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conjures, conjured, conjuring

Synonym: appeal, entreat, implore, plead,


Magic, sorcery, or the use of supernatural powers
sorcery witchcraft magic wizardry necromancy enchantment witchery voodooism thaumaturgy bewitchment devilry mojo bewitchery ensorcellment deviltry diablerie voodoo incantation occultism divination spell abracadabra conjuration sortilege witching black art alchemy theurgy hoodoo black magic hocus-pocus black arts diabolism conjury occult magnetism mumbo jumbo charm makutu sleight of hand legerdemain illusion trickery power hocuspocus prestidigitation rune foreboding allurement fascination astrology superstition soothsaying horoscopy taboo exorcism prediction presage augury prophecy fortune-telling jinx spells spellcraft spellworking charms spellcasting demonry the occult whammy hexcraft warlockry wizardcraft shamanism spell-casting obeah evil eye the black art magic spell demonology devilish satanism malediction supernatural spiritualism spiritism mysticism jinxes orenda hexes medicine obi muti incantations mesmerism hypnotism Wicca sympathetic magic wonder-working illusionism mana dwimmer charmwork dwimmercraft spellwork charisma white magic natural magic hex old religion glamor glamour curse invocation hexing malison anathema imprecation execration ban cess bewitching chant winze magic formula double whammy dark art black hocus-pocus demonianism demon worship allure paranormal supernaturalism prayer cabbalism magic word orison mumbo-jumbo open sesame triple whammy epiclesis Kabbalah excommunication plague devil worship karakia affliction nemesis enchanting trance damning bad luck damnation misfortune gremlin bugaboo Indian sign denunciation cursing oath kiss of death evil fortune no-no darn expletive cuss commination blight cuss word dirty word curse word four-letter word swear word dirty name


The act of conjuring or bringing about, typically in a mystical or divine manner


Having enchanting qualities
magical enchanting charming entrancing appealing attractive fascinating wonderful bewitching captivating lovely spellbinding beautiful beguiling enthralling heavenly irresistible alluring delightful glorious idyllic magnetic magnificent superb divine gorgeous intriguing sublime engaging heady hypnotic intoxicating inviting mesmeric mesmerising mesmerizing seductive bewitched charmed dreamy enchanted entranced fairylike mind-blowing charismatic dreamlike exquisite fiendish fairy-tale too good to be true glamorous fetching compelling glamourous riveting exciting luring enticing tantalizing tantalising engrossing elfin interesting dazzling gripping winning absorbing tempting hypnotizing arresting hypnotising compulsive thrilling delectable prepossessing ravishing unputdownable pleasing romantic provocative endearing pleasant winsome transfixing taking striking desirable titillating marvelous marvellous electrifying very interesting stimulating entertaining consuming diverting curious immersing amusing involving thought-provoking fortunate storybook happy traditional perfect magic sirenic disarming drawing pulling siren orphic bonny enrapturing influential rapturous Orphean pretty strong in character full of personality larger than life provoking seducing very exciting mysterious exotic fantastic colourful quixotic fantastical nostalgic chivalrous adventurous colorful impressive strange outlandish bizarro moving meaty vibrant breathtaking astonishing eventful attention-grabbing unique newsy inspiring stirring splashy relatable fabulous eye-opening amazing invigorating remarkable piquant exhilarating vivid racy out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable exceptional preoccupying newsworthy portentous action-packed noteworthy envigorating trenchant galvanising topical fine showy unboring wondrous affecting emphatic galvanizing electric buzzworthy refreshing agreeable likeable likable adorable cute lovable bodacious infatuating dainty sweet beauteous comely enamoring delicate fair adorbs elegant nice graceful smashing magnetising choice babelicious magnetizing amiable on fleek eye-catching good-looking easy on the eye as nice as pie stunning sexy knockout fanciable sultry sightly tasty handsome fit good luscious hot nubile foxy spunky aesthetic pulchritudinous esthetic seemly likely bonnie lovesome goodly nice-looking come-hither sensuous arousing well-favored as pretty as a picture drop-dead gorgeous well favoured sexual lush beddable sensual bootylicious erotic sexually attractive come-to-bed out of this world drop-dead smart beckoning stylish dishy easy on the eyes well-favoured polite cultured sophisticated suave cultivated witty debonair genial civilized darling worldly personable congenial hunky civilised dear affable shapely radiant teasing scrumptious well bred specious attracting wholesome sensational becoming buxom blooming worldly-wise a ten very beautiful fine-looking well favored devastating friendly cutesy sympathetic witching beseeching inveigling couthy loveable ingratiating insinuating precious flirtatious clean-cut trim dreamboat eyeful bijou immodest suggestive shameless picture-perfect raunchy amorous coquettish slinky sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy easygoing good-natured sweet-natured enjoyable relishable preferable studly tarty beaut flamboyant fashionable chic classy glitzy glam ritzy well dressed splendid trendy opulent righteous flashy prestigious nifty looking like a million persuasive drawing attention


Present participle for appeal to, implore
begging beseeching praying entreating imploring importuning supplicating craving adjuring besieging impetrating petitioning soliciting appealing to asking bracing urging pleading to calling on pleading requesting obsecrating pleading with appealing pressing invoking enjoining obtesting suing praying to exhorting applying to calling upon demanding desiring seeking putting in for bidding requisitioning lobbying asking earnestly invocating asking for calling for going on bended knee to pushing prigging encouraging insisting asking urgently persuading referencing raising craving of crying making a plea to appealing for nagging worrying wooing abjuring canvassing advocating pestering coaxing plaguing wheedling blandishing going on bended knee requesting earnestly reciting saying working on sending for calling forth calling to crying for requiring calling claiming questing exacting bespeaking postulating applying questioning querying pressuring bumming cadgin cadging suing for pressing for pleading for applying for hitting up begging for petitioning for speaking for whistling for drumming up passing the hat praying for hitting on ordering summoning commanding obtaining expecting directing compelling inviting inquiring bidding for instructing insisting on enquiring attracting charging obliging getting forcing gathering collecting rounding up looking for pushing for proposing telling sponging challenging beckoning stipulating for clamoring for securing engaging necessitating propositioning stipulating dictating putting in mandating decreeing wishing warning putting in an application appointing inquiring about buying trying to obtain clamouring for badgering for making a claim pestering for nagging for baying for laying claim to insisting upon taking promoting mobilizing inspiring bringing to pass inciting provoking inducing bringing on prearranging suggesting pleasing fundraising mobilising referring extorting extracting imposing crawling filing interceding electing ordering beforehand submitting contesting addressing advancing constraining aspiring barking spieling canvasing making bearing squaring things clamouring campaigning requesting urgently coercing arrogating hailing clamoring baying goading pursuing prompting summonsing putting in a claim for putting dibs on speaking hustling touting copping a plea making up for making an urgent request resorting making an earnest request making a plea holding out for enquiring after making an entreaty making application asserting oneself obligating causing counting on filing for badgering investigating exploring paging placing an order drumming prodding bugging nudging drumming up support making a pitch for going after putting in an order holding out putting in a plea submitting an application booking acquiring going in fetching reserving asking forcefully asking brusquely asking authoritatively egging on campaigning for discovering commissioning hiring freeloading imploring for lobbying for digging up putting in an order for placing an order for sending away for sending off for writing off for contracting for leeching mooching accepting donations asking people to give panhandling for scabbing ordaining needing prescribing bludging borrowing tasking succeeding in finding subpoenaing authorising authorizing ruling scrounging calling the shots giving orders forcing upon giving the command to giving the order to giving orders to giving directions laying down the law bossing around imposing on putting foot down sorning on someone for touching someone for


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