Synonym of closing

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closes, closed, closing, closer, closest

Synonym: airless, conclude, end, fasten, finish, imminent, lock, near, shut, stifling, stop, stuffy, suffocating, terminate,

Antonym: begin, beginning, commence, far, open, outset, start,


Last in order, sequence, or time
bottommost concluding final hindmost lag last latest latter rearmost terminal terminating ultimate departing dying finishing winding up end ending conclusive eventual endmost culminating furthest farthest outermost crowning definitive remotest extreme utmost determinate lattermost supreme climactic determinative later aftermost uttermost hindermost decisive ulterior absolute far deciding lowest curtains least meanest antipodal far-off categorical at the end swan song bitter end clear once and for all determining clinching settling furthest behind finite late recent following furthermost farthermost trailing outmost valedictory tail net furthest back last-minute definite convincing unconditional unqualified irrefutable positive completing state-of-the-art reliable downright limiting flat-out nailed down precise complete perfect plain actual real straight out irrevocable official principal hinder authoritative posterior key emphatic prime unequivocal backmost back rear furthest away farthest away rearward hind after aft very caudal behind nearest the rear postern astern backward faraway consummate top nth max maximum most outside paramount ensuing subsequent stern resulting consequent mizzen retral declining outer outlying aback abaft posticous dorsal at the back ebbing in the wake of back of bringing up the rear at the back of the queue whole entire ultra undiminished unlimited thoroughgoing plenary thorough exhaustive all-out too-too preeminent total unreserved sheer unmitigated chief twilight too much last straw worst case out of bounds most recent most distant most remote


The final stage of an extended process or course of events
capper close conclusion consummation end endgame ending finale finis finish homestretch mop-up windup wrap-up cease cessation closure completion grand finale stop termination terminus wind-up stopping point expiration discontinuation halt discontinuance stoppage culmination arrest shutdown arrestment surcease closedown shutoff desistance lapse cutoff resolution check denouement stay stopping winding up end of the line outcome period payoff offset fulfilment adjournment fulfillment consequence finishing result suspension accomplishment execution achievement epilogue ceasing expiry curtain halting omega epilog swan song interruption realization climax curtains breaking off wrap perfection determination retirement upshot desuetude last act realisation last part peroration issue coda closing stages sign-off bitter end last word bottom line finalization fruition shutting intermission limit break pause standstill attainment dissolution abandonment freeze finalisation death final scene summation cutting short time-out shutting down closing down disruption sewing up last final stage polishing off winding-up breakup end of the road screaming halt grinding halt coup de grace end result twilight decline separation disjunction completeness success hips integration alternation concluding cleanup blackout final word target outro final thoughts eventuality finishing point folding cloture cancellation end-stage end-stages abortion cesser let-up respite failure to a finish doing it to a T cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect winter cut-off point abeyance rest remission occlusion dead stop full stop screeching halt lull dead end blockage deadlock brick wall letup roadblock afterpiece closer chaser button final curtain blow-off summing-up layoff recess interval break-off downtime breather hiatus final point last stop crowning glory end piece wane summing up catastrophe time off dénouement liquidation last stage final part final act run-in tail end postscript afterword extremity postlude fag end concluding speech back rear discontinuity tail bottom final stages monolog speech breakdown severance gap sequel follow-up term withdrawal curtailment clarification unravelling solution pay-off demise unraveling lapsing suppression monologue obstruction inhibition hindrance disbarment disbandment discontinuing staying prevention restraint delay checking stalling restraining autumn running out disconnection valediction farewell leave-taking suicide note disconnectedness disjointedness recapitulation recapping reiteration substance gist sense thrust meat incoherence tag end recap disunion interlude back end impression stalemate impasse cutout lack of coherence lack of unity farthest point furthest point final section furthest part far end logjam gridlock standoff last words final gesture envoi last hurrah adieu last shot dying words farewell performance goodbye famous last words final performance parting song final appearance or performance final appearance crowning achievement PS stand takeaway Mexican standoff breathing space closing remarks time out rider addendum appendix tailpiece codicil supplement sound bite back matter peak zenith pinnacle height summit apex top apogee vertex acme crest crown sum apotheosis capstone head crescendo maximum meridian noontime copestone noon high noon highest point tip-top high point crowning moment ne plus ultra critical mass high-water mark crowning touch punch line blow off high water mark


The act of something that stops
stopping end finish ending halt discontinuance suspension pause check halting ceasing wait delay block desisting deterring hesitation holding remaining terminating discontinuation cessation stoppage termination close shutdown arrest conclusion interruption closure stop cutoff surcease cease arrestment expiration shutoff lapse stay closedown breaking off offset standstill break desistance abeyance downtime layoff breather intermission recess winding up respite interval finishing rest hiatus immobilization dissolution break-off gridlock lull cutting short period let-up interlude abandonment immobilisation concluding time-out finale wind-up freeze completion finis windup wrap-up breathing space outcome terminus screaming halt grinding halt time out breath separation limit disjunction adjournment breakoff desuetude alternation disruption sit-down jam blockage occlusion snafu obstruction walkout holdup lockout hindrance down deduction hitch remission folding cloture disbarment disbandment curtailment shutting failure time off discontinuing shutting down closing down tie-up cession withdrawal dropping gap quitting hiccup discontinuity interregnum interstice hiccough parenthesis interim pausing resolution dormancy intermezzo doldrums suspense quiescence spell quiescency latency entr'acte abeyancy time smoko cancellation breakdown expiry abortion cesser denouement issue curtains cut-off result kiss-off consequence payoff ballgame breakup effect cancelation consummation breathing spell cut-off point culmination capper endgame homestretch mop-up summing-up end of the line stagnation inactivity summing up grand finale upshot omega wane final scene summation epilogue epilog catastrophe last act last part swan song coup de grace closing stages paralysis deadlock stalemate impasse logjam standoff letup stand Mexican standoff screeching halt lacuna execution fulfilment achievement accomplishment curtain fulfillment severance disconnection caesura moratorium blackout hold-up climax wrap lapse of time coda peroration winding-up determination retirement realization realisation perfection last word bottom line sign-off leave holiday vacation lessening slackening vacay suppression outro eventuality dead stop dead end blow stopping point attainment target final thoughts bitter end brick wall roadblock inhibition full stop staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining disturbance obstacle disconnectedness disjointedness stopover incoherence beat intrusion impediment end result final word disunion hush silence stillness pausation comma cutout lack of coherence lack of unity rupture disuniting division rift split breach break off happy hour rest period awkward moment coffee break finalization fruition dénouement death liquidation finalisation last stage last final stage sewing up final part final act polishing off run-in end of the road


The successful resolution of a task, goal or quest
successful completion achievement accomplishment consummation fulfillment fulfilment realisation realization actualization completion effectuation fruition attainment commission enactment engineering execution implementation prosecution triumph undertaking acquirement actuality close concluding conclusion conquest discharge effecting feat finishing fulfilling masterpiece perpetration procurement pursuance reaching reification success completing coup gaining performance production winning act deed effort exploit maneuver manoeuvre carrying out carrying through master stroke polishing off sewing up successful resolution winding up successful conclusion successful fulfillment positive result successful consummation successful execution successful finalization tour de force perfection crowning pass doing performing end acquisition discharging culmination redemption gratification conduct dispatch enforcement observance gain satisfaction pursuit bringing off conducting resolution baby maturity achieving implementing acquiring obtaining finish administration practice operation procuring materialization kick contentedness contentment materialisation self-realization self-fulfillment self-actualization acquittal accomplishing getting hold of pulling off kicks observance you got it just the ticket following pursuing finalization ending capping perfecting finalisation exploits responsibility action transaction committal committing feats effect getting securing realizing rendering exercise contrivance application reaping acts work imposition carrying off bringing about profit carrying-out exertion employment serenity nirvana joy realising succeeding arrival bringing into being bringing to fruition play purchase honoring honouring arrival at nuts and bolts satisfying carrying into action inner peace putting into practice meeting retrieval collecting amassing collection obtainment appropriation maturation ripeness playing acting enjoyment salvage recovery ripening making good pleasure readiness fruitfulness portrayal staging adherence to personation representation depiction appearance personification play-acting impersonation presentation playacting acting out

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