Synonym of catastrophic

Alternative for catastrophic



extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin


Of or pertaining to a catastrophe
calamitous cataclysmic disastrous fatal ruinous tragic unfortunate awful black cataclysmal damning destructive devastating dire dreadful fateful grievous lamentable terrible woeful appalling catastrophal direful miserable shattering unlucky wretched adverse deplorable unhappy frightful ill-fated distressing hapless harmful regrettable ill-starred unfavourable unpropitious inauspicious shocking bad unfavorable untoward heartbreaking pitiful detrimental horrible crippling sorrowful luckless grim atrocious horrendous sad pathetic harrowing sorry dismal injurious crushing deadly earth-shattering ghastly doomed gloomy doleful distressful heartrending star-crossed hopeless jinxed pitiable poor lousy godawful snakebitten abysmal snakebit disappointing damaging hard luck staggering alarming annihilatory devastative gruesome painful lethal dark critical extreme hideous serious desolate untimely forlorn drastic grave abominable desperate egregious unsuccessful afflictive blighted disgraceful anguished mournful tragical severe chronic parlous inadequate rotten agonizing mean crummy shameful cursed cruel ill-omened piteous unsatisfactory inferior traumatic rubbish laughable feeble misfortunate agonising paltry very bad heart-rending afflicted deleterious violent convulsionary inopportune disadvantageous unadvantageous unwelcome loss-making tough hostile costly sacrificial unpromising inimical evil infelicitous hard blighting pernicious messy acute abject ravaging out of luck accident-prone mediocre dangerous saddening upsetting depressing cheerless moving galling tough luck down on luck behind eight ball baleful bad break grieving plaintive tear-jerking stirring vexatious melancholy despondent disturbing dejected worrying perilous huge enormous colossal disconsolate agonized inept shoddy diabolical mortal abortive peracute profound consequential unpleasant tortured racked agonised deathly shabby sucky ill-boding sinister sore duff overwhelming horrific life-threatening execrable foolish-looking silly ridiculous god-awful odious rueful absurd contemptible ludicrous beastly derisory second-rate affecting third-rate substandard stunning savage whopping unforgivable indefensible pits useless abhorrent grisly poxy pants monstrous crying pressing crucial fearful condemned nightmarish paralysing heinous unspeakable urgent outrageous ruined destroyed dread frightening spine-chilling redoubtable scary formidable forbidding fearsome hair-raising horrifying terrifying intimidating ominous horrid irretrievable paralyzing blue not much cop bodeful portentous exigent a load of pants monumental oppressing fierce terrific scowling ugly very great foreboding threatening menacing discouraging bedevilled disheartening bleak unprosperous baneful bedeviled minatory troubled doomy fated ill stricken disaster-prone foredoomed forsaken destitute awkward in a bad way apocalyptic lost accursed under a curse sinistrous impending broken pained shattered unsuitable inappropriate burdened unfriendly inhospitable fey undone bewitched anathematized done for destined wintry premonitory doubtful warning excommunicated minacious incurable hexed lowering augural suggestive prophetic malefic haunting wintery nasty sombre sad sack disagreeable solemn somber unbecoming uninviting excommunicate infernal creepy unholy bringing bad luck unsanctified clumsy dubious off-putting unhopeful disadvantaged inconvenient ill-suited inapt unseasonable unsuited ill-chosen all thumbs bungling klutzy two left feet worthless momentous significant foreshadowing woebegone behind the eightball voodooed loser poor fish jonah losing predictive prognosticatory important brooding glowering heavy thunderous unprofitable pessimistic bullying weighty earnest sobering sedate strenuous sober unamusing far-reaching exciting intriguing exhilarating extraordinary inspiring remarkable phenomenal thrilling intimidatory comminatory terrorizing frustrated foiled beaten defeated failed unchancy near aggressive close upcoming overhanging terrorising forthcoming portending impendent lowery loury at hand balked fallen precursive malificent doomful presaging malign clouded prescient baulked irredeemable incorrigible straitened dour hard-pressed lurid joyless shadowy discommodious troublesome morose difficult undesirable full of hardship glum objectionable gray strained exacting treacherous austere bitter negative chilling grey oppressive harsh precarious comfortless jeopardous morbid rocky terminal irreclaimable inveterate dead kaputt sunk finished done kaput final killing murderous killer causing death death dealing untreatable fell pestilential pestilent noxious vital poisonous virulent mortiferous malignant predestined unredeemed overwhelmed convicted wrecked overthrown suppressed foreordained reprobate threatened sentenced menaced aimless past hope past praying for vulnerable beyond recovery beyond hope alone thrown down dead duck cut down in the cards que sera sera kiss of death


Causing great and irreparable damage
destructive calamitous devastating ruinous cataclysmic fatal disastrous damaging harmful hurtful detrimental noxious pernicious deadly lethal deleterious injurious cataclysmal violent wounding annihilatory baleful brutal crippling damning dangerous devastative disadvantageous fateful fierce ravaging savage unfortunate baneful dire maleficent annihilative cancerous consumptive cutthroat eradicative erosive evil extirpative internecine lethiferous mortal noisome pestiferous pestilential slaughterous suicidal toxic venomous wrackful wreckful fell death-dealing environmentally unfriendly tragic bad unhealthy adverse undesirable subversive prejudicial unwholesome malignant sinister inimical nocuous malicious hazardous menacing malefic incendiary undermining negative unfavourable crushing terrible unfavorable perilous dreadful prejudicious ill threatening parlous virulent critical unpropitious painful direful counterproductive mischievous dicey nocent corrosive corrupting poisonous corroding ominous wicked grievous grave awful shattering murderous catastrophal costly untoward inopportune inexpedient unsafe apocalyptic risky precarious malign malevolent severe mortifying harassing insalubrious sinful annihilating desolating woeful miserable appalling withering lamentable portentous apocalyptical fire-and-brimstone unlucky climacteric climactic draining extravagant immoderate exhausting wasteful impoverishing depleting hellfire imperiling insidious hostile afflictive hard imperilling incriminating corruptive predictive oracular revealing prophetic damnatory condemnatory implicating condemning derogatory implicatory conclusive implicative dooming strong accusatorial nasty spiteful vindictive unfriendly antagonistic pestilent cruel bitter vitriolic evil-intentioned disturbing foul vile iniquitous reprobate cantankerous aching hurting miasmatic offensive miasmic nefarious ruining killing destroying contrary opposed rancorous vicious vengeful unkind troublesome defamatory mean artful catty frightening forbidding intimidating antipathetic bothersome hate-filled acrimonious counter unsympathetic intimidatory minatory unwelcoming ill-disposed bodeful minacious louring ill-natured inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant dysfunctional immoral depraving maladjusted disordered unbalanced unstable disturbed degrading perverting improper indecent socially impaired exploitative salacious demoralizing demoralising

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