Synonym of cold eyed


Cold or unfriendly in nature
cold cool unfriendly frosty aloof distant unsympathetic frigid chilly remote icy uncordial glacial detached unsociable standoffish wintery clammy antisocial wintry brittle offish unclubbable antiseptic asocial standoff unbending chill coldish frozen dry gelid arctic buttoned-up cold-blooded hard-eyed reserved withdrawn indifferent unapproachable unwelcoming uncommunicative stand-offish stiff unemotional haughty unresponsive hostile impersonal forbidding inhospitable formal austere unforthcoming disdainful emotionless stony solitary unfeeling unenthusiastic dispassionate supercilious undemonstrative unconcerned incurious lukewarm uncongenial apathetic unneighbourly wooden misanthropic passionless uninterested stern reticent disagreeable uppity antagonistic stuffy unaffable reclusive cold-hearted unsocial introverted uncompanionable unneighborly unpleasant cold as ice obnoxious nasty ill-natured inimical steely negative cross offhand unkind hard fierce unamicable retiring Olympian rigid inapproachable impassive severe phlegmatic inaccessible rude uncivil insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious starchy restrained disinterested uncharitable hateful taciturn casual proud uninvolved stuck up snooty laid back stuck-up laid-back putting on airs conservative unsavoury objectionable unattractive iced unlikeable strait-laced conventional uptight discouraging off-putting bad-tempered flinty ungenial half-hearted tepid unsmiling passive seclusive contemptuous withering ill-tempered unsavory repellent lifeless unhappy depressing unloving clinical unexcitable off cheerless diffident cold-shoulder abstracted unenthused removed eremitic preoccupied introvert snobbish unamiable superior muted alienated insociable keeping people at arm's length arrogant ceremonious mean-looking put on airs distrustful quiet silent mopey nongregarious suspicious private mopish brooding scowling secretive thick-skinned cold fish hard-hearted hard-boiled lone wolf lofty on ice cynical shy ascetic eremetic hermitlike stolid unwilling to mix with other people staid outside unpassioned abstract out of it spacey uncurious spaced-out poker-faced surly sour affectless spiritless hardhearted callous aggressive stony-hearted quarrelsome antipathetic menacing jaundiced mortal adversary impolite adversarial discourteous unmannerly ungracious ill-disposed opposite competitive estranged censorious grouchy unpromising combative grudging gruff malicious contrary disaffected against warlike malignant vengeful conflicting acrimonious spiteful opposed not on speaking terms unmoved numb stoical listless insensitive stoic dull flat expressionless uncaring impassible calm heartless blank deadpan vacant collected self-contained close-mouthed neutral close guarded self-controlled serene sober controlled unexpressive objective inhibited dead lethargic composed placid unsentimental insensible impartial businesslike torpid bland inert matter-of-fact constrained unruffled demure bashful cautious tight-lipped blah nonchalant laconic unflappable sluggish glazed unreceptive impervious hollow languid dour unaffected unperturbed harsh cool, calm and collected dumb inexpressive rational inhuman modest just backward soft-spoken self-restrained equal candid soulless sedate empty imperturbable pococurante level-headed straightforward fixed unimpassioned plain insouciant untouched loveless equitable subdued toneless unprejudiced fair insensate equable malevolent prim media-shy closemouthed glassy hard-headed unaffectionate blasé sententious peaceful gentle mild noncommittal mute unbiased inanimate timid mom logical heedless heavy motionless draggy mean tranquil lackadaisical straight nonpartisan hesitant speechless unexcited nonplussed square evenhanded sparing uncolored nondiscriminatory realistic lazy naked inactive prosaic couldn't care less curt introspective idle dried-up unimpressed supine mum stilted clammed up untroubled tough impotent insipid repressed self-conscious faraway unworried heedless of colourless perfunctory oblivious to uneasy embarrassed unaroused self-effacing tongue-tied limp oblivious inscrutable retired slow nowhere immovable nonemotional negligent numbed inorganic colorless careless bellicose wimpy moony carefree anaesthetized bare timorous ungregarious coldhearted incommunicable coy dazed honest practical anesthetized rancorous vicious pugnacious militant unfavorable unfavourable open-minded factual insentient defunct extinct uncompassionate unembellished unfazed tightlipped fundamental mineral Laodicean inattentive wishy-washy bald wrathful confrontational bitter truculent pragmatic could care less what the hell non-emotional pure indolent sensible exanimate independent straight-faced even-handed don't give a damn incommunicative slothful desensitized unimpressible stupefied thoughtful uncommunicable comatose truthful belligerent venomous alien angry disapproving adverse virulent non-committal non-partisan literal unvarnished strictly business quiescent unadorned prosy commonsensical fair-minded self-centred no-nonsense nonvegetable stupid nonanimal inoperative azoic maleficent unpropitious intimidating vitriolic biting malefic unrevealing stony-eyed self-centered out desensitised along for the ride hardened viperous dead to the world ornery catty argumentative scrappy out cold contained cruel ruthless avoidant analytic unfocused grim sexually unresponsive malign grave nonresponsive cool-headed ungenerous reptilian abhorrent selfish unagitated unreadable unnatural forced unimpressionable xenophobic bovine catatonic unanimated feeble obdurate marble stone-faced contrived laboured mannered artificial unstirred discreet devoid disimpassioned bored brusque short vapid insusceptible unambitious unmotivated groggy lymphatic isolated dry-eyed undismayed averse anti strained awkward ardorless unromantic temperate benumbed asleep bureaucratic indurated inexcitable insular pompous droopy dispirited nonpassionate close-lipped inarticulate bloodless anaesthetic anesthetic judicial hermit-like hermitic hermitical unflustered unpassionate ungainly not caring featureless gray grey measured depersonalised faceless careful depersonalized anonymous monolithic senseless unprepossessed uncoloured non-discriminatory down on uncooperative analytical moderate scientific untalkative inward-looking going with the flow rolling with the punches unconscious immune stony-faced blithe opposing disobliging iceberg paralysed paralyzed still relaxed resolute unmindful sullen meek indrawn non-communicative all alone self-sufficient immune to impervious to stubborn unyielding cold turkey labored devil-may-care happy-go-lucky contemplative sheepish self-interested pensive recessive self-absorbed knocked out pokerfaced simple unanxious easy vacuous proof against deaf to unmindful of cold-fish cool cat self-possessed unswayed frustrated ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair somnolent lacking physical sensation blacked out passed out spark out out for the count balanced unbigoted insecure wary uncomfortable nervous reluctant apprehensive at odds solid reasoned valid justified firm levelheaded reasonable informed sound basic stark fishy unmoving lacklustre unconfident unassertive drowsy sleepy shrinking unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless blind deaf without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss undisturbed undaunted good static shiftless on the level with no axe to grind languorous sitting on the fence on the fence without fear or favour commonsense commonsensible tedious drab unexciting drugged sleeping hibernating dormant frank unconcerned about well-founded lucid well considered hung up stuporous hebetudinous slumberous dopey vegged out inconscious out to lunch dreary boring wearisome monotonous down-to-earth uneager uninvolved with apathetic towards apathetic about nonchalant about offhand about casual about regardless uncaring about uninvolved in uninterested in pointless lacking vitality mechanical uninspired non-organic bottled up bored by dismissive of mindless of careless of frivolous about reckless about unimpressed by regardless of cavalier about uninspiring two-dimensional characterless halfhearted abiotic weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned foul mundane laodicean obvious manifest unexaggerated unequivocal explicit direct sheer transparent unambiguous patent evident brutal indecisive uncertain irresolute undecided uncommitted unresolved nothing lusterless lackluster pabulum uninteresting zero spent highbrow scornful unimaginative without life deceased nonliving upfront undisguised unqualified hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative pedestrian humdrum faithful serious straight-thinking accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered undistorted feasible unidealistic exact not alive blunt true to life warts and all not giving a 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Antonym of cold eyed

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