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cures, cured, curing

Synonym: heal, remedy, restore,


Helping cure
healing sanative remedial restorative therapeutic curative medicinal corrective health-giving alleviative tonic healthful officinal remedying wholesome invigorating envigorating analeptic helpful salutary beneficial iatric medicative recuperative vulnerary soothing antidotal salubrious reformative good medicating restitutive sanatory repairing purifying antiseptic treating healthy ameliorative medical reparative therapeutical homoeopathic homeopathic homeopathical what the doctor ordered rejuvenating refreshing rehabilitative aseptic rejuvenescent sanitary health-promoting roborant calming relaxing satisfying pharmaceutical aesculapian pharmaceutic febrifugal reformatory rectifying amendatory pick-me-up medicable preventive reactive counteracting compensatory shot in the arm nutritious nourishing solving educative counteractive healthsome alimentative alimental nutritional nutrimental strengthening alimentary holistic nutritive energy-giving good for what ails you good for health good for you good for your health restoring mending vitalizing uplifting salutiferous nutrient sustaining hygienic bracing advantageous clean good for one alible full of nourishment full of nutrients dietary aiding balanced food dietetic digestible sustentative peptic comestible desirable invig respectable benign innocuous body-building cathartic decent conducive disease-free fresh harmless natural unrefined organic uncontaminated good for one's health additive-free stimulating fit sound constructive well healful


Present participle for to preserve (food or organic material), typically by salting, drying, or smoking

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