Synonym of conferred

Alternative for conferred

confers, conferred, conferring

Synonym: consult, discuss, talk over,


To have given what is needed or desired
provided brought contributed delivered supplied gave presented arranged catered imparted offered produced served transferred yielded accorded dispensed handed over proffered provisioned kicked in laid on lay on bestowed chipped in granted replenished beared passed given furnished donated entrusted awarded left endowed bequeathed gifted committed assigned put up handed turned over transmitted vested afforded handed out consigned extended trusted delegated relinquished allotted conveyed lent confided intrusted invested surrendered rendered bequoth bequethen reposed allocated yolden yold relegated ceded made over vouchsafed tendered advanced forked out coughed up doled out endued favored recommended apportioned commended devoted favoured blessed blest volunteered come up with stumped up shelled out conferred on ponied up graced passed on presented with indued issued given over gave over commissioned pledged paid payed given away gave away allowed shared bequested purveyed dished out pitched in bestowed on let endowed with let someone have distributed abdicated devised injected charged authorized placed fed feed permitted submitted anted up provided with come through legated vested in gifted with handed on furnished with handed down signed over authorised willed added came up with given up gave up gave out given out loaned subscribed enabled demised disbursed equipped empowered tasked turned in laid down prorated portioned cast sacrificed subsidized dealt out parcelled out administered parceled out put at disposal put forth put at someone's disposal presented to awarded to made a donation of divvied armed come across with subsidised meted out let oneself in for let out consigned to put out left to invested in donated to sweetened the pot put forward put into the hands of staked supplied with allotted to put into hands of imparted to entrusted to put oneself down for cut off lotted assigned to came through abandoned renounced diverted credited referred waived forked up designated conceded redirected discharged ventured licenced entitled sanctioned licensed qualified accredited channelled channeled devolved equipt sponsored funded deposited lavished engaged dealt certified warranted lay down acceded appropriated passed out shifted moved dispatched passed round ordained parted with given a donation of gave a donation of slipped supplied on credit allocated to got it up payed out promised disherited delivered up letten lavished on honoured with conferred on someone made trustee apportioned to found handed in resigned fixed up showed accommodated someone with laid out settled on imparted with deposited with divided out rendered to patronized allowed to look after subbed shared out treated paid in advance chartered invested with alienated reassigned enhanced changed confined divided contributed to patronised aliened endowed in probated granted to favoured with made a contribution of measured left to by will brought forward begifted deeded kitted out enriched heaped on made a gift of sharked trotted out committed to measured out fed the kitty blest with dowered disinherited aided meted bequeathed to showered made available placed at disposal left with stored commanded paid out sweetened the kitty afforded to obliged acquiesced employed entrusted with distributed to came across with sent honored with remitted destined passed the hat accommodated partitioned laid on one handed out to leet lent-lease loan sharked bore borne given with gave with acted with shown gave to given authority given to gave authority given of gave of did one's part got in the act done one's part gotten it up gotten in the act founden gave in given in fand lay out did done gave custody of given custody of given free rein gave custody gave free rein given custody


Past tense for to discuss together
consulted parleyed talked conversed confabulated powwowed spoke spake spoken negotiated advised communicated confabbed counselled counseled discussed jawed palavered treated deliberated discoursed discussed things exchanged views had discussions rapped argued bargained blitzed brainstormed breezed collogued convened dealt debated flapped gabbed had a talk had negotiations had talks huddled chewed the fat had a chat had a confab chewed the rag gave meeting given meeting got heads together gotten heads together kicked ideas around picked one's brain tossed ideas around chatted communed put heads together had a discussion interfaced chitchatted yakked nattered shot the breeze networked discussed terms connected interacted had a conversation chattered chaffered parlayed conversated dialoged checked met visited interviewed gossiped gossipped held talks schmoozed shmoozed kibbitzed kibitzed exchanged talked things over liaised put their heads together made terms compared notes reasoned discussed matters consulted with each other held discussion talked over kept in touch touched base shot the bull thrashed out text had a word engaged in conversation had a chinwag gone into a huddle went into a huddle collaborated cooperated interrogated asked considered questioned rattled rabbited prated gabbled chuntered jabbered cackled wittered blabbed prattled chinned gassed rabbitted babbled twittered pattered referred to examined regarded referred accessed cogitated reviewed turned to talked turkey run on used interconnected corresponded sounded out picked someone's brains sought advice talked to looked up made a deal reflected pondered felt contemplated mused mediated related vented canvassed confided sought opinion of picked one's brains linked intercommunicated met up had dealings contacted made contact bickered spoken to each other spoke to each other consulted each other mooted hammered out a deal reached out acquainted replied come to terms worked out a deal chinwagged consulted together discussed a settlement had a meet carried on conversation joined in conversation e-mailed texted buzzed writ phoned telephoned tried to reach a compromise treated with someone made conversation batted about made a bargain had at it confided in tossed around talked game hashed over shared ideas got in contact racked brains dropped a line dropped a note kicked about established contact bumped heads heard from kicked around hashed out communed with locked horns wrangled over crossed swords ran on seen saw took a meeting taken a meeting taken account of taken counsel took account of took counsel came to terms gotten together got together asked advice of bandied words batted around written wrote associated with got on the horn given a ring gave a call given a call gave a ring gotten on the horn rung up rang up


Lasting longer than is usual or expected
extended long lengthy long-drawn-out prolonged protracted elongated lengthened long-lasting elongate enlarged extensive far great increased king-size king-sized long-drawn long-lived long-term marathon oversized drawn-out outstretched proffered unfurled unrolled widened continued dragged out drawn out king size spread spun out stretched stretched out strung out unfolded spread out very long expanded interminable overlong enduring dragging sustained lingering prolix long-winded lasting tedious verbose time-consuming outspread slow delayed wordy rambling open boring wearisome dragged-out seemingly endless of considerable length persistent long-standing faraway distant spun-out diffuse far-reaching spread-out longish durable abiding continuing permanent fanned out widely spread dull considerable convoluted discursive ponderous garrulous digressive made longer epic padded tiresome windy never-ending gruelling grueling broad sprawled diffusive overextended boundless tardy unending dilatory late limitless endless ringent for ages without end remote stretching rangy far-off lofty stringy towering high tall deep running stretch lanky gangling long-running secure steady stable forever and a day flared firm solid established sound fixed straightened out wide-open fanlike fully extended opened up splayed out longevous wide open open wide opened out persisting perennial perdurable advancing pursuing chronic maintaining persevering sustaining progressing old as Methuselah full of years carrying on circumlocutory meandering pleonastic circuitous periphrastic logorrheic ambagious palaverous redundant loquacious repetitious voluble maundering laborious tautological tortuous talkative bombastic logorrhoeic turgid ceaseless constant wandering everlasting monotonous continual continuous sesquipedalian gabby chatty circumlocutionary talky inflated full of verbiage gradual pompous empty vague loose waffly boastful waffling progressive draggy conservative flatulent gassy roundabout painful verbal profuse random lavish copious exuberant flowery multiyear multiday stale prosing flat commonplace pedestrian unceasing incessant unimaginative prosaic uninteresting humdrum perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop unbroken immeasurable unbounded unbound interminate looped eternal day-and-night timeless unabating expansive prosy remaining no end to no end of on a treadmill ingrained deep-rooted settled lifelong routine habitual inborn ever-present recurrent usual inbred deep-seated incurable tenacious stubborn ineradicable confirmed obstinate unyielding recurring inveterate rooted haunting unmitigated

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