Synonym of cloudy

Alternative for cloudy

cloudier, cloudiest

Synonym: dark, dismal, gloomy, overcast, unclear,

Antonym: bright, clear, fine,


Confused or unclear
vague confused indistinct obscure blurred fuzzy imprecise indefinite muddled ambiguous nebulous uncertain unclear hazy unformed lacking definition misty blurry dim faint foggy bleary shadowy opaque indistinguishable gauzy blear murky pale out of focus undefined ill-defined indeterminate smoky nebulose indiscernible undetermined bleared obfuscated unfocused dark doubtful clouded formless woolly muzzy wooly barely perceptible hard to see hard to make out filmy inconspicuous indefinable distorted fogged enigmatic veiled pearly transparent milky amorphous shapeless equivocal opalescent membranous unexplicit dubious questionable crepuscular overcast dull muddy puzzling sketchy tenebrous unintelligible unrecognizable impalpable unrecognisable vaporous unformulated tenuous befogged loose unsubstantial dusky obfuscous dewy mushy shrouded enveloped remote imperfect perplexing weak obscured out-of-focus intangible illusory undistinct airy visionary dreamy shady ethereal cryptic distant dreamlike elusive Cimmerian gossamer enigmatical gossamery inconclusive aerial diaphanous impressionistic inexplicit clear as dishwater aery vapory sheer unsure soft inexact unsettled debatable unknown mysterious arcane undecided inscrutable abstruse confusing unresolved general rough open to question mystic occult approximate broad unspecified oracular Delphic double-edged open to debate open to argument up in the air unfixed unfathomable ballpark deep elliptical paradoxical unconfirmed elliptic open fuliginous vacillating amphibological estimated incomprehensible indecisive misleading ambivalent arguable approximative unspecific oblique impenetrable equivocating speculative irresolute unascertained unestablished bewildering hesitant hidden concealed wavering clear as mud coarse-grained non-specific gray grey yet to be decided unlimited sweeping mystifying baffling incomplete gnomic inexplicable unidentified iffy unpredictable riddling pending recondite unstated unstipulated incoherent muffled squishy inaccurate incalculable fathomless inadequate evasive indecipherable unsound mixed esoteric in the balance as clear as mud apocryphal unprecise unknowable in doubt neither fish nor fowl neither one thing nor the other hinky polysemous polysemic polysemantic multivocal low resolution generalized near close inchoate undisclosed faded proximate tentative superficial careless sloppy uncommitted cursory of two minds obfuscatory perfunctory non-committal feeble dense blurred round the edges meaningless generalised unexplained inarticulate almost exact guessed surmised almost accurate unscientific difficult limitless jumbled unexplainable secret faltering hesitating unheard of sitting on the fence abeyant unproven undiscovered unfamiliar garbled uncounted uncanny insoluble unaccountable sibylline beyond comprehension hard nubilous purblind imperceptive slurred mumbled ungraspable infinite immeasurable endless overall generic blanket undetailed sphinxlike borderline basic scrambled illegible senseless clandestine little known hard to understand teasing strange profound stickling cabbalistic covert hermetic Delphian cabalistic coded secretive mystical hermetical stumping unclassified borderless uncategorized indeterminant open-ended innumerable inexhaustible wide noncommittal indeterminable undependable periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory suspicious circuitous Greek inaudible all Greek to me incognizable measureless horizonless unrestricted immensurable illimitable boundless bottomless unbounded contradictory duplicitous roundabout not particular not partial indiscriminate not specific undesignated shifty disreputable unmentioned unquantified unconvincing moot unproved two-edged unsatisfying unsatisfactory resolving nothing lacking unfinished groundless unfateful unfounded deficient uneventful proving nothing mystery arbitrary one not specified given this some nth certain such-and-such a … any not yet established leaving matters open still open to question left hanging still open to doubt unforeseeable dicey dodgy


(of a person's eyes) Misted with tears


Having a somber or dismal atmosphere or nature
dismal bleak miserable dark dreary depressing desolate dull gloomy sombre cheerless comfortless funereal solemn somber forlorn morose depressive glum sullen wretched cold dim dire disconsolate drear godforsaken gray morbid black chill darkening grey lugubrious murky plutonian saturnine sepulchral tenebrific tenebrous dreich elegiac elegiacal lonely lonesome sunless Cimmerian sad melancholy joyless mournful grim doleful unhappy sorrowful dejected depressed dolorous woeful blue despondent melancholic woebegone disheartening dour uninviting dispiriting downcast drab down in the dumps crestfallen oppressive dingy unwelcoming down in the mouth austere pessimistic abject dispirited distressed down in low spirits in the dumps hopeless bare inhospitable stark downhearted clinical impersonal institutional pathetic sorry mourning teary heartrending saddening heartbreaking tearful cast down grave discouraging mirthless drearisome spiritless moody dirgelike low rueful bland moping low-spirited dejecting draggy mopey uncomfortable wintery afflicted piteous wintry jarring down-and-out serious lamenting broken-hearted grief-stricken heavy-hearted dirge-like grieving devastated despairing inconsolable foreboding ominous anguished sulky long-faced humourless taciturn humorless in a blue funk uncaring ruined abandoned deserted unimpassioned waste solitary unpromising Eeyorish unmoved overcast obscure deathly hollow Stygian defeatist unpropitious unfavorable unfavourable sorrowing sinister heartbroken severe spartan brooding poignant plaintive adverse disadvantageous inauspicious sunk in gloom horrible distressing nostalgic in the pits chap-fallen portentous maudlin threnodic threnodial atrocious bad-tempered grumpy unsmiling uncommunicative frowning sober glowering troubled exequial funebrial deathlike moving touching given to looking on the black side in the doldrums phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive having blue devils singing the blues having the blahs bereft hard crushed lorn upset companionless forbidding hurting acheronian tragic cut up oppressed weary dragged crabbed mopish surly chapfallen broody ugly blue funk harsh unpleasant bad disagreeable hostile awful bitter grievous dreadful terrible unfortunate tough upsetting downbeat unfriendly rough negative difficult ghastly cynical troublesome horrific threatening harrowing disturbing worrying poor excruciating horrifying stern frightening painful fatalistic macabre trying menacing daunting horrid rugged dangerous frightful shocking gloom-ridden gruesome shadowy disappointing brutal onerous cruel lamentable perilous distressful horrendous loathsome demoralized taxing terrifying nightmarish appalling barren baleful exacting fierce eerie grisly demoralised off-putting direful ill-fated pitiable burdensome chilling inhuman pitiful lurid brokenhearted discomforting heavy disquieting searing fearsome spooky foul weighty rotten revolting ill-omened irksome displeasing infelicitous crushing desperate sour empty sedate bearish savage scary resigned unlucky inopportune intimidating offensive ferocious agonizing precarious agonising demoralizing grotesque unenthusiastic gory traumatic disconcerting straitened in pain suspicious distrustful awkward demoralising heart-rending hardhanded doubting untoward vexatious poker-faced spookish alarmist critical execrable lousy doubtful worrisome forsaken lachrymose dubious hairy regrettable doomed deplorable stony sickening objectionable pained stringent unnerving untimely hazardous arduous distasteful unpalatable stiff destitute hangdog monstrous repulsive impoverished nasty troubling punishing discouraged bodeful colorless repugnant saddened alarming disastrous heavyhearted heartsick heartsore ill-boding calamitous earnest pitiless droopy mean-looking colourless problematic tricky uninhabitable lifeless hideous tortuous uninhabited isolated staid rigorous sticky tight unearthly squalid ghostly sourpuss muted subdued intolerable sordid thorny prickly delicate shameful stony-faced no-nonsense unoccupied derelict hellish undesirable jinxed bothersome challenging knotty remote creepy inferior unhopeful repellent wild scurvy detestable indigent scungy tragical cursed problematical ticklish dodgy chancy concerning iffy overwhelming unsettling gruff sick vile gut-wrenching unendurable steely flinty biting grewsome questionable suspect dismaying grinding God-awful formidable weird shady sinistrous baneful inexorable ill-starred louring lowering ungentle stressful perturbing helpless disheartened hapless lackluster lacklustre deep destroyed life-threatening unwelcome hair-raising ruthless merciless mean parlous exigent vicious in despair sunk galling uninspiring boring shot down looking on the black side bummed out unexciting blah uninteresting monotonous long-suffering poverty-stricken humdrum unlikely unencouraging gaunt sterile sequestered intemperate inclement disowned inimical afflictive disenchanting unoptimistic dolesome torturous diabolic sadistic diabolical ghoulish twisted perverted insufferable Spartan bare-bones dampening misanthropic discomposing agitating abominable worthless gross devilish unrelenting scabrous acherontic pensive heart-wrenching derisible plangent mortifying tormenting fraught wearing unbearable troublous disapproving unsympathetic sorry for oneself suicidal worried heart-breaking regretful luckless unsuited spineless evil-looking dread spine-chilling redoubtable fearful down-in-the-mouth ruinous unprosperous sickly hellacious hard-faced tear-jerking inconvenient unappealing unappetizing unattractive untempting choked repressing hindering deterring dissuading injurious thrilling gutted frantic anxious hurtful looking on the dark side bleeding fed up out of sorts down and out let-down not happy inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable unmitigable suggestive of evil odious in a bad way out of luck testing bummed powerless downtrodden without hope up the creek ill-suited raging not hopeful intense not encouraging hard-pressed tortured harmful treacherous pressing jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad discommodious full of hardship strained messy mephitical irritable unkind repellant perplexing aggravating unpleasing bewildering vexing annoying abhorrent revulsive frustrating unamusing uncongenial irritating weighed down strabilious at the end of your tether no-win can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup nauseating significant acute considerable stormy despicable contemptible chilly disgraceful consequential major unenticing disgusting trashy shoddy filthy distant unapproachable aloof soulless characterless derisory turbulent malevolent volatile angry tumultuous churlish strict nerve-racking sobering strenuous excessive big intensive toilsome peracute extreme dismissive anti cross fell tyrannical antipathetic unwilling dictatorial repressive uncooperative resolute scowling minatory doomy ill terrific nightmare obstructive resistive unconstructive domineering autocratic controversial sensitive splenetic cantankerous crusty grouchy truculent resisting balky despotic unjust undemocratic draconian unchancy impending evil fateful cool unhealthy boot-faced tyrannous uninterested weak authoritarian iron-fisted overbearing anti-democratic punitive murderous unfair imperious coercive relentless death-obsessed apathetic high-handed peremptory overweening vacant ironhanded backbreaking heavy-handed confining headache rough going demanding hefty superincumbent unfrequented vacated depopulated void evacuated disused forgotten untenanted unpeopled unvisited rejected secluded unused


Covered or marked with an unclean substance
dirty filthy grubby soiled grimy muddy foul mucky sullied polluted smudged stained unclean dusty grotty begrimed cruddy greasy nasty spotted unwashed contaminated defiled grungy smeared smeary sooty befouled besmirched icky impure messy tarnished unhygienic unsanitary bedraggled bemired black blackened bogging dingy disheveled dishevelled draggled gungy insanitary manky slimy sloppy slovenly smutty sordid uncleanly unkempt untidy disarrayed dreggy feculent festy scuzzy skanky slatternly straggly unsightly yucky crummy dishabille dungy fouled mung pigpen spattered undusted unlaundered unswept squalid shabby tainted sleazy putrid fetid noxious rotten infected scruffy disgusting scummy unpleasant foetid gross frowzy vile unhealthy smelly insalubrious scungy repulsive offensive rank loathsome revolting stinking unwholesome dirtied distasteful discolored lousy horrible awful ragged ruined ungroomed funky beastly infested unpalatable mean noisome seedy nauseating discoloured scurvy decaying dowdy daggy worse for wear ratty disagreeable malodorous obnoxious miry odious sour repugnant rancid bad abominable sickening contemptible despicable dreadful muddied horrid hideous septic diseased stinky blemished marked frightful badly dressed unsavory poisoned decayed blowsy corrupt gruesome ill-groomed scabby grody bitter harsh yukky draggletailed unsavoury repellent mud-caked dirt-encrusted besmeared wretched raggedy mephitic sorry deplorable horrendous objectionable spoiled appalling faded stale displeasing unappetizing pitiful unwelcome unpleasing wicked uncongenial abhorrent unlovely diabolical grimed smoky spoilt ghastly sticky musty poisonous repellant yucko shocking scandalous murky pongy whiffy toxic poorly dressed ill-clad badly groomed draggle-tailed inappropriately dressed putrefied sludgy tacky pitiable cheap frowsy lame unsanitized nauseous paltry rumpled tousled terrible ruffled dull atrocious sneaking fusty uncleaned blowzy corrupted uninviting uncombed mouldy ugly not clean niffy fulsome obscene adulterated miasmal loathly disgustful olid acrid disease-ridden gunky reeking raunchy foul-smelling germy moldy pestilent off-putting God-awful harmful germ-ridden sick-making dark tangled mussed neglected on the nose tatty matted rotting miserable vitiated unfair evil unsportsmanlike illegal gloopy yecchy hellish poison bum ungodly unholy evil-smelling mildewy yellowed oxidized rusty slobbish slobby shaggy sloven deleterious reeky strong stenchy pale scraggly detrimental flat down at heel bespattered knotty slushy rundown adulterate alloyed detestable moth-eaten festering old fuliginous worn mud-encrusted brackish oozy threadbare soot-covered airless stuffy frumpy mucous clammy muculent glutinous oxidised mildewed mud-spattered viscous tattered slipshod frayed mangy sloughy dilapidated scrubby dumpy bombed-out tumbledown beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn run-down faecal flyblown fecal decrepit debased frowsty decomposed degraded unfiltered poor washed out frazzled ripe decomposing mussy tumbled schlumpy windblown rotted disarranged disordered wrinkled knotted tangly in a mess hanging loose goopy blighted smoke-stained slummy dust-filled spotty dust-covered blotted corroded unhealthful dusky arenaceous arenose dust-ridden flea-bitten odorous grim dank creepy vulgar imperfect impaired caked streaked bruised sprouting fungal crumbling growing drab vomitous mixed scraggy damp unventilated base low high miasmic verminous soily horry windswept unbrushed vicious snarled mucid gut-churning down-at-the-heel stomach-churning stomach-turning low-down unneat wild bleached rusted wan no-good dirty rotten messed up mussed up vomit-inducing acid odoriferous acidic skunky strong-smelling stenchful odiferous spoiling pungent putrescent foxed weathered etiolated blotched mouldering putrified stagnant subtle pastel muted addled soggy swampy sodden worn-out off corroding perished battered caried worm-eaten purulent wormy carious pustular lacking in freshenss well worn worn out shoddy soft fenny quaggy marshy boggy squelchy sopping watery waterlogged ill-dressed maggoty bad-smelling moldering smelling unfit for human consumption overripe raggedy-ass warby despoiled deteriorating degenerated meagre disfigured deteriorated bare rickety meager tired ruinous desolate poverty-stricken disorganised disorganized darkish greyish restrained desecrated trashed heavy saturated out at elbows gone to seed the worse for wear having seen better days falling apart at the seams poorly maintained violated profaned abused ravished debauched messed raped messed-up indigent ragtag sick impoverished cooked mucked up grayish


Cloudy or opaque
milky clouded opaque white alabaster milk-white whitish cream ivory nacreous off-white snow-white anemic anaemic ashen blanched bloodless chalky creamy drained misty pale pallid pearly faded frosted lacteal lacteous lactescent opalescent opaline pasty translucent wan waxen colourless colorless sallow sickly bleached peaky chalk-white washed out etiolated grey gray pasty-faced whey-faced drawn deathlike ghostly sapped deathly murky like death warmed up tired-looking dull snowy jaundiced ashy light fair-skinned turbid white as a sheet muddy fair silvery peaked cadaverous neutral pale-faced roily ghastly roiled dirty livid doughy emulsified lurid paled mealy peakish blond blonde argent wheyfaced gauzy riled ashen-faced fair-haired tow-headed tow-haired flaxen-haired lymphatic light-coloured mushy blurred soupy foggy peely-wally washed-out listless white as a ghost nontranslucent nontransparent light-colored dusky nubilous unstrained waxy non-transparent riley haggard brumous languid insipid not clear light-skinned deathly pale faint dingy mucky beclouded smoggy as white as a sheet as white as a ghost towheaded untarnished unhealthy frail weak feeble ghostlike infirm cream-coloured unhealthy-looking watery characterless enervated light-complexioned iridescent discoloured anaemic-looking forceless down depressed worn low discolored ineffectual bilious ineffective foul grubby nasty unclean filthy sheeny glowing gleaming glistening lustrous burnished shining peaches and cream unpigmented undyed hazy pearl mother-of-pearl silver uncolored milky-white chalky-white snowy-white margaritic margaric transparent unpainted tintless clear achromatic natural achromic lily-white unstained muddied filmy smeared pinched sick grimy smeary lustreless green spectral waxlike gloomy obfuscated solid impervious lusterless darkened frosty shady smoky sooty corpse-like white-faced looking as if one has seen a ghost leaden yellow greyish grayish dim yellowish flaxen golden drained of color platinum straw straw-colored striped poor inadequate unsubstantial insubstantial thin exsanguinous grey-faced drab flat monochrome corpselike waterish lacklustre lackluster sickly-looking jaundiced-looking wabbit wishy-washy ash-colored unwholesome greenish-yellow alabastrine grisly deathful deadly deadened without color light-toned tow-coloured bottle-blonde peroxide sun-bleached leucous auricomous strawberry blonde ash blonde albino strawberry stramineous champagne sandy tawny slatey steely slate slaty argentine gold argentate pewter silvern silvered ash color colour whitish-grey greyish-white sterling hoary light-haired


Slightly wet or affected with moisture

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