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comprehends, comprehended, comprehending

Synonym: contain, cover, include, know, realize, understand,


Having extensive knowledge of a subject
well-grounded knowledgeable conversant acquainted familiar informed versed abreast knowing versant up well-informed familiar with well-acquainted au fait experienced in in the know no stranger to up-to-date well versed in acquainted with clued up on informed about knowledgeable about well informed about well up on au courant with up to date on up to speed on plugged in plugged into hip hep percipient witting sentient alive skilled aware into cognizant experienced sensible perceptive proficient learned cool apprehensive abreast of conscious practiced kept posted skilled in au courant at home apprised of down with proficient in perfect in on the beam practised in genned up on at home with cognizant of au fait with practised savvy up to date apprised clued-up enlightened mindful expert up on switched-on down wise to hip to up with well-read tuned in sussed in the know about understanding well informed educated in the loop with it in on ware observant in touch competent judicious discerning aware of sophisticated grounded posted well versed clued up genned up up to speed in the picture schooled erudite observing seasoned sure well-versed intelligent sharp plugged-in alive to versed in sensible of alert to used to privy on to apperceptive enlightened about certain well-educated across alert genned up about clued up about cultured literate accustomed illuminated attentive introduced watchful instructed switched on to awake well educated omniscient sage apprized clever sensitive to awake to vigilant clued in on tuned-in sagacious well briefed conversant with with-it at ease with filled in brainy on the ball ware of hep to well-rounded well up in regardful of recognizant of well-briefed skillful skilful current up-to-the-minute primed well instructed trained in sensible to au parfum having your finger on the pulse up to snuff confident capable briefed on top of things advised cognizant in familiarised familiarized appraised in control confident with competent at up to date with cluey clued recognizant plugged in to careful abreast of the facts clued in thoughtful wary respectful heedful chary regardful noting perceiving recognizing noticing assured prescient scholarly remarking recognising keen lettered conscious of conscientious cautious solicitous cagey observative wide-awake responsive to mindful of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of appreciative leet chary of wary of careful of watchful of heedful of intellectual shrewd astute on the job on one's toes be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled know all the answers academic cultivated bookish literary highbrow canny acute studious civilized worldly cunning urbane unprovincial calculating qualified pedantic wise esoteric recondite brilliant insightful bright smart wily widely read donnish well read cerebral sapient switched on perspicacious with a knowledge of with an understanding of genius quick solid philosophical abstruse philosophic accomplished deep civilised sound polymath solemn scientific grave studied pansophic professorial sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise having been around quick-witted


Having or showing a reasonable or high level of intellect
intelligent clever bright smart quick sharp brilliant acute alert astute penetrating keen apt brainy discerning intellectual knowledgeable perspicacious quick-witted canny genius perceptive thinking wise able gifted ingenious inventive knowing rational resourceful enlightened exceptional fast logical sage sharp-witted talented well-informed precocious profound sagacious scholarly supersmart whip-smart alive calculating capable cerebral creative deep highbrow hyperintelligent imaginative instructed nimble original quick on the uptake ready responsible sensible together ultrasmart understanding witty whiz all there very smart know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on shrewd insightful savvy erudite learned discriminating percipient on the ball sapient sensitive educated judicious intuitive subtle observant thoughtful incisive accomplished adroit sophisticated skilful piercing cultured skillful skilled expert studious experienced cultivated aware deft prudent dexterous clear-sighted cunning adept dextrous well read academic well-read lettered informed argute proficient bookish fine masterly competent quick off the mark well informed heads-up well educated nimble-witted literary critical razor-sharp crafty philosophical long-headed artful virtuoso suss with it clear-eyed polished analytical widely read foxy versed streetwise rapier-like heady crack qualified cagey agile civilized awake active refined literate pawky wily well-educated responsive quick-thinking civilised donnish careful open-eyed consummate attentive slick reflective recondite clear watchful penetrative schooled sharp-sighted first-rate gnostic serious conscious sentient effective delicate trenchant eggheaded elite masterful good tasty smooth practised scholastic far-sighted practiced vigilant eager master sharp as a tack ace quick on the trigger trained politic bluestocking tasteful receptive acquainted excellent highbrowed intellective hardheaded handy hard-boiled pedantic clerkly superior urbane esoteric sly great wide awake conversant extraordinary amenable docile egghead lively tentie tenty razor-edged knife-like quick on the draw finely honed with great knowledge cognizant stellar worldly-wise crackerjack artistic well versed hot first-class wide-awake scientific au courant elegant au fait Argus-eyed spirited not born yesterday hotshot far-seeing in the know contemplative keen-witted on guard top-notch downy on the lookout on one's toes philosophic pithy astucious weighty earnest sharpened exquisite intellectualistic intellectualist intriguing familiar swotty ratiocinative cute self-aware insighted innovative solemn grave studied geeky teachable powerful nerdish blue nerdy circumspect apperceptive animate prompt effectual sophic choice whip sussed questioning media-savvy abstruse veteran worldly efficient wired fastidious cool heedful hip discreet wary illuminated well-grounded very intelligent mindful razor-like up-to-date showing great knowledge searching fitted tutored Einstein brisk nobody's fool phenomenal genial endowed stylish finished not missing a trick well-bred well-versed clued-up apprehensive mature prepared whiz kid remarkable full of insight wizard intellectually aware clued up well-taught nifty professional good hands on your toes bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all ears on the job class act heads up on the qui vive top-drawer shining at superintelligent farsighted foresighted meaty selective trainable einstein concise cluey precise book smart simple razor sharp enquiring inquiring crisp succinct punchy obscure cagy swift PDQ beady hawklike neat cogitative introspective musing deliberate considered museful ruminative meditative reflecting pondering measured pensive quick to learn switched-on star longhair complex analytic exacting detailed sprightly mentally keen impractical pedagogical ivory-towerish into distinguished probing cautious up abreast fly minute acuminous no dummy inspired enterprising to the point labored formal wise up vigorous mercurial curt sensatory discriminative sublime accurate exact unprovincial seasoned tuned in wise to superlative superb supreme innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory fertile originative Promethean with your wits about you on top of on the stick clued-in vital long-haired knows what's what laboured world-class complete workmanlike bravura compleat professed appropriate pioneering having smarts specialist sensorial sensory taught coached provocative gripping stimulating thought-provoking deep-thinking class at home ear to the ground particular arcane deviceful nurtured outstanding slippery frugal hep absorbed engrossed smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five smart as a whip fit facile magnificent formed developed corrected initiated shaped enriched hermetic hermetical sensuous having been around with-it tuned-in wicked with all one's wits about one sharp-eyed in the loop acroamatic occult orphic secret highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified out of this world cut out for having a knack for extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained big league street-smart street smart genteel impressive dynamic ultraefficient cosmopolitan as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork advanced thinking outside the box dynamite eagle-eyed sensile suitable solid posted polymath professorial grounded well-rounded omniscient sound pansophic feasible keen-eyed suave well versed hawk-eyed concentrating forward debonair riveting heavy captivating interesting heavyweight absorbing classical fascinating suited equal adequate killer useable serviceable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable regardful focused beady-eyed svelte easy effortless equipped couth artistically aware genned up chic jet-set classy citified blasé strong worthy liberal tolerant high-class savant blue-stocking distingue traveled appreciative polite chivalrous arty mannerly gallant esthetic courteous practical reliable mondaine surveying deducing correct considering intentive interested advertent discovering detecting contemplating focussed observative with eyes like a hawk top-shelf have the goods top-hole ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age aesthetic travelled worldly wise been around world-weary highly endowed with good taste wakeful live living feeling up to it up to snuff know the ropes up to speed know one's onions know backwards and forwards psychologic reactive witting ware jazzed sentimental emotional perceiving breathing sensate flesh-and-blood observing seeing recognizing noticing psyched up on tiptoe on the alert switched on fast on the draw recognising able to recognize in the right mind capable of feeling sensitive to in on


Quick to notice or perceive things
observant alert attentive watchful sharp-eyed vigilant eagle-eyed mindful awake heedful keen-eyed sharp wide-awake concentrating hawk-eyed perceptive quick Argus-eyed aware beady-eyed careful focussed focused open-eyed regardful tentie tenty on guard advertent alive bright clear-sighted considering contemplating correct deducing detecting discerning discovering discriminating eager intelligent intentive interested keen observative on the lookout penetrating questioning searching sensitive surveying understanding on the ball on the qui vive not missing a trick on your toes with eyes like a hawk on one's toes wary on the alert circumspect cautious chary guarded cagey all ears prudent considerate leery prepared ready on your guard gingerly safe wide awake on the watch thoughtful on tiptoe conservative on the job canny scrupulous noticing wise discreet paying attention observing wakeful gimlet-eyed judicious apprehensive acute calculating sharp-sighted with eyes peeled politic conscientious deliberate intent diligent unsleeping wired suspicious rigorous rapt active punctilious assiduous perceiving provident listening carefully conscious sleepless lynx-eyed seeing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed heads up fast on the draw keeping a weather eye on things insomniac heeding watching painstaking meticulous waking studious astir thorough hip precise accurate particular fastidious fussy concerned sagacious exact agog anxious measured strict nice methodical clever spirited finicky sensible reserved religious softly-softly persnickety perfectionist exacting laborious pernickety switched on psyched up attending precautious playing safe with it good hands with weather eye open keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs looking to keen-sighted civil with one's eyes open on alert keeping your eyes peeled looking for watching one's step watching out on toes thinking twice with one's eyes skinned waiting on handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes dutiful respectful hooked glued protective unhurried keeping one's eyes skinned deferent deferential taking notice noting insomnious perky defensive sage expectant quick-witted duteous arrect having eyes in the back of your head with one's eyes opened fully awake wide-eyed agile astute responsive percipient reticent diplomatic tactful restless aroused awakened restive keeping one's eyes peeled keeping a weather eye open keeping one's eyes open listening hesitant tentative perspicacious committed earnest deep restrained shrewd suspecting forethoughtful regarding not sleeping insomnolent all there whip-smart reckful belt-and-braces hedging one's bets with reservations walking on egg shells with one's eyes peeled taking it slow playing one's cards close to one's chest excited stirring up lucid knowing roused cognizant strategic close-lipped upon one's guard clued up with your wits about you on top of vital on the stick lively quick off the mark quick on the uptake clued-in doubting unwasteful saving sly frugal thrifty sparing judgmatic close-mouthed judgmatical tossing and turning kid-glove delicate X-ray eye not missing much jazzed having foresight like a clam moderate controlled reasonable temperate noncommittal on lookout worldly-wise not rash ultra-careful up and about detailed mathematical pedantic hair-splitting stiff finical stiff-necked proper nitpicking ceremonious stilted formal decorous starchy demanding overnice right on good eye overconscientious overscrupulous polite seemly conscionable punctual formalistic courteous conventional sedulous exhaustive orderly industrious faithful dedicated full intensive solid prim elaborate thoroughgoing picky selfdisciplined loving strenuous by the book in-depth by the numbers going to great lengths distrustful economical close mean sceptical dubious mistrustful doubtful parsimonious stingy disturbed miserly skeptical unsettled zealous scrimping shy reluctant spare skimping penny-pinching cost-effective efficient money-saving time-saving work-saving troubled avaricious penurious on the rims practical meager curmudgeonly tight prudential penny-wise closefisted unsure uncertain iffy without sleep meagre on edge solicitous jealous mistrusting economizing worried non-committal untrusting skittish broken fitful unable to sleep vague unrevealing forehanded abstemious uncomfortable out of bed up and around careful with money economising overcareful overcautious uneasy loath afraid nervous averse disinclined jumpy fidgeting antsy fidgety edgy inhibited constrained unconvinced cynical disbelieving unbelieving undecided strung out hopeful anticipatory trustless jaundiced negativistic incredulous having reservations without faith hinky quizzical in doubt not born yesterday wondering without belief breathless waiting expecting awaiting anticipant anticipating agape on tenterhooks Scotch raring hoping anticipative in suspense keyed up with bated breath on pins and needles waiting with bated breath


Feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy
sympathetic compassionate kind kindly caring concerned pitying supportive understanding commiserating condoling warm commiserative tender comforting considerate consoling empathetic encouraging feeling humane interested affectionate beneficent benevolent benignant empathic good-hearted kindhearted kind-hearted responsive sensitive softhearted soft-hearted solicitous tenderhearted tender-hearted warmhearted warm-hearted appreciating benign loving soft sympathising sympathizing thoughtful vicarious all heart having heart in right place forgiving charitable generous tolerant accepting appreciative patient forbearing perceptive indulgent friendly good-natured reassuring approachable lenient human merciful gentle magnanimous bighearted clement amicable philanthropic comradely altruistic cordial neighbourly devoted loyal fraternal pally chummy companionable personal neighborly brotherly intimate selfless gracious good helpful amiable genial mild unselfish affable pleasant obliging big-hearted agreeable goodhearted mellow fatherly respectful maternal giving favorable approving motherly well-disposed complimentary decent attentive nice large-hearted humanitarian sentimental favourable fond liberal accommodating great-hearted protective sweet positive enthusiastic good-humored good-humoured congenial applauding cheerful commendatory admiring flattering polite sociable philanthropical doting laudatory fatherlike hospitable paternal munificent good-tempered receptive courteous approbatory nurturing bounteous greathearted chivalrous bleeding-heart easygoing careful well meaning unstinting tactful unassuming deferential adoring soothing bountiful likeable complaisant likable easy aware mild-mannered diplomatic moderate consolatory noble peaceable civil free welcoming uplifting mannerly modest lovable regardful inspiriting praiseful cheering conscious gallant recommendatory angelic do-good panegyrical cognizant praising harmless gratifying honest hearty placid eleemosynary honorable honourable fulfilling well-mannered condolatory lavish openhearted pacific just maternalistic meek acclamatory big civilized open-handed calm commending discerning peaceful open-hearted discreet moved unsparing laudative public-spirited righteous conciliatory politic civilised adulatory mushy well disposed earnest delightful engaging pleasing happy moral reverent even-tempered piteous inspiring sorry sweet-tempered unoffensive emotional pleased intuitive well intentioned self-sacrificing idolizing well mannered paternalistic ungrudging heartening encomiastic eulogistic openhanded freehanded reactive impressionable calming reasonable satisfied mindful stimulating boosting congratulatory vulnerable perceiving lofty heartwarming gladdening serene high-minded personable docile lovely passionate touchy-feely demonstrative affirmative approbative accessible idolising upright insightful subtle judicious open-minded mother glowing bleeding heart virtuous ethical respectable easy-going worthy delicate charming sisterly natural reverential heartfelt unpresumptuous tame subdued wholehearted sincere cooperative prudent decorous principled upstanding urbane dutiful prepossessing winsome cautious parental benefic eager sweet-natured loving and giving lamblike demure polished convivial matey bonhomous cultivated tactical amorous retiring smooth palsy poised jovial well-intentioned buddy-buddy humble palsy-walsy non-confrontational bland predisposed stand-up suitable becoming full of pity open worshipping worshiping worshipful socially concerned socially aware woke soft-boiled condign patriarchal immaculate wonderful soft-centred excellent acceptable loose prodigal soft-touch profuse willing fair equitable adopted assumed imagined culturally sensitive esteeming rapturous acclaiming conscientious understandable expansive avuncular rave social-minded moralistic holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive spotless unerring nonmalignant idealistic touched familial vigilant nonthreatening wholesome fiery irritable sensorial sensory high-strung nervous sensible fragile ardent quiet acquiescent breezy compliant swell ingratiating self-effacing tranquil soft touch propitious princely heart in right place sheltering responsible pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic guiding softie marshmallow dear appealing amatory soft-spoken shy laid back dovelike temperate cool dove-like welcome stirred protecting watchful supporting caretaking collegial equable chilled easy-oasy willing to please favourably disposed fervent close faithful taking captivating winning enchanting broad-minded cozy social inclined assenting in favor of okay non-malignant virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful knowledgeable clubby affectious cosy submissive jejune vapid dull flat subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant socially conscious genuine cheery impressed hail-fellow-well-met red-carpet hail-fellow as nice as pie simpatico inviting ladylike gentlemanly deep expressing adoration bound up close-knit stimulated affected influenced melted barley-sugar lordly reputable artful genteel enlightened alive keen uncorrupted elevated redoubtable great illustrious sensitized trustworthy overfond overindulgent relieving assuaging shrewd heedful guileful wily astute well-meaning outstanding brave courtly refined well behaved well-behaved debonair incorrupt dependable deeply moved impressible sensitised knowing emotionable high extraordinary remarkable meritorious noble-minded anti-corruption silly over romantic enamoured lovey-dovey addicted lovesome enamored wary calculating foresighted amenable obsequious well spoken well-bred good-mannered well bred well brought up punctilious well brought-up well-spoken condescending easing satisfying rewarding free-handed finely tuned supersensitive softly-softly kid-glove ruthful right straight true plauditory celebrating commendable heart-warming in the know sparing touchy feely tuned in raving old softie clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing turned on to fawning celebratory advisory seemly dexterous wise observant deft skilled skilful adroit savvy skillful suave dextrous treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves


Comprehending what someone is saying
getting understanding grasping seeing taking in fathoming following puzzling out working out perceiving apprehending getting to the bottom of unraveling unravelling deciphering getting the drift of catching on to latching on to making head or tail of figuring out getting the picture getting the message appreciating registering twigging sussing out assimilating sussing being cognizant of cognizing conceiving of cottoning on to decoding deducing digesting discerning envisaging getting one's head round getting the drift intuiting latching onto making sense of picking up recognising recognizing savvying being aware of noticing learning sensing noting realising realizing absorbing interpreting knowing catching acquiring reading catching on cottoning on getting it making out digging cracking keeping up with beholding getting the hang of divining conceiving penetrating getting the point getting the idea seizing compassing distinguishing identifying taking on finding out translating piecing together cottoning to getting a fix on getting the point of tumbling to getting one's head around grokking seeing the light taking on board clicking with having knowledge of getting the idea of having a handle on envisioning getting to know latching on seeing into mastering becoming versed becoming expert in getting to grips with learning the ropes getting the knack of gaining mastery of knowing inside out becoming competent in becoming proficient in excelling in becoming proficient at getting down pat getting down cold becoming skilled at making determining ascertaining detecting observing discovering gathering imagining judging thinking visualizing visualising accepting estimating fancying finding reckoning deeming spotting considering picking up on figuring descrying concluding fathoming out having an aha moment regarding believing viewing supposing becoming aware of surmising thinking of unearthing guessing feeling speculating esteeming espying projecting taking ferreting out coming to know acknowledging hearing assuming hitting on soaking up presuming picturing deciding establishing predicting conjecturing suspecting digging up uncovering postulating theorizing digging out presupposing picking out imbibing imaging telling evaluating visioning nosing out differentiating becoming conscious of hitting upon sizing up theorising getting wise to revealing expecting exposing granting hypothesizing anticipating foreseeing fantasizing holding foreknowing calling daring say rooting out ideating diagnosing adjudging turning up having familiarizing oneself with hazarding a guess tracking down scouting up running down routing out scaring up dredging up drinking in becoming cognizant of hunting up fantasising hunting down getting on to doping out hypothesising receiving attaining admitting forecasting disclosing gaining prophesying locating foretelling remarking foreboding conceiting conceptualizing discriminating prognosticating secerning differencing calculating trusting dreaming inferring gleaning processing auguring vaticinating pinning down positing previsioning presaging prevising forefeeling premising venturing auspicating construing gauging fantasying integrating gaging looking upon spaeing lighting upon assessing sniffing out featuring watching tasting conceptualising apperceiving soaking in dreaming up having a hunch seeing in one's mind taking for granted appraising forming a picture of thinking likely forming a mental picture of psyching out getting into seeing in the mind's eye absorbing mentally respecting conceding encountering adjudicating allowing remembering proclaiming confessing becoming aware analyzing declaring rating meeting settling bringing to light going through separating pinpointing verifying reasoning counting reviewing owning treating depicting obtaining achieving rumbling soothsaying untangling disentangling pondering contrasting placing forewarning making certain of hazarding contemplating coming across running into daresaying confirming enrolling predicating searching out having experience of stumbling on opining getting clued up about checking dare-saying unlocking exploring entertaining weening catching sight of coming upon poring over adumbrating suggesting saying tracking thinking through taking up making up building castles in air getting the picture about conjuring up an image of taking notice of seeing through conjuring up getting wind of seeing in the cards daydreaming contriving getting wind of the fact getting to the bottom making of seeing coming telling apart looking up getting wise to the fact glimpsing seeing daylight wising up to cooking up dreaming about looking on seeing it coming thinking up reckoning on getting the message about thinking about analysing fantasizing about celebrating laying bare unmasking incorporating fixing getting wise seeing the point of taking as read sorting out catching on to the fact solving ingesting tumbling taking account adding up ranking calling the turn crystal balling it resolving croaking foreshowing philosophizing philosophising weighing up summing up catching the drift getting the gist knowing for certain clinching breaking embracing affecting seeing future understanding the situation becoming conscious becoming aware of the fact that getting through one's head becoming conscious of the fact that measuring piercing catching the drift of sympathizing with pegging checking out checking up on double-checking making certain having information copying flashing pinning feeling in one's bones getting vibrations forming an impression of reconstructing seeing in one's mind's eye building up a picture of becoming clear to evoking having knowledge having down pat feeling certain scenting maintaining marking dreaming of calling to mind bringing to mind conjuring up a picture of conjuring up a mental picture of seeing in your mind's eye creating in your mind smelling decrying clocking having an idea that having a feeling setting at variance making a distinction demarcating telling the difference between making a distinction between telling between deciding between diagnosticating determinating telling which is which accounting undergoing getting a load of pronouncing striking sighting facing happening rummaging collaring bumping chancing corralling setting down concocting portending examining probing scrutinizing planning framing suffering living through lighting on coming to the conclusion having sneaking suspicion waiting for counting upon counting on allowing for looking for figuring on planning on taking it as given regarding as likely calling it thinking it likely bargaining on banking on preparing for drawing the inference watching for hoping for having a hunch of counting chickens foretasting foreshadowing pre-empting bargaining for contemplating the possibility of taking it surveying inspecting investigating eyeballing questioning hallucinating depicturing ruling creating scheming chancing upon chancing on running across bumping into laying fingers on smoking out arriving at smelling out stumbling onto coming up with happening on tumbling upon putting your finger on laying your hand on happening upon putting one's finger on stumbling upon tripping on hunting out pitching upon falling in with coming up against enduring participating in witnessing becoming familiar with confronting partaking coming into contact with dissecting anatomizing assaying meditating ruminating lucking assigning refereeing umpiring arbitrating decreeing pursuing going over chewing over scrutinising looking at delving into picking at breaking down deconstructing digging into looking over cutting going into trying sustaining living experiencing coming into contact bearing coming to grips with sampling running the gauntlet passing tolerating withstanding apportioning awarding announcing sentencing charging swotting separating the sheep from the goats recognizing a distinction extricating telling the difference categorising separating the wheat from the chaff splitting hairs severalizing classifying severing specifying contradistinguishing knowing what's what collating categorizing drawing a distinction comparing segregating sifting discerning a difference working at apprenticing having lessons in conning reading up on knowing backwards cramming getting across mugging up applying oneself to acquiring a knowledge of perusing acquiring skill in hitting the books familiarizing yourself with gaining an understanding of preparing grinding agreeing affirming professing yielding ruling on seeing as believing to be viewing as regarding as taking course cracking the books specializing in majoring in wading through minoring in burning midnight oil brushing up on becoming able training in improving mind acquiescing acceding eliciting debunking letting on concurring with getting off chest cooperating with bowing to deferring to subscribing to attesting to acceding to fessing up owning up certifying taking an oath coming out of closet acquiescing in copping a plea owning up to avowing opening up going along with approving of agreeing to coming clean larnin approximating implying forming an opinion of making a guess at guesstimating making an estimate of picking taking a stab taking a stab at taking a shot at going out on a limb having a sneaking suspicion of taking a shot jumping to a conclusion


Comprising of, as part of a whole
including incorporating comprising encompassing covering embracing involving constituting containing consisting of carrying entailing numbering subsuming enclosing inserting building in taking in compassing embodying accounting for enveloping holding spanning comprising of amounting to having encircling engrossing integrating assimilating absorbing accommodating co-opting taking into account considering taking account of allowing for dealing with adding consolidating appending adopting combining homogenizing mustering counting swallowing up factoring in homogenising putting in providing for taking into consideration imputing encapsulating consisting inholding surrounding borrowing concerning appropriating classifying listing examining intermixing occasioning admitting requiring demanding pertaining to treating of surveying referring to attending to extending as far as having as a consequence leading to extending to going as far as resulting in collecting organizing concentrating imbuing implanting enfolding systematizing sending sending with accepting acculturating engaging codifying bearing storing entering establishing blending merging fusing bringing together organising unifying systematising amalgamating gathering together keeping stowing adapting conforming naturalising naturalizing accustoming adding in denoting bringing in counting in boasting seating touching on linking numbering among taking note of drawing in hooking engulfing having capacity for having space for having seating for having room for

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