Synonym of crepuscular

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like twilight; dim


(of a place or space) Having a lack of light
dark unlit unilluminated ill-lit poorly lit dim dingy gloomy dusky unlighted indistinct shadowy pitch-dark shady darkened somber sombre badly lit pitch-black tenebrous jet-black murky black caliginous inky Cimmerian Stygian Tartarean aphotic atramentous blackish cimmerian darkish darkling darksome dimmed ill-lighted lightless obscured pitchy rayless shaded stygian tenebrific pitch black obscure dusk overcast grey dreary leaden gray sunless dismal nebulous darkening clouded umbrageous twilit sepulchral starless moonless impenetrable brunette swarthy brunet swart cloudy sable dense misty bleak evo evening drab nubilous louring lowering opaque overclouded subfusc frowzy dull twilight jet black moonlit umbral shadowed adumbral funereal umbriferous umbrous umbrose tenebrious foggy hazy blurred gauzy unclear vague bleary fuzzy faint indistinguishable blurry blear pale smoky beclouded heavy lacking definition out of focus indefinite indiscernible soupy indeterminate nebulose formless smoggy ambiguous doubtful undefined obfuscated bleared austere hard to see barely perceptible hard to make out inconspicuous hazed mushy filmy undetermined ill-defined bosky leafy sheltered screened covered thick muddy brumous mucky befogged cool nontranslucent nontransparent muzzy vaporous shrouded clouded over out of the sun unfocused not clear riley turbid inhospitable bedimmed roily emulsified confused rainy fogged unrecognizable unrecognisable enveloped dewy roiled deep thickset bistred distorted undistinct yellowish-brown amorphous substantial condensed concentrated shapeless unformed of high density bowery unexplicit impalpable elusive distant enigmatic dreamlike indefinable bistered protected arboured woolly woozy fuggy steamy dappled chiaroscuro grimy sooty claggy wooly vapory smoke-darkened slate-grey begrimed under the trees under a cloud in the shade fogged in slate grey dark grey


Visually indistinct
hazy vague faint dim fuzzy nebulous unclear indistinct misty shadowy obscure blurred blurry foggy muddled blear bleary cloudy dull gauzy indistinguishable loose murky muzzy opaque pale smoky uncertain overcast wooly woolly bleared dusky obfuscated obfuscous out-of-focus clouded veiled obscured indiscernible shady undefined indeterminate indefinite imprecise muddy unfocused distorted Cimmerian out of focus ill-defined lacking definition undetermined ambiguous dark formless nebulose confused unformed doubtful barely perceptible hard to make out amorphous inexact hard to see inexplicit dense heavy inconspicuous shapeless rough faded indefinable smoggy filmy fogged intangible mushy unrecognizable unrecognisable turbid unsure tenuous equivocal unspecific approximate imperceptible riley vaporous sketchy mucky unsettled general roily roiled gloomy unexplicit leaden nubilous nontranslucent nontransparent disorganized impalpable dismal lowering soupy befogged distant broad thick disorganised open-ended not clear gaseous steamy ambivalent remote unshaped structureless unstructured slight unformulated emulsified unsubstantial vapory unobtrusive inchoate imperfect some kind of enveloped dewy shrouded bleached light illusory feeble unintelligible visionary dreamy undistinct low resolution muffled incoherent incomprehensible inaudible ill-organized impenetrable muddied soft elusive enigmatic dreamlike tenebrous hardly noticeable hardly detectable impervious unlimited evasive unknown dubious unfixed oracular hard to understand innumerable inexhaustible wide noncommittal indeterminable undependable brumous hazed beclouded louring riled scrambled chaotic dirty sedimentary polluted impure feculent overclouded approximative liberal unmeticulous unrigorous inaccurate ballpark random rambling changeable fluid flexible open squishy non-specific

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