Synonym of cordon bleu

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a chef famous for his great skillan honor or award gained for excellence


Of the highest class


Of a superior nature
high-quality excellent fine premium prime good superb superior choice exceptional great marvellous marvelous quality select sublime super luxury sterling stupendous exclusive shipshape topflight A1 best finest high-grade first-class first-rate top-notch five-star tip-top top-drawer blue-ribbon up to par up to scratch up to snuff up to standard stellar superlative sensational unsurpassed supreme outstanding fabulous magnificent capital wonderful grand splendid admirable fab slick supernal cracking fantastic preeminent awesome terrific top neat extraordinary exquisite unparalleled fantabulous frontline famous blue-chip four-star notable out-of-sight elite pre-eminent world-class deluxe swell topping divine brilliant exemplary perfect cool heavenly unrivaled lovely immense groovy peerless hot prizewinning dandy mean incredible incomparable top-shelf high-class gilt-edged par excellence matchless laudable high unrivalled wizard boss beautiful amazing nifty glorious radical impressive noble dynamite peachy phat primo valuable crackerjack corking gangbusters jim-dandy first-string bonny hype gilt-edge keen bang-up bumper gangbuster banner dope topnotch phenomenal spectacular top-of-the-line peachy keen numero uno stunning accomplished praiseworthy distinguished priceless dominant number one top-quality very good classic worthy prize brag bully down gone brave bonnie boffo smashing wicked tremendous enviable commendable meritorious striking eminent remarkable rare vintage applaudable ideal righteous A-OK of the highest quality of high quality of the highest standard premier of the first water upmarket top of the line top of the range classy upscale selected luxurious desirable elegant invaluable illustrious bosting ripping mega sovereign attractive noted special fancy advanced crowning lofty estimable transcendent flawless unequalled really good consummate noteworthy brill unequaled spiffing optimal leading spendy big-ticket dear ultraexpensive highest quality central peak top-tier pricy high-end extravagant costly precious of a high standard major top-end pricey of the first order foremost expensive out of this world high-ticket well-made impeccable unimpeachable irreproachable pukka magic refined champion faultless blameless very best of the highest order sound the best formidable inspired top-grade high quality top quality top-class bestselling able grade A super-duper top-hole top-flight bonzer dazzling competent ace bad prodigious banging on fleek first class better than usual enhanced of the best quality supercalifragilisticexpialidocious better improved better than average crucial superfine good quality high-caliber a cut above high-calibre good-quality nonpareil archetypal ripe essential pure venerable traditional classical mature reliable certified bodacious top-level mint unreal outrageous class fantastical tiptop legit top-of-the-range skilful skillful masterly schmick beaut important celebrated rad honourable exo splendiferous honorable respectable A-1 sik creditable second to none influential distinctive enjoyable expert deserving memorable prominent pleasing reputable adroit renowned crack momentous consequential eventful amazeballs belting pearler barrie choicest first smart successful red-letter deft clever significant skilled delightful virtuoso powerful especial unexcelled adept well-known unsurpassable exciting the dog's bollocks predominant honest decent chillin' mighty not too shabby meaningful chief exalted thrilling unusually good greatest extraordinaire above average material out of sight worthy of admiration worthy of commendation pleasant too much something else in a league of their own one in a million piked sharp quick agile plush fly posh ritzy handy chic well-designed natty convenient apt ingenious stylish spruce tophole gnarly really nice upright strong def upstanding capable pretty congenial beezer slap-up diverting not bad stirring tasty breathtaking masterful seemly virtuous dependable dexterous hotshot proficient demon standout principal extremely good eximious inspiring affecting dextrous worthwhile dream meritable well-favoured well favoured far-out A-number-1 tops mostest out-of-this-world hundred-proof solid batting a thousand up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty salt of the earth believeable satisfactory organic well-thought-of profound best ever ka pai cat's pajamas copacetic zero cool hunky dory intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz forcible landmark fateful gratifying historic monumental impassioned effective well-done groundbreaking pivotal triumphant august fulfilling resplendent cheering unforgettable heroic shining satisfying uplifting epochal pleasurable heart-warming rewarding bright proud far-reaching acclaimed prevailing well-connected head commanding highest highly regarded respected prestigious notorious prized controlling valued solid gold of repute weighty well thought of considerable much touted to the max something mondo highly rated fat well received of distinction of high standing doozie recognized of influence high profile senior high-up eloquent integral elevated historical signal alpha rich big oratorical majestic trusted all-important royal esteemed imposing top-ranking high-powered upper fabled high-level puissant towering authoritative cogent magnific famed potent seminal high-ranking of note deciding aristocratic dignified honored upper-class VIP honoured resonant recognised iconic


Expert in a field
past master expert master virtuoso adept artist maestro wizard ace authority connoisseur crackerjack doyen genius hotshot maven professional veteran buff cognoscente crackajack dab dab hand fiend geek grandmaster guru hand mavin meister old hand pro proficient scholar shark sharp star whiz whizz master hand ninja skilled person grand master specialist pundit wiz prodigy fundi champion boffin wonk aficionado marvel wunderkind demon old pro artiste savant brain whizz-kid judge something else winner obsessive something to write home about whiz kid one of the cognoscenti rocket scientist alpha geek something to shout about old-timer warhorse practitioner vet stager old stager intellect brainiac thinker old soldier old guard oracle arbiter exponent critic egghead enthusiast doyenne consultant sage hot shot trooper insider director conductor whizz kid beast up-and-comer top player leader old master leading light wonder prima donna real pro scientist whiz-bang doctor powerhouse talent longtimer natural bravura player magician performer superstar celebrity hot stuff champ dillettante no slouch graduate phenomenon high priest key player resource person bright spark gifted person fanatic addict experienced person old school retired soldier trouper shellback sourdough GI old salt old warhorse person experienced in something dilettante aesthete appreciator specialist in authority on expert judge esthete expert judge of arbiter of taste aficionada top dog walking encyclopedia executive bible top brass kingpin boss queen ivory dome Bible big shot city hall kingfish mistress front office brains big cheese textbook law king brass professor top hand governor exec big wig expert witness czar power elite aristocrat mastermind intellectual Einstein brainbox academic polymath sensation highbrow bluestocking clever clogs devotee mind freak head fancier gifted child fan adviser lover nut philosopher girl wonder child prodigy boy wonder idol hero miracle technician junkie maniac afficionado mentor junky sucker hound habitue portent spectacle bug bookworm fool flash caution splendor intellectualist nerd zealot curiosity icon academician jock longhair stunner splendour big name learned person rarity figure bookish person personality intelligent person master-hand double-dome wiseguy pedant researcher inventor comer talented child phenom quiz kid legend source counsellor know-it-all theorist spellbinder paragon counsel advisor headliner lead MVP eye-opener wonderful thing amazing thing ideal theoretician ideologist miracle worker consigliere counselor guide horse's mouth great brilliant person Nestor cerebrum Solomon psyche mental giant clever person heroine pandit wonder-worker miracle-worker idiot savant one for the books mahatma luminary bookman freelancer Brahmin braintruster intelligentsia dignitary wise man casuist sophist student public figure avant-garde pointy-head man of letters woman of letters VIP follower mogul heavyweight elite standout most valuable player adherent notable face name worthy personage admirer big kahuna official big noise big gun person of influence light guiding light top cat celeb bigwig groupie habitué rooter monster grotesque monstrosity mutation abnormality girl-genius child genius boy-genius enormity wonder child rare bird one in a million


A characteristic style of preparing food, often associated with a place of origin
cuisine cooking food eats fare cookery grub dishes menu gastronomy meal culinary art haute cuisine nouvelle cuisine provisions eatables foodstuffs sustenance nourishment comestibles chow bread meals nutriment viands edibles refreshments rations provender victuals nosh table commons chuck meat vittles scoff vivers aliment tucker feed daily bread stores scran food and drink nibbles catering tuck supplies viaticum commissariat baking home economics nutrition staples board diet food supplies pabulum larder goodies foodstuff groceries snack tack kai nosebag desserts provision swill slop regimen cheer entrée culinary science subsistence solids nurture refreshment fodder comestible victual ration forage necessities titbits viand snacks bite edible staple drink straw hay grain refection mess bite to eat silage stocks pasturage produce bites grass feedstuff corn barley spread keep iron rations maintenance repast pickings tidbit collation animal food feast banquet home cooking pap nosh-up supper buffet means of keeping body and soul together luncheon tea lunch something to eat ingredient essential beverages requirements drinks necessaries entrées oats flesh food item booze tidbits a bite liquid refreshment brawn nutrients eatable grocery dietetics support upkeep survival rations selection of food grubbery vivas shingle food product animal feed daily meals belly-timber daily food moveable feast fast food take out wherewithal salt aid bacon fuel staff of life bed and board means of survival bread and butter titbit replenishments items store goods purchases materials material articles stock deliveries treat elevenses sandwich nibble light meal nibblies raw materials herbage canapés tiffin a little something munch piece morsel break midnight snack dinner blowout khana tuck-in square din-din carryout regalement brunch chow time special picnic breakfast munchies potluck blue plate together banquet square meal cookout dessert

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