Synonym of clerkly


Fond of reading or studying, especially said of someone lacking social skills as a result
bookish erudite intellectual learned literary academic donnish highbrow pedantic scholarly studious accomplished cultured educated knowledgeable bluestocking brainy cerebral earnest impractical ivory-towerish pedagogical serious thoughtful egghead formal intelligent laboured labored lettered scholastic smart swotty well educated well informed well-informed well read well-read widely read cultivated intellectualistic intellectualist highbrowed eggheaded geeky intellective longhair nerdish nerdy blue book-loving dry formalistic precise pedagogic literate wise pointy-headed trained schooled taught long-haired clever enlightened civilized sophisticated psychologic rational creative genius inventive civilised very smart discerning sharp sagacious informed sage astute knowing perceptive profound deep logical keen philosophical sapient bright insightful well-educated brilliant perspicacious reflective sensible able experienced shrewd canny quick-witted prudent recondite acute penetrating versed esoteric contemplative analytical sharp-witted percipient gifted expert judicious alert exceptional precocious whip-smart quick instructed savvy philosophic fast supersmart illuminated ultrasmart nimble hyperintelligent masterly ingenious abstruse discriminating sound abstract tutored careful scientific intuitive deep-thinking foresighted talented understanding theoretical with great knowledge full of insight meditative educational switched-on polished politic assiduous eager well versed arcane cogitative obscure solemn grave studied skilled coached solid aware occult secret reasoned thinking calculating hermetic hermetical well-versed in the know orphic acroamatic intellectually aware crack skillful elite adept skilful well-taught excellent virtuoso classical showing great knowledge superior heavy choice whip resourceful first-rate first-class very intelligent witty quick on the uptake Einstein whiz kid whiz sussed well schooled cognitive sentient clear-sighted astucious self-aware cagey foxy farsighted into didactic academical conceptual magisterial wise up cunning metaphysical belletristic bookly ratiocinative book smart introspective reflecting musing pondering deliberate measured considered pensive museful ruminative diligent hard-working over-subtle well versed in subtle sedulous weighty book-learned inkhorn schoolish schoolmasterly apt precisionist overprecise hair-splitting nitpicking overnice bookworm determined grubbing busy on the ball genial nimble-witted streetwise crafty cluey doctrinaire nurtured refined imaginative capable responsible alive together comprehending ready original professional formed fitted developed shaped enriched acquainted corrected prepared finished initiated all there know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on provocative gripping intriguing stimulating thought-provoking urbane genteel deliberated advanced artistic well-bred strategic tactful couth artistically aware desirable involved hidden mysterious dark difficult argute tactical appreciative polite chivalrous arty liberal tolerant high-class up-to-date sensitive savant blue-stocking mannerly elegant distingue gallant tasteful esthetic courteous traveled heavyweight riveting absorbing captivating fascinating powerful interesting complicated cabbalistic aesthetic travelled justified good well-advised well judged well advised with good taste au courant unfathomable complex impenetrable incomprehensible cryptic mystical concealed opaque well-reasoned well thought out well-founded well reasoned little-known mystic Alexandrian hard cabalistic out-of-the-way little known grounded posted well-rounded well-grounded conversant omniscient polymath pansophic professorial

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