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Antonym: reserved,


Eager or willing to communicate
chatty expressive loquacious talkative forthcoming unreserved verbose vocal conversational effusive gabby gossipy informative mouthy open uninhibited voluble conversable expansive frank garrulous gushing outgoing windy communicable demonstrative enlightening gassy multiloquent multiloquous talky unrestrained candid long-winded chattery motormouthed blabby babbling gossiping chattering blathering big-mouthed glib friendly loose-lipped warm wordy able to talk the hind legs off a donkey with the gift of the gab prolix rambling yakking jabbering prattling unconstrained profuse fluent gibbering affable free extroverted emotional touchy-feely affectionate having kissed the blarney stone extrovert loving outspoken approachable responsive informal articulate cuddly newsy eloquent wittering relaxed intimate gobby yacking slick verbal smooth motormouth tender warmhearted lovey-dovey having kissed the Blarney Stone full of hot air plainspoken over-talkative cooperative helpful obliging free-spoken noisy colloquial prating rattling drivellous loudmouthed genial sociable ordinary familiar everyday spoken excessively communicative casual dishy amiable tonguey bombastic yakkity prosy gaseous wind-bag loose-tongued yakky blabbermouth idiomatic easy flap jaw running on at the mouth spontaneous personal multieloquent exuberant boisterous unselfconscious discursive ebullient loud effervescent gregarious liberal magnanimous generous lavish gushy silver-tongued bigmouthed vociferous running on blessed with the gift of the gab pleonastic tautological periphrastic diffuse circumlocutory palaverous circuitous repetitious lengthy tedious redundant logorrheic tortuous protracted turgid inflated ambagious long-drawn-out meandering flatulent rhetorical prolonged overlong digressive convoluted pompous indirect wandering logorrhoeic sesquipedalian superfluous roundabout ranting oratorical empty casual conversational iterative taletelling blabbermouthed long tiresome boastful orotund boring wearisome circumlocutionary reiterating padded interminable confabulatory magniloquent fustian flowery grandiloquent tautologous repeating involved pretentious repetitive full of air having kissed the Blarney stone maundering waffly full of verbiage


Friendly and easy to talk to
approachable friendly sociable affable congenial cordial open agreeable social welcoming amiable genial gregarious pleasant receptive accessible available companionable conversable convivial extraverted extrovert extroverted helpful hospitable informal matey neighbourly neighborly obliging outgoing warm amenable chummy jovial unstuffy amicable easy-going well disposed easy to get along with easy to get on with good-natured warm-hearted good company gracious easy civil nice polite unreserved familiar clubbable relaxed clubby open-minded casual clubable chilled colonial lively close regular boon free and easy non-hostile laid-back door's always open hail-fellow-well-met intimate shared public kindly benign benevolent good-humoured extroversive extrovertive extravertive communicable extraversive courteous pleasing likeable charming sympathetic personable kind community amusing mannerly collective popular organized communal group informative entertaining polished general common diverting pleasurable comradely mild natural good-tempered pally well-disposed sweet mellow decent uninhibited urbane buddy-buddy gentle good-humored complaisant likable societal organised affectionate company-loving cheerful couthy warmhearted cheery chirpy lovable easygoing engaging perky bonhomous bubbly confident conciliatory hilarious attentive favorable fond compatible like-minded vibrant loyal cooperative loving amical confiding funny tender comical peaceable good faithful jocular jocose happy-go-lucky attached peaceful kindred on good terms responsive delightful happy favourable


Providing useful or interesting information
informative instructive educational enlightening illuminating informational informatory revealing edifying educative elucidative instructional advisory descriptive telling didactic explanatory factual helpful newsy forthcoming revelatory illuminative explicative expository illustrative explicatory interpretive explanative exegetic interpretative exegetical expositive hermeneutic annotative clarifying informing hermeneutical elucidatory scholastic improving pedagogic propaedeutic preceptive doctrinal homiletic moralistic heuristic useful expositional pedantic cultural academic demonstrative describing allegorical discursive guiding declarative graphic diagrammatic analytical enriching uplifting scholarly refining learned pedagogical disquisitional tuitional tutorial teaching telltale inspiring prefatory expounding evaluative explaining civilizing broadening humanizing elevating by way of explanation delineative depictive rewarding fluorescent incandescent luminescent illuminated identifying humanising civilising dogmatic school profound professorial indicative anecdotic cautionary moralizing preachy bookish homiletical sententious pompous sermonic schoolmasterly formal erudite moral priggish abstruse teacherly teachy sermonizing teacherish donnish exhortative moralising schoolmasterist hortative sermonising pedantical literary schoolish doctrinaire inkhorn stilted punctilious arid egotistic fussy formalistic hairsplitting overnice dry ostentatious particular nit-picking dull sanctimonious self-righteous pietistic pontifical pious unco guid lecturelike sermonical didactical admonitory disciplinary preaching trite serious upright strait-laced high-minded canting intellectual preachifying ponderous judgmental judgemental Pecksniffian holier-than-thou cerebral self-important pi Pharisaic Pharisaical egghead highbrow pointed exemplifying representative typical pictorial illustrational evincive comparative illustratory pictoric symbolic specifying emblematic corroborative sample expressive metaphoric imagistic iconographic figurative


Honest and frank
open frank candid direct honest straightforward unreserved natural forthright transparent artless free-spoken outspoken plain plain-spoken forthcoming guileless ingenuous blunt downright genuine sincere uninhibited upfront up-front plainspoken straight truthful unguarded freehearted openhearted fair innocent round simple undissembled above board out-front on the level open-and-shut straight from the shoulder talking turkey lay it on the line not afraid to call a spade a spade real foursquare true unequivocal unaffected up front unambiguous explicit free matter-of-fact unpretentious naive unpretending spontaneous unconcealed bald undisguised bluff outright unvarnished easy no-nonsense like it is childlike unfeigned unqualified undesigning without airs clear relaxed dinkum unsophisticated bare-faced categorical from the hip unrestricted aboveboard uncontrived unassuming point-blank straight-talking trustworthy straight-shooting undiplomatic on the up and up abrupt easy-going saying what one thinks square call a spade a spade unstudied unrestrained brazen upright man-to-man bold unceremonious inexperienced green heart-to-heart tactless laid-back unworldly scrupulous unselfconscious brutal informal plain-speaking honest-to-goodness casual unconstrained modest heartfelt free and easy unforced speaking as one finds earnest straight-out unpretended hearty familiar unfiltered reliable wet behind the ears unreticent righteous humble unpresumptuous unevasive overt childish unsparing undissembling straight-from-the-shoulder blatant unembellished barefaced kosher straight to the point point blank immature down-to-earth childly stark flat-out veracious laying it on the line calling spade a spade positive carefree actual easygoing loose specific unmannered brusque wholehearted distinct friendly express unstilted footloose unartificial patent unmistakable profound legit unimposing unostentatious apparent homely vocal to the point unadorned pretensionless legal legitimate lawful unstinting naked authentic just clear-cut complete literal pure warts and all full-hearted realistic footloose and fancy-free babyish unknowing frivolous not beating around the bush believable self-effacing bona fide straight-arrow harsh no holds barred cavalier personal intimate accountable demonstrative unquestionable unimpeachable valid known well-established off-the-record indiscreet forward extemporary unartful woman-to-woman vociferous not formal insensitive impolitic open-hearted impulsive impetuous free-speaking opinionated strident flat certain basic uncomplicated unbiased unprejudiced flagrant decisive bare licit pukka speaking straight from the shoulder palpable severe heartless total no lie frontal parrhesiastic well defined crystal clear no beating around the bush cracker-barrel pretenseless level grim factual right up front unexaggerated exact two-fisted by the book fair and square plain-dealing on the square right-on unspoiled unobtrusive right on correct straight from shoulder regular unveiled square-shooting telling it like it is folksy inelaborate unambitious down homey uncomplex unbeautified discreet free-spirited prosaic out-and-out raw true to life for real open and shut faithful laid on the line down home definite ignorant trusting callow truth-telling true-blue proper precise veritable absolute ethical credulous unsuspicious trustful gullible unwary curt short honourable trusty dependable honorable naïve airy breezy rough meaning what one says reputable upstanding good gruff moral virtuous principled decent snippy good-natured genial brusk approachable short-spoken crusty silly convivial boon jaunty upbeat nonformal jejune easily taken in cheery rude bearish snippety blustering terse breviloquent tart loud laconic brief liberated instinctive unrepressed free as the wind free as a bird unsuppressed shameless unhampered ungoverned expansive deep dear fervent serious devout off the cuff fancy-free ardent warm cordial meant solemn cut loose enthusiastic eager hanging out from the heart unself-conscious twenty-four carat honest to God deeply felt


Of or full of expression
expressive moving vivid poignant striking meaningful passionate suggestive artistic eloquent emotional graphic intense revealing significant stirring strong ardent charged descriptive energetic evocative indicative lively meaning powerful pregnant revelatory sympathetic telling allusive deeply felt demonstrative emphatic forcible imaginative indicating emotion indicating feeling inspired visionary alive animated articulate brilliant colourful colorful dramatic easy-to-read full of emotion full of feeling indicating ingenious masterly mobile open pathetic pictorial picturesque pointed representative representing responsive sensitive showy signifying silver-tongued spirited stimulating tender thoughtful touching understanding warm telltale speaking forceful haunting lucid redolent fluent effective resonant clear detailed affecting well expressed realistic impressive sententious rich visual lifelike delineated convincing compelling figurative distinct highly coloured definite noticeable reminiscent persuasive remindful graceful potent resonant with remindful of well-spoken smooth-tongued glib calling up well-expressed explicit magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical fervid fervent impassioned facund smooth-spoken well spoken voluble outspoken vocal illustrative uninhibited startling cogent shocking punchy lurid well-drawn photographic unequivocal well drawn well defined precise incisive perspicuous full concrete well delineated comprehensible intelligible leaving nothing to the imagination symbolic knowing denoting symptomatic allegorical emblematic token representational arresting insightful symbolical calculating valid informative relevant pithy purposeful memorable unforgettable faithful authentic scintillating sharp hinting indicatory significatory connoting characteristic insinuating giveaway reflective evidential illuminating oracular denotative exhibitive solemn emotive graphical fascinating interesting active theatrical fresh true-to-life true to life sharply-etched crystal clear

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