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occurring in the same period of timeof the same period


Existing or created in the same period of time
coetaneous coeval coexistent coexisting coextensive coincident coincidental concurrent contemporary coterminous simultaneous synchronic synchronous concomitant cotemporal accompanying coinciding attendant recent attending new present newfangled current latest mod ultramodern synchronal modern up-to-date red-hot up-to-the-minute modernistic now topical present-day space-age state-of-the-art parallel voguish new-fashioned extant existent concurring leading-edge up to date up to the minute in sync new age related in fashion in vogue ongoing linked instant today happening with it hot designer au courant a la mode at the same time conterminous synchronized connected associated synchronised contempo fashionable collateral up abreast immediate trendsetting modish agreeing newest coordinate existing ancillary satellite incident side by side just out trendy hot off press cool live latter-day at the same time as concerted same time correlated corresponding correspondent identical supermodern of the same age of the time prevailing of the day actual living in step in synch in phase real-time instantaneous in the news cutting-edge alive burning dead heat latter de nos jours in with the beat happening at the same time in style present-time twenty-first-century common knowledge in the mainstream on front burner all the rage stylish done at the same time chic smart nowadays at this moment for the time being started just now even now prompt in duration going on being in process under consideration begun commenced already ad hoc accessory fresh advanced consequent complementary resultant progressive forward-looking resulting associative auxiliary flash swinging hip associated with incidental coupled with isochronal synergistic adjoining concordant conjoined joint belonging adjuvant coefficient conjoined with isochronous in time in tempo fellow affiliated synergetic contributing corollary snazzy cutting edge natty leading edge nifty go-ahead avant-garde high-tech kicking kicky tony fly hi-tech spiffy modern-day brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' leading newly discovered popular novel ground-breaking updated faddish groundbreaking plugged-in innovative innovatory nouvelle pioneering recently developed in-thing neoteric never-before-seen

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