Synonym of coruscating

Alternative for coruscating

coruscates, coruscated, coruscating

Synonym: scintillate, sparkle,


That radiates light
irradiant brilliant dazzling luminous lustrous radiant beaming incandescent gleaming refulgent glittering shiny intense sparkling lambent effulgent vivid blazing glaring scintillating glossy resplendent ablaze lucent fulgent shimmering glistening light flashing twinkling phosphorescent aglow polished illuminated lighted burnished sunny alight argent auroral beamy burning fulgid golden illumined irradiated limpid mirrorlike moonlit relucent silvery sunlit bright shining glowing splendid lucid candescent bedazzling sheeny clear luminescent flickering glistering glinting fulgurating lit glimmering scintillant iridescent glittery lively exciting animated stimulating fluorescent vibrant vivacious ebullient glorious effervescent exhilarating shimmery invigorating fulgurant stunning witty fulgurous splendent clever opalescent flashy envigorating entertaining glowy clinquant radiating healthy blinding winking luminiferous glazed splendorous sleek noticeable rutilant conspicuous agleam fierce overpowering extremely bright translucent crystal beamful nitid luculent amusing smart fascinating sprightly varnished chatoyant scintillescent coruscant dancing spangled full of life mantling sparkly impassioned gaseous dynamic vigorous starry spirited magnificent beautiful gorgeous transcendent striking ravishing breathtaking majestic great superb impressive spectacular splendacious splendiferous fine magnolious sumptuous rich colourful colorful strong flamboyant gaudy garish warm bold showy flaming deep eye-catching splashy gay glassy lurid satiny reflecting loud bright-coloured jazzy smooth unclouded sunshiny fiery cloudless brightened slick lightsome lit up graphic psychedelic kaleidoscopic deep-coloured glitzy fair silky silken rubbed satin buffed ardent multicoloured multicolored brightly coloured flaring many-coloured clement summery balmy red-hot highly-coloured highly colored fervid Day-Glo aflame fervent red full hot fresh smouldering bombastic on fire multicolour florid motley smoldering pleasant titillating varicoloured prismatic variegated polychromatic harlequin rainbow dramatic multicolor rainbow-like many-hued temperate rainless mild without a cloud in the sky looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory razzle-dazzle white-hot cheery unadulterated gold aglitter gleamy irradiating white neon soft shinning dark richly coloured brave intensely hot glacé reflective convey waxy visual well-lit suffused saturated glamorous transparent pure harsh exaggerated brightly illuminated well-lighted well lit well-illuminated silver brightening illuminative scarlet reddish-orange crimson ginger ignited snazzy ostentatious imaginative effective interesting afire well illuminated pellucid see-through crystalline halcyon pizazzy fancy pizzazzy raging baroque flowery brash astral star stellar reflecting light bling wild full of light well lighted multihued rococo decorated sunbeamy blue azure chromatic uncloudy crystal clear festooned floodlit undimmed multichromatic varicolored colored propitious nice dry gentle moderate placid starlit kindled inflamed conflagrant enflamed combusting polychrome corinthian luxuriant unobscured hued varied versicolor liquid extravagant in flames sparking lacquered waxed japanned shellacked phantasmagoric particoloured picturesque particolored coloured elaborate patinated notable stirring pronounced definite rousing heady electrifying high thrilling many-splendoured parti-colored many-colored multi-coloured biting energizing spine-tingling sharp powerful energising bespangled radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform arousing gripping hair-raising refreshing Day-glo marked clarion undarkened


Extremely impressive or awesome
dazzling exceptional extraordinary impressive outstanding remarkable staggering amazing astonishing breathtaking excellent imposing incredible phenomenal thrilling wonderful magnificent marvelous marvellous matchless splendid superb superlative fab fabulous fantastic super tremendous awesome peerless sensational smashing stellar terrific ace astounding capital cool great magic sublime wicked amazeballs bonzer brill divine glorious spiffing topping wizard wondrous awing awe-inspiring supercalifragilisticexpialidocious first-class first-rate mind-blowing mind-boggling out of sight out of this world tip-top very good top-hole top-notch way-out fine brilliant virtuoso masterly skillful skilful admirable creative notable superior imaginative standout a million dollars like a million dollars ingenious innovational memorable innovative exciting supreme innovatory enthralling genius inventive original enterprising resourceful talented gifted formidable virtuosic inspired mean of genius grand heavenly lovely neat cracking beautiful swell choice good sterling exquisite prime peachy fantabulous phat keen groovy delightful dandy dope quality crackerjack radical top corking boss unsurpassed jim-dandy spectacular slick nifty stunning champion perfect hot boffo dynamite bully supernal noble out-of-sight top-shelf gorgeous righteous high-class classic immense blue-ribbon blue-chip accomplished prizewinning striking primo gilt-edged famous stupendous banner bang-up par excellence topflight bumper A-OK top-of-the-line ripping rad prize frontline dreamy bonny first-string gilt-edge number one five-star mega numero uno consummate peachy keen beaut bonnie world-class brag gangbusters gangbuster select hype down brave gone bosting four-star crack bodacious distinguished pre-eminent enjoyable on fleek attractive pleasing exemplary premium expert schmick incomparable unparalleled crucial rare goodly def prodigious charming masterful eminent beezer adept worthy pleasurable sik exo able pleasant adroit transcendent skilled competent too good to be true fabby proficient elite sound practised fascinating unrivalled unrivaled satisfying sovereign dexterous nice agreeable best deft majestic high-grade practiced delectable splendiferous noted chillin' tiptop moving belting master pearler unique high-quality barrie far out spanking meritorious dextrous estimable deluxe marvy pretty experienced unbelievable ideal enchanting versed of high quality lank kif alluring class high capable A1 magical flawless tasty preeminent inspiring exhilarating unreal delicate A-1 of the first water captivating miraculous elegant gratifying topnotch splendorous professional artful priceless special applaudable jaw-dropping complete professed greatest jolly bad veteran educated dramatic unequalled surpassing clever compleat eye-popping finest intoxicating singular of the highest quality of the highest standard radiant unequaled bewitching delightsome desirable lofty congenial overwhelming polished premier laudable ravishing well versed valuable of the first order delicious commendable efficient resplendent dominant welcome leading invaluable illustrious entertaining colossal outrageous vintage praiseworthy fantastical blissful appealing exclusive second to none bravura top-tier savoury trained electrifying felicitous rewarding beauteous workmanlike savory top-drawer solid stirring palatable unexcelled luscious sweet luxurious fun smart scrumptious unmatched dulcet darling blessed blest inspirational beyond compare refined heart-stopping engaging optimal sightly entrancing of the highest order classy enviable mind-bending humbling out-of-this-world fancy rousing plush highest quality arresting big league stimulating knockout celebrated joyous to die for faultless hotshot cheery renowned pulchritudinous optimum awesomesauce grateful apt tasteful handsome happy star tops frabjous bosker refreshing cheerful amusing heady showy cute winning exhilarative unusually good highest fair handy savvy charged galvanic galvanizing noteworthy comely rapturous extraordinaire hair-raising electric model rip-roaring sharp taking enticing extravagant kicky top-class peak exceptionally good certified the dog's bollocks aesthetic zero cool too much inviting without equal fetching eye-catching galvanising beguiling esthetic selected good-looking unusual lovesome copacetic spine-tingling intense top of the line top of the range top-quality uncommon unimaginable inconceivable likable elevated unforgettable stately unprecedented demon drop-dead gorgeous choicest distinctive first very attractive top-level exalted hypnotic lavish seasoned picturesque surprising crowning advanced really good unbeatable startling portentous sumptuous untouchable immaculate seductive ritzy effusive excessive extreme gripping quintessential spirited monumental exaggerated worthiest inflated especial exceeding transcendental gnarly eye-opening specialist prominent predominant august likeable diverting proud something else confounding mighty riveting idyllic fine and dandy awe-striking of a high standard unheard of fly cream deadly action-packed uplifting abstract very beautiful lead emotive facile ducky flagship graceful schooled habile banging upscale major upmarket precious impassioned emotional yummy very best lively foxy solid gold emotion-charged passionate shapely unsurpassable far-out costly foremost central dear pricey expensive heartwarming ambrosial angelic soul-stirring of highest order statuesque the best extremely good lush towering best ever anthemic stem-winding inspiriting ka pai super-duper dainty spendy ultraexpensive pricy immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled highly trained seemly likely above and beyond a dab hand at symmetrical big-ticket high-end well-favored well-formed drop-dead grade A gee-whizz easy on the eyes top-end high-ticket reliable luxury chic piked mint legit top-of-the-range splendacious extremely beautiful massive important opulent eloquent agitating most well-known replayable tophole pro paragon hunky-dory signal uppermost proper sunny impeccable very pretty stupefying theatrical principal handpicked genial sup rior profound eventful royal top-grade powerful strong what all very well well and good award-winning prize-winning not too shabby worthwhile big lordly posh chief hundred-proof honorable meritable honourable dream venerable A-number-1 mostest deserving creditable respectable better improved enhanced artistic unblemished adorable irreproachable eximious sacred holy spiritual endowed exacting to your liking tantalizing glamorous in a class all by itself touching cherished cat's meow really nice like wow intelligent commanding arrestive grade-A ready pick fat luring first class the never to be forgotten animating better than expected pure nonpareil paradisiacal inimitable paradisiac unexampled brainy hep hip one in a million in a league of their own having a knack for better than usual cut out for of the best quality class act better than average shining at the most babelicious what great hunky dory unmitigated magnific atypical abnormal aberrated freak anomalous peculiar odd preternatural unwonted aberrant uncustomary state-of-the-art acceptable favorable favourable the very best tantalising huge substantial a standout wised up with it awakening heartbreaking arousing motivating heartrending provoking dynamic worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas convivial balmy couthy comforting mooi comfortable irie lekker recreative euphoric relishable scenic panoramic merry cordial spellbinding extra special jovial irresistible cheering heartening festive glad gladdening paramount ascendant magnetic ineffable out of the ordinary quaint gladsome gay celebratory intriguing decorative very nice very pleasant heart-stirring very agreeable very pleasurable mesmeric mesmerizing animated greatly to one's liking joyful bright light-hearted heart-warming excelling enchanted entranced charmed bewitched romantic shaking trembling fairylike infinite unlimited entire intellectual intuitive absolute ultimate eternal primordial unequalable obscure hypothetical transcending whole unconfined intact boundless innate theoretical finished glossy flamboyant splashy flashy stylish zingy charismatic dreamlike mesmerising fiendish conjuring shivering vibrating shuddering quaking fairy-tale beyond grasp picture-perfect pretty as a picture easy on the eye frantic swinging blood-tingling large mad wild qualified appetizing knowledgeable succulent flavoursome mouthwatering delish flavourful toothsome moreish flavorful leet scrummy flavorsome flavorous au fait piquant nummy toothy nectareous rich nectarean ambrosian tangy sapid peng appetising yum-yum lip-smacking finger-licking mouth-watering


Full of energy and life
vibrant energetic animated spirited dynamic lively sparkling vigorous electrifying exciting flourishing vital vivacious active alive bustling dashing dazzling effervescent enthusiastic flamboyant forceful peppy zesty airy animate bouncy brisk buzzing colorful colourful driving feisty fiery happening humming impassioned indefatigable intense kinetic passionate perky potent robust rousing sprightly stirring vehement virile vivid zealous zestful abuzz aggressive astir bold bubbly busy determined fresh hopping industrious intensive lusty powerful snappy sparky spry spunky stimulating thriving tireless zippy ballsy bouncing breezy effective emphatic enterprising frisky gutsy pert punchy racy radiant resounding responsive rugged sensitive springy stalwart storming strong sturdy unflagging untiring vibrating aboil abubble forcible hardy jaunty jazzy mettlesome muscular pizazzy pizzazzy pushy sound spanking strenuous gay high-spirited full of pep all-out full-blooded full of vim and vigour high-octane full of beans full of life go-go hard-hitting high-powered alive and kicking bright and breezy full of spirit full of get-up-and-go have-a-go red-blooded ball of fire bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring exuberant bright buoyant chirpy ebullient merry chipper upbeat peart alert cheerful brilliant jolly festive quick frolicsome happy zingy scintillating sunny gamesome frolic crank hectic boisterous jumping excited bubbling irrepressible cheery buzzy fun-loving barnstorming invigorating gingery hyper crowded fun energized carefree envigorating joyful eager happy-go-lucky energised healthy pulsating striking zappy nimble entertaining full of fun go-getting hearty playful flush raring to go rich deep on the go exhilarating witty swashbuckling full daring clever theatrical gallant valiant elated vitalized ardent tough swarming activated strapping blithe teeming solid substantial thronging moving agile light-hearted mirthful jocund fit able-bodied eventful keen hale and hearty well built brash rocking hale efficient in fine fettle wick like Piccadilly Circus in high spirits in the pink on the move full of commotion full of go gregarious unadulterated resplendent expressive party throbbing whirring purring whining droning glowing chaotic awake refreshing exhilarated wild well-trodden good rushing thronged outgoing frantic afoot jovial fervent lucrative money-making paying rewarding gritty hustling frenzied frenetic sportive hilarious gleeful joyous mobile sporty peppery clubby social lighthearted swinging pure hurried avid zoolike furious youthful skittish live remunerative gainful fruitful occupied hot sharp burning blithesome glittering heated festal partyish enjoyable welcoming enlivened full of activity going strong still going strong saucy genial sparkly sassy dexterous dextrous deedful convivial holiday perk amusing glinting glimmering smart fascinating congested refreshed full of the joy of living as merry as a grig as lively as a grig aware up and about in motion magnetic electric full of zip reinvigorated invigorated revitalized fine athletic involved blooming go-ahead in good health heaving effectual positive restored revivified rejuvenated renewed rested strong as an lion in good trim in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition functional well-trafficked pushing assertive charged revived ostentatious revitalised confident reenergized relaxed persuasive take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge hard-driving full of vim charismatic influential play for keeps compelling play hard ball coming on strong energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising extravagant rakish showy operating functioning inspirited reanimated motivated strengthened fortified perked up pepped up freshened fit as a fiddle full of energy handy operational serviceable operative occupational working diligent camp fancy-pants like a new person untired unwearied unfatigued fresh as a daisy quickened utile practicable well-oiled utilitarian like new rehabilitated bright-eyed bushy-tailed like a new man masculine male chivalrous manly all-male fearless brave intrepid heroic lionhearted stout-hearted manlike courageous valorous stable macho muscly brawny over the top OTT over the top whole husky burly hefty intact man-size mannish studly powerfully built fecund beefy ripped man-sized well made fertile butch shredded hunky laddish fast well well-conditioned unimpaired undamaged wholesome firm durable bombproof stout reproductive buff sexually potent jacked procreative generative right as rain wide-ranging sane undecayed well constructed hard hanging together up to snuff rigorous flawless normal well-constructed holding together perfect safe unhurt unblemished resolute Herculean as fit as a fiddle well-built able staunch bursting with health as fit as a flea all right trim sinewy persevering rapid swift inexhaustible in rude health weariless thewy ambitious steadfast in shape capable physically fit plucky dogged manful tenacious unwearying thickset as strong as an ox stark audacious mighty speedy indomitable in trim in excellent shape incessant persistent surviving unremitting unfaltering unswerving unfailing creative around aerobicized adventurous grind unwavering mesomorphic driven undaunted fit as a flea gladsome ingenious imaginative in good physical shape inventive hasty alive and well still with us resourceful lithe dauntless doughty of good cheer broad-shouldered innovative two-fisted unflinching pertinacious euphoric lightsome unshakeable assiduous young unrelenting jubilant hard-working iron beefcake hunk nippy authoritative exultant gifted OK healthful existing solidly built well muscled fleet lion-hearted smiley fast-moving existent self-starting ready sound in body and limb in fine feather loud living growing original unceasing lightning blistering galloping breakneck alacritous in top form physical right hulking entrepreneurial bulky dramatic progressive up-and-coming fleet-footed patient piquant pungent game continuing talented impressive in good physical condition herculean muscle-bound quick-witted stouthearted well-developed stud jock telling convincing cogent breathing greathearted gutty heroical poignant tart tangy breathless undauntable new gumptious in good form solid as a rock rattling venturesome sedulous bruising hulky in-your-face tiger deft well-knit light successful controlling sentient adroit noble enduring perceptive glad well knit organic as strong as a horse biological powerhouse quick-thinking efficacious muscled subsisting abled abiding mercurial wonderful exceptional among the living having life competent in the land of the living as right as rain quick on the trigger up to par quick on the draw committed self-directed uncomplaining long-suffering strident stentorian unused rosy undimmed stimulated verdant relieved clear florid ruddy unfaded fair dewy creamy unwithered big stocky Ramboesque very healthy very well A1 pioneering unstinting better sturdily built interesting full-bodied built healthier high-energy liberal modern disruptive advanced forward-looking in perfect health bounding spicy recovered ambulatory ok meaty enlightened forward-thinking gorillalike portly healed green tumultuous fleshy steely mended cured formidable rude incisive fairylike grooving resolved mettled rising jockstrap colt stately he-man self-reliant dignified savory humorous savoury hardened toughened inured cast-iron hard-bitten sexy upright enthralling gripping roaring rough suspenseful thrilling rhapsodical willful unruly relentless avant-garde nondisabled fitter luxuriantly together fast-track fervid unyielding unbending heady biting acclimatised resistant acclimatized resilient seasoned steady constant in peak condition eloquent as strong as a ox not disabled slim toned hunky-dory turnt peaches-and-cream incarnate bursting with good health stubborn fine and dandy demoniac motive dynamical locomotive kinematic motile upstanding tasty distinctive toned up feeling one's oats as game as Ned Kelly irresistible graphic great bubbling over inspired practical salty engaged well-proportioned corporeal bodily rock-ribbed full of determination unafraid never-tiring authoritarian dominant supreme weighty ruling commanding gusty devoted dedicated nifty accelerated cracking expeditious express warm current excellent magnificent outstanding marvellous whopping marvelous remarkable employed fast and furious deviceful sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying budding wiry ropy musclebound swole stringy in the flesh unsinkable single-minded remorseless hell-bent ironclad inexorable painstaking plugging unstinted undeterred fireball continued plodding pulling no punches contemporary running persisting present ongoing howling laborious succinct terse pithy as strong as a lion highly capable in control remaining supple pumped up cock-a-hoop prolific extant going limber light-footed graceful nose to grindstone stop at nothing dead set on bound and determined in the saddle hairy honorable ape boyish caveman adult honourable stallion overjoyed beaming laughing smiling grinning eager beaver in good spirits thrilled acrobatic willowy action-packed untroubled unworried good-humoured delighted good-humored blissful quick-moving lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome viral rosy-cheeked safe and sound tied-up twinkle-toed gratified optimistic contented content hopeful stiff in full swing busy as a bee in existence developing ticking in use clear-headed spright winged prompt easy-moving whirlwind splitting rapid-fire urgent flying dizzy beside oneself with joy pleased wrapped on cloud nine thankful satisfied on cloud seven tickled ecstatic chuffed the picture of health venturous free-swinging nervy emboldened adventuresome nerved intelligent heartening heartwarming blessed rapturous jocular twinkle toes devout full of hope hungry craving hardworking advancing itching yearning aspiring lusting sharp-witted astute effusive generous affable unreserved on top of the world without a care in the world over the moon acute receptive profound deepest backslapping uninhibited brainy spark plug hard ball amiable savvy profuse unrestrained gushing honest frank supersmart apt shrewd delicate hyperintelligent canny observant discerning ultrasmart back-slapping wise genius slick quick off the mark adept skilful whip-smart nimble-witted knowing deep-rooted good natured deep-felt warm-hearted provocative impactful useful responsible contributory decisive momentous motivational pivotal imposing animating motivating fateful inspiring swayful formative central inspirational consequential masterful touching critical crucial affecting meaningful swaying enticing material encouraging inducing impelling purposeful considerable guiding monumental instrumental alluring seductive far-reaching all there smart as a whip sharp as a tack skillful whiz on the ball wide awake curt wired perspicacious quick on the uptake viable mortal not dead flashing glistening shimmering twinkling shining gleaming iridescent lustrous coruscant shimmery flickering glistering dancing opalescent scintillant effulgent fulgurating mantling starry shiny spangled lambent glittery gaseous


Harshly or bitterly critical
scathing bitter blistering critical hostile vitriolic acrimonious brutal cutting derisive devastating disparaging fierce harsh savage searing severe unsparing virulent withering barbed belittling biting contemptuous cynical ferocious nasty scorching sharp stinging acerbic acidic burning corrosive snarling wounding acid cruel hurtful jeering mordacious sarcastic scalding sulphurous sulfurous extremely critical caustic mordant sardonic trenchant satirical acrid acidulous tart pungent acerb snarky satiric incisive venomous smart-mouthed smart-alecky smart-aleck astringent scornful vicious spiteful malicious keen piercing mocking catty mean unkind pointed penetrating sarky sneering waspish poisonous scoffing razor-edged offensive rancorous taunting ironical hateful brusque rude disrespectful vindictive disdainful snide abrasive arrogant ironic derisory dry salty irascible contumelious unfriendly polemic slashing antagonistic aggressive malign violent rapier-like stringent carping abusive insulting ridiculing acute pernicious ill-natured malignant maleficent scurrilous hard poignant wry truculent backhanded splenetic austere callous derogatory chaffing slighting denigratory evil ornery curt malevolent jibing uncomplimentary dismissive malefic angry contentious telling bilious envenomed stern saucy needling detracting evil-intentioned twitting captious disillusioned squint-eyed cussed weisenheiming churlish heartless strong polemical degrading pejorative double-edged grim teasing pillorying ungracious vitriolous blunt bad-tempered short forceful rough rigorous vituperative ill-tempered crisp lampooning pugnacious insolent pithy wise discourteous snappy witty peppery ridiculous argumentative smart defiant surly destructive irreverent crabbed belligerent snidey emphatic testy cross choleric disputatious unpleasant crushing hate-filled terse laconic drilling clear-cut vehement controversial unblunted corroding merciless resentful sound impertinent unrelenting piquant edged distressing strict exacting pitiless vengeful baleful sadistic harmful grievous rigid despiteful ruthless wanton snappish snippy acetose disapproving overwhelming overpowering demeaning derogative depreciative detractive decrying depreciatory deprecatory denigrative cold-blooded sour bad vigorous sharp-worded thoughtless inconsiderate provocative salt exciting stimulating racy stabbing injurious damaging acetic tonic wrathful ireful driving forthright clear obloquious foul powerful effective explicit distinct humiliating cantankerous censorious edgy potent unequivocal highly effective tongue-in-cheek berating reproachful obnoxious reviling defamatory unmannerly supercilious superior mortifying blasting dripping with malice cranky indignant irate crabby peevish uncivil vituperatory calumniating vulgar impolite snubbing blighting abrupt gruff razor-sharp full of contempt contradictory backbiting alert burlesque atypical spicy clever implausible exaggerated twisted curious quick-witted bad-mannered ill-mannered absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical farcical preposterous offhand combative accurate venomed out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky crusty gally sassy nervy bellicose pertinent meaty meaningful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant insightful pessimistic quarrelsome confrontational scrappy sceptical sullen obstreperous laid on the line right to it in a nutshell on the nose boiled down calling a spade a spade on the button feisty for the birds cold unbelieving distrustful uncooperative brawly assaultive warlike chippy gladiatorial stroppy agonistic discordant militant itching arsey aggers bolshie suspicious doubtful disbelieving spoiling for a fight ready for a fight deadly vituperous terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising frightening browbeating terrorizing bullying fractious misanthropic doubting negative incredulous disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten hard-boiled black misanthropical bleak mistrustful skeptical nonbelieving tangy zesty vinegary aromatic zingy hot pert unsympathetic savoury spiced savory fiery zestful inhospitable irritating smarting acidulated acetous humorous pervasive highly seasoned comfortless suffocating stifling unsweetened viperous sly nauseating sickly nauseous lively cloying fetid subtle nippy colourful mephitic tough droll tasty seasoned foetid deprecating sourish tartish stinking rich flavoursome appetizing insensitive spirited briny flavorsome flavorful painful inimical unwelcoming sparkling appetising punchy adverse uncongenial alien adversary adversarial sharp-tasting unsociable unpropitious contrary antipathetic unreceptive sharp-tongued colorful dour excruciating uncomfortable discomforting with a kick forbidding prejudicial shrewish absinthian amaroidal absinthal wicked mischievous acidy cynic upsetting stiff hypercritical censuring condemning cursing soured green industrial-strength menacing grudging effluvial grating odoriferous nosey whiffy effluvious unfeeling annoying galling highly flavoured rotten distasteful tactless inappropriate dirty viperish toxicant vinegarish heady highly-seasoned flavourful spiky unpalatable unsavory flavorous sapid parodying paradoxical spoof bantering spoofing dripping venom full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose depreciating unsavoury yukky yucky well-flavored deadpan fragrant flowery slanderous discrediting affronting libellous libelous blasphemous hard to take Hudibrastic Rabelaisian rubbing the wrong way sharp-flavoured repulsive waggish apathetic difficult sweet zippy trying disagreeable matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced dissolvent erosive oxidizing anti-alkaline disintegrative bleaching rusting eroding sombre dire somber intemperate heavy inclement oppressive awful harrowing straitened wretched agonizing tortuous spartan scabrous agonising disastrous sober unendurable calamitous inexorable solemn grave burdensome hardhanded inhuman rugged wild oxidising eating away

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