduce in quality blackguard harden blast touch curb go bad inflict consume rust criticize unfairly go to hell beat down live in the gutter rap sneer deform undercut sabotage destabilize abandon one's principles cross up disregard toughen drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud sling mud soften discipline restrain let down take apart corrode envenom spread lies about make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed afflict check repress blacken the character of bad mouth give black eye sully the reputation of throw mud at rip up lose face put hooks in tear into cut offend ulcer sore scourge take to bits provoke case-harden inure set a bad example destabilise nose dive aggravate drop hoodoo swear vice cuss voodoo darn wound dispirit defeat coarsen put in your place waste away axe slash taunt overwhelm smash enfeeble overpower ax dip slow make callous make unfeeling slap alter do wrong be evil talk dirty commit sin disappoint tease incapacitate suppress sap devastate depredate sack pillage devour desolate spoliate keep down put double whammy on lace falsify automate robotize mechanize mechanise imbrute automatize barbarize impoverish extinguish blaspheme against write down faze fluster rattle displease nonplus vex irritate begrime grime muddy doctor putrefy cook horrify appal rout enervate sledge smudge miscall scuzz up slang gird jeer scoff appall put someone to shame lay waste to get one's comeuppance take the wind out harass commit sacrilege against worry make foul be rude to give offence to call names step on one's toes cause offence to cut dead hurt someone's feelings treat disrespectfully throw shade call someone names interfere with splash get dirty spatter bring to ruin cause instability tinker with fiddle with make impure tamper with muck gaum mire splatter distain bemire daub poor mouth pooh pooh sour grapes bring someone to their knees make filthy make dirty get filthy crumb bedraggle mess muss make mucky muss up take a swipe at shoot full of holes disesteem ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour blacken someone's name damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility


To completely destroy or devastate
raze demolish destroy level ruin flatten bulldoze extinguish pull down tear down wreck erase excise remove annihilate cream decimate delete desolate devastate efface expunge fell nuke obliterate pulverise pulverize shatter smash total unbuild vaporise vaporize waste wrack extirpate knock down wipe out batter bomb capsize crash do in dynamite lay waste overthrow overturn reduce scatter spill subvert topple undo unmake upset zap knock to pieces rub out blow down break down mow down raze to the ground strike out tear up scratch out throw down wipe from the face of the earth exterminate eradicate abolish liquidate dismantle eliminate snuff out stamp out trash crush cancel kill defeat blot out clean up wipe off the map root out black out sweep away do away with bring down ravage wipe off the face of the earth take down finish off take out put paid to slaughter blow to bits disassemble squash quash blow up destruct break up dilapidate terminate overwhelm beat massacre torpedo take apart abate cut down put an end to get rid of hack down chop down blow away gut hew rout clear oust undermine depose unseat lick trounce butcher reduce to ruins supplant dethrone obscure disrupt finish lay waste to blow to pieces suppress disestablish dissolve murder purge conquer overpower scratch scrub off ink out score out cross out put a stop to tumble blank out block out invalidate knock off wash out put down wreak havoc on weed out shoot down KO bring about the downfall of wipe dispose of dispatch dust pull something down tear something down lower end mow devour bankrupt cool avenge torment let down rip down prang incinerate strike burn trim kayo nullify bring to an end check destabilize burn away damage beyond repair write off quell negate abrogate vitiate benothing annul take away put the lid on exsect uproot execute sabotage unsettle drive propel force thrust conceal cut out crack wolf wax break edit fade erode blue-pencil commit genocide kill off cut a swath through cover over gobble up smooth away cancel out rub away white out wear away impair weaken undercut damage wipe off map tear to pieces put in toilet supersede invert depress rebel reverse destabilise overcome master subdue displace defenestrate subjugate upend vanquish tip remove from power bring low overrun remove from office bring to ruin knock over blast ground floor saw down chop hammer nix ax cover cut sink axe cause to fall bowl down clear-fell knock to the ground clear-cut bring to the ground drub knock out X-out wipe off face of earth blue pencil remove all traces of blow sky-high destroy root and branch mark out rub off clobber paste pound thrash stuff whip defeat utterly crucify tank beat hollow shellac skunk own give someone a drubbing give someone a pasting blow out win a resounding victory over run rings around turn inside out wipe the floor with make mincemeat of take to the cleaners run rings round


Feeling unhappy, dejected or discouraged
dejected discouraged depressed despondent disconsolate disheartened dispirited downcast crestfallen demoralised demoralized dismayed doleful down downhearted forlorn glum inconsolable joyless low melancholic miserable mournful sad unhappy woeful wretched crushed daunted desolate heartbroken heavyhearted saddened sapped shaken sorrowful sorry woebegone blue brokenhearted droopy gloomy hangdog heartsick heartsore melancholy oppressed undermined bad low-spirited weighed down down in the mouth down in the dumps dismal morose heavy-hearted dolorous cheerless fed up despairing broken-hearted distressed disappointed lugubrious grief-stricken tearful sombre moody somber pessimistic in the dumps chap-fallen sullen upset spiritless in low spirits dragged hurting sick as a parrot in pain funereal choked brassed off cheesed off bummed out long-faced grieving abject anguished dreary troubled comfortless grim chapfallen in the doldrums saturnine destroyed in the pits bleak down and out dull rueful hopeless black teary afflicted piteous depressing solemn wistful mirthless depressive elegiac morbid dour mopey sepulchral hurt down-hearted lonesome lonely tristful cast-down gray elegiacal grey in a blue funk dark devastated grieved pathetic shot down crummy let down mourning drear godforsaken bleeding cut up as sick as a parrot out of sorts taken down heartrending pitiful defeatist listless cowed emotional austere ripped regretful all torn up tragic sulky weepy unwelcoming downbeat dire cold dysphoric subdued uncomfortable lachrymose chill dreich murky sunless darkening plutonian tenebrous Cimmerian tenebrific cloudy singing the blues torn up saddening heartbreaking down-and-out sick at heart on a downer low in spirits distraught in despair drab deflated pensive aggrieved bereaved painful drearisome uninviting sorrowing bereft shattered bummed-out weeping thrown in tears in grief in doldrums disheartening dim dispiriting inhospitable dingy bare stark gutted sunk in gloom bowed down draggy bland dolent wintry jarring clinical wintery dejecting broken institutional impersonal in the toilet oppressive low-down dashed displeased shamefaced pained deterred defeated intimidated perturbed bothered pitiable abashed disturbed mopish broody tormented disillusioned unnerved crabbed sour sheepish grumpy surly discontented Eeyorish unconsolable distressing unsatisfied adust down-in-the-mouth enervated suffering negative flat helpless damp plaintive heavy calamitous weary languorous triste in a funk agonised hapless in sorrow down in dumps ruthful agonized full of sorrow in mourning languid prostrated unmanned poor worthless desperate torn-up discontent sorry for oneself apathetic heart-sick lovesick griefstricken uneasy humourless humorless cringing browbeaten guilty dirgeful sorry for yourself shot-down at nostalgic let-down not happy sob story lamenting taken aback worried brooding sunk guilty-looking furtive off unable to be comforted beside oneself with grief lowered unable to be consoled bowed without energy sluggish prostrate with grief languished down in mouth crabby bitter troubling tear-jerking affecting with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off bummed powerless downtrodden feeling down full of gloom moping blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny ugly depressant have the blahs churlish tortured racked wounded strained ailing luckless ashamed embarrassed sneaking ill-humoured huffy humbled devitalized drained weakened ill-humored emo disgruntled dissatisfied cowering humiliated conscience-stricken afflicting concerned put off disenchanted disconcerted harrowing threnodic lamentable deplorable grievous plangent dirge-like lost frustrated discomfited forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned unenthusiastic unenthused unconfident discombobulated uptight bugged sore shook antsy burned contused chagrined miffed heart-rending friendless destitute uncared-for aghast irked beaten beat-down come-apart caved-in down-in-mouth beat dragging cynical solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked shook up atrabilious clouded dampened drooping sagging lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart with cold feet lost momentum in blue funk gone to pieces lorn companionless forbidding acheronian ominous inauspicious foreboding dreadful unpropitious threatening unfortunate grave discouraging menacing unfavorable unfavourable sinister unpromising terrible direful unlucky unpleasant glowering awful baleful doomy horrible shocking sober regrettable adverse ghastly portentous appalling harsh bodeful ill-boding horrid frightful ill-fated horrifying horrendous frightening ill hostile severe disagreeable infelicitous scowling unfriendly horrific upsetting macabre minatory disadvantageous troublesome gruesome alarming serious uncommunicative frowning ill-omened distressful irritable fateful disturbing dangerous worrying bad-tempered ill-tempered cross untimely lurid fearsome doomed gruff terrifying inopportune foul atrocious nasty unsociable intimidating unresponsive scary nightmarish angry agonizing baneful spooky grisly agonising apocalyptic shadowy hideous unsmiling untoward traumatic grouchy louring disconcerting peevish taciturn fearful minacious disastrous creepy doubtful testy eerie unhopeful daunting unnerving monstrous grotesque mean lousy fierce loathsome vile terrific offensive detestable difficult rough objectionable afflictive chilling displeasing stern perilous dirgelike stormy overcast unamused pouting sedate catastrophic resentful evil poignant lowering tragical inconvenient revolting hard pouty dolesome disappointing turbulent sordid disquieting indignant cruel off-putting cantankerous dread hair-raising spine-chilling redoubtable formidable ruinous grewsome moving sourpussed petulant unseasonable execrable sinistrous sickening stroppy sulking rotten mumpish impending godawful harmful destructive mardy vexatious unsuited unsuitable querulous scungy repugnant repulsive ill-starred gut-wrenching galling discommodious inapt inappropriate out of humour unwelcome parlous in a bad mood stony ferocious squally inclement ill-suited very bad unearthly earnest jinxed maudlin critical rainy unoptimistic tempestuous cursed windy crying intimidatory piqued gusty touchy prejudicial inexpedient squalid premonitory sobersided peeved discomforting mean-looking deathly contemptible put out inconducive unhealthy warning wailing aching deploring bewailing bemoaning funeral gory cataclysmic despicable crucial counter loury blowy misty shameful colorless uncivil detrimental improper snappish crotchety inferior weird shady spookish sick raw crusty discomposing embittered unmannerly unseemly damaging devastating crushing excruciating scurvy impoverished indigent augural suggestive prophetic haunting mortifying pressing abysmal waspish irksome resigned po-faced lackluster lacklustre deep distasteful perturbing unpalatable aggressive awkward malapropos unfit repellent annoying odious irritating disparaging wrong opposed undesirable exigent colourless boring lifeless monotonous repellant abhorrent long-suffering heart-breaking unpleasing uncongenial inadvisable uncertain stony-faced uninspiring ill-advised unexciting blah uninteresting humdrum unlikely unencouraging full of despair uncaring ruined deserted funebrial exequial deathlike Stygian hollow obscure unimpassioned leaden waste melodramatic supernatural unmoved threnodial demoralizing demoralising phlegmatic touching intolerable wet wild fatal given to looking on the black side deadly empty doom-laden gaunt blustery foggy cranky reflective suicidal dolorific heart-wrenching derisible unchancy promising rain evil-looking bearish brusque doom and gloom dubious tough unprosperous stirring having blue devils having the blahs choleric acrimonious unmitigable lethal mortal fiery splenetic narky frantic anxious life-threatening suggestive of evil temperamental aggravated fractious in a bad way out of luck raging injurious without hope up the creek dismaying enraged sobbing vexed perverse chippy aloof hard-pressed exacting treacherous precarious jeopardous rocky straitened full of hardship messy malificent doomful precursive presaging malign prescient malefic mephitical unkind testing perplexing aggravating hellish bewildering vexing revulsive frustrating unamusing snivelling whimpering strabilious no-win ill-natured momentous significant foreshadowing Gothic close to tears withdrawn uncooperative obstinate fretful ornery disgraceful poker-faced unspeakable urgent extreme thunderous trashy shoddy filthy blubbering can't win prognosticatory important predictive drastic outrageous derisory malevolent volatile savage tumultuous larmoyant bullying steely flinty ungentle rugged at the end of your tether not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup worrisome crippling irretrievable on the verge of tears sniveling stressful unsettling torturous bored tired comminatory terrorizing unwholesome chronic paltry feeble disapproving unsympathetic agitating unbearable abominable unsavory oppressing near close forthcoming lowery upcoming overhanging terrorising portending impendent poverty-stricken in a huff in a mood in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks exciting fated exhilarating inspiring intriguing extraordinary remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling annoyed easily moved unsatisfactory nauseating hairy tormenting fraught gross icky stinking disgusting unacceptable obnoxious diabolical troublous unendurable hard-faced stringent grotty grody unappealing yucky uncool yukky hellacious nauseous in floods of tears with tears in your eyes exasperated irritated unsavoury hurtful unlovely concerning beastly at hand base jaded wearied narked nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking degraded ghostly sated surfeited hacked off satiated blasé pitiless nightmare not best pleased sick and tired ignominious debased up to here dirty humble servile ignoble unworthy slavish reprehensible menial God-awful death-obsessed shabby dishonourable grovelling dishonorable subservient meek outcast groveling deferent self-effacing


Humble in position or status
lowly humble inferior low plebeian proletarian common ignoble lowborn obscure subordinate low-born low-bred mean ordinary plain poor simple baseborn gentle lower-class low-life low-ranking lumpen meek mild modest peasant prole unwashed vulgar docile dutiful submissive unassuming base deprived everyday menial mundane obsequious prosaic retiring reverential servile withdrawing average declassed unpretentious commonplace subservient minor undistinguished lesser working-class second-class low-grade junior lower humdrum lower-ranking secondary insignificant contemptible blue-collar popular ancillary smaller second-rate abject degrading small fawning sycophantic slavish demeaning sorry low-class groveling obeisant unimportant ignominious middling unworthy déclassé lowlife meager grovelling measly inglorious miserable puny paltry shabby wretched subsidiary scrubby pitiful petty reduced poorer blue-singlet meagre second-string second-fiddle plebby supporting of low birth less entry-level bottom-rung less important lower-level crude dishonourable dishonorable obedient self-abasing unresisting ingratiating craven bourgeois cloth-cap philistine unsophisticated traditional banal conventional pedestrian declassé democratic people's grassroots baser unambitious buck subaltern subalternate limited mediocre unskilled diminished boring low-status marginal unaspiring unimposing unexceptional routine dull lessened little lousy bottom slighter sad vile underprivileged dinky small-fry bush-league third-string undersized subjacent minor-league small-time lower in rank lower in status low-level lower-grade unrefined severe rough unremarkable lower rung trivial inconsequential second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important back seat not so important associate uncouth unfit beggarly sordid second supplementary reserve alternative supplemental spare alternate backup substitute fallback attendant auxiliary tedious basic younger accessory extra relief of low rank sub under youngest assistant fall-back vice- sub-

Antonym of cast down

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