Synonym of close knit


Reliable and unfailing
good dedicated devoted loyal staunch dependable faithful flawless inseparable safe stable steady trustworthy trusty unfailing unwavering valued attached balanced best bosom cherished close compelling constant convincing correct dear fast firm intimate loving normal perfect solid sound special treasured uncorrupted undamaged vigorous committed eatable expedient favorable favourable felicitous fresh influential persuasive potent seasonable steadfast timely trenchant tried and tested tried and true unhurt unimpaired unspoiled unswerving well judged well timed whole fit to eat intact promising unblemished uncontaminated undecayed well-timed in good part make good make good on something friendly familiar chummy thick tight especial pally matey buddy-buddy palsy-walsy as thick as thieves cordial inward near cozy cosy thick as thieves on good terms affectionate personal clubby conjoined joined at the hip in each other's pocket closely acquainted close to tight-knit on the best of terms well in devoted to hand in glove on friendly terms inseparable from confidential warm favourite congenial fond sociable dearest nearest and dearest favorite boon regular nice on top of each other indivisible inseverable inalienable indissoluble entwined intertwined secure moulded interwoven united integrated integral undividable connected molded unified precious beloved loved darling favored prized as one tied up sweet pet adored esteemed respected revered endeared favoured very dear worshipped white-headed fair-haired much loved worshiped


Feeling or showing love or great care
loving affectionate tender devoted fond warm adoring ardent caring doting kind benevolent gentle dear friendly nurturing supportive amatory considerate cordial passionate sympathetic thoughtful amiable attentive close concerned demonstrative earnest faithful fervent generous loyal reverent reverential sentimental solicitous tenderhearted warm-hearted bound up expressing adoration compassionate kindly indulgent charitable humane kind-hearted magnanimous benign understanding soft selfless good-natured kindhearted warmhearted soft-hearted helpful altruistic gracious unselfish mild motherly tender-hearted comforting beneficent merciful good-hearted maternal liberal benignant humanitarian softhearted fatherly responsive chivalrous amicable noble genial sweet neighborly big-hearted congenial neighbourly good chummy affable sociable lenient intimate goodhearted touchy-feely sensitive pleasant decent approachable open-handed hospitable philanthropic buddy-buddy lovey-dovey feeling forbearing large-hearted tolerant giving disinterested self-sacrificing denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted self-denying obliging self-forgetting matey open pally amorous inseparable paternal empathetic familiar great-hearted self-forgetful companionable forgiving protective emotional pitying gallant good-humoured attached good-humored comradely patient pleasing fatherlike nice brotherly constant fast special cherished all heart thick firm agreeable clement mushy forthcoming tight empathic public-spirited easy complaisant philanthropical bighearted maternalistic welcoming well-disposed cheerful munificent likeable palsy-walsy accommodating lovesome likable mellow cuddly confidential treasured valued enamoured bleeding-heart well meaning boon easygoing convivial enamored civil well-mannered courteous overindulgent unstinting bosom especial delightful commiserative inward good-tempered expressive polite near personal sisterly cozy encouraging cosy bonhomous hearty greathearted open-hearted effusive lovable thick as thieves angelic as thick as thieves gushing soothing mother bland sweet-tempered sheltering unreserved communicative conciliatory receptive ungrudging watchful expansive unrestrained happy patriarchal best unconstrained candid uninhibited heroic cooperative peaceful peaceable on good terms sparing careful easy-going permissive romantic courtly parental valiant favourite condoling interested commiserating consoling tactful honourable honorable free bounteous bountiful openhanded freehanded moderate dearest favorite big moral comprehending benefic sympathizing temperate sympathising having heart in right place bleeding heart openhearted respectful unassuming engaging urbane unoffensive mild-mannered loving and giving regardful well intentioned unctuous princely stately suave harmless soppy parent admiring worshipping fraternal venerating matriarchal cliquey guiding adulatory idolizing courageous clannish melting avuncular lovesick soft-centred clubbable vigilant clubby diplomatic ladylike decorous gentlemanly civilized worshiping idolising besotted infatuated bubbly regular very dear paternalistic brave personable appreciating vicarious nearest and dearest protecting supporting caretaking confident genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly unsparing foolish lovely mindful wholesome fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless couth like-minded amusing confiding outgoing hilarious favorable conversable jocose entertaining kindred social vibrant funny happy-go-lucky compatible amical comical jocular jovial overfond enduring deep-rooted abiding durable reliable long-standing long-lasting eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful deferential calm lavish heart in right place quiet placid unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple partial huggy worried anxious civilised predisposed addicted impassioned noble-minded valorous as nice as pie appealing taking captivating simpatico reasonable sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting even-tempered staunch steadfast stable steady freehearted fulsome meek humble soft-spoken shy non-confrontational pacific laid back lamblike demure dovelike modest retiring cool dove-like all over heedful human knightly piteous ruthful silly over fervid erotic anacreontic amative favourable crazy over old softie open-minded well disposed do-good well-intentioned nutty about honest moralistic virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding righteous conscientious upright soft on pampering permitting soft-shell emollient assuaging mollycoddling assuasive lax compliant pardoning favoring humoring spoiling excusing light condoning yielding letting allowing humouring favouring high-minded just fair going easy on live with being big elevated high lordly goodish lofty great on top of each other enthusiastic heartfelt wholehearted genuine cheery sincere inviting eager deep palsy submissive docile passive serene amenable acquiescent balmy subdued resigned manageable tame tractable biddable tranquil nonbelligerent long-suffering peace-loving pacifistic gregarious pliant equable longanimous pacifist accepting dovish nonaggressive stoical down-to-earth non-aggressive non-violent non-combative non-belligerent conflict-free obedient relaxed unassertive unresisting anti-war willing subservient uncomplaining delicate unflappable accessible stoic smooth natural nonabrasive sensible still compromising casual lowly chirpy nonresistant persuadable obsequious carefree unobtrusive unwarlike timid spiritless undemanding unprotesting cowed adaptable pliable unambitious ingratiating perky spineless malleable orderly fearful flexible nonviolent irenic complacent philosophical perceptive nonchalant broad-minded restrained self-controlled self-restrained free and easy softened refreshing company-loving wonderful unconfrontational chilled easy-oasy unemotional easy to get along with jejune vapid dull flat obeisant forbearant reserved nonmalignant nonthreatening unargumentative noncombative noncontentious oily debonair harmonious swell hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow unpretentious unaffected couthy informal healthful beneficial bright accommodative cosseting gratifying pitiful composed appreciative reassuring non-malignant ductile soft-shelled overpermissive nonjudgmental advantageous deceivable servile dupable placatory hushed hushful silent low-keyed low-pitched low close-mouthed muffled living with going easy with trusting naive unsuspicious deludable unoppressive unburdensome gullible susceptible fleeceable at ease imperturbable unexcitable intuitive teachable diffident without hostility free from strife auspicious able to live with going along with persistent persevering conformable law-abiding controllable manipulable unresistant fatalistic reconciled non-resistant tolerating placating neutralist peacemaking bloodless inoffensive fiery irritable sensorial perceiving conscious sensory vulnerable reactive high-strung nervous impressionable fragile cognizant sheepish resistless supplicatory equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable mitigative lenitive palliative weak-kneed childlike well-behaved governable milky persuasible usable docious laid-back profitable timorous sycophantic hesitant tentative apprehensive pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero plain adapted phlegmatic satisfied adjusted renouncing nonresisting quiescent relinquishing accommodated ready impassive philosophic fortitudinous convincible easily manipulated easily handled mim self-conscious with the patience of Job restful undisturbed healing assenting assentive easily influenced ordered pacificatory salutary willing to compromise easily persuaded willing to please weak boneless


Crowded or packed closely together
dense thick compact packed compressed crowded solid close tight crammed firm impenetrable thickset compacted heavy impregnable overgrown serried substantial condensed impassable jungly concentrated consolidated deep full heaped husky impermeable impervious jammed massed piled rigid robust rugged set solidified close-packed closely packed packed in closely set jam-packed tightly packed heavy-going jammed together jungle-like packed like sardines hard unyielding stiff hardened congealed tough congested close-grained inelastic nonporous inflexible swarming teeming abundant resistant sealed sturdy crawling jelled concrete thronged seething populous adamantine stiffened steely cramped rich thickened squeezed frozen taut filled unmalleable strong packed together non-flexible secure waterproof crushed brimming impliable inviolable lush closed impassible overflowing bursting populated rife awash hermetic overcrowded stuffed thronging bristling replete hermetically sealed multitudinous chock-full refractory fine-grained like Piccadilly Circus incompressible close-set assembled tiered unpliable close together unbending luxuriant short blocky cropped appressed bunched squashed pressed renitent unmoving profuse bushy plentiful riotous circumscribed confined inaccessible untrodden pathless untraversable trackless unnavigable unpassable restricted particular rank rampant exuberant densely planted packed close watertight stout pressed together swamped viscoid viscid viscous water-resistant airtight loaded overrun mobbed heaving evaporated undiluted reduced fixed water-repellent damp-proof immutable blocked huddled unrelenting resolute gelled walkable distilled starched brimful flooded up to the hilt filled to the rafters wall-to-wall unchangeable dimensional rigorous imperviable unwavering rocklike jellified stony sardined full up full of commotion elbow-to-elbow fit to bust busy unpierceable heavily populated rainproof leak-proof puncture-proof indestructible unbreakable cemented uncompromising jellied unattackable invulnerable unassailable rock-solid rock-hard brick wall safe like a rock set in stone overpopulated murky unpiercable bulletproof really hard very hard numerous thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion voluminous several occupied various semi-solid boiled down heavily settled fortress-like full of people covered choked fraught flush abounding pullulating lousy chocker great generous chock-a-block crawling with full of abounding in like sardines cram-full of overrun by bursting at the seams having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of chock-full of

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