Synonym of consolatory

Alternative for consolatory


affording comfort or solace


Serving to alleviate a person's feelings of grief or distress
comforting consoling cheering encouraging reassuring heartening soothing assuaging calming commiserative compassionate condoling gentle protective relieving solicitous sympathetic tender understanding warm caring easing fulfilling gladdening gratifying heartwarming helpful loving rewarding satisfying supportive uplifting heart-warming inspiriting abating allaying alleviating analeptic bolstering curing freeing health-giving envigorating invigorating kind kindly lightening mitigating refreshing remedying restoring revitalising revitalizing revivifying softening solacing succouring succoring sustaining upholding warming concerned benevolent sensitive pitying softhearted sympathizing all heart condolatory soft thoughtful responsive sympathising empathetic full of pity relaxing charitable considerate piteous moved merciful restful tenderhearted warmhearted commiserating kindhearted peaceful quiet calm tranquillizing sorry lulling sedative tranquil pacifying quieting dreamy narcotic tranquilizing placid soporific reposeful mollifying positive nurturing inspiring boosting stimulating affectionate appreciative empathic indulgent generous promising propitious auspicious hopeful beneficent giving attentive philanthropic maternal philanthropical gracious paternal affirmative altruistic cheerful feeling enthusiastic approving pleasing welcome tolerant accepting forgiving patient forbearing benignant magnanimous approachable humane lenient bighearted good-natured human perceptive clement comprehending kind-hearted

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