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for or by a group rather than individualsrelating to a small administrative district or community


Of a commune
shared public joint common collective general collaborative combined concerted conjoint conjunct cooperative multiple mutual pooled united communistic intermutual neighbourhood neighborhood allied interactive group unified reciprocal cumulative aggregate composite consolidated collated concentrated connected coordinated correlative linked joined give-and-take associated interchangeable interdependent dependent convertible grouped corporate social mass community bipartite returned reciprocated requited synergetic assembled partaken participated bilateral respective related interchanged two-sided compiled given and taken amalgamated reciprocative complementary merged undivided synergistic cohesive dual synergic leagued affiliated confederated hand in hand for all in partnership two-way conglomerate mixed mingled integrated team quadruplex duplex conjoined confederate symbiotic multiparty business house company banded together planned prearranged jointly planned combining incorporated ensemble agreed upon overall conjugate conjunctive open personal relational broad socialistic global all-embracing complete blanket unrestricted multifamily accessible in cahoots available corresponding free gathered civil reciprocatory exchanged accessible to all massed piled heaped hoarded community-based without charge free to all open to the public free for all not exclusive open-door free-for-all not private equivalent supplemental alternate supplementary interpersonal commutual double matching fellow coordinate duplicate exchangeable companion twin equal changeable


(of political activity) Participated in by a large part of the public rather than driven by politicians or political parties


Platonic or friendly
fraternal brotherly amiable amicable brother's comradely congenial familial friendly genealogical intimate kind sibling genial cordial affable warmhearted warm neighborly neighbourly matey collegial companionable palsy pally bonhomous chummy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met hail-fellow hearty buddy-buddy agreeable obliging convivial outgoing sociable social hospitable pleasant approachable extroverted gregarious civil conversable gracious extrovert clubbable sympathetic clubby couthy mellow extraverted clubable considerate harmonious cooperative backslapping cosy cozy tight easy to get along with helpful good-humored well disposed well-disposed buddy buddy good-natured good-humoured easy-going familiar company-loving uninhibited kindly affectionate welcoming easy cheerful jovial complaisant polite close happy benevolent cheery mild loving benign nice courteous tender peaceable likeable easygoing fond decent likable warm-hearted good-tempered open pleasing peaceful like-minded amical unreserved charitable favorable responsive gentle personal generous favourable thick compatible kindred loyal accessible informal conciliatory sweet good receptive amenable confidential altruistic confiding personable chirpy perky non-hostile thoughtful solicitous compassionate pacific heartfelt enthusiastic sincere earnest wholehearted understanding regular eager smiling buoyant inseparable lenient charming cliquey bubbly clannish merciful communicative natural relaxed boon confident philanthropic urbane dear vibrant amusing funny faithful happy-go-lucky delightful hilarious attentive comical jocular jocose attached entertaining on good terms glowing devoted civilized expansive fun expressive affectious conflict-free near red-carpet all heart empathic concordant agreeing civilised accordant fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable bosom bluff jolly well-suited simpatico sympathique well suited lovey-dovey kissy-huggy very friendly humane comprehending forgiving selfless square shooting right nice congruous consistent consonant merry snug fresh officious upper up cheering chipper upbeat jocund high sunny enlivening joyous blithe glad free-and-easy thick as thieves regular fellow right neighborly sunny side up fatherly genuine caring comforting inviting maternal liberal amorous softhearted deep motherly kindhearted empathetic paternal honest casual respectable upright ethical honourable virtuous trustworthy accommodating honorable unceremonious incorrupt worthy moral dependable indulgent unselfish upstanding righteous just principled noble regardful mannerly right straight true calm measured clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean well mannered stand-up well-mannered right-minded all right moderate tolerant temperate sensible lovable engaging

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