Synonym of crummy

Alternative for crummy



of very poor quality; flimsy


Dirty, unpleasant, or of poor quality
abysmal atrocious awful imperfect inadequate insufficient mediocre abject appalling crude defective dreadful tinny deplorable disagreeable execrable faulty inferior lamentable pitiful poor uncomfortable unpleasant bad bum deficient diabolical dire dismal frightful hateful horrible nasty substandard unacceptable unsatisfactory wretched below par bush dissatisfactory duff grotty ill lame lousy miserable off paltry pants punk ropy rotten rubbish rubbishy sad shoddy sour suboptimal subpar tatty terrible trashy wack wanting wrong cheap contemptible direful egregious pathetic poorly shabby tacky useless worthless from hunger below standard low-grade bush-league jerry-built under par sub-par poor-quality second-rate tenth-rate third-rate off-color weak sauce a load of pants crumby poxy sorry junky woeful hopeless chronic laughable disgraceful two-bit abominable low-rent low-quality schlocky cruddy God-awful common bargain-basement not up to snuff very bad second-class pitiable schlock disappointing coarse gimcrack tawdry unsound cheapjack junk below average pits shocking cut-rate disastrous trumpery base el cheapo not up to scratch lemon average horrendous cheesy shameful sleazy offensive odious not up to par sucky dime-a-dozen flawed godawful not up to much subnormal dodgy indifferent distressing middling ordinary grody unexceptional pedestrian regrettable amateurish cheap and nasty horrid valueless weak low-end the pits repulsive good-for-nothing leaving much to be desired gross displeasing hideous poorer downmarket calamitous ratty beastly poor quality garbage unfortunate hack not much cop repugnant unworthy déclassé inept scandalous revolting loathsome unsuitable sickening damaged hellacious grubby despicable twopenny-halfpenny grim intolerable manky damnable tinhorn less-than-stellar insufferable grievous feeble distasteful obnoxious foul noisome obscene repellant repellent abhorrent mean drecky disgusting negligible rancid meagre unimpressive incompetent impaired cheapo objectionable bodger vile dud amiss undesirable lacking naff unspeakable reprehensible detestable cheapie dishonourable dishonorable second rate low ghastly stinking meager indefensible no great shakes two a penny no good negligent careless bungling nauseating evil fulsome noxious ugly nauseous piddling trifling meretricious outrageous broken yucky unsatisfying catastrophic trivial minimal scummy scurvy dirty scabby impermissible inadmissible inappropriate insignificant heartbreaking tragic kitsch scroungy insupportable icky derisory downer bummer inexpert horrifying pinchbeck tattered Brummagem brassy of poor quality of low quality ridiculous half-pie unbearable mournful opprobrious not up to standard flimsy run-down scurrilous stinky irremediable entry-level minor-league minor league out of order grungy a dime a dozen bottom-rung rinky-dink dime-store god-awful small potatoes not satisfying wet throwaway dissatisfying petty commonplace ineffectual dilapidated twopenny brummagem end-of-the-pier unskilful ropey measly piss-poor wanky insubstantial unhappy cataclysmic disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin second-best shlocky unsightly sordid godforsaken seedy shlock gruesome inexcusable strictly for the birds hellish rebarbative disgustful loathly melancholy sneaking unforgivable of a sort cheap-jack unseemly second class meritless not cutting it senseless inglorious preposterous absurd ludicrous rueful affecting exceptionable improper run down down at heel for the birds not good enough leaving a lot to be desired monstrous unpardonable unconscionable foolish sinful foolish-looking silly without value dubious unreasonable questionable craptacular tricky iniquitous ignominious wicked ignoble immoral discreditable heinous disreputable condemnable out blameworthy overwhelming dolorous afflictive rough inacceptable unappealing uninviting reject excruciating unjustifiable of no worth of little value of no value low quality of little worth nickel-and-dime not on not cricket beyond the pale won't do over the fence not quite the done thing half-baked criminal beyond contempt blah from hell of little financial value diddly not good erroneous bad news fallacious not the best of no financial value raunchy unstylish tasteless styleless unfashionable ticky-tack inelegant dowdy ticky-tacky ten a penny unfit warped unsaleable unsellable scratched partial torn blemished inoperative cracked deformed limited unfinished patchy incomplete malfunctioning immature sketchy undeveloped inexact rudimentary vicious faultful sick injured bottom-of-barrel marred disfigured not functioning minus not working fallible bogus empty no-good low in quality abandoned barren in a state of disrepair few bugs putrid unsavoury sick-making unsavory off-putting yucko bogging unpalatable skanky malodorous fetid filthy vomitous foetid unwelcome mephitic stomach-turning stomach-churning vomit-inducing gut-churning rank unprincipled nefarious festy smelly degrading grisly niffy infamous on the nose invidious unpleasing olid vulgar villainous flagitious foul-smelling evil-smelling pongy whiffy unappetizing funky miasmal annoying degenerate embarrassing corrupt upsetting acrid squalid low-down black cringe-making humiliating creepy depraved dark unethical unscrupulous very unpleasant notorious irritating shady unrespectable louche shy dislikeable slimy unholy ungodly grimy unlovely unclean harsh yukky uncongenial bitter poison shameless harmful harrowing unlawful unrighteous indecent knavish dastardly gut-wrenching depressing perverse debauched emetic unwanted impure pestilential ineffective polluted dislikable poisonous smudged bedraggled befouled smutty sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy illegal stained mucky besmirched unfair blackened unsportsmanlike dingy begrimed soiled unlikable pestiferous pesky unlucky underhanded unfavourable unfavorable malevolent deceitful heartrending perverted unpopular fiendish devilish distressful tremendous infernal dissolute tragical treacherous alarming desperate hated reprobate snide currish flagrant miscreant censurable indecorous troublesome horrific loathed reeking adverse rude low-minded immodest scungy cursed confounded biting cutting unsought inexpedient gnarly unhealthy caitiff accursed yecchy very poor galling restricted hateable ornery a dead loss unable to do something for toffee off-colour crook off colour out of sorts chastening inclement undesired thoughtless satanic despisable untoward slovenly irksome detested glaring sinister sickly catty ill-advised tainted diseased malicious meanspirited disrespectful culpable abominated despised execrated dishonest untrustworthy discouraging vexatious too bad chunderous crooked tough repelling spiteful slipshod sneaky malignant deceptive crass graceless disdainable ill-famed forbidding uncool impertinent abusive insolent discourteous dissipated well below par dreary brackish rocky woozy scabrous inefficient reduced mortifying remiss worst ill-reputed offending amoral stupid bleak serious hurtful deleterious pernicious injurious mischievous reviled impotent little ill-favoured desolate dismaying dreaded disliked baneful unwholesome very disgusting pill heel flavorless insipid painful flavourless yicky savorless flat surfeiting sleazeball macabre squicky cloying scuzzy sparing inappreciable inconsiderable unattractive vitiated wanton bent venal deadly insalutary dangerous inconsistent hostile incompatible contradictory opposed gloomy sombre cheerless drab good-for-naught no-count no-account unwished-for eye-watering averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic mercenary faithless perfidious joyless piteous solemn somber disheartening sullen morose drear bothersome detrimental scorned inconvenient shunned outcast incommodious disadvantageous uninvited rejected extremely bad ill-favored unfriendly against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different revulsive unfitted foreign beneath contempt below contempt unbecoming bribable low-life dirty rotten reeky ribald intemperate lewd drunken profligate carnal forlorn depressive impoverished sepulchral indigent glum comfortless incapable in opposition unwished for musty stenchy strong high fusty under-strength blasted lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty inproficient unproficient to be avoided out of place pigpen ripe debased freaking cussed darned cotton-picking infuriating doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned exasperating dang darn unable to do something to save one's life diabolic blimming degraded forbidden taboo prohibited proscribed interdicted banned ineffable censored sorrowful grave indescribable unutterable unprintable X-rated impolite frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits hurting unmentionable off-limits not to be spoken of no go that dare not speak its name


In poor health
sick ill unwell ailing indisposed infirm sickly crook debilitated sickened weak diseased frail poorly rickety unhealthy unsound bad bedridden invalid under the weather queasy nauseous peaky rough lousy ropy off colour seedy grotty wabbit nauseated liverish out of sorts off not oneself funny peculiar below par rotten peaked awful green about the gills queer not up to par terrible dreadful washed out run down peakish peely-wally run-down not well not up to snuff not very well under par dizzy giddy down not in good shape sick as a dog faint off-colour punk lightheaded light-headed off-color in poor health in a bad way feeble infected groggy woozy like death warmed up pale drained fatigued tired afflicted invalided valetudinarian iffy impaired squeamish sickish queerish qualmish bummed laid up laid-up on the sick list at death's door slightly unwell unfit horrible not up to the mark ugly ropey unsightly off one's feed ghastly poor paltry lame not yourself failing low mean hospitalized feverish incurable not a hundred percent suffering haggard hospitalised pallid pasty pasty-faced under medication the worse for wear not feeling well broken down ashen whey-faced gray colourless bloodless ashy grey ashen-faced anaemic corpse-like cadaverous sallow ill-looking bilious wan pinched seasick deathly pale carsick trainsick airsick travel-sick miserable throwing up vomiting sick to one's stomach shaky blah uncomfortable upset sickly-looking drawn emaciated queazy grim etiolated thin peelie-wally anemic as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless uncertain pukish restless dubious unsettling troubling odd suffering from motion sickness concerned unsettled rocky doubtful fidgety running temperature on sick list laid low a wreck got the bug feeling terrible feeling awful off one's feet feeling rotten green around gills suffering from altitude sickness in poor shape green around the gills strange exhausted enervated knackered worn out in bad shape not feeling up to snuff delicate enfeebled tottering prostrate incapacitated weakened decrepit wasted languid sapped prostrated asthenic down-and-out green wobbly slight weakly effete tender out of action unstable disordered unsteady doddering wimpish wimpy unsubstantial worn-out confined rundown out of commission puny soft softened sick as dog barfy doddery fragile insecure flimsy wavering declining disabled imperfect defective injured spent not so hot weary pooped beat confined to bed dying wretched crippled down with broken-down weedy worn tottery gaunt spindly dragging raddled tired out tuckered out out of gas vacillating tenuous vitiated trembly meagre pathetic strengthless sapless meager lacklustre lackluster out of shape green at the gills hollow-eyed about to throw up travelsick qualmy reeling languishing valetudinary handicapped disgusted housebound immobilized uneasy unwholesome in bed wasting off form ill in bed in bad health slender stricken in pain hors de combat chunderous contaminated tainted septic blighted sinking reduced sensitive nesh susceptible got a bug immobilised achy hypochondriacal peccant abnormal not healthy nauseatic sick as a parrot powerless without energy infectious dainty fishy shatterable brittle fracturable shattery wispy bockety languorous depleted sluggish cranky chronically ill always ill pining often ill laid-low helpless impotent burned out low-energy in ill health in poor condition irresolute stressed out of condition shilpit faltering out-of-action experiencing nausea feeling queasy ticklish quaking feeling nauseous feeling nauseated feeling woozy inconstant staggering tricky trembling in a decline indecisive unsafe unbalanced uneven tense strained half-hearted dopey emasculated flabby gentle insufficient flat aged halting anile sensile out of humor down in the mouth in declining health careworn wonky precarious withered fraught hollow-cheeked teetering dead loggy aweary bushed jaded logy washed-out wearied beaten bleary done limp teetery fluctuant rattletrap wavy wiggling unsure dilapidated tattered unkempt dishevelled disheveled coarsened debauched feeling sick wiped out played out stressed out burned-out all in tapped out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks worse for wear


In a derelict or dilapidated state
tatty shabby seedy dilapidated scruffy threadbare ratty mangy tumbledown mean grungy dumpy tattered tatterdemalion miserable tacky neglected scrubby ragged timeworn sleazy worn rundown decrepit frayed squalid shoddy ramshackle bedraggled faded dingy rickety decaying ruined decayed deteriorated wretched deteriorating poor ruinous tired desolate pitiful slipshod degenerated disreputable bare disfigured meagre meager cure pot moth-eaten run-down beat-up dog-eared broken-down worn-out down-at-the-heels bombed-out down-at-heel worse for wear gone to seed poverty-stricken all the worse for wear slummy run down insalubrious down at heel grotty sordid uncared-for shacky scuzzy shambly unmaintained crumbling gone to rack and ruin seamy scungy dismal skanky unkempt derelict grubby rumpty depressed dodgy unpleasant in disrepair paltry base in ruins falling to pieces unprepossessing cheap old sorry low disintegrating slovenly skeezy low-class slimy limp untidy slumlike beat up down and dirty slum-like in a bad way overcrowded dowdy smirched dishonest crooked unsavory unsavoury sloppy nasty disheveled dishevelled manky drooping droopy sickly frowzy wilting ailing down-at-the-heel messy sagging flagging torn overgrown wilted damaged battered wrecked uncared impaired injured unsound destroyed crumbly marred used up bad untended shaky mediocre lousy ordinary low-grade substandard tawdry menial low-rent second-rate two-bit middling sad raunchy unimproved beat tumble-down the worse for wear ill-maintained worn out uncared for falling apart beaten up seen better days used-up on its last legs badly maintained weather-beaten fallen in poorly maintained fallen-in rinky-dink raggedy broken in tatters tottering well worn fragile in rags holey falling apart at the seams filthy rough yucky ragtag scraggy having seen better days precarious rotten worn to shreds raggedy-ass warby antiquated ripped in a state of disrepair creaky creaking frazzled shaggy flimsy in bad condition collapsing in shreds patched poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes decomposing superannuated rotting rent in holes broken down on your last legs spoiled abandoned clapped out used crude unsafe insecure unsteady rugged breaking up caving in falling in unstable frail wobbly weak torn to pieces infirm rocky spoilt in ribbons faulty defective unhealthy withering haggard disordered time-worn wild dirty in poor condition breaking eroding busted trashy subsiding moldering putrefying peeling mouldering falling down shredded under par below par coming apart at the seams out at elbows forgotten unattended unloved historic godforsaken underprivileged deprived beaten-up done clapped-out dateless hazardous perilous dangerous treacherous unweeded uncultivated wonky outworn teetery uncouth unkept worm-eaten ancient old-fashioned useless unusable weedgrown peaked shattered contaminated infected septic unwholesome blighted quavering shaking effete anile crippled insubstantial imperfect jerry-built feeble scroungy woebegone knocked around coming undone overused overworked scabby well-read well-thumbed about to collapse about to break lined dinged totaled wizened rachitic wavering tottery unbalanced rattletrap geriatric rank mucky indigent sick impoverished sticky gunky gungy condemned fordone undone irreparable undid shot irremediable split decrepit. in ruins in bad repair out of condition unoccupiable unlivable tasteless gaudy vulgar blasted munted worn-down wrung out pegged out well-worn desultory unpressed unfinished contemptible kitsch showy garish hurt robbed plundered pillaged defaced botched mutilated uninhabited harried harmed flash Brummagem common loud about to fall apart down at the heel uninhabitable corroded naff flashy disintegrated crumbled outmoded ostentatious out-of-date stodgy frumpy unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky gaunt drained unwell cheap and nasty pinched exhausted fatigued drawn in bad taste coarsened debauched raddled hollow-eyed malfunctioning inoperative washed out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks kaput down bust not working non-functioning dud not functioning finished duff knackered disorganized disorderly playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut done for conked out conked-out out of order jumbled disarrayed cluttered out of commission on the blink chaotic muddled on the fritz not in working order mussed tumbled rumpled mussy tousled confused disarranged messed littered in a state pell-mell disorganised messed up upside-down unruly topsy-turvy hugger-mugger in a mess higgledy-piggledy


In a state of unhappiness or despondency
tristful sad unhappy disconsolate dejected despondent downcast glum down dispirited downhearted crestfallen blue low desolate melancholy woebegone gloomy morose moody wistful pessimistic spiritless lugubrious melancholic bad grim destroyed dysphoric dull dragged hurting bleeding ripped weeping at heavy-hearted low-spirited in the dumps down in the dumps down in the mouth in pain cast-down down and out in the pits bummed out fed up low-down torn up on a downer taken down let down sob story in a blue funk in the toilet miserable depressed sorrowful mournful forlorn doleful heartsick joyless heartsore wretched woeful discouraged saddened heartbroken inconsolable brokenhearted disheartened heavyhearted cast down dolorous dismal sorry droopy sombre somber upset funereal hangdog elegiac tearful chap-fallen cheerless oppressed pensive daunted broken-hearted low in spirits emo weighed down crushed sunk in gloom dark in low spirits in the doldrums sick as a parrot plaintive nostalgic distressed disappointed lamenting listless agonized down-hearted down in dumps hurt elegiacal languid gray anguished broken emotional sullen comfortless rueful aggrieved demoralized sulky saturnine agonised troubled demoralised languorous grey triste uneasy dreary depressing despairing bleak grief-stricken depressive solemn drear morbid black cold dire mirthless dour sepulchral pathetic heartrending tenebrous hopeless lonesome lonely saddening grieving piteous teary godforsaken tenebrific abject murky heartbreaking long-faced darkening chill plutonian dreich sunless cloudy Cimmerian defeatist disheartening choked afflicted cheesed off chapfallen distressing dispiriting tragic grave brassed off painful lachrymose drab pitiful grumpy dejecting mopey humourless lamentable devastated out of sorts discouraging regretful austere humorless heart-rending dingy uncomfortable oppressive mourning in despair sour poignant grieved pitiable surly plangent pained dismayed singing the blues bitter shot down upsetting sorrowing unfortunate stark distressful disappointing draggy weary all torn up down-and-out as sick as a parrot distraught dolesome regrettable dreadful drearisome uninviting desperate moving downbeat grievous unwelcoming weepy shocking horrific gutted dim inhospitable bare harrowing Eeyorish enervated terrible helpless bland flat unpleasant clinical subdued brooding impersonal cut up agonizing appalling agonising sober dolent tear-jerking wintry jarring wintery institutional sorry for yourself moping sick at heart crabbed displeased sunk lovesick poor bereaved dirgelike tormented threnodic defeated glowering traumatic disillusioned serious difficult demoralizing abashed discontented sapped bewailing bemoaning wailing funeral aching deploring shamefaced dirge-like ghastly churlish frightful horrifying sheepish suffering shattered unsmiling apathetic demoralising discomposing touching in tears in grief in doldrums daunting heavy calamitous uncommunicative horrible troublesome frightening bereft languishing frowning troubling taciturn heart-wrenching sick ruthful unconsolable bummed-out unfavorable unfavourable damp awful resigned negative in sorrow in mourning mopish broody adust down-in-the-mouth macabre loathsome repugnant bowed down full of sorrow cynical ugly long-suffering worried unamused shaken perturbed bothered sedate prostrated scowling disgruntled undermined disturbed concerned heart-sick deathly Stygian obscure hollow sorry for oneself discombobulated uptight bugged sore shook antsy burned contused grouchy disenchanted angry annoyed cross disenchanting cringing browbeaten guilty cowed bad-tempered excruciating crushing without energy depressant dirgeful hurtful phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive guilty-looking furtive affecting taken aback deflated griefstricken lowered bowed shook up ill-humoured huffy unsatisfied torn-up discontent suicidal vexatious prostrate with grief off sluggish ill-humored worthless atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking lost given to looking on the black side have the blahs self-indulgent self-absorbed wallowing derisible mortifying unable to be comforted unable to be consoled forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous crabby beefing cowering humiliated conscience-stricken tortured luckless friendless destitute uncared-for let-down not happy frantic anxious beside oneself with grief in a funk wounded strained with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off bearish having the blahs having blue devils racked ailing dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone doomed afflicting unmitigable deplorable no-win can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope strabilious at the end of your tether in the soup bummed hapless powerless downtrodden forbidding tender longing unfriendly stern up the creek without hope severe dreamy soulful yearning pining gruff disconcerting threnodial self-pitying gruesome poker-faced disturbing displeasing dismaying lovelorn hideous grisly unnerving unlucky testing unwelcome worrying alarming parlous flinty fierce intimidating ungentle louring steely rough lowering mean-looking rugged lurid unearthly horrid irritable bewildering off-putting perturbing frustrating foreboding irksome disapproving stony unsympathetic mephitical hellish unpropitious unkind repellant repellent vexing annoying abhorrent galling perplexing distasteful unpalatable sinister revulsive unamusing inauspicious aggravating ominous uncongenial irritating unpleasing disagreeable eerie horrendous hard-faced hard harsh stringent grotesque ghostly terrifying gory nightmarish monstrous fearsome revolting pitiless grewsome shadowy repulsive terrific nightmare spookish weird scary shady atrocious spooky offensive chilling sickening unhealthy God-awful death-obsessed lacklustre unenthusiastic passive insipid weak lifeless limp meek characterless colourless irresolute feeble submissive torpid unmoved spineless unimpassioned wooden dry vapid uninspired uninspiring passionless lackadaisical bloodless mopy desiccated anaemic slothful cowardly tame gutless dopey inanimate blah indecisive unconcerned boring lackluster indifferent drippy colorless anemic wishy-washy flat tire lacking in vitality


Dirty or unclean, especially disgustingly so
filthy dirty unclean soiled grimy foul mucky grubby smudged stained sullied begrimed cruddy muddy dusty grungy smutty polluted draggled befouled grotty besmirched contaminated dingy nasty sordid bemired blackened sooty bedraggled uncleanly black unhygienic squalid festy unsanitary messy putrid slimy scuzzy smeared unwashed foetid fetid scummy skanky defiled feculent smelly yucky shabby rotten sleazy bogging putrefied decaying smoky unkempt miry smeary sloppy slovenly murky disheveled dishevelled faecal fecal loathsome repulsive horry revolting slipshod soily verminous yecchy dirt-encrusted mud-encrusted insanitary spotted greasy icky gungy manky sticky tarnished scungy rundown slummy dowdy cloudy mud-caked miserable impure bespattered untidy flea-bitten straggly dreggy slatternly disarrayed unsightly gloopy undusted unlaundered dungy dishabille spattered unswept mung pigpen fouled yukky mucous muculent clammy viscous glutinous noxious gross unwholesome disgusting vile insalubrious rancid stinking unhealthy rank repellent distasteful sickening nauseating horrible repugnant unpleasant offensive obnoxious odious infected abominable dreadful infested nauseous objectionable horrid awful horrendous appalling hideous abhorrent septic noisome ugly obscene repellant beastly fulsome scandalous disgustful loathly tainted yucko unpalatable frightful unsavoury God-awful uninviting sick-making ghastly disagreeable shocking off-putting evil unsavory malodorous terrible displeasing besmeared mephitic bad lousy toxic dirtied grimed scurvy unappetizing on the nose grody gruesome germy diabolical disease-ridden deplorable niffy deleterious detestable olid harmful germ-ridden uncleaned muddied poisonous atrocious wicked despicable contemptible unwelcome pongy stinky whiffy funky unpleasing miasmal pestilent blemished discolored marked corrupt unsanitized acrid ruined discoloured unsportsmanlike wretched sneaking bitter sorry unfair pitiful ratty uncongenial unlovely harsh scabby cheap illegal sour paltry mean lame pitiable reeking not clean hellish poison bum ungodly unholy foul-smelling evil-smelling hateful diseased execrable unfiltered detrimental poisoned musty frowzy unhealthful vulgar dire vomitous grisly gut-churning stomach-churning vomit-inducing stomach-turning scruffy seedy vitiated mouldy odorous moldy stale decayed putrescent hurtful injurious mischievous pernicious off-color biting embarrassing invidious offending cutting opprobrious baneful pestilential pestiferous monstrous exceptionable unspeakable outrageous shameful shameless reeky immoral deadly insalutary dangerous strong stenchy fusty high egregious insupportable horrific heinous reprehensible miasmic frowsty frowsy intolerable inexcusable unpardonable creepy grievous ripe horrifying sick undesirable unforgivable tremendous adulterated poor hellacious unlikable tasteless dismaying galling rubbish sleazeball squicky macabre rebarbative cloying surfeiting alarming serious distressing harrowing godawful abysmal cringe-making beyond the pale raunchy from hell very unpleasant gnarly godforsaken depressing


Displeasing to one's senses
yucky unpleasant lousy awful detestable distasteful horrid icky nasty rotten unpalatable unsavoury unsavory abominable bad bitter dirty disagreeable disgusting displeasing gross harsh odious offensive repulsive sour uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unwelcome wicked beastly brackish cruddy foul gruesome hideous horrible loathsome messy revolting unappetizing vile grody grotty mucky nauseating repugnant skanky yucko creepy funky raunchy scuzzy sickening sleazy stinking vulgar yecchy distressing horrendous troublesome troubling disconcerting dreadful irksome objectionable disquieting terrible horrific worrisome discomforting miserable torturous severe stressful grim woeful wretched unsettling forbidding agonizing perturbing traumatic appalling daunting horrifying humourless poor execrable harrowing irritating sober annoying mortifying humorless unbearable sombre upsetting repellent dismal difficult uncomfortable solemn discomposing distressful unnerving doleful somber disturbing ghastly agitating frightful atrocious troublous deplorable gloomy unsatisfactory abysmal hairy nightmarish unendurable tormenting dire frightening fraught worrying obnoxious heartbreaking vexatious regrettable grisly undesirable diabolical lurid macabre depressing unfortunate unacceptable grave sedate monstrous godawful tragical unhappy pathetic abhorrent tragic unappealing saddening repellant uncool uninviting awkward yukky cruel ugly afflictive afflicting shocking hellacious affecting lamentable sad nauseous mean agonising anguished galling hostile excruciating hurtful sorrowful heartrending grievous painful concerning off-putting nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking gut-wrenching heart-rending heart-breaking

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