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a weight that balances another weight


constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to




To neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite and equal force
offset counterbalance neutralise neutralize counteract annul negative correct cancel out compensate for make up for balance countervail nullify balance out compensate negate equalize redress redeem equalise equilibrize counterweigh outweigh even up cancel equipoise even out square atone for undo invalidate fix requite ballast set off square up render ineffective equilibrate counter obviate indemnify counterweight countercheck rectify stabilise stabilize make good recompense make restitution for make amends for make amends atone equiponderate amend recoup tip the scales redress the balance make up remedy lessen reduce contravene right halt counterwork buck cross respond even equate level match defuse wipe out overrule overcome defeat make ineffective override subdue deactivate abrogate frustrate conquer go against repay reimburse oppose set tie collate attune adjust parallel readjust accord be an antidote to remunerate comp expiate satisfy pay money to make amends to pay for make reparation to overcompensate make restitution to propitiate support pair off come out come out even stabilitate poise prop steady brace make stable become stable keep steady charge equal counterpose account be equivalent allow for settle repair retrieve mend resolve cure improve set right better ameliorate put right sort out make right deal with put to rights recalibrate restore dial back level out turn around turn the scale equal out make the same balance up solve straighten out straighten avenge firm up reform make better patch recondition fiddle with reward set to rights do justice fix up set straight reconstruct scrub overhaul go straight launder clean up put in order debug doctor emend shape up ease regulate harmonize heal relieve harmonise vindicate change revise patch up recompense for make restitution make reparation for restore the balance make reparation turn over new leaf pay one's dues turn things around


To put an end to, especially formally
cancel annul rescind nullify repeal invalidate void abolish abrogate quash revoke countermand abort negate null retract vacate disannul discharge dissolve overrule overthrow remit break override recall recant withdraw abate eliminate extinguish obviate redline refute repudiate retire avoid belay countercheck discard ignore redress suppress take back turf declare invalid render null and void roll back declare null and void do away with render invalid strike down render inert put an end to rule out set aside go back on one's word wipe slate clean reverse overturn undo veto terminate disallow stop scrap drop remove scrub vitiate nix dismantle end dismiss reject kill wipe out call off annihilate obliterate lift discontinue neutralize abandon axe neutralise disclaim ax suspend rule against renege deny renounce offset abjure ditch delete dump erase backpedal expunge cancel out make void prohibit get rid of disaffirm bar exclude counteract disown call back counter cry off oppose call put a stop to block throw out cut X-out black out stamp out forbid inhibit preclude rub out contravene halt forestall omit bring to an end undermine knock something on the head prevent eradicate ban disestablish proscribe dispense with debar backtrack on efface zap defeat chop counterbalance disqualify frustrate disregard waive forswear check blot out disavow give up cast aside hinder rebut give something the chop unmake cut out censor back out of blue pencil impede obstruct stymie make null and void put the kibosh on shut out leave out take out ruin refuse cross out alter upset destroy retreat divorce cease blackball trash thwart subvert outvote outlaw make ineffective renege on deracinate foil supersede discount finish embargo go back on take off squash counterorder baffle renig torpedo weasel out gainsay abnegate circumvent root out sweep away snuff out put down turn down close down taboo impugn squelch phase out dash wash out traverse cross disprove negative restrict scotch derail shut down contradict hamper snooker fetter stifle disconfirm forfend edit put the lid on dispute hobble cripple hamstring beat crush render void confront give the thumbs down to scupper stump hold up dispose of strike out crimp edit out cramp arrest buck relax raise declare break off watergate devalue weaken withcall back-pedal on knock out finish off do in unsay cork up hush up bottle up KO blow get off the hook countervail bin pack in dominate flout defy predominate prevail go against unfit impair circumduct bleep put damper on disobey dishonour inter bring to a close lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under scratch compensate limit nig confine ride roughshod over trample underfoot bilk backwater forget call in opt out stand down throw over back out worm out shoot down do a U-turn on get shut of call a halt to repel shut the door on trample upon dishonor blow sky-high render meaningless forget it snip change overset reorganise refuse to fulfil purge wangle out down prostrate knock on the head desist get shot of trim black spool back back up wind back pull the plug crawl out of call all bets off reorganize ding stonewall belie elide dele knock off antagonize antagonise pull back take away draw back bring to naught ink out blank out x out put a line through block out blue-pencil stroke out X out white out forbear knock down bring down pull the plug on disband break with controvert exterminate backtrack junk relinquish forgo adjourn turn thumbs down deface weed out extirpate shed interdict conclude prorogue jettison except work against pass over brush aside break up wind up disunite fly in the face of confute excise avert desist from invert upend liquidate clean up wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack decimate postpone collapse destruct sever shoot wind down shatter demolish thumbs down question say the opposite of withsay withspeak refuse to accept have bone to pick call in question dare lay to rest differ take on abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless enjoin deter bate make illegal criminalize rebuff stave off put paid to count out ward off not consider close out freeze out close one's doors to forget about fade out resolve into restrain put kibosh on forsake withhold freeze spike deprive rewind throw say no to zing disacknowledge declare taboo criminalise desert abdicate put the chill on lock up give the red light to say no declare illegal pass on keep back spoil disappoint write off toss aside banish oust shrug off baulk balk burn down silence blow sky high declare to be untrue contend expose parry argue against reply to tear down top contest show up burn convict debate evert take a stand against give thumbs down to discomfit checkmate crool foul up banjax cramp one's style hang up dash one's hope outwit overcome lick screw up upset the applecart conquer put a brake on stand in the way of nip in the bud do for give the run around

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