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condones, condoned, condoning

Synonym: excuse,


Kind or lenient, often to excess
approving tolerating indulgent lenient permissive forgiving clement liberal forbearing sympathetic charitable merciful easy-going easygoing soft compassionate tolerant gentle mild lax benign complaisant pardoning excusing kind benignant obliging easy light tender mollycoddling compliant pampering spoiling softhearted soft-hearted magnanimous humane benevolent gracious generous allowing permitting yielding sparing tender-hearted patient pitying kindly understanding kind-hearted moderate humoring temperate humouring kindhearted beneficent accommodating humanitarian tenderhearted heart in right place all heart bleeding heart feeling ruthful pitiful acquiescent cooperative flexible pliant agreeable docile deceivable loving favoring good-natured assuasive letting amiable soft-shell emollient assuaging dupable favouring gullible biddable submissive susceptible deludable amenable trusting fleeceable naive tractable unoppressive unburdensome unsuspicious going easy on live with being big broad-minded open-minded long-suffering catholic unprejudiced fair unbigoted unbiased stoic stoical uncomplaining easy-oasy latitudinarian big advanced easy with broad accepting free and easy sophisticated easy on receptive radical wide progressive overindulgent undemanding weak boneless spineless considerate caring warm friendly warmhearted mellow thoughtful good-hearted genial affable neighbourly warm-hearted good-humored neighborly good-humoured pleasant cordial calm helpful unselfish free amicable decent congenial big-hearted cheerful altruistic sentimental sensitive hospitable sociable serene good good-tempered responsive approachable libertarian resigned placid even-tempered empathetic loose well-disposed chivalrous high-minded quiet affectionate giving selfless deferential philanthropic reasonable polite nice bighearted longanimous nonjudgmental fatherly supportive favorable motherly pleasing favourable sweet large-hearted well meaning bleeding-heart well disposed bland noble unflappable untroubled enlightened modest restrained gallant courteous empathic unorthodox unconventional bountiful peaceful relaxed munificent cool unstinting human great-hearted left rational avant-garde intelligent interested receiving breezy convivial peaceable open-handed happy bounteous companionable chummy gregarious lovable meek laid-back goodhearted maternal likeable tranquil laissez-faire matey clubby likable happy-go-lucky easy to get along with sweet-tempered buddy-buddy imperturbable unexcitable carefree unruffled hands-off equable casual nonchalant insouciant unconcerned fond unhurried accommodative doting solicitous humble unassuming commiserative soothing willing composed balmy ungrudging delicate concerned comforting enduring self-controlled self-restrained shy demure outgoing sympathizing condoling princely nonabrasive reverent retiring commiserating fatherlike pally comradely cheery greathearted self-possessed regular passive sympathising lamblike openhanded knightly lavish delightful engaging civil buoyant smiling extroverted extrovert respectful subdued angelic unoffensive public-spirited loving and giving reformist brotherly company-loving humanistic hail-fellow-well-met with the patience of Job general smooth well-mannered open liberalistic non-restrictive soft-boiled placable unprescriptive unrestricted live-and-let-live generous to a fault willing to forgive touchy-feely eager to help eager to please liberal-minded mushy emotional heroic courageous perceptive comprehending appreciative reassuring cosseting gratifying softie marshmallow eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful regardful well intentioned openhearted wholesome benefic tactful attentive philanthropical freehanded courtly valiant conciliatory assenting willing to please favourably disposed soft-shelled overpermissive low-pressure devil-may-care handsome unpretentious living with conformable brave lowly civilized going easy with free-handed well-meaning persistent persevering philosophical consoling encouraging restful softened halcyon deliberate slow muted zephyr-like feeble accessible righteous equanimous untiring mild-tempered inexcitable fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless going along with piteous obedient civilised impartial nonconventional nonorthodox right-on non-partisan nontraditional having heart in right place impassive philosophic fortitudinous elevated high lordly sublime natural lofty great self-sacrificing able to live with poised offhand outgiving indolent uncritical collected complacent lazy hang-loose informal uninhibited worthy soft-touch upright down-to-earth diffident timid self-effacing noble-minded valorous old softie charming winsome laid back noninterventionist open-hearted unobtrusive unambitious do-good couthy conversable personable winning Santa Claus mild-mannered well-intentioned politically correct cozy swell clubbable copacetic urbane forthcoming bonhomous unctuous stately suave has heart in right place unworried blithe pabulum Milquetoast manageable nothing orderly wishy-washy zero cowed plain fearful easy to get on with downright neighborly palsy-walsy cosy soft-spoken moral non-confrontational pacific sisterly dovelike dove-like harmless paternal chilled easy-peasy controlled together unfazed nonirritant mollifying calmative clear nonirritating sober steady even judicious abstinent measured disciplined reserved balanced considered careful conservative compromising cautious not excessive not given to excesses

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