Synonym of commiserable


Deserving or arousing pity
piteous affecting heartbreaking miserable pathetic pitiable pitiful wretched distressing grievous heart-rending lamentable moving plaintive poignant poor sad dismal harrowing abject deplorable doleful forlorn heartrending mournful rueful sorrowful sorry touching woeful beseeching distressful dolorous entreating gut-wrenching imploring melancholy ruined supplicating tragic to be pitied disturbing stirring upsetting disquieting mortifying melting tender agonizing meagre meager useless agonising puny petty cheerless unhappy joyless saddening gloomy desolate painful disconsolate comfortless melancholic glum tear-jerking tearful unfortunate afflicted woebegone depressing dejected lugubrious sombre depressed morose dire solemn despondent somber dreary distressed low grim crestfallen funereal bleak blue grief-stricken cast down disheartening depressive drear heartbroken dark drab sullen terrible calamitous heartsick bad elegiac uncomfortable hopeless lonesome downcast traumatic grieving downhearted down uninviting broken-hearted godforsaken regrettable inconsolable worthless despairing brokenhearted heartsore saddened dispiriting heavyhearted droopy hangdog base vile sepulchral low-spirited lonely bitter awful elegiacal dreadful unlucky scurvy dejecting paltry down in the mouth anguished down in the dumps appalling stark spiritless impressive heavy-hearted emotional unpleasant dispirited morbid cold disappointing oppressive dingy mourning saturnine black tenebrific plutonian tenebrous impactful shabby dreich compassionate sunless suffering lachrymose down-and-out teary Cimmerian in the dumps mean excruciating hapless dull sordid regretful lousy disastrous tragical plangent drearisome sorrowing ruthful austere unwelcoming mirthless discouraging dour gray dim bare inhospitable troubling chill murky bland grey darkening emotive clinical heart-wrenching draggy mopey impersonal cloudy heart-warming dolent wintery institutional wintry jarring arousing commiserative wistful beggarly despicable contemptible atrocious ill-fated nostalgic squalid horrendous gruesome dolesome disgraceful sentimental ill-starred agonized shameful derisible shocking catastrophic execrable inferior disagreeable helpless agonised indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable crushing rotten vexatious destitute long-faced hurting bereft out of sorts discomposing in pain full of sorrow in mourning in sorrow merciful inadequate insignificant cheap feel-bad desolating warming intense outcast evocative lame intolerable demoralising demoralizing difficult agitating expressive perturbing passionate degrading powerful horrible hideous ghastly troublesome stunning mind-blowing sympathetic responsive weepy afflictive bowed down luckless afflicting heavy uplifting telling soul-stirring hurtful dirgeful troubled cruel tortured racked feeble abominable unsightly nasty repulsive gross threnodic dirge-like sick at heart singing the blues fatal deadly ruinous horrific horrifying pensive frightful offensive misfortunate cataclysmic affective haunting heartwarming galling devastating lost forsaken forgotten abandoned homeless emotionally moving friendless uncared-for adverse lethal mortal small fateful deathly destructive oppressed destroyed dragging cynical defenceless fruitless solitary defenseless pessimistic alone arousing affect fed up down and out weighed down foul unpromising trashy shoddy filthy derisory devastated funeral weeping aching deploring bewailing bemoaning wailing poverty-stricken choked grousing cranky crabby grumpy bellyaching beefing lamenting cantankerous gutted powerless bummed downtrodden sour cut up in the pits chap-fallen

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