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(used colloquially) having the relationship of friends or pals(used informally) associated on close terms


On friendly terms
close familiar friendly intimate thick buddy-buddy affectionate bosom especial inseparable inward matey near pally palsy-walsy tight clubby confidential congenial constant cosy cozy sociable on good terms as thick as thieves dear cordial devoted thick as thieves personal loving faithful warm special best firm fast fond boon close-knit amicable neighborly companionable cherished attached comradely favourite good neighbourly favorite amiable genial treasured valued palsy dearest conjoined hail-fellow-well-met lovey-dovey joined at the hip in each other's pocket allied cliquey convivial akin very dear clannish clubbable warmhearted closely acquainted on top of each other collegial bonhomous confiding tight-knit regular nice kissy-huggy very friendly hail-fellow hearty devoted to on friendly terms inseparable from on the best of terms well in close to hand in glove indivisible nearest and dearest loyal inalienable inseverable indissoluble affable entwined intertwined whole integral undividable connected unified secure moulded interwoven united integrated molded easy gracious caring snug officious fresh doting free-and-easy tied up as one tender adoring cuddly demonstrative mushy partial huggy all over soft on crazy over nutty about touchy-feely staunch steady steadfast stable unwavering dedicated enduring trusty unfailing ardent supportive deep-rooted durable abiding reliable long-standing long-lasting cliquish true devout resolute avid true-blue dutiful truehearted down-the-line true blue unfaltering flawless trustworthy dependable safe interdependent strong cohesive uncorrupted solid balanced correct vigorous compelling normal convincing perfect sound undamaged tried and true expedient unspoiled unswerving influential tried and tested eatable committed persuasive well judged timely potent well timed trenchant felicitous unimpaired favourable unhurt seasonable undecayed promising intact fit to eat well-timed unblemished uncontaminated favorable make good make good on something in good part kind gentle benevolent nurturing thoughtful considerate sympathetic passionate amatory sentimental fervent reverent earnest solicitous attentive reverential concerned generous warm-hearted tenderhearted expressing adoration bound up


Having a sociable or friendly nature
friendly cordial genial warm amicable companionable neighbourly neighborly matey comradely warmhearted collegial palsy bonhomous hearty buddy-buddy hail-fellow-well-met hail-fellow palsy-walsy amiable sociable affable congenial convivial pleasant hospitable good-natured gregarious outgoing clubby good-humored good-humoured pally sympathetic conversable agreeable kind approachable gracious extroverted social kindly extrovert welcoming easy-going obliging cheerful easy clubbable jovial easy to get along with happy civil mellow warm-hearted complaisant easygoing well-disposed good-tempered intimate extraverted couthy affectionate company-loving cosy cozy well disposed open tender cooperative cheery polite helpful brotherly fraternal clubable mild regular loving pleasing sweet benevolent fond responsive charitable likeable accessible relaxed harmonious communicative likable lenient uninhibited familiar easy to get on with peaceful loyal peaceable courteous receptive delightful favorable nice like-minded close benign charming personable decent favourable amenable informal gentle generous unreserved boon smiling buoyant heartfelt enthusiastic sincere earnest wholehearted communal understanding solicitous eager compassionate backslapping considerate buddy buddy good company tight folksy available unstuffy colonial lively glad-handering merciful thoughtful expansive fun expressive altruistic philanthropic lovable winsome engaging glowing non-hostile civilized devoted affectious winning fatherly genuine caring swell copacetic breezy conflict-free red-carpet comforting inviting maternal liberal empathic concordant agreeing civilised pacific accordant amorous softhearted deep motherly kindhearted empathetic paternal all heart natural downright neighborly sweet-tempered urbane personal humane comprehending forgiving selfless square shooting right nice bubbly confident conciliatory vibrant amusing confiding funny good faithful happy-go-lucky hilarious attentive compatible amical comical jocular jocose attached entertaining kindred on good terms bluff jolly merry upper chirpy up cheering perky chipper upbeat jocund high sunny enlivening joyous blithe glad sunny side up tolerant indulgent accommodating soft tender-hearted kind-hearted soft-hearted patient unselfish goodhearted mild-mannered calm lovely even-tempered forbearing unassuming big-hearted humble tenderhearted good-hearted large-hearted casual placid carefree nonchalant moderate free and easy modest bighearted deferential respectful harmless serene equable chilled unflappable undemanding meek docile benignant temperate beneficent sensitive unpresumptuous prepossessing down-to-earth sweet-natured great-hearted simpatico willing acquiescent compliant angelic submissive unoffensive well meaning well intentioned magnanimous supportive sensible avuncular facile softie marshmallow willing to please favourably disposed accommodative unconstrained ingratiating wonderful self-effacing eager to help eager to please humoring fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable well-suited well suited sympathique appealing diplomatic at ease humouring unaffected tranquil tractable assenting quiet congruous consonant regular fellow right neighborly consistent obedient pliant biddable conformable taking captivating enchanting soft-spoken shy bland moral non-confrontational laid back lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring cool dove-like mushy as nice as pie reasonable barley-sugar nonmalignant easy-oasy eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful bleeding-heart big public-spirited regardful openhearted feeling noble wholesome unstinting benefic chivalrous giving pitying greathearted tactful open-handed lavish princely humanitarian bounteous bountiful philanthropical fatherlike clement gallant heart in right place openhanded munificent freehanded well-mannered nonthreatening tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant laid-back flexible insouciant non-malignant imperturbable untroubled unconcerned unruffled unworried permissive broad-minded unhurried easy-peasy unexcitable open-minded together unfazed


Having a friendship (with)

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