Synonym of corrected

Alternative for corrected

corrects, corrected, correcting

Synonym: accurate, adjust, change, mark, proper, remedy, right, true,

Antonym: incorrect, wrong,


Having knowledge of a fact or area
educated informed learned knowledgeable lettered enlightened erudite literary literate schooled tutored cultivated intellectual scholarly discerning experienced polished academic bookish coached studious taught cerebral discriminating instructed nurtured acquainted brainy developed enriched finished fitted formed initiated intelligent prepared professional scientific shaped trained versed well-informed well read well informed well-taught well-versed well educated well-educated well-read intellectually aware cultured widely read highbrow sophisticated scholastic donnish civilized civilised aware switched-on pedantic illuminated wise clever swotty familiar sharp savvy in the know expert conversant egghead clerkly au courant au fait smart refined accomplished serious abreast sussed bluestocking sagacious sage clued-up well versed in the picture liberal clued up genned up advanced in the loop knowing bright brilliant progressive thoughtful earnest ivory-towerish impractical briefed skilled up-to-date versant cognizant plugged-in formal well-grounded esoteric recondite down sapient plugged in tuned in posted genius longhair up to date industrialized advised book-loving well-briefed well schooled understanding perceptive pointy-headed up insightful pedagogical pedagogic formalistic precise dry labored directed highly-developed industrialised eager obscure sensible at home laboured educational well versed in classical belletristic bookly assiduous into with great knowledge with it competent proficient conscious wise up quick-witted book-learned unintuitive great solid philosophical grounded abstruse philosophic well-rounded deep judicious omniscient sound polymath solemn grave studied pansophic professorial slick stellar open-minded raised primed broad-minded dynamite hot keen reared intellectualist intellectualistic reasonable well versed highbrowed eggheaded geeky intellective nerdish blue nerdy apprised top-shelf top-notch rational free-thinking tolerant apprized well briefed long-haired produced up to speed abreast of the facts filled in wised up hip to knowing what's what bred brought up

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