Synonym of dead to the world


Incapable of feeling or understanding things
insentient inanimate inert insensate lifeless comatose inorganic numb unconscious anesthetized anaesthetized desensitised desensitized stupefied knocked out out azoic blacked out cold dead defunct dull exanimate extinct idle inactive inoperative lacking physical sensation mineral motionless nonanimal nonvegetable numbed passed out quiescent soulless spiritless out cold spark out out of it out for the count insensible senseless stunned soporous soporose kayoed benumbed out like a light torpid zonked unarousable KO'd asleep dazed drowsy laid out lacking sensation lacking feeling zonked out down for the count unfeeling collapsed immobile prostrate deadened catatonic flattened entranced bombed paralyzed cataleptic paralysed out on one's feet keeled over on the canvas flaked out in a trance in a coma unwakeable deceased late departed gone demised low stiff breathless somnolent perished fallen sluggish lethargic unmoving no more passed on dead as a doornail desert as dead as a doornail in a faint faint waste passed away unresponsive not living brute limp listless lazy languid sleepy heavy shiftless indolent slothful apathetic languorous supine hibernating drugged sleeping passive dormant stupid dopey stuporous vegged out inconscious hebetudinous slumberous out to lunch abiotic impassive vacant wooden nonliving insensitive immobilized without life nerveless blank deadpan inexpressive incapacitated crippled immobilised mechanical frozen expressionless empty indifferent man-made useless frigid glazed flat paralytic stolid chemical manmade artificial dispassionate emotionless unsympathetic unemotional hollow inhuman callous stony not natural withdrawn rigid introspective lukewarm glassy insipid quadriplegic tetraplegic paraplegic not organic still toneless monoplegic paraparetic paretic hemiplegic palsied disabled non-organic not alive


Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
plastered wasted high hammered inebriated intoxicated drunk stoned flying blitzed bombed smashed inebriate sozzled tipsy blotto canned loaded blasted buzzed drunken pickled ripped sloshed sottish soused squiffy stewed tiddly totaled zonked besotted blind boozy cockeyed crocked fried gassed impaired juiced lit looped oiled potted slang squiffed stiff stinking tanked tight wet drinking bashed flushed gone groggy polluted sauced schnockered woozy under the influence boozed up liquored up lit up pie-eyed under the table dead drunk drunk as a skunk three sheets to the wind in one's cups in the bag under the weather wiped out seeing double feeling good feeling no pain half-crocked half in the bag three sheets in the wind hooched up wrecked bladdered blatted steaming legless lashed mullered langered broken paralytic kaylied trashed soaked ossified mashed ratted trolleyed steamboats slaughtered befuddled merry bacchic foxed bevvied jacked sotted babalas irrigated bibulous unsteady crapulent crapulous dronkverdriet intemperate ebriate happy sodden tripping fuddled glazed screwed geeked reeling dazed tippling spaced beery stukkend tanked up boozed-up out of it spaced-out off your face drunk as a lord blind drunk hopped-up slightly drunk strung out worse for drink zonked-out roaring drunk worse for wear well oiled tanked-up half cut rolling drunk gin-soaked gin-sodden high as a kite half-seas over hard-drinking well away half-cut well-oiled spaced out out to it rat-arsed half seas over under the influence of intoxicating liquor red-nosed on a trip one over the eight blown-up in your cups burned-out the worse for drink Brahms and Liszt out of one's head tired and emotional out of one's skull out of one's box out of one's gourd off one's face stinko cut two sheets to the wind fou maudlin incapable toping monged laced pixilated muddled wired guttered steamed monged out cock-eyed full shickered shot munted inked lekker ebrious ebriose lush having had a skinful grogged up having had one over the eight as full as a goog as tight as a tick in faced crock swacked zoned elephants sat stupefied boozed Adrian Quist mellow alcoholic boozing blazed demolished cooked baked drugged doped obliterated elevated addled snockered unsober sloppy tied one on dead-drunk drunked up plowed out off one's head drunk as a fiddler pixillated ploughed punchy tiddled bibacious full of well-being tozy-mozy

Antonym of dead to the world

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