Synonym of damaged

Alternative for damaged

Synonym: besmirched, discredited, flyblown, spotted, stained, sullied, tainted, tarnished,

damages, damaged, damaging

Synonym: harm, hurt, impair, ruin, spoil, upset,

Antonym: benefit, repair,


Having faults or errors
imperfect faulty flawed defective broken impaired shoddy unsound inferior second-rate substandard unfit unsaleable unsellable warped below par blemished cracked deformed inoperative limited partial scratched shabby torn amiss bad below standard crummy deficient immature incomplete lousy malfunctioning patchy tenth-rate unfinished duff inexact ropy rubbish rudimentary sketchy undeveloped bottom-of-barrel disfigured dud fallible faultful garbage inadequate injured junk lemon low marred minus not functioning not working schlocky sick two-bit unsatisfactory vicious out of order few bugs not much cop not up to scratch not up to snuff in a state of disrepair knackered kaput busted in disrepair on the blink non-functioning broken-down bust conked out down out of commission done for acting up not in working order playing up gone haywire gone phut on its last legs wonky out of kilter finished unusable weak on the fritz buckled conked-out chipped distorted gone wrong buggy useless unreliable inoperable out broken down ruined disabled shot worn-out had it out of whack worn out up the spout inconsistent failed seconds poor abnormal unhealthy subnormal worthless on the bum debilitated hurt spoiled harmed valueless done in ineffective spoilt old botched frail incorrect slipshod no good dilapidated tainted crippled off inactive unserviceable incapacitated nonfunctional rumpty crashed spent wracked unavailable gone kaput out of action given up the ghost gone bust stopped working out of use out of service packed up non-functional split exhausted gone haywire feeble unfunctional clapped out run-down unproductive unavailing fissured gone to pieces fallen apart in the shop on the shelf coming unglued in need of repair screwed up gone to pot coming unstuck dysfunctional scrap bootless abortive doesn't work fractured splintered cleft crazed ruptured slit misshapen twisted bent confused changed misrepresented out of shape nonfunctioning nonoperating jiggered kaputt not in operation dead not in use not in service bonkers kerflooey ineffectual inefficacious not functional idle unavailable for use stopped wrecked done inoperational unoperational non-operational invalid doomed sunk smashed S U unworkable nonactive null and void in repair decommissioned hors de combat unable to be used not operative non-active futile awry inefficient confusing silent turned off astray askew inappropriate problematic wrong not right


(of a thing) Damaged by age and repeated use
battered dilapidated ramshackle broken-down crumbling decayed rickety shabby antiquated beat-up rumpty superannuated worn out wrecked decrepit falling apart run down tattered tatty weather-beaten falling to pieces knocked around worse for wear on its last legs tumbledown scruffy ratty seedy threadbare moth-eaten dog-eared frayed ragged mangy dumpy worn old tatterdemalion mean deteriorated tacky timeworn grungy raggedy miserable scrubby neglected faded worn-out run-down down-at-the-heels down-at-heel holey unkempt dingy unsound well worn sleazy impaired injured in tatters ruined bombed-out warby raggedy-ass destroyed used used-up ill-maintained having seen better days beat up gone to rack and ruin the worse for wear falling apart at the seams gone to seed in disrepair badly maintained poorly maintained faulty broken defective scraggy torn frowzy down-at-the-heel in shreds ragtag in a state of disrepair out at elbows down at heel well-thumbed well-read patched in ribbons shoddy sorry worn to shreds in holes time-worn in rags grotty overused rent overworked wrung out pegged out busted well-worn dinged totaled lined clapped out wizened worn-down derelict deteriorating slummy decaying unmaintained rundown uncared bedraggled crummy shambly crumbly marred untended shaky shacky raunchy unimproved beat tumble-down uncared for in ruins beaten up seen better days uncared-for fallen in in a bad way fallen-in rinky-dink beaten-up infirm ruinous disheveled dishevelled clapped-out peaked shattered in poor condition below par in bad repair in bad condition out of condition under par dying declining waning collapsing degenerating abandoned failing perishing creaky forsaken languishing creaking rotten in decline oxidising oxidizing rusting eroding quavering shaking crippled flimsy tired insubstantial effete fragile anile haggard on the decline breaking up on the way out on the rocks wearing away breaking down


Having a bad or ugly form
misshapen deformed distorted crooked malformed twisted contorted grotesque warped ugly wry crippled ill-proportioned monstrous abnormal asymmetrical bandy bent disfigured hunchbacked ill-made ill-shaped irregular misproportioned shapeless ungainly unshapely unsightly askew awry blemished bowed buckled curved disjointed disproportionate mangled marred thrawn out of shape gnarled humped skewed stooped unbalanced hunched lopsided confused hooked angled unequal changed unsymmetrical pretzeled off-balance gibbous recurved not uniform wrenched humpbacked mutilated misbegotten knotted deviating misrepresented kyphotic freakish crumpled crushed bow-legged bandy-legged amorphous unaligned cockeyed perplexing unsound puzzling perverse non-uniform off-center out of proportion concave outward-curving curvy altered mutant modified transmuted transformed bent out of shape rounded arched sinuous tortuous off-centre squint skew uneven tilted inclined arced curvilinear aslant slanted sloping tilting misaligned arciform twined kinky stooping kinked turned drooping slouchy droopy limp looped slumped wilted round formless odd agley out of true doubled over skew-whiff disproportional asymmetric to one side wonky cock-eyed squiffy out of line not parallel lacking correspondence not proportionate curving twisting bending winding curled serpentine windy coiled curling aquiline meandering devious twisty crazy vaulted undulating falcate falciform embowed beaked arcuate convex hook-shaped convoluted wavy snaky hook-like snaking rambling angular bulging domed curviform curly arching labyrinthine arcuated wound involute bowlegged elliptical zigzag indirect rolled flexuous anfractuous meandrous tangled crinkled pigeon-toed lowered procumbent prominent beaklike Roman-nosed eaglelike pointed sharp crookbacked recurvate folded curvilineal furled spiraled hemispherical semicircular high voluted hamate uncinate beaky protuberant outcurved zigzagging frizzy zigzagged weaving knurly complicated involved braided tortile intricate unciform knotty hooklike leaning circuitous wiggly tacking squiggly crimped looping coiling mazy spiralled sinuate ogee spiralling wandering elliptic cambered swelling serpentiform frizzed ringletted ringletty spiraling vermiculate oscillating transverse fluctuating erratic waggling serrated oblique jagged full of twists and turns diagonal gibbose biconvex bulgy U-shaped raised bulged frizzled curved outwards matted matty crescent sweeping swirly circular loopy curvaceous arrondi enbowed biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural wreathed incurved compass incurvate circumflex


Inadequate, substandard or, not satisfactory
unsatisfactory deficient poor unacceptable dissatisfying inferior bad deplorable disagreeable disappointing displeasing inadequate insufficient lousy mediocre pathetic substandard unsuitable unworthy weak defective faulty imperfect lacking terrible bush crumby crummy dissatisfactory ill impermissible inadmissible inappropriate insufferable intolerable lame off paltry punk sad sour suboptimal subpar undesirable wack wanting wretched wrong amiss disconcerting disquieting distressing disturbing junky regrettable rotten schlocky thin offensive no good not good enough not up to par below par bush-league not up to scratch not much cop no great shakes for the birds leaving a lot to be desired shoddy unsatisfying useless unsound shabby duff second-rate from hunger not satisfying crude trifling nasty piddling base rubbish negligible ropy cheap junk unimpressive lemon subnormal trivial minimal insignificant low-quality poor-quality low-grade minor-league minor league second rate tenth-rate below standard small potatoes jerry-built below average not up to snuff flawed impaired scarce incomplete short sketchy scant scrappy low needing shy scanty exiguous meagre skimpy unassembled undersupplied injured meager infrequent unequal rare underprovided unfinished marred second string second fiddle found wanting outta gas third string not enough not cut out for leaving much to be desired not make it awful atrocious appalling dreadful execrable dismal abysmal lamentable dire rubbishy miserable pitiful diabolical trashy grotty pants worthless third-rate bargain-basement low-rent a load of pants under par contemptible coarse poxy common schlock sub-par two-bit pitiable sorry direful second-class horrible average bum ordinary middling dodgy unexceptional pedestrian abject dime-a-dozen the pits frightful poorer indifferent downmarket cheesy cut-rate tawdry hack el cheapo good-for-nothing déclassé not up to much cruddy sleazy hopeless gimcrack trumpery sucky cheapjack laughable less-than-stellar low-end incompetent tatty unspeakable abominable feeble disastrous horrendous gross egregious hateful loathsome vile poorly dirty grubby harmful rough detestable tinny amateurish woeful disgraceful objectionable reprehensible stinking grim damnable odious garbage scurrilous horrid irremediable indefensible stinky inconsiderable beastly insubstantial valueless tinhorn chronic God-awful not up to standard poor quality weak sauce crook out of sorts sick off colour off-colour inexpert unskilful uncomfortable unpleasant unfortunate tacky inefficient reduced limited slovenly impotent little ineffectual dilapidated off-color restricted inappreciable sparing ineffective desperate very bad piss-poor careless cheapie yucky bad news raunchy downer icky diddly fallacious grungy bummer godawful not good grody erroneous not the best blah bodger less than ideal not cutting it flimsy shlocky calamitous seedy hideous ghastly ratty shlock unsightly scabby scummy scurvy repulsive gruesome sordid godforsaken mean stupid outrageous unwelcome under-strength inept strictly for the birds of a sort run down down at heel not okay not acceptable too little bereft craptacular unseemly exceptionable distasteful insupportable obnoxious improper dubious unreasonable questionable repugnant condemnable out cheapo inacceptable unappealing uninviting reject won't do over the fence not on not quite the done thing half-baked not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale of low quality out of order

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