Synonym of close at hand

Alternative for close at hand


close in space; within reachclose in time; about to occur


Not far away


Likely to happen or appear soon
in the offing coming soon coming up imminent at hand forthcoming in prospect likely to happen near on the horizon on the way upcoming brewing expected in the air in the wings likely looming pending in the cards in the pipeline in the wind just around the corner on the agenda on the cards approaching impending coming about to happen close nearing proximate oncoming to come in store advancing future threatening gathering prospective anticipated in view near at hand on us immediate just round the corner next about to be nigh afoot -to-be probable in sight nearly on us onrushing arriving fast-approaching in preparation predestined awaited inevitable resulting fated destined inescapable supplied in the works round the corner near-at-hand unborn getting near drawing near eventual gaining upon to be almost on one converging near-term en route subsequent up-and-coming progressing due waiting to portending awaiting looming large menacing ominous see it coming looking to hovering overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall upon us in the near future planned following ensuing later downstream succeeding on tap potential on hand underway under discussion consequent up and coming on the go latter in the stars down the pike down the road down the line possible considered intended successive soon-to-be proposed scheduled unavoidable ineluctable subsequential consecutive yet to come coming after next off directly after coming next convergent contemplated approximating being prepared under way in production happening soon hereafter moving closer ultimate emerging appearing rising extended long-term over the long term around the corner intending aspiring looked-for hoped-for would-be presumptive designate after promised latent successional in the making posterior succedent sequential resultant consequential postliminary pursuing running later on in line following after late next up sequent supervenient on the trot serial fast approaching inevasible unescapable expectant foreordained ordained certain on its way on the verge preordained bound doomed meant predetermined sure foredoomed guaranteed designed assured that is to be settled que sera sera predesigned compelled condemned closed nailed on sealed very likely way the ball bounces directed hanging over stated written in the cards instant that will be inexorable compulsory


Readily obtainable or available for use
ready available handy accessible convenient present covered near waiting at hand at the ready at your fingertips near at hand on hand at fingertips in line in place in position on call on tap within reach champing at bit in the saddle on the brink to hand at beck and call easily available in order close to hand get-at-able reachable obtainable attainable acquirable procurable readily available close-at-hand near-at-hand getatable usable in easy reach nearby close practical close by time-saving labour-saving user friendly user-friendly hassle-free trouble-free user-oriented popular adjacent just round the corner open approachable forthcoming feasible gettable realizable unrestricted securable public offered employable possible manageable utilizable graspable utilisable achievable realisable easy to get to in hand wide-open open to easily reached on deck easy to access at one's disposal easy to use at one's fingertips ready for use practicable up for grabs accomplishable workable prepared viable doable free within your grasp vacant come-at-able winnable getable unoccupied unused probable untaken realistic on offer spare unengaged standing by to be had primed idle door's always open empty exploitable unfilled derivable purchasable on standby reasonable derivable from expendable spendable duck soup no sweat no problem disengaged not in use on stand-to not occupied unemployed consumable piece of cake at your disposal within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility in readiness on full alert on file in reserve responsive imminent impending easy to reach welcoming easy-access fit functional useable operable serviceable useful relevant around local existing leisure in season in circulation ready to be drawn operative inactive off pushover on the market allowable appropriate permitted admissible suitable applicable own sensible on hold obtained performable on a plate in stock utile within the realm of possibility within reason given for use when needed set aside there for the taking made available disposable potential in evidence at your service free for use unreserved vouchsafed to someone likely conceivable imaginable uninhabited tenantless at someone's disposal easy untenanted for the taking cherry pie

Antonym of close at hand

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