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look down on with disdain


Present participle for to treat or regard with contempt
disdaining scorning slighting deriding despising dissing disregarding disrespecting snubbing undervaluing hating mocking reviling spurning jeering at sneezing at sniffing at walking over feeling contempt for looking down on scoffing at treating with contempt thumbing one's nose at look down one's nose at looking down upon rejecting sneering at putting down abhorring misprizing pouring scorn on repudiating holding in contempt abominating belittling scouting disparaging shunning dismissing rebuffing cutting regarding with contempt renouncing heaping scorn on refusing showing contempt for cold-shouldering stiff-arming turning nose up at looking down nose at turning your nose up at pooh-poohing loathing detesting execrating chillin chilling stiffing disliking deploring shrinking from looking down your nose at finding intolerable disrelishing neglecting eschewing feeling contempt wiping out having no use for having a down on ignoring declining jilting repulsing repelling snouting balking at telling someone where to get off freezing out giving the brush giving the bum's rush brushing off giving someone the brush-off knocking back giving the cold shoulder giving someone the go-by cutting dead flouting laughing at being above scoffing pissing on pissing over trashing defying confuting taunting gibing avoiding spitting on ridiculing sneering refuting blowing raspberries at laughing out of court turning down considering beneath you running down curling your lip at turning back on giving the Bronx cheer to spitting in the face of considering beneath one spitting in the eye of turning up your nose at making fun of discounting holding in disdain brushing aside treating as inferior frowning on condemning playing down lookng down at undermining wiping making little of waving aside making light of expressing contempt turning one's nose up at holding up to scorn revolting vilipending failing disobeying disesteeming recoiling from disliking greatly finding disgusting feeling repugnance towards disfavoring disfavouring diminishing denigrating deprecating feeling repugnance having a strong aversion to having aversion to having it in for discrediting disowning disclaiming discarding refusing to acknowledge having contempt for telling someone to get lost casting aside giving the cold shoulder to sweeping aside


Present participle for to belittle or express disapproval of
dismissing belittling deprecating disparaging denigrating decrying scorning depreciating deriding diminishing disdaining minimising minimizing derogating mocking ridiculing vilipending dissing discounting trashing gibing girding jeering scoffing taunting twitting bad-mouthing pooh-poohing trash-talking running down scoffing at playing down putting down sneering at talking down crying down jibing at insulting knocking laughing at sneering scouting flouting ragging making fun of poking fun at jibing teasing jeering at pillorying skewering panning rallying slighting despising bantering booing treating contemptuously poking mullock at shooting down ragging on making sport of flouting at treating with contempt taking the piss out of taking the mickey out of reviling offending affronting slagging off outraging wounding discrediting rejecting disbelieving riding disrespecting fleering at scouting at making light of slapping making a fool of digging at showing contempt slurring cutting down making jokes about hectoring heckling abusing hissing catcalling interrupting barracking shouting down shouting disapproval shouting at quipping catcalling at putting on calling names booing at digging hooting hissing at whistling at shouting disapproval at making a crack jabbing blowing raspberries at giving a hard time hooting at jesting poking fun fleering blowing raspberries sniping detracting chaffing satirizing lampooning tormenting vilifying slamming razzing quizzing jollying detracting from louting ribbing roasting kidding pouring scorn on heaping scorn on satirising holding up to ridicule dumping on doing a number on joshing jiving needling caricaturing japing chiacking travestying hazing sending up winding up burlesquing whistling mimicking parodying joking humiliating funning laughing shouting goofing on slinging off at making a monkey out of baiting criticizing hounding fooling cartooning guying wisecracking gibing at gagging spoofing criticising shrieking pulling one's leg howling provoking hassling bothering goading yukking yucking picking on deflating unmasking exposing cracking dumping leering swiping underrating grinning sniggering howling down taking off shucking sledging having on slanging showing contempt for showing up smoking sniffing at ranking out quipping at sneezing at holding in contempt making a monkey of thumbing nose at making a laughing-stock looking down on drowning out taking the mickey turning up one's nose railing at giving Bronx cheer making a game of snickering smiling censuring hollering raspberrying squibbing pasquinading buffooning susurrating carping murmuring whispering seething curling one's lip hoaxing poking borak at pulling somebody's leg leading on leading down the garden path screaming giving the bird to flaming crying yelling amusing pulling someone's chain pranking fooling around pulling someone's leg flipping messing around entertaining fooling about diverting uttering catcalls getting at sibilating playing a prank upbraiding tantalising twittering tantalizing reproaching playing a practical joke roaring spurning whooping swipeing at guffawing punning sallying imitating doing copying aping disrupting having a go at annoying crying out condemning hurting aggravating having a joke with miming misrepresenting doing an impression of perverting doing a takeoff of exaggerating distorting twisting impersonating upsetting mortifying treating with disdain pestering maligning turning up your nose making cutting remarks about turning your nose up at saying contemptuously curling one's lip at slandering poking borack plaguing embarrassing disturbing disconcerting harassing worrying rattling discomfiting chivying badgering bullying fazing libeling libelling defaming dishonoring impugning disobliging irritating calumniating abasing aspersing butting in making game of injuring miscalling degrading debasing blistering cursing dishonouring stepping on one's toes cutting to the quick casting aspersions on treating disrespectfully cutting dead hurting someone's feelings throwing shade causing offence to giving offence to shouting catcalls at holding up to shame making someone a laughing stock laughing out of court exposing to ridicule


Present participle for to blame or insult (someone) in strong or violent language
vituperating castigating lambasting abusing attacking blasting censuring berating vilifying reviling slamming slating rebuking reprimanding reproaching excoriating denigrating upbraiding knocking bashing hammering maligning condemning scolding chastising trashing savaging assailing rubbishing chiding insulting denouncing carpeting aspersing potshotting belabouring belaboring slandering roasting scathing rating calumniating traducing railing smearing blaming vilipending skewering crucifying haranguing lashing cursing slanging accusing growling riling bad-mouthing laying into running down railing against slagging off jumping on inveighing against tearing into bawling out finding fault with telling off chewing out fulminating against tongue-lashing taking to task reading the riot act giving someone a dressing-down lighting to sailing into crying down tying into beating up on ripping into tearing a strip off yelling at barking at finding fault disparaging dissing criticizing panning pulling apart taking to pieces defaming decrying belittling having a go at criticising slighting discrediting pouring scorn on pummelling pummeling bagging derogating hitting out at dragging through the mud putting down doing a hatchet job on impugning pillorying speaking evil of speaking ill of slurring throwing mud at dumping on deprecating casting aspersions on throwing brickbats at libeling libelling stigmatizing spreading lies about bringing into disrepute sullying the reputation of blackening the reputation of blackening the name of diminishing conducting a smear campaign against giving a bad name doing down minimizing scorning stigmatising rapping deflating dressing down discounting dismissing detracting from depreciating trash-talking faulting dispraising minimising kissing off talking down playing down speaking badly of underestimating undervaluing ridiculing deriding underrating downplaying reproving downgrading trivializing mocking treating lightly disdaining lessening compromising devaluating cheapening humiliating scoffing at pooh-poohing making light of admonishing sneering at detracting selling short minifying misprizing reprehending flaming humbling picking holes in spurning discountenancing looking down on holding cheap trivialising disgracing clamoring against taking down a peg caning remonstrating with rollicking slashing hauling over the coals slagging bollocking objurgating cutting up giving a rocket exprobating getting after ostracising incriminating tearing off a strip tearing apart remonstrating judging backbiting lecturing reaming out giving someone a bollocking rebuffing picking apart ostracizing reading out disciplining giving someone a roasting cavilling looking askance rapping over the knuckles giving someone a rollicking giving someone a bad press animadverting giving someone hell caviling disapproving carping at debasing blackening mistreating voodooing demonizing jinxing cussing digging blistering scorching demonising pulling to pieces calling down ragging on skinning alive tearing down ripping up giving a black eye putting a whammy on lacing to flaying ragging pitching into keelhauling ticking off letting someone have it reprobating pulling up ranting at railing at giving a talking-to giving someone a telling-off trimming giving someone an earful arraigning giving someone what for basting jawing giving someone a mouthful giving someone a wigging giving someone a rating wigging coming down on scoring rowing giving someone a row giving someone a caning slapping down blowing up giving someone some stick raking over the coals denunciating disapproving of mauling sending someone away with a flea in their ear giving a bad press to cavilling at chastening animadverting on vituperating against putting on the mat execrating reaming besmirching deploring giving some stick to objecting to taking apart nitpicking about nagging giving flak to charging skinning calling to account punishing indicting criticizing severely blowing up at jumping down one's throat anathematizing giving a piece of one's mind taking exception to sledging shooting down impeaching calling on the carpet picking to pieces slapping someone's wrist imputing inculpating complaining about branding taxing carping opposing raving at correcting pointing the finger at checking going on at bagging on scourging ripping coming down hard on prosecuting framing taking issue with criminating finding lacking expressing disapproval of holding responsible recriminating talking to holding accountable tearing to pieces kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about laying down the law lashing out at despising taking to the woodshed thundering frowning on ranting nagging at fulminating hitting penalizing challenging looking askance at calling over the coals cautioning whipping passing strictures upon inveighing protesting against penalising objecting complaining opposing strongly lessoning monishing bringing to book speaking out against going for the jugular taking down fingering raising objections to leaning on jumping all over climbing all over making a fuss about complaining vociferously about arguing with griping about taking a stand against preferring charges against laying charges against abhorring arguing against lampooning detesting carping about whining about fustigating protesting moaning about quibbling about grousing about grouching about declaiming disputing fuming proscribing nitpicking over raging against thundering against beefing about whingeing about bellyaching about animadverting upon tearing to shreds declaiming against finding unacceptable lowering implicating sounding off about giving something a bad press visiting citing expostulating about protesting strongly at remonstrating about summonsing spouting raving expostulating beating raking shellacking zapping naming lamming into making a protest against kicking against alleging jawboning speaking jeering at nit-picking giving something a battering throwing the book at doing a number on wading into summoning complaining bitterly about kicking strongly criticizing criticizing strongly hanging something on pointing finger at lashing into attributing drawing the line speaking to laying at one's door letting fly at rapping on knuckles slapping on wrist giving one hell giving a going over preaching disagreeing violently with going on about picking at trouncing frowning upon telling a thing or two accusing of taking a dim view of charging with arraigning for coming down on like a ton of bricks bringing charges against making a stand against prosecuting for trying giving the business impeaching for casting a slur on bringing to trial for pointing the finger putting up a fight against filing charges against taking to court for making accusations about sounding off pointing a finger at having someone on the carpet putting on trial for reprimanding severely letting fly rounding on getting angry with refuting lashing out bringing under fire giving a rough time badmouthing contradicting rebutting attasking assaulting verbally taking disagreeing with reviewing unfavorably recompensing piling in heaping satirizing exprobrating confronting starting on starting in feruling skelping spanking warning taking on slapping cudgelling smothering striking cudgeling counselling advising counseling adjuring controverting gainsaying satirising threaping dooming sentencing degrading taunting giving a tongue-lashing harassing setting upon swearing clobbering jumping on one's case snapping someone's head off biting someone's head off slogging fluffing slugging showing someone up adjudging pronouncing frying imprecating blaspheming chewing dishonoring dishonouring laughing off marginalizing laughing at banishing dratting darning convicting banning expelling confounding rapping someone's knuckles twitting moralising moralizing cutting down quarreling with dinging forewarning hoisting noticing gluing glueing raking over coals jumping down someone's throat putting away sending up having words with having words giving somebody a piece of one's mind giving tongue-lashing dressing-down criticizing harshly keeping after tearing someone a new one giving someone a telling off severely reprimanding rapping across the knuckles blowing whistle on pinning it on going after carping on giving a hard time burning one's ears getting on taking somebody to task laying on giving comeuppance cutting to bits cussing out criticizing hatefully shouting at eating out giving someone a carpeting sitting on jacking up complaining of casting out inveigling against bringing to account giving someone stick having your knife in ranking on giving going-over raging giving bad press making an example of meting out punishment to exposing to ridicule understating demeaning squashing squelching sending up the river calling to task giving piece of mind devaluing sniping at holding up to shame teaching a lesson picking on sending someone away with a flea in his giving the dickens lowering the boom questioning holding forth against marginalising giving the devil presenting expressing strong disapproval of marking down taking away repressing softening subjugating afflicting suppressing sticking it to expressing disapprobation expressing disapprobation of thinking badly of talking something down throwing shade thinking wrong not supporting flogging thrashing throwing stones at taking swipe at drubbing scarifying indicting for singling out scapegoating putting on trial taking to court having the law on bringing someone to trial bringing a charge against holding at fault bringing a case against vociferating suing blowing the whistle serving summons filing claim bringing charges laying blame on censuring with apprehending recriminating for lodging complaint betraying laying at door taxing with incriminating for arresting storming shooting full of holes taking a swipe at cutting down to size cutting to the quick disesteeming disfavoring discommending negating expressing a poor opinion of zinging disfavouring remonstrating against laying at your door blustering huffing raising an holding someone to blame complaining to speaking out excepting raining objecting strongly to expressing disagreement with griping squabbling dissenting bickering resisting taking issue arguing fighting lodging a protest against combatting taking exception combating withstanding demurring taking a stand menacing making a stand intimidating kicking up taking great exception to passing on laying out dragging over the coals rapping someone the knuckles mouthing off about vociferating about swearing at ranting and raving saddling holding liable placing the blame on assigning fault to laying the blame on assigning guilt to assigning liability to discoursing orating considering guilty of laying a guilt trip on finding guilty of laying a bad trip on passing the buck talking addressing descanting expatiating mouthing off exhorting perorating serving with a summons facing with charges earbashing spouting to sermonizing to pontificating to preaching to accosting sermonising sermonizing spieling apostrophizing soapboxing stumping holding forth to buttonholing declaiming to spouting at preachifying to spieling to speechifying to delivering a tirade to holding forth getting on a soapbox giving a lecture to sounding off to


Present participle for to give little or no attention to
disregarding ignoring overlooking discounting brushing aside forgetting neglecting passing over dismissing omitting overpassing bypassing excusing forgiving pardoning remitting shrugging off slurring over whitewashing blanking unheeding conniving missing unminding glossing over cold-shouldering laughing off letting go letting pass living with papering over setting aside tuning out blinking at brushing away brushing off paying no attention to paying no heed to paying no mind taking no notice of turning a deaf ear turning a deaf ear to glozing over leaving be letting off easy shutting eyes to turning a blind eye turning a blind eye to winking at leaving out of account looking the other way making light of sending to Coventry taking no account of shirking skipping abandoning forsaking deferring avoiding discarding pretermitting deserting procrastinating scanting depreciating eliding rejecting underestimating postponing overleaping evading leaving undone skimping on letting slide not caring for losing sight of leaving alone thinking little of procrastinating over failing to look after turning your back on passing up paying little attention to not caring trifling with failing to remember failing to provide for throwing to the winds keeping one's distance failing to care for having nothing to do with keeping at arm's length not troubling oneself turning one's back on condoning sparing burying sinking stomaching taking deliberately ignoring putting up with swimming with the tide turning blind eye to shutting your eyes to letting ride letting someone off with grinning and bear it wiping slate clean bearing with conniving at making allowances for standing for going along with playing past looking past letting bygones be bygones rolling with punches letting something ride


Showing contempt or lack of respect
disdainful contemptuous proud scornful superior haughty arrogant derisive sneering aloof lordly supercilious condescending disparaging disrespectful hoity-toity slighting withering indifferent insolent mocking patronising patronizing snobbish abhorrent dismissive hifalutin highfalutin insulting jeering lofty prideful sniffy snotty contumelious full of contempt uppish antipathetic averse cavalier cool despising egotistic high-and-mighty overbearing rejecting repudiating scouting snooty toplofty unsympathetic uppity high and mighty on your high horse looking down your nose at turning up your nose at imperious pompous stuck-up toffee-nosed pretentious overweening conceited presumptuous self-important high-handed huffish huffy bumptious toploftical presuming masterful high-hat peremptory chesty important stiff-necked assumptive self-assertive self-asserting snobby la-di-da egotistical above oneself cocky posh grandiose magisterial fancy-pants snubbing smug scathing perfunctory domineering bossy gracious on high horse vainglorious vain full of yourself puffed up stuffy stooping offhand la-dee-da complaisant standoffish ambitious immodest negative giddy dizzy silliness thoughtless flighty dictatorial commanding airy spurning narcissistic self-satisfied shunning unenthusiastic dimissory belittling denigrating casual curt swaggering tyrannical overconfident unconcerned insouciant uninterested refined despotic authoritarian autocratic wiseguy aristocratic rude uncivil discourteous unceremonious pushy honourable honorable abrupt brusque off glib terse cursory ungracious ostentatious affected take-it-or-leave-it offish pococurante inconsiderate careless snippy inflated boastful bragging poncey windy portentous boasting puffy swanky flaunting self-centred unaccepting la-de-da high-minded self-centered devastating humiliating mortifying blistering stinging biting blasting searing high blighting hurtful swollen-headed big-headed sarcastic crushing self-aggrandizing distant detached reserved full of oneself assuming

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