Synonym of casualty

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Synonym: accident, fluke, injury, misfortune, mishap,


An unfortunate event, typically happening by chance
accident mishap catastrophe disaster calamity misadventure mischance misfortune blow contingency debacle adversity contretemps tragedy setback failure trouble reverse bad luck affliction tribulation cataclysm trial bad break infelicity difficulty misery burden disappointment cross anxiety annoyance disadvantage discomfort crunch bad news hard luck dole harm problem visitation upset ill luck hardship worry nuisance inconvenience haplessness loss unpleasantness unluck woe knock ill reversal tough luck rotten luck stroke of bad luck reverse of fortune unluckiness unfortunateness ill fortune untowardness bummer unfortunate incident blunder slip doom ruin mistake issue ruination pileup smashup total fender-bender crack-up stack-up wrack-up collapse hazard smash error bane undoing miscalculation grief car crash evil chance evil fortune faux pas wretchedness hardshi injury befalling casus lapse rear ender ill chance unpredictable outcome sorrow whammy downfall defeat destruction overthrow apocalypse holocaust shock emergency buffet blight exigency bale mishappening distress mishanter stroke crash flood fall abyss farce depression vanquishing unseating toppling conquest ousting deposition bad trot heavy blow annihilation debasement elimination disgrace shame death overturn end shit show fell stroke hot water the worst rough situation act of God stroke of ill luck Waterloo nemesis humiliation labefaction stumble wreck trip misstep loss of power bad omen destroyer flaw omission last straw fumble final straw fault subversion collision ill-fortune rear-ender pain torment suffering hassle curse ordeal drag trauma hurt travail headache scourge crisis torture cross to bear vicissitude mess hard times evil predicament vexation agony albatross hitch anguish dire straits fiasco plague dilemma complication stress bother sadness plight hindrance pest pickle frustration grievance heartache unhappiness travails straits downer letdown load raw deal destitution upheaval hard time bitter pill damage quandary snag rigor persecution devastation heartbreak strain reversal of fortune mischief scrape rigour detriment struggle jam check tough break deprivation privation excruciation rack hell dud meltdown need bust bomb irritation waterloo obstacle bind encumbrance failing rout hell on earth discouragement comedown millstone flop havoc pinch perplexity bad experience breakdown let-down body blow washout infliction fizzle clunker miss fail poverty crucible shipwreck hard knocks trials and tribulations want turkey clinker indigence sin oppression kick in the teeth canker penury cancer thorn in the flesh deep water drawback menace danger curtains pestilence obstruction concern glitch botheration strait non-success embarrassment dolor weight extremity impediment asperity hardness quagmire impasse stew punishment liability cumber disturbance bad rap bum deal horror hold-up holy mess unholy mess lemon muddle wrong can of worms drama botch injustice disservice hash foul-up one in the eye sticky situation shambles jinx frost knock-back screw-up spot of bother balls-up snafu hang-up stumbling block disease weakness gauntlet disquiet hurdle jolt fire austerity rotten break hard cheese crime bad thing gantlet bath ills poison aggravation beggary nakba bugbear commotion catch-22 lack desolation agitation crux cruelty delay handicap vanquishment pity perdition downside clutch irritant worriment disbenefit painfulness labour labor hiccup hole tinderbox fix harsh conditions tension double whammy rainy day holdup hurting turmoil knot abortion uphill dolour mire drain Achilles heel weak point weak spot harassment conundrum unfortunate occurrence nightmare blue ruin imbroglio severe test trying time loser entanglement crying shame unfortunate thing bungle urgency sad event cause for disappointment sad thing cause for regret miscarriage ill-luck badness bad fortune lack of success pressure sad situation nonperformance implosion nonsuccess source of regret thorn in your side big trouble pain in the rear tight spot double trouble sorry condition cropper bit of trouble tight corner evil eye pain in the neck no-win situation kiss of death difficult situation false step piece of bad luck damp squib lead balloon nonachievement awkward situation problematic situation sad state thorn in one's side pain in the backside critical situation fly in the ointment unfortunate situation pain in the bum dead loss train wreck tricky situation to-do tight situation dreadful thing awful thing terrible thing awkward deep trouble devil's own luck difficulties bringdown jar impoverishment convulsion despair cost malice condition tumult throe malaise test offense offence ill-treatment boo-boo prejudice squalor mischanter case down dispossession sordidness contamination heat lousy deal the shaft unfair assessment rotten deal bad charge frame-up bad deal bête noire angst flooding ticklish spot challenge pollution lot demands devastating blow anticlimax bête noir soreness martyrdom barrier neediness dismay stormy seas disintegration trouncing matter provocation nag nagging impecuniousness impecuniosity holdback spectacle passion corruption misfiring foundering calvary terror penalty impropriety trials trammel crimp inefficacy disruption impairment crucifixion fungus mildew contagion repulse discomfiture toil drudgery peril incident fuss bad trip turnabout conquering mourning bereavement block cramp bafflement irk rub thorn peeve exasperation aggro ruffle unjustness shaft inequity unfairness fatigue circumstance adventure row affair business occasion scene melodrama brutality act of cruelty misfire infestation fatal attraction pressure cooker tormentor difficult going hard going fracas sensation thrill excitement exertion inappositeness unfitness inaptness improperness inappropriateness incorrectness wrongness fizzling out coming to nothing non-fulfilment breaking down rejection falling through awkward moment dump eyesore withering sight grievous blow drubbing beating licking dissolution defeasance shellacking incapacitation evildoing skids barricade sweat deadlock serious accident hair shirt Dunkirk spot crossroads conjuncture juncture head spanner in the works monkey wrench tear-jerker underbelly bombshell surprise onus solecism misusage chaos disorder disarray rebuff pass financial distress uphill battle Herculean task pits thunderbolt obligation duty breaking point flash point zero hour crunch time boiling point a jam a scrape a spot a fix dead end a stew a hole a pickle slowdown backset regress foil regression bottom confusion messiness monstrosity situation disorderliness puzzle tough situation blot on the landscape disgruntlement extreme suffering bum rap bankruptcy rabbit hole vicious circle hot potato worst-case scenario deadweight chain responsibility charge dead weight blame shackle task unwanted responsibility accountability unfortunate development flip-flop about-face minus soft underbelly rough seas stalemate flash in the pan vain attempt total loss dead duck sinking ship drawing board whole new ballgame hoodoo ball and chain mental weight rude awakening source of distress shortcoming rotten hand rum deal voodoo hex fatal flaw debit negative incommodity strike care wronging question catch dispute bolt from the blue immorality bolt out of the blue doubt habit count squeeze disagreement lease indebtment baggage pledge arrear possibility remainder millstone round one's neck IOU account involvement chit loan bite balance due contract mortgage tab disaster area hard knock spell point at issue disputed point negative aspect sinfulness malediction box teething trouble wickedness non-achiever no-hoper way of the world non-starter malison cess enchantment gremlin charm black magic Indian sign bugaboo way things go times we live in school of hard knocks karma destiny hand one is dealt usual state of affairs luck way the cookie crumbles unfortunate chance human condition kismet way of it life nefariousness perniciousness iniquity vice maltreatment outrage wrongdoing


Chance nature
accident chance luck hazard circumstance hap fortune fortuity coincidence happenstance destiny fate contingency fluke providence adventure serendipity good luck kismet misfortune doom break bad luck toss-up haphazard cast destination gamble advantage future happenchance happening lot even chance freak heads or tails occasion occurrence circumstances twist of fate a twist of fate lucky break stroke of luck way the cookie crumbles the times haza fortuitousness stars karma mozzle fifty-fifty mere chance unforeseen event what is written in the stars happy chance turn probability mishap bit of luck hit fling dynamite venture possibility go wager hundred-to-one chance event piece of good fortune bit of good luck long shot risky business way the ball bounces lucky hit peradventure a happy chance a bit of luck good fortune a fluke hit or miss a piece of good fortune wheel of fortune a bit of good luck turn of the cards throw of the dice Lady Luck predestination predetermination blessing Dame Fortune portion divine will the stars handwriting on the wall fortunateness orlay horoscope cup dole happy accident astral influence incident Moirai run of luck luckiness eventuality accidentality accidentalness quirk accidental happening nemesis Fortuna divine intervention hand weird afterlife breaks risk heritage Fates inescapableness wyrd God's will divine decree Norns what is written Parcae start Lady Fortune outside influence one's lot one's portion lottery opportunity situation edge history experiences condition success life lot in life adventures means expectation the luck of the draw scenario star experience certainty stumbling upon dumb luck happy coincidence place station good break lucked out lucked into fighting chance roll of the dice streak of luck deal preordination Providence predestiny end what is to come writing on the wall one's dole


A person or thing that is the object of ridicule or criticism
victim prey dupe gull stooge recipient sucker target fool mark pushover clown putz chump puppet schlemiel sufferer hireling innocent martyr object charlie focus mug gopher muggins patsy quarry juggins sap schmuck butt instrument pawn gudgeon subject tool wretch boob dill pigeon weakling easy mark easy prey easy target sitting duck sitting target soft touch aunt sally Aunt Sally easy touch fair game fall guy babe in woods everybody's fool patient case invalid ambulatory outpatient goat laughingstock scapegoat greenhorn lamb trusting soul laughing stock cat's-paw fish mockery creature babe in the woods simpleton gullible person simple soul figure of fun minion lackey dummy hostage sport counter poodle joke setup cog glutton flunky easy pickings lay figure easy game target of derision virgin addict underdog pillage raven quest loot spoil chased doormat nerd dorba bogan cat's paw whipping boy sacrifice can-carrier jest toy underling glutton for punishment mock scorn foil byword jestee sinecure vulnerable toast subordinate myrmidon henchman assistant chopping block prize sap skivvy dogsbody sidekick saint easy victim dead meat dead duck lamb to the slaughter objective ingenue naive child babe softy goal receiver zero point sacrificing person flunkey servant figurehead ground zero easy meat unworthy opponent man of straw feeble opponent not a force to be reckoned with mouthpiece lapdog jerk caricature spectacle farce laugh parody exhibition butt of jokes object of derision target of jokes disgrace embarrassment everybody's target absurdity travesty shuck malarkey object of ridicule source of amusement standing joke


The cessation of life and all associated processes
death demise end expiration passing dying expiry curtains decease quietus bereavement departure dissolution doom exit fatality passage release sleep fate grave loss oblivion parting afterlife cessation darkness ending fall finis mortality necrosis overthrow tomb loss of life passing away passing on departure from life eternal rest final exit kicking the bucket passing over great divide extinction destruction termination ruin downfall finish ruination annihilation decline undoing catastrophe disaster taps croaking snuffing defunction silence lights out dying out the end curtain kiss of death terrible fate grim fate closing going exhalation elapsing terminus crossing the great divide deathblow clincher retribution sentence rack and ruin grim reaper extermination final blow last out last roundup number's up final thrill bitter end end of the line end of life buying the farm coup de grace Waterloo disintegration decay degradation collapse lethality killing humanness bloodshed deadliness carnage vanishing perishing debasement degeneration retrogression disappearance fragmenting dégringolade breaking up fizzling out passing into oblivion withering away falling off coming to an end petering out lapse conclusion discontinuation invalidity death in the family close lapsing finishing running out disbandment disbanding dispersal dismissal scattering suspension closure separation disestablishment disunion recess prorogation adjournment evaporation solution wind-up break-up winding up split-up winding down


Physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something
damage harm injury destruction detriment impairment devastation hurt loss mutilation ruin defacement defilement desecration disfigurement scarring suffering vandalism vandalization wreckage affliction attrition battering crushing deterioration erosion friction havoc shattering vitiation wrecking abrasion abuse annihilation corrosion debasement degeneration detrition ill ruination spoilage adulteration breakage corruption depreciation deprivation evil infliction marring mishap waste accident adversity bane blemish blow bruise catastrophe contamination disservice disturbance hardship illness knockout mischief outrage pollution ravage ruining wound wrong cave-in wear and tear defacing disadvantage violation demolition prejudice desolation obliteration demolishment disability trouble disbenefit misfortune mistreatment ill-treatment spoiling dilapidation maltreatment cruelty downfall trashing extinction pain distortion disfiguration disaster disintegration smashing mischance misuse misadventure depredation violence trial trauma end grief decimation calamity neglect manhandling beating extermination wastage disablement cataclysm persecution spoliation mishandling bad luck rough handling ill treatment ill use profanation sabotage sacrilege tragedy dismantling blasphemy unpleasantness collapse bullying inconvenience elimination decay breakdown ravaging distress damaging tribulation anguish misery oppression ravages ill-use torment impiety blighting despoliation mauling degradation mincemeat injuring decline assault irreverence torture atrophy plunder crumbling undoing disrepair dishonour wipeout molestation decrepitude offense assaulting dissolution death overthrow degeneracy offence punishment wasting ill usage bad treatment dishonor wounding incapacity grafitti sacking deleteriousness banefulness noxiousness scuffing diminution infestation uglification vandalizing agony maiming disfavor demerit despite wear vexation disruption dismembering deformation penalty pillage vandalising foul play a few knocks destitution malformation deformity drawback illfare handicap liability pangs badness agitation incapacitation disfavour ruins impurity misshapenness graffiti shock perdition cost confusion defoliation profanity pollutant contaminant adulterant dismemberment disfiguring setback failure struggle wronging malevolence condition hitting disorder depravity disgrace woodworm complaint defect striking interference infelicity debacle decomposition roughing up rough treatment doing over indecent assault beating up befoulment diminishing deficiency weakening abolition rot mishappening bother hitch commotion hassle tumult snag putrefaction putrescence ruined goods extirpation rotting festering bad news tough luck boo-boo hard luck dire straits bad break rotten luck hot water thrashing aggression levelling disintegrating razing putridity perishing blight degrading befouling dishonouring infection battery bashing hammering pounding felling travail straits withering mortification flogging lashing thwacking belting punching pummelling impugnment lambasting injustice ill-usage problem crashing zapping dynamiting abolishing invalidating extinguishing invalidation dissolving leveling torpedoing blasting bombing decadence harassment thumping whacking knocking worry gangrene razing to the ground breaking up laying waste pulling down tearing down rooting out knocking down blowing up rottenness fading dishonoring failing woe grievance strain misapplication caries demise malice spoilation senescence dying decrease consumption rust pummeled misusage misemployment putridness crash knock wasting away downgrade labefaction subversion comedown topple drop tumble wreck slaughter ill luck carnage ravagement despoiling break-up falling to pieces rack and ruin


Dead, no longer alive or living
fallen dead killed lost deceased late perished slain slaughtered demised departed gone asleep breathless cold defunct expired lifeless low murdered lamented extinct exanimate passed on passed away inanimate no more dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail at peace with God pushing up daisies six feet under inert insensate nonextant bygone stiff under the sod insentient vanished not breathing done bypast buried nonexistent bought the farm done for no longer extant having breathed one's last out cold bitten the dust former finished disintegrated retired at rest turned to dust kicked the bucket bit the dust gave up the ghost in the grave laid to rest dear departed much lamented no longer living late lamented unconscious invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput comatose insensible unmoving motionless desert faint waste unresponsive brute limp had it down the drain out of commission dead to the world in a faint not living out for the count extinguished inactive exterminated destroyed obsolete quenched doused out died out wiped out passé abolished void terminated no longer existing archaic unknown snuffed out ended superseded dead and gone outmoded disappeared no longer known inexistent vanquished still wasted unanimated cadaverous down mortified spiritless erased offed silent reposing liquidated bereft of life not existing resting in peace out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward checked out pushing up the daisies past forgotten earlier ancient olden long-ago foregone old-time gone by of old of yore dated concluded lapsed old primeval primordial prehistoric immemorial antediluvian primigenial primaeval no longer with us long gone dead as a dodo irrelevant faded missing stone-dead ruined over demolished effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated run devastated crushed frittered at an end dead and buried a thing of the past ancient history in the past over and done with remote pristine long past long ago long departed previous antiquated one-time completed erstwhile sometime quondam old-fashioned belated forepassed long-gone oldfangled past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge

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