Synonym of deceased

Alternative for deceased

deceases, deceased, deceasing

Synonym: depart, die, expire, perish,

Antonym: birth,


No longer alive, dead
dead departed gone late defunct lifeless lost expired fallen asleep lamented demised extinct inanimate killed murdered passed on perished slain slaughtered breathless cold exanimate inert insensate insentient low no more passed away not breathing at peace finished former pushing up daisies six feet under under the sod with God at rest dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail bit the dust kicked the bucket gave up the ghost stiff vanished spiritless bygone nonextant done for unanimated bereft of life resting in peace buried motionless checked out done bypast destroyed nonexistent unresponsive bought the farm out cold inactive exterminated died out wiped out snuffed out extinguished abolished void having breathed one's last no longer extant no longer with us superseded disappeared vanquished dead as a dodo casualty bitten the dust disintegrated retired stone-dead in the grave laid to rest unconscious turned to dust comatose insensible invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput unmoving desert faint waste brute limp dear departed much lamented late lamented no longer living ruined still had it in a faint not living out for the count wasted cadaverous down mortified erased effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished dead to the world down the drain out of commission offed silent reposing liquidated not existing out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward lapsed devastated frittered crushed pushing up the daisies obsolete inorganic mineral quenched doused out passé terminated non-organic soulless no longer existing archaic unknown ended dead and gone outmoded no longer known inexistent quiescent abiotic listless nonvegetable vacant impassive azoic without life lethargic apathetic nonanimal not alive inoperative idle nonliving dull past forgotten earlier ancient olden long-ago foregone old-time gone by of old of yore dated concluded old primeval primordial prehistoric immemorial antediluvian primigenial primaeval long gone irrelevant faded missing over run at an end dead and buried a thing of the past ancient history in the past over and done with remote pristine long past long ago long departed previous antiquated one-time completed erstwhile sometime quondam old-fashioned belated forepassed long-gone oldfangled past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge


Deceased etc.


Past tense for to die or cease living
croaked demised departed died dropped ended exited expired fell felled fallen flatlined went gone parted perished succumbed ceased checked out conked out kicked in kicked off passed passed away passed on pegged out popped off stepped out cooled off passed over bought a one-way ticket called off all bets kicked the bucket bought it snuffed it departed this life bitten the dust bit the dust crossed the great divide shuffled off this mortal coil gave up the ghost given up the ghost bought the farm popped your clogs carked it breathed one's last cashed in one's chips hopped the twig hopped the stick gone the way of all flesh went the way of all flesh kicked it met your maker pegged it dropped dead went belly up gone belly up crossed the Styx lost life ceased to exist met your end gone the way of the flesh went the way of the flesh collapsed ceased living rested in peace gone bung went bung bit the big one bitten the big one relinquished life pushed up the daisies gone belly-up went belly-up gone to the great beyond went to the great beyond gone to glory went to glory gone the way of the dinosaurs went the way of the dinosaurs waned exterminated ruined abolished desisted invalidated declined struck out disappeared vanished kicked in [slang] up and died wilted wasted fainted conked drowned suffocated run out swooned slipped away cashed in caved gone under went under run through passed out keeled over shoved off flaked out packed it in died suddenly folded up lost consciousness died unexpectedly blacked out met waterloo sucked the kumara dropped off ran out fell dead fallen dead went to the wall went west gone to the wall gone west taken your last breath took your last breath ran through gone way of all flesh went way of all flesh fell unconscious gone out sank down fallen down sunk down fell down went out fallen unconscious given up went down gave way given way gave up gone down bought the ranch punched one's ticket farmed bought the plot breathed one's last breath died a death pushed up daisies fell asleep fallen asleep went to one's reward gone to one's reward

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