Synonym of celestial

Alternative for celestial

Synonym: angelic, divine, godly, heavenly,

Antonym: earthly, terrestrial,


Of, relating to, or suggestive of, heaven
heavenly ethereal divine spiritual empyrean godlike immortal angelic godly holy saintly seraphic sublime blessed astral beatific cherubic elysian Elysian empyreal eternal paradisical superlunary supernal supernatural blissful empyral hallowed Olympian otherworldly transcendental transmundane extraterrestrial rapturous superhuman glorious unearthly paradisaical delightful ambrosial ravishing paradisiacal entrancing excellent wonderful paradisal sweet paradisiac beautiful lovely unworldly enjoyable other-worldly alluring exquisite deific preternatural scrumptious lush adorable yummy luscious delectable delicious darling paradisaic transcendent mystical incorporeal metaphysical blest sacred mystic extramundane deiform deistic omnipotent omniscient omnipresent cosmic superterrestrial dreamy almighty ghostly stellar joyful rapt immaterial out of this world exalted fey goddesslike immaculate supreme saintlike deitylike paranormal supernormal unfleshly virtuous unphysical visionary all-powerful beyond human planetary happy charming enchanting pure fantastical lofty elevated all-knowing illimitable everlasting enduring infinite boundless all-seeing deathless pervading airy-fairy golden idyllic fanciful innocent ecstatic serene Arcadian perfect utopian abnormal unnatural spectral phantom beneficent humble righteous devout self-sacrificing angelly angelical kind radiant angellike archangelic caring appealing aerial religious abstract nonmaterialistic numinous star starry refined unreal daydreaming daydreamy supersensory fantastic upper airy skylike sky cosmos firmament paradise ether remote astronomical cosmological sidereal bodiless starlike starly astrophysical stellular psychical ideal marvellous first-rate superb first-class fabulous grand terrific awesome splendid super fab gorgeous marvelous great magnificent sensational smashing dynamite superlative superior A-OK top-notch fantabulous fine unsurpassed brilliant too good to be true splendorous non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive Erewhonian Edenic amazing beyond compare unparalleled unmatched unequaled unequalled incomparable matchless unsurpassable ace unrivaled nonpareil unexcelled out-of-this-world phenomenal exceptional second to none unrivalled to die for without equal unexampled peerless inimitable imposing awe-inspiring majestic outstanding high mind-blowing big eminent lordly resplendent uplifting moving august the most inspiring too much outrageous inspirational stately splendiferous proud gratifying pleasurable neat top-shelf phat prime cracking quality groovy frontline dandy hot prize out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully crackerjack classic wizard sterling down first-string topflight immense prizewinning gone blue-chip four-star bonny primo supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tip-top peachy high-class corking hype brave slick bonnie blue-ribbon boss five-star swell top gilt-edge famous cool choice capital top-of-the-line keen bang-up noble bumper gangbuster boffo gilt-edged wicked radical banner dope nifty mean brill bosting paradisic peachy keen par excellence number one numero uno more than human


Separated from the body, or not having a physical body
unbodied ethereal immaterial incorporeal bodiless formless metaphysical insubstantial nonmaterial nonphysical spectral apparitional asomatous discarnate incorporate intangible spiritlike spiritual supernatural uncorporal unearthly unfleshly disbodied disembodied dreamlike dreamy ghostly psychic shadowy unembodied unsubstantial unworldly aerial airy heavenly impalpable imponderable insensible subjective wraithlike disincarnate discorporate transcendental phantasmic not material phantasmal phantom unreal vague numinous unphysical imperceptible to the touch non-material abstract mystic non-physical imaginary illusory extramundane chimerical hallucinatory untouchable indefinable otherworldly mystical supernal indescribable indistinct obscure unclear elusive platonic refined rarefied pure slender abstruse unobservable unapparent hypothetical other-worldly psychological inner psychical transcendent uncorporeal saintly invisible dim indefinite evanescent magical indeterminate uncertain inappreciable eluding evading rare unsure imperceptible slight evasive unquantifiable magic undescribable occult delicate imprecise indiscernible mysterious fine tenuous thin unperceivable nebulous weird hard to define hard to describe unable to be touched fanciful theoretical divine imagined intellectual figmental non-existent illusive fancied delusive philosophical speculative ideal sacred devotional holy ghostlike visionary vaporous conceptual notional ephemeral illusionary inexistent fundamental essential recondite basic deep fly-by-night unsound infirm puny petty idle false decrepit esoteric theoretic ideational profound high-flown universal oversubtle academic unpractical jesuitic supramundane eternal philosophic supermundane superhuman suprahuman difficult conjectural supranatural ontological superior too little too late


Following the precepts of a religious practice
religious spiritual holy sacred theological devotional divine doctrinal scriptural churchly sectarian church ecclesiastical sanctified consecrated dedicated devout godly heavenly pious righteous sainted saintly hallowed schismatic born-again canonical clerical deistic god-fearing ministerial moral orthodox pietistic pontifical priestly pure sacerdotal sacrosanct saintlike supernatural theistic prayerful believing faithful dutiful reverent committed devoted God-fearing churchgoing good practising superhuman angelic deific practicing charismatic transcendent virtuous blessed revered venerated godlike venerable innocent upright glorified perfect unworldly spotless humble seraphic just chaste clean immaculate sacral pietistical faultless untainted uncorrupt sublime undefiled blest consecrate sinless unprofane beatified ordained canonized canonised inviolable reverenced exalted sacramental deified obedient reserved messianic special conformist blameless moralizing reverential smug moralising ethical deifying uncorrupted stainless irreproachable beatific worthy guiltless law-abiding conforming late upstanding seraph goody-goody immortal untouchable unassailable enshrined observant adored numinous solemn worshipped worshiped late lamented eternal anointed devoted to God dedicated to God full of good works set apart among the angels of blessed memory bible classical apostolic biblical prophetic supplicant supplicating pleading beseeching soliciting entreating imploring suppliant supplicatory


(of a disease) Prevalent over a whole country or the world
pandemic prevalent widespread global pervasive epidemic rampant rife universal accepted all all-embracing all-inclusive all-over astronomical broad catholic common comprehensive cosmic cosmopolitan customary diffuse ecumenical empyrean extensive general generic multinational mundane omnipresent planetary regular stellar sweeping terrestrial total ubiquitous undisputed unlimited unrestricted usual whole worldly worldwide pervading inescapable international permeating wide-ranging predominant popular overarching wall-to-wall endemic penetrating far-reaching present everywhere prevailing full thorough across-the-board overall all over the place abundant across the board everywhere world boundless intercontinental insidious immanent suffusive permeative permeant complete wholesale exhaustive blanket wide deep overwhelming thoroughgoing all-round persistent wide-reaching spreading infectious contagious catching infinite ubiquitary epizootic inclusive communicable can't get away from collective compendious entire panoramic cyclopedic encyclopedic indiscriminate large-scale mass embracive omnibus encyclopaedic unanimous plentiful very common all-pervading all-present ever-present all-pervasive current raging frequent broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in broad-brush in-depth one-size-fits-all expansive extended rangy absolute outspread preponderate profuse numerous thronged many ruling multitudinous regnant far-flung out-and-out on a large scale all-encompassing all-around all-out vast large ample countrywide immense interdisciplinary multidisciplinary nationwide cross-disciplinary coast-to-coast big sizable great outright umbrella significant roomy capacious spacious expanded radical huge far-ranging scopic broad-ranging commodious sizeable generalized eclectic comfortable generalised scopious voluminous endless generous limitless broad-based broad-spectrum company-wide profound latitudinous outstretched open major airy palatial unspecified enormous uncrowded state systemic cavernous national spread-out spread comprising rambling thorough-going discursive unconditional unmitigated bird's-eye spread out straight-out enlarged systemwide widened copious vague bodywide simple high-ceilinged nonspecific panoptic everything encompassing substantial encyclopaedical encyclopedical unconfined important without exception obscure hazy nebulous momentous taken as a whole non-selective long lengthy statewide broad in content including all members including all categories protracted massive humongous life-changing ambitious whole-hog unselective exaggerated overstated overdrawn bulk quantitative detailed full-scale hefty regional influential weighty consequential broad-minded diverse liberal tolerant unsectarian unbigoted diversified clean unexclusive grand expanding stretching inflatable elastic dilating swelling in quantity in bulk of moment of significance flexible undogmatic interstate encircling containing integral plenary compleat intact perfect synoptic rolling immeasurable extendable stretchy enlargeable distending in the mass general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide varied all-purpose unprejudiced unqualified unspecialized of great import of consequence thick fat beamy wall to wall in depth the works from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed extreme lock stock and barrel the whole shebang the big picture of great scope indeterminate charitable receptive without end widely distributed reducible stereotypable far reaching wide physically wide-stretching wide-extending discernible apparent obvious observable evident far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending all-encompassing all-embracing dispersed scattered generalisable generalizable unconcentrated diffused broad based disseminated not concentrated circulated thin separated strewn propagated radiated distributed broadcast diluted


Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words
ineffable indescribable inexpressible unutterable indefinable unspeakable incommunicable undefinable breathtaking inenarrable marvelous marvellous nameless staggering uncommunicable unimaginable untold wonderful amazing astonishing astounding beggaring description beyond description beyond words fabulous fantastic deep divine empyreal empyrean ethereal heavenly holy ideal impossible incredible sacred spiritual transcendent transcendental unheard of untellable unthought of too sacred for words inconceivable unthinkable undescribable unbelievable indefinite impalpable defying description intangible unanalysable unanalyzable nondescript elusive unspecified unspecifiable preternatural sublime overwhelming abstract subtle implausible mind-boggling extraordinary improbable unlikely exceptional mind-blowing undreamed of beyond the realm of reason obscure indistinct incalculable incorporeal unpronounceable inarticulate difficult hard to define hard to describe stupendous prodigious remarkable phenomenal tremendous inexpressable unexpressible spectacular unsayable awful stunning striking miraculous portentous extravagant awesome eye-opening immense surprising eye-popping wondrous legendary outrageous amazeballs rad beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer out-of-this-world unimagined unconvincing fantastical unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling inapprehensible incomprehensible unique singular incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon unknowable doubtful not understandable beyond belief full of it beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams preposterous unusual strange far-fetched dubious fanciful questionable absurd out of the ordinary unexpected outlandish flimsy ridiculous suspect unrealistic unprecedented hard to swallow peculiar bizarre weak sensational unsubstantial odd fishy thin anomalous cock-and-bull outstanding unforeseen unwonted unanticipated weird atypical abnormal special queer aberrant uncustomary unparalleled ludicrous curious tall puzzling notable won't wash scarcely credible especial not likely exceeding aberrated freak far out unreal extraordinaire cock and bull freakish out of this world reachy difficult to believe unreasonable magnificent remote strained farfetched laboured debatable out of the question nonsensical uncanny labored unfamiliar noteworthy incongruous too much hard to believe magical whimsical unaccustomed hard to take cockamamie oddball won't hold water full of holes baffling for the birds beyond the bounds of possibility freaky jaw-dropping awe-inspiring off the wall confounding unlooked-for unhoped-for insupposable superlative problematic wild eccentric brilliant surpassing phony illogical terrific stellar phoney unusually good irrational misleading highly unlikely not in the least likely insane thrilling funny crazy superior offbeat mad grandiose out-of-the-way iffy extreme foolish comical too good to be true befuddling wacky zany mystifying shocking original impressive unaccountable conspicuous incomparable stupefying outside chance unexampled outré flustering bewildering dumfounding seldom scarce heavy hare-brained like a dream come true unannounced off-the-wall jarring jolting out of the blue startling dramatic make-believe unthought-of unsuspected undreamt-of unplausible distinctive imcomprehensible extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful not on insupportable marked particular beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe uncertain faint slight beyond possibility signal significant momentous supernatural unforgettable eye-catching arresting contrary untoward flabbergasting blindsiding inimitable not to be thought of exaggerated devastating dumbfounding inconsistent serious unco unapt providential irregular deviant harebrained reaching infeasible unsound unsettling unnerving flash gnarly forby flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy less likely superhuman inexplicable specious unpersuasive off beaten path never to be forgotten overblown better than expected from left field slim impracticable hundred-to-one infrequent lame trifling feeble unconventional off-centre monstrous supermundane the utmost wonderworking numinous supranatural supercalifragilisticexpialidocious embellished fabricated dishonest suspicious dubitable false untruthful untrue divergent distinct novel new unknown untypical perplexing unnatural mysterious unsatisfactory transparent shallow ineffectual inadequate pathetic forced ponderous substantial huge great out of the common out of the way way out something else daggy wacko slim and none not expected shady laughable hyperbolic farcical incoherent poor unimpressive past belief open to doubt avant-garde out there breaking new ground loner cool extra special distorted disputable undependable equivocal untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable unreliable unacceptable fresh offensive undiscovered half-baked not convincing eerie quaint blown up unsung unremarked disgraceful ground-breaking unregarded far-out resplendent sensorial enthralling exciting invigorating bewitching captivating charming majestic envigorating mind-bending heart-stopping enlivening stimulating blissful fabled beguiling splendorous enchanting glorious fascinating enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled untenable uncredible complicated disconcerting spooky little-known little known unrenowned never before encountered rings phony shaky muddling discomfiting nonplussing shattering nonplusing confusing dismaying upsetting not able to hold water imaginary moving cherished touching perfect illusory erratic romantic capricious ambitious visionary artificial scanty subtile sparse preeminent scattered standout rarefied towering occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated isolated deficient recherche unfrequent few sporadic semioccasional limited illusive barmy suppositious different potty daft hallucinatory out of sight cock-eyed


Impressive or grand in size, appearance, or manner
solemn proud august distinguished imposing commanding dramatic grand impressive ostentatious spectacular splendid staggering arresting fine imperial noble awesome glorious gorgeous grandiose heroic magnificent majestic massive monumental portly powerful stately statuesque stirring striking sublime superb venerable amazing awe-inspiring beautiful colossal divine elegant epic excellent exquisite extraordinary extravagant fabulous kingly magnific opulent prodigious regal remarkable resplendent royal considerable formidable heavenly lavish luxurious marvellous marvelous ominous palatial princely queenly sensational sightly stunning stupendous sumptuous towering tremendous wondrous baronial heroical Homeric palatine splendiferous splendorous terrific eye-catching swanky gallant dignified great lofty exalted elevated eminent illustrious lordly brilliant rich dazzling superior outstanding breathtaking posh splendacious magnolious renowned supreme esteemed pompous wonderful honored honoured celebrated ritzy famous radiant super smashing fab first-rate first-class deluxe high aristocratic plush large sovereign staid famed noted triumphant bright splendrous vast immortal shining effulgent notable preeminent memorable well-known gratifying time-honored honourable honorable delightful big dynamite mind-blowing mega fantastic something else costly high-ranking acclaimed prestigious magisterial handsome ambitious transcendent important fit for a king haughty unreal pretentious admirable splashy brave immense cosmic overwhelming cool perfect stellar bumper pleasurable enjoyable moving overblown number one out of this world uplifting courtly legendary mythological classical large-scale leonine imperious high-born ornate tall in the saddle expensive glittering stiff worthy fit for a prince effective fit for a queen fit for a princess swish plushy swank maestoso forcible respected elaborate authoritative resounding sonorous Olympian palatian very good exciting hallowed eloquent high-flown portentous formal classy unforgettable magnifico flamboyant baroque ideal solid gold flash flashy ceremonious something to write home about one for the book adored highly regarded blissful rapturous fancy showy ample unfathomable complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic purple egotistic high-falutin' high-flying of repute of distinction prominent high-minded well thought of highfalutin' of high standing transcendental the most holy sacred spiritual too good to be true inspiring too much outrageous inspirational abstract intellectual influential leading self-important immodest top-ranking highest astral exaggerated highest-ranking excessive top-drawer first leviathan mighty mammoth substantial hulking huge monstrous oceanic giant gigantesque enormous largish vasty walloping goodly titanic humungous sizable outsized supersize whopping jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish mountainous astronomic elephantine supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar gigantic pharaonic bulky planetary husky oversize cosmical tidy cyclopean outsize hefty oversized herculean galactic super-duper king-size Brobdingnagian king size Himalayan king-sized superlative topping choice exceptional unrivalled noteworthy prime bodacious unrivaled chillin' peerless quality rad neat inspired hot gangbusters matchless wizard ace prizewinning schmick capital fantabulous radical groovy frontline dandy righteous classic sterling lovely hype slick unsurpassed keen gangbuster dope nifty mean optimal phat down gone brill sik primo peachy bonnie swell top boffo beaut cracking prize amazeballs optimum crackerjack bonny corking boss banner supernal solid of the first water out-of-sight belting jim-dandy brag bully world-class topflight blue-chip the very best barrie tip-top high-class state-of-the-art top-notch peachy keen par excellence bosting bang-up of the first order the best pearler a standout top-shelf exo on fleek first-string supercalifragilisticexpialidocious A-OK blue-ribbon five-star gilt-edge top-of-the-line numero uno gilt-edged

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