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Neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite influence
offset counterpoise counteract countervail neutralise neutralize balance compensate for equalise equalize negative annul correct negate nullify undo counterweigh equilibrize make up for amend balance out cancel cancel out compensate counterweight equiponderate even out outweigh rectify redeem atone for set off tip the scales redress even up equipoise square invalidate counter fix ballast requite square up equilibrate obviate render ineffective countercheck indemnify contravene stabilise stabilize oppose make good recompense make restitution for make amends for make amends atone turn the scale recoup equal out remedy repel redress the balance charge equal counterpose account make up lessen reduce right halt counterwork buck cross respond defuse wipe out overrule overcome defeat make ineffective override subdue deactivate abrogate frustrate conquer antagonize antagonise be equivalent allow for even equate level match go against work against be an antidote to set tie collate attune adjust parallel readjust accord repay reimburse pair off come out remunerate comp expiate satisfy come out even pay money to make amends to pay for make reparation to overcompensate make restitution to propitiate support stabilitate poise prop steady brace make stable become stable keep steady settle repair retrieve mend resolve cure improve set right better ameliorate put right sort out make right deal with put to rights recalibrate restore dial back level out turn around make the same balance up solve straighten out straighten avenge firm up reform make better patch recondition fiddle with reward set to rights do justice fix up set straight reconstruct scrub overhaul go straight launder clean up put in order debug doctor emend shape up ease regulate harmonize heal relieve harmonise vindicate change revise patch up recompense for make restitution make reparation for restore the balance make reparation turn over new leaf pay one's dues turn things around


To bring into musical accord
attune acclimatise acclimatize accommodate accustom adapt adjust coordinate harmonise harmonize set acclimate accord assimilate conciliate condition conform familiarise familiarize key reconcile regulate tune balance compensate integrate modulate proportion tailor make agree become used to grow accustomed to be in accord with be in harmony with be in tune with habituate acculturate fit harden fashion inure come to terms with shape suit season doctor edit get used get used to familiarize oneself with tailor-make acquaint orientate orient alter square match familiarize with become resigned come to accept fit in become accustomed learn to live with become seasoned become naturalized discipline shape up convert align prepare naturalize initiate introduce mould modify settle compose naturalise put domesticate make used mold comply get accustomed quadrate blend in resign oneself become accustomed to habituate oneself orient oneself reconcile oneself make consistent play oneself in learn about find one's way around roll with punches find your feet find one's feet get one's bearings clue fix bring in line realign tighten correspond organise position organize toughen train strengthen fortify string pitch dial tune up steel school true up set straight indurate turn face locate determine temper desensitize blend follow cut desensitise break in acculture become inured customize style reconciliate case-harden acquaint oneself with fit in with blend in with come around settle in grin and bear it do as Romans do get act together swim with the tide find one's feet in get it together familiarize yourself go along to get along run with the pack follow the crowd follow tradition be guided by be conventional follow custom follow convention keep in step follow beaten path swim with the stream affect haunt teach frequent visit resign oneself to become habituated reconcile oneself to orient oneself in condition oneself to become resigned to grow used condition oneself get a feel for become habituated to habituate oneself to jack up educate endure confirm devote addict tolerate change gear trim reshape resort to hang at custom-build personalise dovetail customise custom-make personalize design make take to make familiar with make used to cut to fit make to measure make to order synthesize resign syncretize make congruent synthesise make harmonious make compatible become acquainted with get to know cause to sit easily with cause to be in agreement cause to sit happily with adopt climatize grow used to get into the habit establish become au fait accustom yourself acquaint yourself pick up catch on acclimatize yourself get used to it become established grow wild grow naturally absorb incorporate mesh band mix acquiesce accept homogenize mediate meld submit become similar become like observe the rules yield obey the rules follow the rules take in homogenise keep to the rules stick to the rules do what one is told adhere to the rules abide by the rules comply with the rules toe the line dedicate consecrate get hooked propitiate go with the flow play by the rules act in accordance with the rules play it by the book


Make legally null and void
nullify invalidate void abolish annul abrogate quash repeal rescind cancel revoke disannul dissolve negate reverse undo vacate veto abate avoid counteract countermand neutralise neutralize null obliterate obviate terminate countervail rebut recall render invalid set aside annihilate axe ax cancel out cast aside compensate confine declare null and void kill limit nig offset renege renig restrict roll back scratch scrub squash strike down torpedo trash vitiate zap do away with render null and void blue pencil bring to an end forget it stamp out take out wash out wipe out call all bets off bring to naught overrule overturn override undermine weaken overthrow repudiate disqualify nix impair circumduct X-out unfit blow sky-high render meaningless erase expunge efface eradicate destroy eliminate extirpate shoot down exterminate liquidate remove total off sweep away rub out snuff out root out finish off delete KO demolish excise extinguish decimate waste raze get rid of smash blot out do in sink put paid to clean up wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth black out withdraw retract make void lift dismantle backpedal blow purge opt out stand down back out worm out weasel out throw over devastate desolate wreck finish level wipe from the face of the earth weed out remove all traces of ink out strike out score out cover knock out knock off cut defeat cross out ravage blank out destroy root and branch obscure take apart block out wipe off face of earth mark out blow to bits rub off break off stop cut out

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