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Antonym: inclement, severe, strict,


Characterized by pleasant weather with moderate temperatures
mild balmy temperate equable fine genial gentle moderate soft calm fair clear forgiving peaceful pleasant warm tranquil sunny bright summery agreeable cloudless sunshiny unclouded light soothing benign placid delicate mellow cool bland sunlit dry tender serene restful without a cloud in the sky nonabrasive quiet radiant halcyon rainless brilliant favourable untroubled smooth favorable clarion undarkened pleasing refreshing shiny summerlike nice tame zephyr-like pacific subdued still good windless propitious healthful sultry unthreatening smiling luminous paradisiacal relaxing glorious shining perfumed scented fragrant summerish undisturbed hot relaxed steady sensitive beautiful moonlit sunbeamy starlit comforting estival sedative aestival stable tropical moist slow muted softened lenient feeble deliberate caressing stilly storm-free breezeless pacifical reposeful stormless breathless somnolent idyllic lenitive mollifying demulcent emollient benignant nothing lukewarm dainty weak flat pabulum assuasive choice ho-hum wimpy breezy vanilla exquisite medium tempered blah tepid nonirritating faint nothing much low-grade meek yielding docile obliging unassuming submissive affable sympathetic amiable compliant deferential good-natured manageable kind soft-hearted lamblike mild-mannered easygoing humble modest impressionable compassionate accommodating amenable benevolent pliable tractable biddable obedient tender-hearted warmhearted gracious acquiescent good-humoured good-humored peaceable friendly easy patient considerate caring demure forbearing warm-hearted amicable malleable kindly cheerful congenial lovable good-tempered likeable likable tolerant sociable softhearted sweet harmless governable unassertive lovely cordial complaisant pliant reverent spiritless indulgent personable shy retiring delightful engaging lowly resigned timid helpful approachable waxen subservient decent passive unresisting self-effacing manipulable kind-hearted persuadable well-disposed understanding controllable tenderhearted goodhearted large-hearted kindhearted easy-going easily influenced affectionate polite merciful charming ductile dutiful unobtrusive cowed obsequious servile jovial susceptible obeisant angelic unoffensive unambitious spineless adaptable cooperative fearful non-confrontational orderly suggestible prepossessing winsome unpresumptuous teachable resistless good-hearted sweet-natured big-hearted bighearted even-tempered longanimous influenceable sweet-tempered conformable law-abiding persuasible loving respectful moldable ingratiating sentimental delectable nonirritant calmative waxy soft-boiled slight humane laid back wonderful well meaning well intentioned swell stifled receptive responsive conciliatory dove-like hushed graceful indistinct muffled maternal brotherly soft-spoken moral motherly fatherly sisterly dovelike paternal non-resisting susceptive thoughtful chilled easy-oasy diminished duteous unpretentious long-suffering jejune vapid forbearant dull suasible appealing unprotesting spongy easily swayed putty like putty in one's hands lithy easily led winning taking enchanting captivating reverential mushy simpatico reasonable companionable as nice as pie unselfish generous sheepish supplicatory slavish self-abasing timorous sycophantic hesitant tentative apprehensive grovelling like putty in your hands supple go-with-the-flow putty in hands transformable rolls with punches bendy supine civil down-to-earth diffident barley-sugar bootlicking under someone's thumb mim self-conscious cheery sensible willing domesticated obeying trainable kowtowing bowing down uncomplaining subordinate nonresisting nonresistant disciplinable comformable menial abject surrendering giving-in placable under one's thumb groveling fawning complying handleable urbane unreserved hospitable weak-kneed usable childlike complacent well-behaved docious milky laid-back chirpy neighbourly wishy-washy Milquetoast zero plain bonhomous easily handled easily manipulated perky civilized convivial neighborly courteous social well disposed civilised


Having or showing compassion or benevolence
indulgent charitable easy gentle kind merciful soft compassionate forgiving humane mild tender forbearing kind-hearted lenient soft-hearted benevolent benign benignant humanitarian kindly sympathetic tolerant liberal magnanimous easy-going understanding generous pitying gracious permissive considerate patient beneficent moderate easygoing accommodating obliging softhearted light lax compliant pardoning sparing condoning tender-hearted complaisant mollycoddling pampering thoughtful kindhearted favourable broad-minded excusing favorable caring warm empathetic accepting tenderhearted empathic good-natured long-suffering human spoiling all heart loving amiable open-minded approachable altruistic big going easy on genial warmhearted sensitive responsive allowing permitting yielding good encouraging soft-shell temperate humoring helpful friendly stoical uncomplaining stoic doting civilized humouring giving being big accessible commiserative ruthful feeling philanthropic unselfish civilised concerned bleeding heart sympathizing condoling commiserating bighearted supportive good-hearted sympathising big-hearted bleeding-heart placable vulnerable natural generous to a fault understandable willing to forgive pitiful favoring emollient assuaging assuasive letting appreciative perceptive reassuring comprehending favouring fond catholic live with acquiescent cooperative unprejudiced restrained resigned calm self-controlled self-restrained longanimous flexible overindulgent heart in right place cosseting accommodative gratifying pliant cool unflappable unbigoted fair agreeable docile unbiased soft-shelled nonjudgmental overpermissive comforting solicitous deceivable consoling decent selfless living with dupable righteous neighborly affectionate neighbourly latitudinarian easy-oasy sentimental biddable submissive amenable trusting naive tractable unburdensome unsuspicious gullible susceptible deludable fleeceable unoppressive maternal piteous goodhearted motherly fatherly fatherlike going easy with nice amicable having heart in right place advantageous propitious beneficial auspicious undemanding sophisticated easy on wide progressive advanced easy with broad free and easy receptive radical going along with warm-hearted well disposed well-disposed open-hearted do-good great-hearted well meaning loving and giving old softie large-hearted well-intentioned fortunate lucky able to live with weak providential opportune boneless spineless salutary right conducive smiling dexter bright conciliatory meek deferential pacific placid peaceful serene peaceable tranquil affable free assenting willing laissez-faire libertarian good-tempered good-humoured good-humored conformable polite obedient enduring with the patience of Job enlightened non-restrictive persuadable pliable convincible compromising nonresistant adaptable unprescriptive unrestricted live-and-let-live peace-loving obsequious assentive open manageable malleable unwarlike unorthodox impartial high-minded nonconventional nonorthodox unconventional right-on non-partisan nontraditional hands-off loose approving pacifist mellow willing to compromise easily persuaded non-aggressive non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish non-violent unassuming politically correct left rational reasonable noninterventionist receiving avant-garde intelligent interested even-tempered pacifistic modest pleasant civil quiet anti-war still irenic dovelike restful undisturbed nonbelligerent balmy equable chilled diplomatic ordered complacent pacificatory tame mild-mannered flat jejune subservient subdued spiritless vapid obeisant smooth forbearant dull willing to please


Noble and generous in spirit
magnanimous noble generous big charitable handsome kind kindly selfless beneficent big-hearted bountiful high-minded unselfish unstinting free great-hearted munificent open-handed ungrudging chivalrous philanthropic princely altruistic benevolent elevated forgiving gallant great greathearted high lenient liberal lofty lordly merciful natural self-sacrificing sublime bighearted bounteous considerate indulgent knightly large-hearted loose openhanded soft soft-touch upright worthy all heart Santa Claus has heart in right place compassionate caring affectionate gracious thoughtful kindhearted gentle good amiable courteous understanding cordial loving sympathetic nice tolerant friendly humane decent comforting public-spirited wholesome attentive warm-hearted tenderhearted eleemosynary well meaning angelic lovable motherly benignant easygoing agreeable fatherly good-tempered mild soft touch cooperative regardful tender-hearted benefic maternal polite well intentioned giving good-natured benign philanthropical good-humoured tender neighborly pitying fatherlike brotherly good-hearted respectful calm kind-hearted sweet sweet-tempered genial heart in right place accommodating amicable hospitable congenial neighbourly helpful good-humored tactful openhearted obliging pleasant propitious warmhearted cheerful feeling pleasing affable likeable warm softhearted unoffensive likable supportive mellow sociable engaging freehanded patient dutiful goodhearted lavish well-mannered deferential bleeding-heart forbearing delightful soft-hearted humanitarian unsparing freehearted fulsome open prodigal honourable fair honest moderate excellent easy reasonable just honorable profuse free-handed acceptable willing equitable almsgiving unprejudiced extravagant overgenerous profligate overabundant immoderate wasteful open-hearted thriftless unrestrained improvident intemperate wild casual unstinging exuberant free-and-easy generous to a fault over the top abundant ample ready plentiful full unstinted willingly given plenteous

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