Synonym of clean living


Obeying the laws of society
law-abiding obedient compliant honest correct good honorable honourable orderly peaceable peaceful righteous dutiful ethical high-minded lawful moral principled proper right-minded solid virtuous worthy amenable biddable civilised civilized clean-living conformable decent docile duteous manageable submissive tractable upright upstanding well behaved deferential disciplined just respectable respectful straight above board nice noble right pure innocent chaste helpful exemplary trustworthy courteous squeaky-clean squeaky clean true stand-up all right obliging kind neighbourly accommodating gracious thoughtful friendly hospitable incorrupt considerate amiable dependable generous comradely unselfish altruistic agreeable sympathetic indulgent civil benign amicable benevolent kindly irreproachable moralistic blameless conscionable scrupulous incorruptible polite pleasant sociable seemly sinless truthful regardful mannerly genial companionable meritorious faultless reputable immaculate chivalrous salt of the earth noble-minded gallant laudable conscientious magnanimous commendable square true-blue saintly decorous kosher aboveboard guiltless holy distinguished pious praiseworthy spiritual well-brought-up well-disposed well mannered neighborly on the up and up well-mannered clean edifying uplifting non-erotic non-violent improving apple-pie simple wholesome all there open-faced hale and hearty clean-cut sensible together fresh-faced envigorating sanitary open invigorating ruddy in the pink hygienic sane safe commonsensical in fine feather normal practical blooming well-behaved nonviolent ruly acquiescent pliant devoted reverential attentive morally correct loyal faithful well trained well disciplined willing peacekeeping complying respected venerable cordial harmonious strife-free fair esteemed glorious restrained controlled trusty notable great reliable eminent well-trained prestigious quiet high-principled meek yielding subservient unresisting observant malleable ingratiating governable under control obeisant passive obsequious bootlicking tame calm tranquil pliable servile resigned honoring complaisant sheeplike venerating honouring controllable docious hearsome unquestioning at peace well brought up cooperative tolerant mindful wrapped around finger in one's pocket on a string in one's power in one's clutches dedicated responsible punctilious at one's beck and call reverent deferent filial rectitudinous dignified equitable obligatory binding professional saintlike admirable godly lofty incumbent on uncorrupted untainted angelic favoring balanced elevated right-thinking self-righteous whiter than white unimpeachable sound unbribable pure as the driven snow incorrupted lily-white cultivated inculpable irreprehensible charitable estimable anti-corruption sanctimonious favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly straightforward proud


Abstaining from immoral or impure acts or thoughts
virtuous pure innocent unsullied sinless chaste undefiled spotless virginal uncorrupted decent virgin untainted wholesome modest flawless maidenly vestal celibate demure abstinent decorous intact seemly clean-living free from sin pure as the driven snow righteous good honourable honest honorable moral respectable noble upright ethical just principled upstanding exemplary reputable irreproachable unimpeachable incorruptible impeccable immaculate blameless guiltless moralistic irreprehensible angelic clean high-minded whiter than white morally correct high-principled right-minded squeaky clean worthy trustworthy admirable right laudable straight scrupulous true meritorious praiseworthy nice commendable faithful saintly lawful lofty elevated unbribable kosher saintlike godly inculpable legit untarnished dignified without reproach law-abiding on the level true-blue on the up and up in the clear of excellent character squeaky-clean anti-corruption right-thinking self-righteous up front all right estimable redoubtable proper unobjectionable G-rated unblemished stainless unaffected uncontaminated incorrupt white continent prudish pious lily-white unspoilt unwed maiden unmarried self-restrained self-denying above reproach pristine impeccant faultless uncorrupt refined quiet elegant simple cleanhanded restrained austere unstained inexperienced neat impotent intemerate controlled subdued monogamous unoffending free of sin not guilty free of as pure as the driven snow beyond reproach platonic angelical polite uncensurable reverent noble-minded conscientious crimeless uninvolved licit legitimate legal clear high proud sanctimonious in good taste clean-cut guileless natural chivalrous gallant greathearted magnanimous lordly inoffensive respected distinguished unblighted inviolate unprofaned unspotted guilt-free above suspicion beautiful wide-eyed lily white esteemed lovely wet behind ears alright unmarred highly regarded goody-goody precious unerring dapper entrancing adorable babe in woods pure as driven snow lovable enchanting adorbs beatific perfect holy sackless nunlike


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