Synonym of converging

Alternative for converging

converges, converged, converging

Antonym: diverge,


Present participle for to meet or come together at an agreed time and place
assembling concentring concentering concentrating congregating gathering meeting clustering collecting conglomerating convening foregathering forgathering rendezvousing combining concurring encountering focalizing focusing focussing mingling rallying touching entering in coming together crowding flocking getting together mustering grouping swarming huddling thronging massing congressing flocking together herding convoking bunching consolidating mobbing gathering together meeting up uniting reuniting clustering together amassing centralizing ganging up compacting centering accumulating piling packing centreing centring teeming pressing centralising collecting together hanging out unifying milling integrating trooping coalescing merging heaping cramming mobilizing organizing jamming organising raising mobilising drawing together ganging around making contact pulling together meeting privately making the scene crowding together joining up hanging around marshaling marshalling crowding around streaming rushing incorporating amalgamating pushing meeting behind closed doors condensing streamlining appearing showing sitting seething besieging surging rationalising rationalizing bunching up showing up pouring in gathering round bringing under one roof squeezing pooling funnelling funneling coinciding intersecting hugging discussing thronging together consulting parleying snuggling up huddling up bending pressing close powwowing cowering conferring filling socializing socialising bringing together cramming into inundating packing into swamping hooking up pressing into milling around hemming in swarming around squeezing into pairing off making friends taking up with having a meeting seeing each other accreting congesting constellating lumping corralling aggregating localizing agglomerating localising building up piling up bulking up stacking up rounding up heaping up zeroing in


Present participle for come together from different directions so as eventually to meet


Present participle for to mix or blend together, typically into a single mass or unit
integrating blending combining incorporating merging amalgamating fusing joining uniting assimilating intermixing coalescing melding mingling homogenising homogenizing intermingling meshing mixing banding commingling compounding consolidating emulsifying harmonising harmonizing interfusing lumping massing unifying accommodating affiliating comingling conflating embodying knitting pooling absorbing adding alloying commixing compositing conglomerating immingling immixing interweaving marrying melting subsuming welding yoking agglutinating associating cementing compacting concentrating interblending interpenetrating jumbling synthesising synthesizing concatenating conjoining coordinating desegregating interfacing linking symphonizing becoming one coming together getting together joining together linking up folding in lumping together putting together melting into throwing in together running into concreting cohering knitting together networking joining up coupling conjugating connecting sticking clinging wedding adhering cleaving bracketing running into one another melting into one another fading into one another forming holding jelling gelling bleeding meeting merging with forming a whole hanging together admixing interflowing stirring interlacing bringing together weaving suffusing blunging mixing up crossing instilling hybridizing interbreeding tangling braiding bonding dissolving kneading transfusing infusing whisking hybridising premixing working in making up tying up inmixing federating matching folding interacting tying diluting making uniform liquescing splicing shuffling smoothing beating whipping making similar treating including throwing together throwing in with interspersing running together physically joining stirring in imbibing binding stirring together cross-breeding shifting around feathering in slipping in ganging up adding in adding to fitting in hooking in slotting in glueing gluing relating dubbing bunching up infiltrating adulterating saturating


Due to happen or just beginning
coming approaching forthcoming imminent impending future near nearing advancing upcoming anticipated due expected immediate oncoming pending proximate close next nigh eventual progressing subsequent unborn near-term at hand close at hand drawing near in store en route in the offing in the pipeline just round the corner to be up-and-coming in the air on the horizon on the way about to happen almost on one in view on the cards in the wind on us getting near gaining upon in prospect looming to come threatening prospective brewing likely probable awaited planned on tap gathering in the cards coming up just around the corner menacing upon us potential on hand following -to-be soon-to-be in preparation inevitable afoot proposed about to be scheduled designate later possible fast-approaching considered destined ensuing presumptive inescapable overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall succeeding looming large on the agenda predicted forecast contemplated see it coming near-at-hand about on the go slated hoped-for looked-for promised predictable foreseeable envisioned downstream latter down the line down the pike down the road yet to come in the wings approximating onrushing incipient convergent arriving in the works under way in production being prepared hereafter hovering underway under discussion happening soon portending awaiting ominous resulting supplied predestined fated waiting to looking to moving closer up and coming chosen in the near future near at hand to-be appointed round the corner coming soon elected going on happening current circulating around abroad in sight nearly on us intended elect at large stirring going about in circulation wanted intending would-be aspiring astir fast approaching latent inevasible unescapable expectant unavoidable ineluctable prophesied foretold hoped for looked for prepared for long-awaited counted on foreseen planned for counted upon in the making doing the rounds on its way on the verge in the stars projected nearby neighboring next-door close-up beside neighbouring close by nearly here get back on one's feet almost practically nearly regain one's health adjacent scheduled for expected to arrive


The action or power of focusing all one's attention
concentration absorption application attention attentiveness engrossment single-mindedness assiduousness centring consolidation enthrallment focusing immersion industry centralisation centralization close attention convergence intensification intentness amassing awareness centering close thought clustering coalescing combination compacting compression concern debate deliberation fixing flocking focus heed huddling massing meditation narrowing need study unity bringing to bear consideration preoccupation contemplation heedfulness scrutiny regard thought thinking diligence captivation fascination notice observance thoughtfulness care dedication raptness reflection mind watchfulness involvement sense of purpose occupation engagement vision vigilance holding control eye hang-up observation alertness assiduity review examination note seriousness interest centralism monopolization cognizance monopolisation prepossession regardfulness mindfulness knowledge ear advertence advertency spotlight authoritarianism discussion monopolism cogitation calculation forethought guardedness wariness inattention enthralment brainwork lucubration advisement grind unification domination watch thoughts alert consciousness respect analysis perusal exploration estimation systematization caution remark TLC listen up tender loving care mark action curiosity studiousness qui vive inspection deep thought view once-over investigation red alert profound thought ascertainment studying enthusiasm inquisitiveness interestedness excitement suspicion systematisation solemnity drive devotion commitment gravity conscientiousness ambition effort sobriety focussing endeavour endeavor earnestness eagerness thirst for knowledge undivided attention concernment solemnness curiousness receptiveness responsiveness nosiness receptivity keenness zest staidness soberness graveness earnest fixedness entanglement obsession serious-mindedness

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