Synonym of cutesy


Overly, affectedly or unnecessarily cute


Excessively sentimental
syrupy sentimental sloppy mushy corny soppy schmaltzy mawkish saccharine cloying slushy maudlin drippy cheesy sickly weepy romantic touching lovey-dovey icky over-sentimental overemotional emotional gushing tear-jerking tearful nostalgic pathetic gushy tender simpering trite dewy-eyed sickly sweet soft-hearted three-hankie sugary sappy gooey cornball twee soupy treacly novelettish sick-making chocolate-box sugarcoated spoony sticky spooney fruity hokey wet toe-curling sloshy three-hanky nauseating sickening oversweet honeyed hearts-and-flowers sweet effusive lachrymose bathetic sickly-sweet sugar-coated banal cute jejune inane Mills-and-Boon oversentimental soapy impressionable tacky softhearted dreamy overacted affected idealistic demonstrative vapid passionate fatuous visionary moonstruck languishing rosewater insipid hacky sobby bromidic kitsch cornpone kitschy melodramatic schlocky choking campy poetic over-emotional self-pitying dime-store ingratiating corn-fed candied goo-goo warmed-over teary feeble disgusting OTT excessive loving affectionate over the top over-the-top silly too much unctuous cloyingly sweet misty-eyed moving stirring affecting poignant soft emotive powerful heart-rending heart-warming uplifting harrowing tragic impassioned heartbreaking soul-stirring haunting dramatic exciting thrilling quaint bijou impactful impressive dainty pretty pretty-pretty precious disturbing sad evocative unreserved unrestrained romanticized plaintive heartrending romanticised sensitive fulsome affective melting enthusiastic wistful piteous pitiful upsetting extravagant ebullient rhapsodic expansive hagiographical lyrical adulatory lavish exuberant oleaginous hagiographic saddening over-effusive oily pitiable over-enthusiastic expressive hyped up histrionic laid on with a trowel gentle melancholy depressing attractive picturesque soft-focus namby-pamby controversial dismal blubbery glib hammy voluble bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane overdone sorrowful old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed stale commonplace dull touchy miserable mournful wretched intense overenthusiastic visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic uninhibited agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile touchy-feely bittersweet old hat sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions


Having appeal in an endearing, sweet or lovable way
dear sweet endearing lovable adorable winning charming winsome cute attractive darling engaging lovely delightful appealing captivating disarming fetching enchanting loveable pleasing precious lovesome angelic taking bewitching pleasant adorbs likeable likable nice irresistible simpatico cunning sympathique sympatisch doll face bonny gorgeous alluring cherubic dainty cuddly chocolate-box fair beautiful innocent cherubical kawaii wonderful enticing bonnie twee as pretty as a picture pretty-pretty ingratiating insinuating dinky perky fragile childlike beguiling ambrosial agreeable fascinating entrancing pretty magnetic arresting dazzling glamourous glamorous divine seductive inviting charismatic comely luring heavenly prepossessing dreamy mesmeric siren smashing elfin sirenic ravishing desirable tempting tantalizing tasty tantalising good delectable stunning enthralling knockout luscious handsome beauteous striking good-looking sightly intriguing fit pulchritudinous sexy fanciable fine eye-catching elegant aesthetic foxy esthetic congenial enjoyable seemly satisfying pleasurable easy on the eye gratifying nice-looking sultry amiable welcome likely well-favored nubile provocative drop-dead hot come-hither drop-dead gorgeous spunky exquisite delightsome dulcet blessed jolly blest goodly magical interesting mesmerizing arousing lush sensuous grateful bootylicious savory delicious beddable felicitous savoury sensual graceful rapturous mesmerising sexual splendid well favoured compelling out of this world hypnotic palatable erotic delicate sublime marvelous marvellous persuasive affable sexually attractive spellbinding genial come-to-bed exciting personable radiant favorable dishy entertaining great drawing superb amusing fabulous attracting favourable on fleek magnificent glorious bodacious polite hunky babelicious beckoning joyous smart sensational riveting shapely debonair fantastic acceptable stylish intoxicating scrumptious comfortable fun grand cheery welcoming fine-looking easy on the eyes peachy larger than life well-favoured friendly hospitable cultured sophisticated suave cultivated admirable witty hypnotizing glad teasing civilized super diverting absorbing flamboyant worldly mild flashy suitable magic wholesome becoming buxom blooming neat exhilarating comforting euphoric photogenic presentable capital orphic resplendent statuesque civilised hypnotising dollish commendable showstopping choice prettyish telegenic recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious relishable beaut specious well bred heartwarming cheerful happy fashionable irie worldly-wise classy thrilling very beautiful swell couthy refreshing a ten well favored warm extremely attractive beseeching relaxing snug suited devastating studly mouthwatering cherished warm-hearted affectionate adapted appropriate Orphean mouth-watering appetizing illecebrous cherishable trim dreamboat eyeful bijou enamoring titillating seducing witching cordial encouraging open well suited magnetizing magnetising electrifying picture-perfect prizable nurturable appreciatable good-humored good-humoured flirtatious inveigling pulling appetising immodest suggestive shameless clean-cut mysterious exotic influential idyllic a sight for sore eyes physically attractive raunchy coquettish slinky passionate sexually arousing amorous sexually exciting steamy strong in character heady aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing lekker blissful groovy amazing mooi rewarding perfect fine and dandy full of personality tarty entranced charmed enchanted bewitched spiffy peach pleasureful dandy ready pussycat dapper symmetrical ideal well-formed willowy voluptuous curvaceous camera-friendly refined sheen chic glitzy mind-blowing fairylike merry fantastical colourful quixotic nostalgic excellent glam fiendish dreamlike conjuring to one's taste to one's liking to your taste to your liking ritzy well dressed cheering heartening gladdening festive fairy-tale exceptional opulent trendy righteous prestigious nifty romantic adventurous colorful chivalrous gay gladsome celebratory too good to be true fab terrific looking like a million joyful bright brill brilliant ducky cool positive satisfactory topping wizard bonzer champion ripping cracking corking spiffing beezer frabjous strange outlandish bizarro ineffable yummy worthy tasteful enviable valuable sound sunny clear very pleasant very attractive top-hole very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasurable heart-warming light-hearted A1 rad prime glossy honourable snazzy ace hunky-dory OK honorable reputable splashy sterling zingy soothing superior slick boss spanking showy in order relief unspoilt not bad paradisiacal super-eminent passable shipshape first-class select super-excellent paradisal stupendous paradisaical calming paradisaic elating splendorous deluxe copasetic first-rate paradisiac gnarly ecstatic copacetic recherche zestful drawing attention sapid


Having a flippant demeanor that is not appreciated under the circumstances
cute facetious flippant flip cheeky mischievous playful smart casual clever cocky funny glib inane inappropriate sassy saucy smart-alecky witty fresh humorous impertinent jocular jokey offhand pert ridiculous sarcastic sardonic silly smart-aleck wise wisecracking dismissive disrespectful droll frivolous impish impudent irreverent jesting jocose joking lighthearted precious roguish rude satirical smarty-pants tongue-in-cheek waggish whimsical wry blithe breezy lippy mincingly clever insolent brassy bold brazen forward superficial carefree presumptuous audacious familiar nervy brash pushy malapert cool amusing shallow irresponsible insouciant thoughtless overfamiliar comical flighty puckish light-hearted smart-arsed mouthy shameless ironic foolish indecorous punning dry farcical ludicrous smart-assed chirpy daring bright dapper keen dashing bold as brass out of line pointed ingenious apt agile highbrowed highbrow incisive sharp quick adept nimble ready bantering smooth nifty quick-witted unblushing barefaced boldfaced blatant assumptive procacious overconfident unabashed off-base bumptious immodest overbold arrant contumelious assuming presuming cocksure brazen-faced arch brassbound bold-faced discourteous arrogant unmannerly brass-necked ill-mannered impolite insulting insubordinate bad-mannered defiant mannerless uncivil crude inconsiderate ungracious disdainful offensive ill-bred overweening confident free peremptory abusive overbearing uppity self-assured smug self-assertive contemptuous snippy loud unashamed unembarrassed unhandsome unmannered uncalled-for presumptive in-your-face vulgar shocking outrageous flashy dictatorial haughty lofty supercilious disgracious gritty pompous conceited imperious cavalier lordly snippety bantam forceful chesty huffish huffy pretentious hifalutin superior toploftical masterful important highfalutin toplofty sniffy meddlesome intrusive uppish obtrusive as bold as brass self-asserting high-handed high-hat stiff-necked high-and-mighty egotistic coming on strong boldface obvious heavy naughty ballsy crass fearless brave plucky scurril invective vitriolic vituperative vituperatory truculent scurrile scurrilous opprobrious feisty unreserved unshrinking temeritous spirited boorish rough churlish combative volatile weisenheiming unrefined loutish scornful derisive humiliating indelicate ungentlemanly undisguised flagrant unladylike ungallant not backwards in coming forwards uncouth personal tactless unsubtle undiplomatic tawdry meretricious spunky hotshot indecent gutsy bald-faced strident harsh noisy blaring aggressive derogatory bullish affected forthright uninhibited meddling prying inquisitive incongruous unsuitable interfering nosy grating jarring ignorant patronizing snobbish overassertive direct self-important domineering overfriendly thrusting raucous piercing irritable moody underbred sullen oafish boastful blustering opinionated officious off base smart alecky lacking civility bad mannered remote elitist snobby swanky snotty ostentatious pushful persnickety snooty hubristic condescending tony aloof thundering cacophonous deafening booming jangling dissonant shrill hoity-toity patronising high-flown high and mighty toffee-nosed throwing one's weight about stuck-up putting on airs out-of-line imperative magisterial discordant gaudy ear-splitting bare-faced jazzy tinny loud-mouthed showy garish over-assertive put down hard high-pitched metallic loudmouthed flirtatious egotistical rash impetuous previous premature overhasty hasty foolhardy precipitate bigheaded self-satisfied self-confident improper too big for your boots

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