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Capable of being transmitted to others
contagious communicable infectious transmittable infective transferable transmissible epidemic pestilent spreading dangerous endemic epizootic miasmatic pandemic pestiferous pestilential taking easily spread virulent spreadable catchable conveyable communicative contaminating mephitic vitiating catchy expansive irresistible deadly inoculable transmissive poisonous impartible compelling polluting defiling corrupting poisoning diseased miasmic malignant pernicious uncontrollable highly contagious highly infectious rapidly spreading highly infective widespread wide-ranging rife sweeping rampant prevalent prevailing penetrating pervading ubiquitous predominant global inescapable general universal extensive pervasive common omnipresent broad popular total permeating wide wholesale overall comprehensive overarching insidious immanent suffusive permeative permeant deep full present everywhere thorough worldwide overwhelming ruling unlimited diffuse catholic unrestricted blanket regular mass thoroughgoing wall-to-wall customary usual accepted all-embracing all-inclusive all-round all-around across-the-board all over the place across the board persistent indiscriminate can't get away from large-scale abundant plentiful everywhere current raging frequent profuse numerous thronged many multitudinous regnant empyrean whole cosmic cosmopolitan undisputed multinational mundane planetary worldly astronomical celestial terrestrial all ecumenical all-over generic stellar majority mainstream average shared orthodox national collective standard joint communal stock outright wonted ordinary received routine conventional natural broad-spectrum nationwide widely held societal established habitual in force in vogue broad-brush commonplace public vulgar in circulation typical middle-of-the-road extended complete exhaustive boundless international rangy absolute outspread preponderate far-reaching far-flung out-and-out on a large scale all-encompassing all-out


Catching or apprehending someone
getting apprehending arresting capturing seizing taking taking prisoner taking captive taking into custody detaining putting in jail throwing in jail putting behind bars imprisoning incarcerating collaring grabbing nabbing nailing pinching busting picking up pulling in hauling in doing feeling someone's collar nicking laying hold of snagging trapping hooking bagging snaring landing snatching netting snapping up glomming corralling grappling rapping entangling ensnaring entrapping copping beaching nobbling lifting prehending lassoing reeling in getting one's fingers on pouncing on taking hostage sticking tangling snarling clinging wedging restraining securing taking in grasping getting hold of bringing in grabbing hold of winning gaining acting on taking advantage of acting upon jumping at rounding up feeling your collar seizing on leaping about acquiring achieving obtaining attaining earning holding scoring reaping enmeshing jailing abducting gaoling taking up carrying off placing under arrest putting the cuffs on pulling down taking hold of procuring gripping drawing capitalizing on wresting garnering appropriating maximizing plucking ensnarling meshing yanking entoiling immeshing booking pulling maximising grabbing at stopping taking in for questioning catching up laying hands on grasping with both hands seizing hold of going for annexing clenching clasping swiping handcuffing commandeering jagging taking downtown kidnaping kidnapping snapping wiring springing springeing realizing catching hold of decoying getting hands on taking possession picking off swinging having realising coming by blagging knocking down cornering getting a hold of tossing in jail rousting putting the arm on confining grabbing with both hands swooping on swooping down on welcoming with open arms showing enthusiasm for accepting eagerly going for enthusiastically snapping something up interning withholding impounding buttonholing miring remanding in custody putting away placing in custody locking up reserving keeping in custody sending up icing holding in custody putting into custody clutching ambushing trammelling trammeling running to ground laying a trap for waylaying ambuscading running to earth availing oneself of receiving using exploiting wrenching prising extricating taking by force grabbed away clapping hands on taking a grip of getting fingers on making the most of pursuing clinching utilizing amassing scooping accepting coming into coming to have jumping on putting to use putting to advantage playing on cashing in on milking profiting from gaining from deriving benefit from building on profiting by taking action on turning to account benefitting from utilising following up on


(Present participle of understand) Being aware of the meaning of
understanding comprehending fathoming following grasping discerning getting apprehending cognizing noting registering seeing sensing absorbing realising realizing catching on cottoning on deducing figuring out getting it getting the idea getting the picture getting the point interpreting knowing learning making out making sense of reading taking in working out acquiring assimilating decoding finding out taking on translating twigging being aware of catching on to cracking deciphering digging envisaging getting the message getting to know getting to the bottom of keeping up with latching on to making head or tail of puzzling out sussing sussing out unraveling unravelling beholding conceiving of cottoning on to digesting getting the drift intuiting latching on picking up seeing into perceiving recognizing hearing conceiving appreciating savvying making grokking compassing seizing gathering recognising cottoning to getting the drift of tumbling to getting the hang of identifying ascertaining divining discovering getting a fix on taking on board noticing being cognizant of determining latching onto becoming aware of piecing together becoming cognizant of penetrating accepting fathoming out distinguishing mastering becoming conscious of having an aha moment seeing the light picking up on detecting thinking construing imagining coming to know inferring finding imbibing soaking up getting one's head around getting the point of acknowledging observing getting one's head round suspecting feeling establishing ferreting out guessing processing telling concluding believing untangling disentangling figuring taking deeming fancying integrating reckoning having knowledge of drinking in sizing up having getting into absorbing mentally familiarizing oneself with getting wise to surmising supposing estimating conjecturing postulating theorizing hypothesizing presuming digging out pinning down digging up assuming esteeming presupposing making certain of speculating venturing anticipating opining gauging sympathizing with apperceiving suggesting tracking featuring catching the drift evaluating sorting out taking up visualizing seeing daylight visualising getting the picture about gaging getting the idea of hitting on getting the message about considering getting your head round hypothesising soaking in getting on to doping out theorising piercing envisioning making of becoming aware admitting conceding revealing exposing disclosing laying bare unearthing granting seeing the point of incorporating getting the gist getting one's mind around figuring something out breaking confessing allowing unmasking bringing to light ingesting owning imaging getting through one's head visioning becoming conscious becoming aware of the fact that becoming conscious of the fact that taking account tapping into searching out having information rumbling getting wise unriddling clicking with having a handle on respecting defining explaining wrapping one's mind around making sense taking meaning getting a grip picking up what someone is putting down seeing the light about kenning having down pat having experience of clearing up unscrambling unfolding having knowledge making heads or tails of feeling certain adjudging viewing philosophizing appraising regarding summing up philosophising assessing expecting weening weighing up thinking through catching the drift of measuring pinpointing getting to the bottom explicating seeing through perceiving the meaning of throwing light on taking to mean breaking down copying flashing pinning feeling in one's bones getting vibrations getting clued up about empathising with identifying with sympathising with relating to empathizing with agreeing with becoming mindful of scenting awaking smelling tasting commiserating with just knowing getting the impression getting vibes crediting feeling in bones acknowledging the validity of having a funny feeling feeling in gut having a feeling feeling in your bones admitting the validity of accepting the validity of holding having a hunch getting the impression of fixing settling confirming verifying diagnosing deciding checking descrying routing out tracking down scouting up pegging scaring up running down checking out hitting upon checking up on hunting up dredging up turning up double-checking hunting down making certain rooting out nosing out getting down pat getting down cold hazarding gleaning approximating premising predicting daresaying predicating implying foreseeing calling judging calculating previsioning foreknowing forefeeling taking a stab taking for granted taking a stab at thinking likely placing forming an opinion of making a guess at hazarding a guess dare-saying cooking up taking a shot at guesstimating making an estimate of going out on a limb picking out dreaming up picking daring say having a sneaking suspicion of taking a shot jumping to a conclusion


Present participle for to meet someone, usually at a given place or time


Present participle for to move fast enough to reach or pass someone or something ahead


Present participle for to reach in time to board (a train, bus, or aircraft)


(of an engine) Present participle for to fire and start running


Present participle for to fasten or fix securely in place


(of game) An amount of something gained or acquired

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