Synonym of condemnatory

Alternative for condemnatory



containing or imposing condemnation or censure


Serving to condemn or censure
censorious critical disapproving condemning damnatory damning denunciatory reprobative accusatory accusing castigatory censuring deprecatory fault-finding reproachful reproving scathing vituperative withering denouncing disparaging judgmental proscriptive reprobatory unfavorable unfavourable faultfinding hypercritical cavilling overcritical captious carping caviling criticizing negative contemptuous rejective derogatory pass-remarkable criticising pejorative severe harsh full of reproof admonitory accusive quibbling niggling pedantic recriminatory incriminatory picky nitpicking complaining cavillous upbraiding griping bellyaching stern nit-picking slating knocking whingeing accusatorial dissatisfied nit-picky blameful disappointed pharisaic self-righteous admonishing opprobrious abusive scolding judgy accusative unforgiving frowning discouraging reprehensive comminatory grousing grouchy moaning grumbling culpatory reprehending reproaching chiding severely critical boot-faced disapprobatory grouching whining nagging imputative bleating hostile displeased denunciative fulminatory comminative slighting hair-splitting kvetching mithering hard to please chuntering deprecating difficult to please discontented impossible to please judgemental unsympathetic pettifogging pernickety calumniatory hairsplitting belittling cutting cynical ultra-critical uncomplimentary denigratory demeaning depreciative scornful insulting derogative depreciatory detractive disdainful offensive derisory degrading denigrative defamatory contumelious damaging scurrilous sarcastic decrying slanderous libellous libelous unflattering finicky derisive injurious overnice antagonistic vilifying unfriendly adverse rude hurtful fussy contrary nasty deprecative poor maligning bad invective vitriolic biting spiteful punctilious inimical calumnious catty low over-exacting satirical detracting overscrupulous sneering scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile traducing demanding malicious sharp-tongued denigrating disrespectful mean adversarial sardonic nice adversary sophistical nitpicky personal disavowing opposing perfectionist minimizing vicious dismissive detractory discrediting minimising over-rigorous over-strict meticulous fastidious antipathetic jaundiced inhospitable prejudicial exacting exceptive persnickety dishonouring scandalous over-censorious over-particular mud-slinging naysaying counter defaming dishonoring despiteful malevolent humiliating ill-disposed malign on someone's back insolent debasing reviling brusque cruel shrewish cursing fine querulous familiar intrusive impertinent cheeky ambiguous equivocal evasive subtle overexact overprecise overexacting scoffing overrefined jesuitical berating unpleasant maledictory scandalmongering muckraking backbiting contemptible arrogant mocking condescending diminishing deflating precisionist exact precise scrupulous maledictive slurring overparticular virulent finical literalist dogmatic literalistic purist formalist humbling diagnostic discerning discriminating analytical lowering critic trenchant sharp penetrating particular choleric discreditable venomous hateful irreverent disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading ironical obloquious castigating calumniating ranting casuistic scholastic casuistical sophistic aspersive blunt aspersing untoward libeling injuring excoriating despicable hurting offending abasing libelling vile shaming malignant disgracing vulgar unhelpful irritable crabby trivial testy perverse thorny unfair unjust touchy cantankerous peevish petty acrimonious petulant cross tricky honest candid attacking undermining disobliging invalidating obstructive stark straightforward realistic very critical outspoken vexatious unappealing corrosive caustic abrasive destructive troublesome straight from the shoulder uncharitable warts and all snide epithetical


Leading to misfortune or ruin

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