Synonym of cursory

Alternative for cursory


Hasty and therefore not thorough or detailed
hasty hurried brief casual passing rapid careless summary superficial desultory offhand perfunctory slapdash half-hearted inattentive mechanical slight token uninterested unthinking automatic drive-by fleeting flying gadarene headlong helter-skelter overhasty pell-mell precipitate precipitous quick rash routine rushed sketchy depthless fast half-baked haphazard random shallow short sloppy speedy swift uncritical hit or miss impetuous indifferent heedless apathetic reckless sudden impulsive imprudent lackadaisical abrupt unconcerned expeditious spur-of-the-moment nonchalant incautious cool foolhardy prompt injudicious temerarious lukewarm brisk insouciant unconsidered thoughtless pococurante blasé ill-advised laid-back breakneck premature surface-level slipshod cavalier quickie disinterested complacent languid harum-scarum breezy precipitant hare-brained devil-may-care trite trifling passive incidental listless unenthusiastic lacklustre neutral fleet tepid hurrying lightning madcap spiritless insensible uncurious whirlwind instantaneous instant rathe incurious indiscreet lackluster light Laodicean transitory easygoing unfussy rushing previous ill-considered impassive inconsiderate fiery uncaring relaxed flippant carefree lax detached ill-judged informal loose easy-going free and easy glancing vague hectic momentary irresponsible fugacious dangerous purposeless airy slack blithe subitaneous snatched unduly quick inadequate nodding daring rough tempestuous daredevil brash rush whistle-stop short-lived headstrong hit-or-miss uninvolved phlegmatic unmoved bored imperfect flash flimsy partial insincere inconsequential feigning paltry hurry-up unimpressed lethargic emotionless unresponsive unceremonious undiscerning unguarded unwary alacritous quick-fire unhesitating snap negligent hot-headed foolish unenthused indiscriminate over-adventurous slovenly dismissive wooden couldn't-care-less overbold wild damp unexcited undiscriminating unthought-out misguided take-it-or-leave-it harebrained unperceptive immature frenzied hotheaded determined irrational furious insuppressible passionate not enthusiastic immediate forthwith direct unselective mindless unreasoned unexacting jumping to conclusions phoning it in walking through it uninformed imperceptive artless unstudied on-the-spot arbitrary going through the motions effortless leisurely disimpassioned regardless indiscriminating indolent simple happy-go-lucky laid back peremptory easily pleased frantic faint dispassionate weak feeble without notice without formality without delay without hesitation unwilling irresolute reluctant tame unemotional without discussion without warning snappy impatient zippy hot breathless nippy splitting dizzy rattling blistering galloping urgent pronto agile harefooted eager slambang quickened chop-chop fleet-footed on the double rapid-fire unwise impolitic improvident tactless indelicate stupid audacious inadvisable undiplomatic short-sighted adventurous ill-conceived inexpedient silly graceless unheeding venturesome bold senseless inappropriate kamikaze hell-for-leather unmindful neglectful inadvertent venturous impractical ill-thought-out blind overconfident wrong-headed remiss violent flighty unsafe unobservant spontaneous maladroit lavish myopic asinine crazy extravagant giddy crackpot unpremeditated immoderate outrageous risky unrestrained daft crackbrained unexpected death-or-glory untimely absent-minded unsubtle crude unwatchful untactful unreasonable unpolitic frivolous wanton insensitive prodigal gauche intemperate shortsighted capricious gruff desperate profuse clumsy cock-eyed excessive wrong tearaway impromptu harsh undesirable over-venturesome ignorant napping bungling unpolished inept reactive blundering awkward uncircumspect vulgar unsagacious astigmatic unadvised unpredictable unalert unvigilant off-guard uncareful instinctive playing with fire oblivious absurd preposterous ridiculous idiotic inane knee-jerk wasteful unconscious untroubled impracticable scatterbrained ill-timed unworkable involuntary intuitive erratic unplanned spendthrift unworried unforeseen witless irreflective unanticipated abandoned thriftless boorish blunt dumb unreasoning unreserved feckless wacky unsuitable unintelligent death-defying mad sharp adventuresome unfettered deaf near-sighted fanciful coarse unsound careless of dozy crass bull-in-a-china-shop confused short-term misconceived fast and loose credulous unprepared meteoric accelerated unlooked-for badly thought out not thought through nearsighted jumping the gun ad hoc luxurious misjudged heady fearless intrepid courageous radge unrealistic unadvisable unthoughtful surprising brave dauntless undaunted infelicitous garrulous nosy chaotic lively trigger-happy empty-headed barmy suicidal naive unfortunate childish scatty fantastic unsympathetic hazardous disregarding riotous shiftless profligate too soon inopportune startling nonsensical leaving self wide open off the deep end wide open uneconomical unthrifty unfeeling derelict nonobservant half-cocked risk-taking ludicrous lunatic fantastical spur of the moment unaware off deep end out on limb unreflective unsophisticated lawless dotty dippy inconstant divvy unintended unpractical brainless fatuous illogical gratuitous supererogative fly-by-night ditsy delinquent short-range restricted limited extemporaneous unwarned unknowing unsuspecting swaggering romping light-minded disorderly disregardful nutty insane unreal bizarre self-destructive overnight fast-track squandering free-spending reflex unintentional unwitting uncouth tasteless off one's guard whimsical uninhibited monstrous scandalous heinous anxious fluctuating fickle fitful unsensible inconvenient pointless improper unrecommended uncreative unimaginative careless of one's duty callous emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed without regard shocking atrocious worried distracted straightforward in the dark supererogatory cyclonic hurricane tumultuous very fast tornado lacking foresight rude unmeditated vacant unmeant brutish not recommended asleep at the switch out to lunch fierce ardent like a bull in a china shop heavy-handed uncalled-for impassioned vehement unbridled uncivil unseemly unreflecting uncautious wary ad-lib fervid restive forgetful winging it fast-and-loose not in the loop badly planned overventuresome caught napping foot-in-mouth heedless of unsmart uncontrolled not careful abundant free volatile asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out any old way asleep on the job inattentive to disregardful of going off deep end spasmodic acute paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to out of control explosive unusual speeded misplaced unwarranted erroneous high-speed fallacious unfounded out of the blue not bargained for off the top of one's head express mistaken deluded misled extremely fast dangerously fast at speed disinformed stray errant deceived bum-steer bearded faked-out erring stonewalled straying flat-out off course labouring under a delusion led up the garden path uncalled for at full tilt


Lacking in system or organization
hit-or-miss haphazard disorganised disorganized slapdash random careless erratic unmethodical arbitrary desultory aimless sloppy slipshod indiscriminate scattered casual perfunctory offhand remiss lackadaisical stray irregular undirected unplanned unpremeditated undisciplined uneven catch-as-catch-can slap-happy helter-skelter all over the place all over the shop trial and error negligent lax slack neglectful hasty hurried thoughtless heedless messy untidy shoddy unsystematic thrown together slovenly lazy shambolic nonchalant irresponsible inattentive disregardful derelict last-minute clumsy scrappy disorderly indifferent reckless improvident unmindful unconcerned loose inexact neglecting inaccurate unmeticulous unthorough thrown-together scattershot apathetic tardy hit-and-miss unthoughtful disinterested incautious otiose faineant fainéant unheeding delinquent regardless detached unthinking unconsidered amateurish imprecise incorrect scatterbrained wrong sketchy erroneous error-ridden couldn't care less wild dispassionate insouciant forgetful oscitant asleep at switch incurious unheedful laid-back behindhand failing to take proper care relaxed unorganized muddled disordered faulty unorganised imperfect botched poor shabby junky pell-mell chaotic unprofessional jumbled threadbare uncoordinated orderless confused unsystematized systemless unarranged unfocused unstructured unprepared badly organized chance inconsistent capricious spontaneous incidental topsy-turvy dislocated uncombed scrambled out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained cluttered heterogeneous unkempt tumult unrestrained hit or miss mixed up all over the map inefficient slaphappy unfastidious in disarray incoherent unregulated couldn't-care-less all over the lot rambling hurry-scurry recklessly carelessly hastily disconnected fitful impulsive unintentional spasmodic inconstant intermittent occasional sporadic unstable fly-by-night in disorder spur-of-the-moment impromptu accidental off and on without purpose higgledy-piggledy fluky unintended rushed undesigned unscheduled designless unselective sudden unexpected fluke purposeless willy-nilly unconscious devil-may-care any old way any which way discretionary whimsical unreasonable subjective optional personal irrational motiveless unpredictable unmotivated unjustified unjustifiable unreasoned wanton unsupported groundless illogical discretional fanciful wilful uninformed superficial unaccountable supercilious frivolous approximate wayward injudicious unscientific


Not thorough or detailed
sketchy incomplete inadequate perfunctory scrappy superficial bitty rough skimpy slight vague crude outline unfinished fragmentary imprecise insufficient limited patchy rudimentary fuzzy hasty hurried meager meagre scanty provisional coarse cobbled together defective depthless faulty hazy imperfect introductory preliminary shallow unclear uncritical woolly wooly on the back of an envelope loose uncertain generalized equivocal indefinite inexact approximate indeterminate confused dubious ambiguous unknown inexplicit ambivalent doubtful iffy obfuscatory generalised unspecified muzzy muddy questionable bewildering unintelligible amphibological puzzling ill-defined non-specific obscure indistinct enigmatic nebulous cryptic mysterious general occult confusing arcane perplexing enigmatical opaque blurred abstruse inscrutable mystic Delphic broad incomprehensible unfocused ballpark deep muddled oblique recondite unfathomable tenebrous oracular esoteric elliptical double-edged mystifying inexplicable approximative foggy murky secret impenetrable inconclusive clear as dishwater misleading debatable dark elliptic fuliginous baffling estimated sweeping incoherent evasive clear as mud clouded hidden inaccurate unspecific paradoxical squishy roundabout abstract jumbled undetailed blurry open to debate open to argument indiscriminate mystical veiled coded indirect equivocating gnomic covert circumlocutory circuitous shadowy as clear as mud riddling elusive open concealed unexplained periphrastic unexplicit coarse-grained clandestine gray grey hermetic hermetical disorganized open to question strange secretive arguable cloudy implied impressionistic disorganised hard to understand flexible prevaricating borderline illogical overall unrigorous unmeticulous difficult basic generic deceptive obfuscated liberal noncommittal complex shifty unprecise hard involved rambling subtle mumbled complicated indecisive elusory intricate shrouded cloaked garbled devious tricky disjointed profound mixed sibylline deceitful inarticulate non-committal indecipherable stonewalling uncanny Greek to me insoluble illegible little known apocryphal Delphian inaudible cabalistic neither one thing nor the other unknowable neither fish nor fowl woolly-minded woolly-headed unsound polysemous polysemic polysemantic hinky multivocal addled comprehensive widespread universal global bleary proximate remote dim weak near close unsettled confounding peculiar odd muddle-headed dense amorphous dubitable in question chancy problematic in doubt at issue unsure free cryptical ulterior blanket muddleheaded random changeable nonspecific common unexplainable surmised unscientific guessed subliminal non-restrictive nubilous purblind imperceptive fluid unaccountable backhanded slippery convoluted uninterpretable problematical black almost exact almost accurate beyond comprehension sphinxlike undefined cagey lenient non-literal inconceivable technical incredible secreted teasing stumping stickling cabbalistic implicit far-out cunning shuffling faint all-round all-around meaningless not easily understood dissembling broad-spectrum bird's-eye broad-based careless sloppy sophistical open-ended intangible casuistic false casuistical indiscernible casual disguised not particular not partial not specific circumlocutionary ambagious not literal not strict not close slurred ungraspable blurred round the edges senseless scrambled masked circular collateral obliquitous incognizable Greek all Greek to me fathomless rarefied fraudulent illusory suppressed muffled fallacious suspicious muttered halting faltering hesitant contradictory duplicitous surreptitious unrevealed camouflaged involute involuted fugacious transient indescribable phantom shy fleeting greasy imponderable transitory insubstantial tenuous volatile evanescent hesitating stuttering stammering stumbling disreputable hinted at underlying recherché heavy speechless mute voiceless tongue-tied two-edged unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened undercover covered reticent unvocal mumbling maundering clumsy awkward poorly spoken over one's head above one's head


Showing haughty disregard
cavalier haughty offhand arrogant lofty lordly supercilious condescending casual curt disdainful insolent scornful dismissive indifferent insouciant patronising patronizing unconcerned uninterested contemptuous discourteous rude unceremonious uncivil abrupt assumptive brusque bumptious chesty glib hifalutin high-and-mighty highfalutin high-handed high-hat huffish huffy imperious important masterful off overweening peremptory perfunctory pompous presuming presumptuous pretentious self-asserting self-assertive sniffy stiff-necked superior terse toploftical toplofty ungracious uppish uppity offish pococurante take-it-or-leave-it careless inconsiderate overbearing proud snooty snotty conceited snobbish cocky egotistic self-important high and mighty stuck-up egotistical smug vain vainglorious prideful overconfident hoity-toity boastful domineering toffee-nosed audacious swaggering brash bossy snobby puffed up narcissistic opinionated bold aloof self-satisfied impudent immodest affected forward bigheaded self-opinionated pushy egoistic magisterial egoistical pontifical cocksure bragging fancy-pants swellheaded self-centered self-conceited cool cheeky hubristic blustering swollen-headed self-centred snippy ostentatious selfish bloated brazen self-confident autocratic impertinent nonchalant egocentric elitist dictatorial assuming confident biggity self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying full of oneself biggety grandiose assured stuck up sneering self-assured brassy mocking authoritarian saucy la-di-da apathetic complacent contumelious big-headed blasé detached sassy scoffing lackadaisical breezy self-serving self-righteous cold-shoulder know-it-all orgulous holier-than-thou blusterous full of yourself tyrannical heedless despotic disinterested uncaring nervy officious fresh disrespectful pontificating showy dominating flippant smarty laid-back airy on high horse easy-going on your high horse jumped up wise guy devil-may-care on an ego trip free and easy too big for your boots regardless oppressive derisive above oneself smart insulting withering sententious gracious malapert heavy-handed easygoing stiff foolhardy rash disparaging slighting strutting wise persnickety posh jeering belittling pert pushful overhasty precipitate hasty abhorrent impetuous portentous relaxed swanky lax carefree informal aristocratic puffy full of contempt stuffy boasting loose happy-go-lucky flaunting high-minded la-de-da sure too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots self-respecting putting on airs braggart self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy self-pleased unreserved self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited stooping arbitrary vaunting unmoved exclusive inflated poncey windy trivializing obnoxious loud potty ritzy highhanded ambitious standoffish denigrating undemocratic refined willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive high trivialising on one's high horse bullish familiar free overbold brassbound honourable honorable lukewarm arch offensively self-assertive commanding wiseguy overfamiliar impolite slack incurious blithe previous premature pleased with yourself insensible uncurious self-aggrandizing reserved distant ironhanded dominant grand spectacular flatulent highfaluting magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated presumptive remote flip tony unabashed on a high horse brazen-faced improper inappropriate shameless boldfaced barefaced procacious unblushing throwing one's weight around bold-faced rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic turning up your nose at unsympathetic scouting looking down your nose at repudiating high falutin coercive bullying high-flown smart-alecky tyrannous autocratical overproud authoritative tyrannic dogmatic throwing one's weight about lording it iron-handed consequential preponderant imperial imperative demanding regnant ascendant prevalent couldn't-care-less blowing one's own horn reckless irresponsible daredevil derisory precipitous incautious unheeding impulsive imprudent over-venturesome headlong hot-headed over-adventurous harum-scarum wild unthinking death-or-glory madcap unwise hare-brained taunting hell-for-leather kamikaze untroubled unworried unstudied artless demeaning scathing degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative tearaway temerarious effortless leisurely superficial impassive light languid disimpassioned inattentive negligent indolent simple hard-nosed hard temperamental sardonic disapproving upstage opprobrious high hat dog it laid back assertive forceful doctrinaire puffed-up harsh aggressive uncompromising pleased with oneself obstinate unyielding draconian offensive insistent severe adamant imposing prejudiced opinionative opinioned bigoted thrusting obdurate intolerant dogmatical autarchic pigheaded loudmouth obtrusive pushing peacockish strict stubborn strident self-regarding self-absorbed self-admiring firm loudmouthed in love with oneself biased absolute full of hot air controlling hotheaded impolitic emphatic thoughtless crowing totalitarian egomaniac positive hotshot iron-fisted summary windbag certain illiberal untactful vivacious wisenheimer single-minded abusive definite in-your-face bull-headed dictative loud-mouthed defiant of fixed views blatant think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself sarcastic self-approving goody-goody have an excessively high opinion of oneself well pleased proud of oneself too big for one's britches puffed elitist powerful cliquish masterly disciplinarian silliness giddy dizzy flighty selective self-obsessed decisive self-willed insufferable ranting majestic regal august judicial stately dignified partisan self-opinioned driven priggish wrapped up in oneself la-dee-da complaisant blowhard sure of oneself insubordinate compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory indulgent overindulgent over-free highbrow discriminatory effervescent trashy brazenfaced bright maladroit brisk fustian ill-mannered unmannerly swanking big-mouthed high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant too big for your breeches swollen with pride nose in the air riding for a fall overoptimistic Neronian cynical hypercritical tactless big of preconceived ideas exultant monocratic as bold as brass lacking civility bad mannered lippy sharp-elbowed clamorous crack-the-whip stern throwing weight around tolerant free-and-easy despicable malicious intrusive stuck on oneself compelling undeniable rigorous decided fixed stringent finished feisty think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas downright unchallengeable entrenched narrow-minded unquestionable categorical unbending out-of-line mannerless off-base pleased crude crass coarse jaunty unshrinking unembarrassed unashamed content absolutist small-minded flushed brass-necked spirited brag boast hot stuff conceity ham phony gall noisy blaring phoney fascistic fanatical one-sided unequivocal tenacious determined wrong-headed formal bullheaded prying protrusive nosey interfering busy meddling intruding meddlesome snoopy over-assertive nosy uncontrolled one-party unaccountable unconstitutional single-party gritty sure of yourself heading for a fall put down grating jarring undiplomatic on ego trip ruthless tsarist czarist merciless bold as brass coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards smart aleck smart guy smarty pants piercing raucous go-ahead subjugating cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream strong-willed gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant snot-nosed devastating big talking jazzy tinny garish blowing one's own trumpet humiliating high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant in driver's seat crack the whip solemn stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing ponderous snubbing blighting hurtful sonorous grandiloquent declamatory crushing rhetorical overblown oratorical overripe apostolic serious grave headstrong pig-headed

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