Synonym of circulated

Alternative for circulated

circulates, circulated, circulating

Synonym: broadcast, distribute, go around, publish, scatter,


Past tense for to spread information
spread broadcast broadcasted disseminated propagated distributed publicised publicized published issued promulgated aired communicated transmitted advertised advertized diffused posted outed purveyed broke brake broken exchanged reported made known made public passed on bandied about passed around spread about spread around blazoned abroad bruited about bruited abroad got about gotten about got around gotten around got out gotten out got round put about came out come out went the rounds gone the rounds leaked out noised abroad brought out gave out given out put out proclaimed announced declared imparted blazoned released heralded trumpeted annunciated enunciated sounded scattered conveyed spread the word disclosed blazed dispersed blared revealed divulged flashed placarded leaked stated transferred relayed relaid told spread out radiated sent out let people know spread the news vented strewed carried printed telecast expressed put put on the air put on the airwaves promoted set forth showed dispatched conducted pronounced put into words sent voiced asserted become known repeated beared propagandized shouted from the rooftops gave given propagandised transfused sayed said raised notified uttered passed streamed shed delivered brought to public attention cast brought to public notice videocast put in print ventilated expounded let it be known put across discussed put over rumoured informed people told people strewn beamed rumored presented televised intimated passed round articulated unfolded whispered bruited sowed sown screened telecasted verbalized spotlighted spotlit professed traveled travelled indicated drummed proliferated mentioned gossipped gossiped mooted cabled called informed handed out advanced handed on broached routed suggested dispensed shown hinted dissipated verbalised passed the word talked about came to light become apparent come out with brought into the open allotted became known moved around preached praught divvied partitioned peddled supplied bore borne come about developt developed worded phrased exposed forwarded couched disbursed channelled channeled tattled discharged claimed denoted put round alleged opined mediated decreed gazetted affirmed debated dealt radioed displayed splashed mailed turned round evolved framed had printed mouthed propounded preconized maintained remitted simulcast talked looked shouted transported surfaced cried asseverated designated imported formulated rendered blasted testified sprinkled broke out broken out addrest addressed bespoke instilled telephoned got across insinuated connoted got over clad clothed testified to put in the post sounded off shouted something from the rooftops doled out become common knowledge let know sent forth pointed out spread it around put on the map reorganized popped off handed down cast forth let in on broadcast electronically read out regionalized put in words put in the mail put forward talked of devolved come out in the open separated spoke spoken spake putten allocated apportioned tossed about gave expression to given expression to changed course moved about came out with altered course given voice to changed direction became apparent gave voice to moved dispelled disjected emitted bandied decentralised decentralized reorganised bared unveiled featured made the rounds celebrated furnished provided spilled spilt came about removed exported shared out meted administered podcasted tabled vocalized endorsed directed tooted speculated buzzed believed retailed feed flourished splattered fed tweeted transpired purported proposed besprinkled submitted cited argued staged trolled produced made official registered lodged consigned retweeted peppered inscribed immortalized soft-sold boasted extolled depicted immortalised headlined spotted described billed exhaled expelled emanated shot expired poured irradiated sprung advocated included avowed averred protested blazed abroad simulcasted rerun telegraphed radiographed shipped manifested examined resulted ejected scrambled sprayed interspersed inflected muttered avouched intonated admitted recounted emphasized stressed intoned confessed issued a statement about ostended evinced spouted illustrated stumped exhibited evidenced marked spieled handed round intended spelled glittered suffused gleamed bespake bespoken funneled offered roared trajected allegated reasserted emphasised reaffirmed translated bequeathed vocalised syphoned funnelled yelled siphoned modulated ensued eventuated scrutinized appeared materialized sifted brought up gotten across gave notice of given notice of airmailed redirected played up gotten over poured out shouted out clued in introduced noised about stood for dealt out enlightened assigned taught become evident commissioned spelled out turned out cued expanded deliberated referred brought forward entered the picture materialised yielded come to the fore threshed out turned over laid down emerged made available filled in sent on writ gave vent to slipped out shot off mouth brought out into the open made a pitch for rambled debriefed dropped off become public become widely known handed over showed up illumined passed out added up to gone into scrutinised shouted from the housetops briefed freighted noised spelt out lit up afforded freed became common knowledge wired cropped up proved to be the case come out in the wash acquainted measured out panned out discoursed given vent to tipped off talked over come to pass stated publicly went into made out turned up sent off came out in the open beamed out run off at mouth sent word made something known gone about went about took taken twoten twote billboarded skywritten skywrote blew wide open blown wide open sprang bestrewed bestrewn reran shotten bequoth bequethen written up wrote up got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox gave off given off given an airing to taken up gave an airing to took up given notice wised up wrote written gave notice ran off at mouth thrown about threw about gone on the air went on the airwaves went on the air gone on the airwaves arose arisen yolden thrown out threw out yold taken off in all directions took off in all directions given utterance gave utterance attested to gave expression bore witness given expression spoken out given away gave testimony given utterance to given testimony gave utterance to borne witness spoke out lay down gave away became public became widely known did the rounds done the rounds came out in the wash came to pass came to the fore gone down taken shape took shape went down became evident fell out fallen out taken place took place went round gone round


Past tense for to provide an account of something
reported announced described communicated detailed published told broadcast broadcasted documented proclaimed related relayed relaid aired declared delineated disclosed posted revealed stated chronicled conveyed covered divulged informed narrated outlined recited recounted testified blazoned heralded presented promulgated publicised publicized advised charted enunciated imparted mentioned notified spread summarised summarized trumpeted adumbrated cabled itemised itemized listed list wired made public passed on put out set forth set out wrote up written up accounted for brought word brought word on communicated information gave details given details made known provided details gave an account given an account gave an account of given an account of gave the facts given the facts tweeted twote twoten disseminated transmitted shared conducted transfused let on about transferred exposed got across gave given expressed voiced articulated blabbed raised dispatched let somebody in on let on let out mailed forwarded emailed put gotten across gotten through got through represented leaked handed on kept posted clued in filled in opened up unfolded advertized advertised writ signified suggested discovered spilled the beans spilt the beans ventilated vented broke broken brake unbosomed spilled spilt exhibited instructed taught admitted displayed submitted expounded sounded uttered debated discussed proposed mooted told all about had one's say brought into the open given details of gave details of broken the news broke the news written wrote rung up rang up gone public with went public with spoke gave voice to taken the wraps off given vent to putten gave expression to gave vent to spake given expression to took the wraps off given voice to spoken put into words put in words explained illustrated catalogued evoked told of specified rehearsed elucidated conjured up verbalised indicated denoted recapped particularised enumerated asserted commented on cataloged painted in words particularized verbalized run through painted a word picture of advised of testified to informed of provided details of gave a description of given a description of gave a account of given a account of gave a rundown of given a rundown of spoke about spoken about ran through gave details on given details on gave the facts on given the facts on


Past tense for to disclose or tell, usually something that has been hidden or kept secret
revealed disclosed divulged told leaked betrayed broadcast broadcasted published communicated gave away given away unveiled blurted imparted babbled declared disseminated released admitted aired confessed publicised publicized reported spilled spilt unfolded announced proclaimed explained exposed informed acknowledged affirmed avowed bared blabbed conceded coughed discovered posted uttered vouchsafed blurted out gave out given out laid bare let drop let fall let on let out let slip made known made public notified opened up passed on talked about came clean about come clean about went public on gone public on went public with gone public with dished the dirt gave the game away given the game away gave the show away given the show away let on about blew the gaff blown the gaff blew the lid off blown the lid off broke the news broken the news brought out into the open brought to public attention brought to public notice came out with come out with took the lid off taken the lid off blew wide open blown wide open got off your chest gotten off your chest gave the low-down given the low-down took the wraps off taken the wraps off brought out into open got out of system gotten out of system put cards on table let the cat out of the bag let cat out of the bag brought into the open blew the gaff on blown the gaff on let the cat out of the bag about outed uncovered spilled the beans spilt the beans spilled the beans about spilled your guts about unmasked unbosomed brought to light squealed about come out of the closet come out exhibited uncloaked related mouthed put the spotlight on let hair down came out of the closet came out manifested showed highlighted smoked out expressed pinpointed promulgated tattled gossiped sprung gossipped bewrayed unfurled displayed squealed snitched opened overshared owned slipped passed coughed up brought out fessed up told all about tipped off owned up trickled transpired made a clean breast of shown own broke broken brake sprang gone public went public blown the whistle blew the whistle gotten out got out


Past tense for to cool (someone or something) by waving an object to create a current of air

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